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WiiWare Publishers Lament Release Date Shambles

Posted by Damien McFerran

When WiiWare was first announced Nintendo proclaimed that it would revolutionize the way we buy our videogames. This was more than mere hyperbole; digital distribution undoubtedly allows smaller developers and publishers to get their product to consumers with the minimum of expense. However, it would appear that the process of getting games onto people’s machines is running a lot less smoothly than Nintendo might have you believe.

We’ve spoken to one WiiWare developer (who understandably wishes to remain anonymous) and they have a slightly less positive tale to tell about the way Nintendo handles WiiWare titles. It seems that getting solid release dates is near impossible, and in some cases Nintendo is not even informing the developer until the game is actually available for download. Our contact currently has a highly anticipated game awaiting release, but he commented that he was “completely in the dark” about when it would actually make an appearance on the digital shop shelf that is the Wii Shop channel.

This disappointing practice isn’t just confined to WiiWare distribution, though; in relation to the Virtual Console service, we spoke to yet another publisher who was also clueless about when their games would be made available to the public, largely because Nintendo refuse to inform them of what games will be appearing, and on what date.

Digital Download Vs Physical Media

By removing the need to produce physical media such as discs, manuals and inlays, Nintendo has certainly found a way to reduce costs for developers. But at the same time they have removed the privilege of giving those same developers a ‘release window’ by which they can plan their marketing campaigns. How is a company supposed to promote their WiiWare title when they don’t even know when it’s going to be released? This is clearly a case of poor handling by Nintendo, and it is made worse by the fact that developers are sworn to secrecy and cannot reveal release dates to the public even when they are in the rare position of actually knowing them.

It seems this lack of certainty isn’t just reserved for third-party WiiWare titles, though. Witness the recent confusion generated by Dr Mario’s US release; several leading websites such as IGN gave what seemed to be solid dates, only to change them to ‘TBC’ mere days before the game actually touched down in North America. In the absence of dependable dates from Nintendo, people seem to be resorting to conjecture and guesswork, which can only lead to a lot of very frustrated and disgruntled gamers.

Surely this cannot be the best way to market the service? With Microsoft’s excellent Xbox Live Arcade portal, gamers are told about potential releases weeks and sometimes even months in advance; this allows people to build up a suitable level of expectation for the product and must surely result in healthy sales. Why isn’t Nintendo employing the same method for WiiWare? This whole issue is made all the more annoying by the fact that Nintendo of Japan is a lot more forthcoming about release dates for both WiiWare and the Virtual Console. So why not do the same for US and EU releases?

Obviously this whole situation would be totally unacceptable for traditional non-downloadable games, where consumers are used to release dates with at least a couple of month’s notice. Publishers rely on this so they can market their product and it doesn’t take a genius to realize that traditional distribution methods are carefully planned to maximize potential profits. In around five year’s time perhaps over half of the games we buy will be downloadable (if not more), so will Nintendo’s stance change before that time, or will we still be sat clueless in front of our consoles at midnight, endlessly refreshing the Shop Channel in order to see what games we will be granted?

Moan, Grumble, Moan

Naturally, being the cynical chaps that we are, our grievances don’t end there. In the age of downloadable content, worldwide releases should be the norm. Again, Xbox Live Arcade is a clear indication of this, with games being released in North America and Europe on the same day. Sadly, Nintendo appears to have dropped the ball once again on this issue, with staggered release dates between North American and Europe. And of course, there’s the age-old issue of internal storage; Wii owners are already feeling the strain of holding so many Virtual Console games in their system’s tiny memory. Given the size of some WiiWare games, that problem is only going to become worse. If Nintendo is serious about being a major player in the downloadable videogame business, it has to take steps to address this issue as soon as possible, either with a firmware fix that permits people to play games directly from their SD cards (or USB memory sticks) or via some kind of officially-sanctioned hard drive.

WiiWare (and downloadable content in general) is clearly a topic that is going to cause a fair amount of debate amongst Wii owners, so why not let us know what you think by leaving a comment below? Try and keep the gnashing of teeth and wails of discontent to a bare minimum, if you can.

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Terra said:

You're spot on with the subject. This is poor stuff from Nintendo. I have a 360 and the XLBA, Online service and general download support to the public by Microsoft has been very good, bar the minor slips every now and then and the fact they reward customers every now and then, It's great. The Hard Drives are another things. They give us a good amount of storage space.

Come on Nintendo, Sure you're console may be unique but this is why Microsoft can do one over on you. You need to step up and sort this all out, the release dates need proper sorting and the memory issue needs to be fixed. I've only just started to have to delete games from my Wii Menu



Yatesy said:

As the article says, Nintendo are lagging behind their console counterparts in various departments. The storage issue is a big, big concern for me personally, given that I'm going to be downloading a lot of WiiWare games in the coming months, and given that I already own about thirty Virtual Console games (some of which I've recently had to erase from my console to make more room, which I was none too pleased about). Even if I can download them again at a later date, there's something about that whole procedure which just doesn't sit right with me.

Something that hasn't been spoken of here, but which is also disappointing many gamers, is the lack of voice chat when playing Wii games on-line, and this is something that will afflict WiiWare games as well. I didn't used to think that it was that much of a big deal- but when you've been playing Call of Duty 4 for months on your 360, having a blast chatting with your friends whilst you're at it- the sterile, eerie silence that you encounter when you switch over to the Wii's on-line service is incredibly jarring, and extremely off-putting. There was only so much Mario Kart Wii on-line that I could stomach before the deathly silence and lobby that was utterly bereft of atmosphere sent me scrambling back to the 360.

So yes, quite a few problems for Nintendo to address, although with the money absolutely rolling in for them at the moment, the question is: Will they bother?



Starwolf_UK said:

XBLA isn't completely without problems. Certain things vanishing for download (worms Space Paka nd Lumies Apcks) and if these items get deleted off the system, hard luck. You can't re-download them because they don't exist on the server any more. IIRC , the Wroms Space Pack did re-appear on the server due to mass complaints.

Couple that with XBLA saying they will drop titles that are out for more than 6 months with less than 65% in metacrtic (about a third of games on the service match up to this point) AND less than 6% demo to full verison purchase rate (this one makes it unlikely many titles will be going). With the titles I quoted it could well be a case of games vanishing and you having no right to re-download becuase no download link exists (with little reason than sorry, other people hate the game so you can't play it).

This will continue to be a problem with digital distribution (we've seen it already with smallers places closing up shop). As well as lacking a way to sell your downloads...

All that said I've never understood why digital downloads are region locked, the internet is meant to have no barriers...oh wait copyright laws and companies being lazy as they need to milk consumers to the maxx*...

*-Another thing I don't get. Digital currency should be just that. With a fair rate for the wolhe world. Not a case of Fair for Japan and America and make the rest pay a premium which is what pretty much every digital distribution service out there is doing (I'll start to care for Valves Steam when three things happen, one Europe gets all the publishers and releases on it that Ameirca has, two the prices are the same currency and therefore cost worldwide and three it can actually beat retail rather than usually costing more)



Yatesy said:

Yes, Starwolf, the removal of games from XBLA that don't meet certain criteria is disappointing, and plagued with its own possible problematic outcomes. It's also an attempt, I think, to tidy up the woefully inept interface, which is so overcrowded with games and videos and demos that it's extremely hard to actually navigate and find what you're looking for. It seems to me that the removal of games that haven't sold too well has as much to do with clearing up the interface as it has to do with a serious attempt to get rid of garbage games. Absolutely, the XBLA service has its fair share of problems, but, in my view, they pale into insignificance next to the Wii's.



mudskip said:

The only reason I found this website was because I was looking for Wii Ware release dates. I think the longer Nintendo is shady about Wii Ware release dates, the longer will have increased value.



Corbs said:

I have spoken to several Virtual Console publishers and have heard exactly the same thing. One in particular was quite miffed about the fact that they were not being allowed to have the VC games they wanted released and were given absolutely no indication of when these games might be made available for release here in the US. I hope Nintendo doesn't alienate too many of these publishers and hurt the chances of them releasing games on the Virtual Console service.

We're just now beginning to see some of the holdouts, like Square-Enix, finally start to give the Virtual Console some consideration. I'd hate to see that damaged by this mishandling of the Wii game download services.



Demonic_St33V said:

Yeah, there are currently some...... issues...... with the WiiWare service.

However, since this is The Big N's first real foray into the wild and crazy world of downloadable content and the first time they've been stuck in the often unenviable posistion of "Top-Dog" in the console wars in over a decade, I'm willing to cut them some slack.

They've already started to see where they've went wrong regarding storage issues and stated that they're looking in to various solutions (I'm expecting them to announce something before the end of the summer) and I personally believe they'll become more forthcoming regarding WiiWare release dates soon-ish.



DJ_Triforce said:

I just wrote Nintendo... I don't know what help it would bring, but hopefully we can get some answers.



Corbs said:

The way I look at it, Nintendo has now been running the Virtual Console service for over a year and a half. If in that time they couldn't come up with a more practical storage solution, not to mention more accurate and forthcoming release dates, it's probably not going to get much better with WiiWare.

To be fair, however, Nintendo have had to deal with rampant supply problems not to mention the fact that they've had quite a few big-name franchise titles coming out one right after another. It's probably going to take some time to sort through these VC and WiiWare problems, but I'm not expecting a big change anytime soon.



Dathcha said:

@Starwork_UK: I know this site is not the place to go into a discussion about things that have little or nothing to do with the WiiWare service, but I would like to correct a misunderstanding. What MicroSoft will be doing is DE-LISTING the titles on XBLA that meet the criteria, after which you can STILL re-download them from your download history.
This in essence will be the same as what happened with 1 title previously for Europe (Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels)

There should be a better solution for the perceived problem of an overcrowded service, but this is the one they are going with and I would rather have correct facts rather than wrong fears portrayed around the place
(This info comes from MicroSoft themselves, Major Nelson's podcast interview with Aaron Greenberg)

Anyway, I digress a little...
This article makes valid points, and definitely voices various concerns and grievances people have. Of which my personal pet peeve is Nintendo's secrecy... Which I believe could solve most of these problems... If they even merely announced they are WORKING on a storage-device for the Wii, then people (tho impatient) will likely be grateful already... I still hold a smidgen of hope for a welcome announcement at E3 from Nintendo regarding these things...

What I MOSTLY want to know is where Nintendo gets their (mis?)-information... I recently read an article where they quoted Nintendo saying that only a SMALL part of people find the Wii's internal storage too small... WHO are their test-subjects? Japanese Nintendo executives?!

As I said, I hold a smidgen of hope stlil... But not for much longer...



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Oh boy... Ridiculous to say the least.

Dr. Mario anyone? Kenji?

Certainly frustrating for me when I'm looking fwd to stuff and I have no idea when it's coming...



Objection said:

Yes, all great points.
Release dates would be greatly appreciated, along with a hardrive fix of course! I dont know why Ninty is being so secretive with RDs but when its reached the point where it pisses the developers/publishers off as well as customers, something has got to change. Whats the point of the Nintendo Channel if it doesnt promote these upcoming games? And speaking of release dates, anyone know when Crisis: DoC is coming out for Wii (in US)?



lockelocke said:

Depressing, though not surprising.
Luc Bernard recently made a comment on his blog about the WiiWare release of Eternity's Child. Something to the effect of, he has no idea when it will be released, its all up to the PUBLISHER.
Thanks, Ninty!



Tim said:

Nintendo thinks its cute by playing hide and seek. What they don't realize is that we are not amused and someone will eventually punch Nintendo in the face the next time they say "Peek-a-boo" by not supporting the service.

Us gamers are frustrated because we don't know if we should ever expect a game to be released. Developers are frustrated because they can't properly advertise/inform their customerbase regarding their products. Who is Nintendo trying to impress?

PS. Nintendo must hate & because those sites are not shady and expose the truth.



Virus said:

Ugh... and I thought Nintendo had it all perfect with the Wii... well, I must say this is troubling to me too. Both the storage problem and the release dates should be fixed undoubtedly, but I can't help but try to defend Nintendo. I would like to know more about the interactions between the WiiWare developers and Nintendo. Also, I realize you guys may have already done this but has wiiware-world contacted Nintendo about all these dilemas? I know you guys probably have as much of a voice as we gamers do, but still, I liked to hear what your encounters have been like.

And as for this problem about how different countries are getting different games at different times, I actually find it somewhat enjoyable to hear what other regions get. I know this is just a personal enjoyment, but hey at least there's some variety... I guess...



mrk said:

Cooldued59 said "who really cares if it isn't a weekly/solid release date?"

Did you even read the article? I'm pretty sure the developers of those games care when their titles come out. I don't think many of them, especially indie developers, are going to wait around and twiddle their thumbs, doing nothing while their games sit on a virtual shelf waiting for a third party to actually do something with it. They'd rather receive player feedback, work on promotion and make money.

I understand Nintendo not wanting to swamp the Shop Channel with WiiWare games, but they should at least give people a window to know when to expect them to come out. The fact that they are not informing the content providers about this just seems really callous.



Tim said:

"...I mean, it is good enough that we are even getting VC and WiiWare, they didn't have to do it...." (Cooldued59)

You make it sound like Nintendo is doing charity work. Well they are not! They make a profit from the service and they expect people to take their service seriously even when they treat everyone like crap.

I honestly hope developers boycott Nintendo, much like they did with the other two Nintendo systems and tell them straight up that if they are not going to be fair and reasonable the developers are not going to bother doing business with them.



calculon said:

I think Nintendo should have pulled out of the home console market after they destroyed third party support for the N64 and Gamecube (which were both excellent systems)

I'm not saying the Wii is a bad system, it's just the company that built it obviously has no clue about modern gaming or today's audience. They've got zero third party support, a bunch of existing IP that it well past its sell by date, newer IP that is just pushed aside and a system whose sales have been built off of false promises. They're lucky they've still got any sort of continued support from either developers or 'fanboys' and from what I've seen from the WiiFit debacle, people are getting bored of the whole casual thing too.

I'm ashamed to see such quality WiiWare titles coming to the Wii just to be crushed by ineptitude and archaic thinking. But when I think about it, Nintendo has done exactly the same to everyone else, so I'm guessing they're just thinking "why not waste someone else's time and money too?"



Damo said:

@calculon: WiiFit debale? I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread? Please explain thyself!



hal said:

PeTETION*This has been my main 'rant-point'!!! --worldwide releases should be the norm! region-lockd content/ect. is so jarring + far outdated. i would think, for a something up against 2 very[umm...]CAPABLE products, they'd focus customer service + general public/client relation. nintendo seems so oblivious to what they're up against, --why?! they have/had so much potential.
[maybe they should study apple!!!!]

  • 1st thing i noticd: wiimote,2AA batteries?! that makes very little sense to me, but alright.
  • VC:about maybe 5 games i'd buy! where's WWF or BattleFrenzy/Bloodshot?
  • retail content: 90% coasters. why so many playable DS games, but hardly any for the Wii!? --i'm overboard! lol nintendo, consider this a warning. we like you, but ppl will look elsewhere! what if psn ever released Mainichi_Issho [lol a personal interest of mine] ] to EU+US?! then what?! be careful --the end.
    [thnks for the edit, lol]


Chris_Davis said:

I agree totally on what you guys have put there. Wii needs more memory and relese dates. Relese dates are important for gamers to get the money/points in order to purchase games.



get2sammyb said:

Hang on, hang on. XBOX Live Arcade is filled with shovelware so I definitely don't think they are doing it right. PSN hold back releases to make it look they've got a constant steady stream. Looks to me Nintendo are doing a similar thing with WiiWare. They should set release dates though.



Kevin said:

They need to increase the memory now and start giving out release dates for wii ware and vc games as well. This is getting ridicoulous, Nintendo, fix it!



Dazza said:

@get2sammyb - This isn't really a discussion about the quality of the games on WiiWare Vs XBLA. We are considering different attitudes to digital distribution. Microsoft do worldwide releases and set release dates usually a few weeks in advance, something which Nintendo seem to be reluctant to do themselves.



Cooldued59 said:

I have come to another conclusion, I agree to most things as I do understand the conclusion. At the time I posted the comment, I was very tired and read it entirely wrong. As for this quote: "...I mean, it is good enough that we are even getting VC and WiiWare, they didn't have to do it...." it basically means that it wasn't you that made VC and WW happen, it was Nintendo that did and made the decision to do so. Even though it really doesn't sound like that in any single way, you can read previously why my comment made no sense.

P.S. My previous comment makes people reply to it, Which, make me happy

I really apologize for my interpetation wrong.



Valien said:

Great article. One of the best written here on WW:W and VR:R. Keep up the great work guys! Hope this hits some mainstream news sites and gets Nin's attention.



vherub said:

I don't need a hard release date, but I don't understand why there is a level of secrecy involved. It seems harmful to the publisher and to the consumer, especially on the wiiware front. It is one thing to want to surprise gamers with an indemand vc title, it is another to be very vague about an unknown wiiware title. The more information the better.
I am looking forward to Goo, if it isn't ready yet fine. But once it is, how about announcing it has gone gold or something. Strike up my interest and if you don't have the exact date, let me know it is coming soon.



theDude said:

I agree with just about everything that's been said so far.

I used to try to defend Nintendo, but have given up trying to do so, because their practices reek so horridly. The fact is, Nintendo no longer cares about the few who actually purchase large amounts of their games or eagerly await the arrival of some classic game. They only care about the casual crowd who only purchases maybe a few games and could care less about release dates. Do you think granny in the nursing home has maxed her memory with as many games as she could get? Do you think the soccer moms who fawn over Wii Sports regularly check gaming sites for the latest news and rumors about what may be coming out for the VC/WW? The fact is, doing things like giving out release dates or developing a better memory solution would cost Nintendo time and money. And for what? What return will Nintendo see on this investment from the vast majority of their consumers? Nintendo doesn't care about you, me, or this site... They're too busy riding the money train to money town. Its time we faced this fact.



Starwolf_UK said:

Nintendo have this attitude that if they tell people what will come out they might not buy what is out.

I think thats where the secrecy thing started. It seems each trick we use to try and find out in advance gets blocked. Back in the early days, brute forcing the server using a modified user agent (otherwise known as the Firefox trick) to find new games used to find games weeks in advance.

Until suddenly they stopped being put up in advance...

Then there were the press releases (wow a whole 3 days at best) and now NOA have turned round and said "don't leak it anymore" to the people leaking them.

We can tell from Hudson and Konami telling us that thier games would hit Wiiware a whole 3 days in advance (and by "us" I mean wired game|life blog) that is the best knowledge publsihers get in advance. Giving them the weekend when they don't work to amass a marketing plan...oh.

Of course thats America. Japan gets monthly lists which half the time turn out to have a game that doesn't come out that month...and Europe gets nothing.

I do agree that Nintendos attitude is stupid. Me due to having no credit card has to buy points cards from shops. Buying points cards in advance is something i'll do if I know they will be spent. If its a case of "OMG its here the game I want but I can't afford it" I won't go running to a store or steal a parents credit card I'll think "fine. I'll get a points card sometime".

Personally anything but hard release dates (even the month in advance types) isn't good for me. I've already got the ESRB and OFLC to play cock-tease of "its rated so probably but when will it hit? Will it hit?" I don't need Nintendo to join in the game.



Ian_Daemon said:

NoA needs to be more forthcoming with developers/publishers! Not knowing when your own game is to be released?



MrPoo6321 said:

It is frustrating to have to keep guessing when things are going to be released. Although, I've gotten used to this sort of thing with Nintendo. Remember all the delays Wind Waker and Twilight Princess had? Not to mention Smash Bros. Brawl. I don't really need WiiWare titles to be marketed to me, seeing as I do my own research on games, but I do understand the developers' desire to try and spread the word about their upcoming WiiWare games. What I really want is more storage. What they should do is release an external hard drive and it doesn't have to be too much, 10 or 20 gigs should suffice, and then put those USB ports to use and once the machine notices the new hardware, you can download an update which adds additional pages of Wii channels to represent all of the glorious new space. That's my dream for the Wii.



ColorblindMonk said:

Should Nintendo keep the curtains closed on the developers? I mean, it's their games being made for Nintendo, so I'd imagine they would at least give a rough estimate. Kinda keeps the anticipation going, but the element of surprise has just reached it's half life.



i_am_error said:

I might be the only one, but I find it nice to have a little surprise every Monday. On the other hand, I think a hard drive or a, even better, a USB stick is absolutely necessary - when a game takes about 1/5 of your memory space.



Objection said:

We need:
HD fix: VERY important, needs to happen this year
Release Dates: IMPORTANT, needs to start ASAP or 3rd parties will leave
Worldwide releases: may never happen, but it'd be nice



Cooldued59 said:

@i_am_error: same here, I like suprises and for the memory issue, Nintnedo is probably worried if they make one, some hacker could find a way to download games from other hackers for free.



Twilight said:

ok, personally, i have been downloading for only a week now. i already have 7 games(2 wiiware, 5 VC) and have only used up have of my blocks and 1 and 1/8 of pages in my channels. i plan to get 4 more wiiware titles soon, all of which will fit comfortably within 1143 blocks of memory. now, having to buy an SD card for every 12 games isn't TOO bad. annoying yes, not terrible. since the wii can only hold about 40 channels, you will need roughly only 3-4 SD cards. and really, how many people will get that many games? if you do, it will be over an extended period of time, so you will not be spending money too fast. also, your older games will get old, and unless you just like them for looks, there is no need in keeping them. and, i don't mind not being SURE when the games will come out. although i do wish the creators would at least know so they can merchandise properly. overall, i guess this downloading system is not perfect, but for me, it can get me by.



Dazza said:

@Twilight - The bad news is you cannot yet play games directly from a SD card backup. You can only restore them, which is about as quick as just downloading them again!



Corbs said:

I was about to tell him the same thing. I have the 2GB SD card and it will hold a TON of games. But what good does it do as long as you still have to Erase a game (or more) from the Wii and then Copy it back to the Wii from the SD card. Nintendo could easily come up with a firmware update that allows games to be played from the SD card.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Wow, this article pointed out so many ways that Nintendo is being irresponsible that I'm not sure where to start or what to say. Well, there is one thing that absolutely must be said, and that is that Nintendo should treat the developers and publishers of VC/WW games with respect. They are trying their best on supporting Nintendo's service and supporting consumers with new products and Nintendo just locks the game up in a vault and releases it whenever they feel like finding the key.



blackknight77 said:

Honestly when I see XBLA pulling games off the service make me angry and I don't even own a Xbox 360. I feel bad for the owners. Anyway that's my concern with Nintendo. I don't want to delete a title(even if its Urban champion) and assume it will be there for me to re-download. Nintendo may wake up one morning and decide to delist games as well. Thats why I have an SD card. And I hope Nintendo does solve the storage solution. If Nintendo did delist games they would never hear the end from me. The whole point of these download services is to build your own personal collections. If Nintendo or Microsoft makes a game availible for download and it does not sell good that is there problem not mine. Don't punish gamers



morphballer said:

The biggest problem I have with not knowing the release dates in advance is budgeting my Wii points. If we had the release dates a month in advance like they do in Japan I would be more likely to get a game if I know when it's coming out because I can figure out how many points I need for the month they come out. The way things are now there is a small chance that I could use up all my points on one game and a better game could come out the next week when I don't have any points left.

@ Tony: I can assure you that Nintendo wouldn't dare start pulling games from the service; at least not until they provide a dedicated storage solution.



DJ_Triforce said:

I just spoke with Mina Harris from Nintendo. She doesn't have a whole lot of information to give us, unfortunately.



lockelocke said:

Nintendo's main problem is that THEY ARE SLOW.
They were slow to enter the era of CD based games.
They were slow to get online like their competitors (with the Gamecube instead boasting, WHAT!? GBA CONNECTIVITY!?)
I can already tell, this Wii memory issue is going to be an uphill battle, and a slow one at that.
As far as release dates goes...they seem to be a bit of an abstract concept for Nintendo. Even with retail titles, dates are scheduled, then postponed, then postponed some more. I think I waited somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 years for Twilight Princess, from the very first screen I saw online to the launch date of the Wii.
Its definitely a positive that Nintendo has already acknowledged the storage issue and promised a solution, but lets be realistic, we might not see that solution for another year.



lockelocke said:

Wow! Mina Harris still works there!? She's been a customer service rep for a while, now. Sometimes it seems like she's the only one they have... She usually gives up little more than a well written paragraph that somehow sneaks its way around all your questions.

One of my favorite examples



Mike1 said:

I could see to a point why they don't release the VC titles in advance. They want people to "impulse buy" with the VC. However, that is not needed with WiiWare. WiiWare titles should be treated like any new release; they should be told in advance to us the gamers.



Twilight said:

@Dazza- wait! so you have to download them all the time just to play them when their on the SD card! now i am pissed! please inform me more on this.



Virus said:

Hmm... has anyone read the recent interview between IGN and NOA Tom Prata? It's pretty disturbing to hear his reply to the memory problem as well as some of his other comments.

I must admit I've lost a significant amount of faith in Nintendo because of these recent problems, but I think some of you are a bit too harsh. Nintendo isn't ignoring everybody. They aren't evil tyrants trying to rob our wallets. Perhaps these problems will be fixed, maybe not. I'm just saying don't cry betrayal and war yet.



Corbs said:

@Twilight - You can copy games that you've downloaded onto the SD Card. You CANNOT run them directly from the SD Card. You must make room on your Wii system's internal storage and then go to the "Data Management" menu and COPY the game back to the internal Wii storage before you can play it. So while you can store many games on the SD Cards, you still have to take the time to copy them to and from the cards to use them.

I keep hoping Nintendo will come up with a fix for this, but I'm sure they're concerned about pirating and copying of the downloaded game titles.



Quimby said:

Ah, memories.
I mean would it really be Nintendo without the secrecy and eccentric third party interaction?
I intend on sending a pleasent little email to our friends at the big N, stating the following gripes.

  • Lack of storage
  • Lack of release dates for online services
  • Not being able to chat whilst enjoying online games (although I wouldn't expect this to ever happen, because of the verbal abuse issues - I mean it is Nintendo, the guys who wouldn't let us kill nazis in Wolfenstien, or see blood whilst ripping a man's head off during Kombat)
  • The need for a progress indictator during downloads instead of counting those freaking coins (they could even just have the "coins" counter from super mario) - him hitting the blocks always scares the crap out of me, as I wear headphones while I play.
  • The need for an update to the internet channels flash player.


Starwolf_UK said:

I intend on sending a pleasent little email to our friends at the big N
Who are you sending to and where. Customer services is useless unless its America or Japan. Why? Most customer services are handled by subsidaries that do very little in the way of talking to Nintendo (aside from "wheres our pay for not answering 50% of the e-mails that come our way").

You're not talking to Nintendo. And if you are it won't be passed to the appropiate department. It will have some smokebombers for answers that dodge the question and then trashed. Consider yourself lcuky if you get a reply.

Anyway here are my predictions:
*-Use your SD card (wait for E3 we can't say anything...even if we knew)
*-Smokescreen. May mention using the Nintendo website to keep up to date with releases :S
*-Gerneric statement about how good their online is...
*-Probably ignored or given an improvised response
*-More smokescreen about how Adobe can't be bothered to make a verison thats compatable. And Opera (whose browser it is) are not going to code thier own verison.

Personally sending a letter to Nintendo (not an e-mail) and someone high up in the company (don't bother if its a subsidary, i.e. America, Germany and Japan are the only places worth bothering to do this) is probably a better course of action as even if it reaches a secretry you'll get a far more interesting reply and possibly make more impact then customer services ever will.



uncle_smuck said:

Nintendo have millions of folks pulling their hair out. Why? Why? after becoming the top dog in the console wars would they kick people in the nuts!!! thats right kicking you in the nuts then laughing and taking your wife out for a steak dinner!! They had YEARS to plan Memory upgrade for the wii!! and years to stop No.1 screwing EU gamers over release dates! No.2 Being the biggest bunch of morons ever for not releasing release dates. No.3 Super Smash bros brawl..........................6 months!!!! 6months !!!!!!!!!!!!! i have waited................fact im so angry screw it who wants this gimicky blue flashing annoying little kids toy anyway its not worth the effort!!!!!............ps3 here i come "is there room on your bandwaggon?" PS3: "Ah yes disgruntled white box owner come and join us, our online service it the dogs but our console picks up too much dust", Me: "Oh thank you i'll never betray you again faceless corporation!!!" TA da!



lockelocke said:

I feel you, Smuck.
I promised myself a couple years back that I'd finish the Metal Gear series, and all of the sudden that $400 Metal Gear/PS3 bundle is starting to look very good...



hal said:

*my advice: MGs/PS3bundle ---get it!!!!! you defntly won't be disappointed!
though i hope nintendo would 'step it up'... who knows! (most doubt it). most ppl who own a wii will probably get a xbox or ps3 -- of these, xbla is excellent! but long-term wise ps3 is the better investment! [or, maybe i'm just partial to scei lol]



Manicfatty said:

@ quimby - I'm all but through with Nintendo. They've become asses again, and it's becoming apparent that it will only become worse. They're blowing what seems to be an insurmountable lead and they don't even realize it yet. I see the other two next-gen systems having a gradually stronger showing these next 2 years and then either crossing the finish line over the following 2 years neck and neck, or leading Nintendo. A decent price drop for either system would do the trick.

Nintendo placed last the previous 2 generations of systems (don't talk to me about the's too soon and I still morn) because of the very same arrogance, ignorance, and sketchy practices. They finally get back to basics and truly innovate, and the suits crap on their own parade. Just when developers were beginning to trust Nintendo again, just when they were getting excited about a Nintendo system...Nintendo slams shut the door. And mashes gamers fingers in the process. Jack balls.



hal said:

@ Manicfatty - - lol i ♥ dreamcast too!! it's the perfect example of where wii[or any console] could have gone (imagine dc+sega_channel!) in terms of [definitely] gameplay (+ online was good too!) i thought it was perfect. Sega had so many good ideas! sonic adventure, jet set/grind radio, chu chu rocket, shenmue , skies of arcadia, house/typing of the dead--so many!!! --not to mention the VMSystem [which would have gone on to become the ipod of its day actually!] unfortunatly....amongst other things, they lost their main financier... --but, i don't want to stur up too many bad memories! sorry! lol



Satans_Therapist said:

The memory is a big issue for me but not only for games and channels but also for game saves. I only have about 20 blocks left so unless i delete the nintendo channel ( i have already deleted the internet save file) i wont have enough room for the super smash bros brawl save file ( which is over 120 blocks) also eledees takes up more than 120 blocks and that save file cannot be copied to an sd card ( i have tried). Moving games back and foward via sd or download is enough hassle without having to move around the corrosponding save file.
I wouldnt make enough of a difference if i even moved say all of my vc (and other games saves as most are only 1-2 blocks so I still wouldnt have enough room for the SSBB save file.

Nintendo need to fix the memory issue for channels and games saves or i simply wont be able to buy and play the games they want me to buy



HEMIII said:

Everyone needs to update their Wii and the SD card problem is solved. As for release dates, come on and give them to us Nintendo!!! I can't believe Europe got Texas Hold 'Em Poker and they gave US Bonsai Barber too WTH?



HEMIII said:

wow how the hell? Where did this come from jeez the last entry is almost a year old.

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