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WiiWare needs a storage solution NOW!

Posted by Darren Calvert

Now that the WiiWare service has launched it is ever more apparent how easy it is to fill up your Wii’s internal memory to full capacity. After all you just get a measly 2,163 blocks of internal memory, that’s the equivalent of just about 512MB! This has been just about bearable on the Virtual Console, it isn’t until you go crazy downloading large Neo Geo, N64 and TurboGrafx-CD games that you are going to run into problems!

The situation is intensified with the event of the WiiWare launch as games like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles take up a whopping 287 blocks! That is before you download any of the extra ‘Pay to Play’ content. It really is high time to question why our pals at Nintendo have not given us a solution to expand the storage capacity yet.

Currently you have two options for games which you are forced to delete to make room for others, back them up to an SD card to restore them at a later date, or download them from the Wii Shop again. When you are spoilt with how the XBOX 360 allows you to store oodles of game demos, videos and XBLA content this does seem backwards. Why couldn’t Nintendo simply release a system update to allow games to be played directly from the SD card?

Rumours of different solutions have come and gone over the last 12 months but so far nothing has been done. Could it be that soon Nintendo will unveil its very own Nintendo-branded storage solution to take away all our delete-and-redownload woes? Well that would be nice but it would cost twice as much! Why not just give us a system update so we can add a USB flash drive of our choice? They are relatively inexpensive now with an 8GB USB stick costing around £15/$30.

For small publishers considering if they should take a chance on the WiiWare service this has to be a huge concern. If Nintendo don’t pull their finger out soon then eventually gamers will eventually get fed up of the WiiWare service and stop buying the games. C’mon Nintendo, sort it out!

What ideas do our WiiWare World readers have for solving this problem?

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mondolumina said:

What is the point of the SD slot? I bought an SD card specifically for my Wii and recently I've been discovering that it's utterly useless. I tried copying over save game files and the games won't even read them unless they are in the system memory. Is this feature literally just for the photo channel? If so, that's very disappointing. Hopefully something that Nintendo will address in a system update asap.



WitchFinder1 said:

I'm also jonesing hard for a Wii storage solution. In fact, I'm waiting on downloading any WiiWare games until I get more memory. I don't want to erase any of my VC games; I like having them easily available. This storage problem seems so acute that I can't imagine Nintendo will let it last for long. In my case, at least, they are losing business for it.



Atlantis1982 said:

I don't mind the problem, and I don't want to buy a HDD just for the Wii. Reason? I don't want my two SD cards (One for VC/WiiWare, the other for DLC [Brawl atm]) to go to waste. So I guess the only thing I like to see is allowing to play off of the SD card; if not, then it doesn't bother me either way.

Only gripe I have is the stupid Brawl save file; I don't want that titan sticking around in my Wii if I am not even bothering to play the game.



CopyofCopyX said:

I would prefer to play the games directly from the SD-card. Maybe Nintendo could release a "PLAY SD Channel" for this



Kawaiipikachu said:

I want an update to allow playbeck off of SD cards .
While a harddrive is i bit farfecth idea as it uses much more power & over time data goes all over the place slowing reading speed down .

Which is why windows comes with the defrag program & Nintendo realise most people don,t want to wait around forever for that infact i dont think most people really know that the defrag program exist or whats it,s for

So the only solution is playablity from SD cards .
Think of it only 300mb out of 512mb is used for channels saves & message board .

So an SD card that has 2gb(2048mb) is much more than 300mb .

My SD card has a 5 digit block left figure & it has all the channels that is on my Wii & all possible saves plus 2 more games & the expired Metroid Prime 3 channel (keepsake) .

By the time WiiWare is out im be deleting Everybody votes channel, Mii Contest Channel (check mii out), & Street Fighter II turbo(as i also got ssfii as well) just to make room for it .

I love the Wii i love ThebVirtual Console & i love WiiWare but i don't like the storage problems



Milcheax said:

I wouldn't mind having the USB ports be usable for something - since there are two, after all - and I have two 8GB flash drives sitting around not doing much of anything



Adam said:

If all the good ones are as short as Lost Winds, we can just buy a new game each week, beat it in a couple hours, and delete it before next week comes around.



Ike-Mike said:

I'm used to delete games to make up space for other ones since I had access to only 2GB on my computer until a year or so ago.

... except with the Wii, your savegames are actually intact after deleting the game.



AbbyVampire said:

You know what? I dont care what happens just let me fill up all 48 channel slots and I'll be set.

Seriously the memory thing is freaking dumb! You cant even have all channels and buy the 6 wiiware games without it being filled up!

The Wii is great. However the Wii's Memory is Nintendo's worst mistake EVER.



Boo said:

I have 2100+ blocks of memory STORED onto my SD card. Yes, I have all of that on my SD CARD. I only have 88 blocks left on my Wii...and i only have a few games ON my Wii.

At this rate, I do not mind Nintendo selling their own brand of SD card OR USB flash drive that is proprietary and will only work with your Wii. Yes that's lame, but I don't take my VC/WiiWare games anywhere. It's probably going to come down to something like that...and I'm willing to go along with it.!!



ChocoDK said:

I deleted yesterday Paper Mario because of this storage issue in case I get FFCC or for the Wii Fit Channel for when its released here. I am still mad at SSBB for taking 128 blocks when I am not even playing it right now.

I am running out of games I want to put onto SD cards right now. I think Nintendo doesn't want to use Flash Drives or SD cards though since they are so big on piracy.

However, as many people have said with Wii Ware here now there has to be a solution. Hopefully Nintendo will announce something at E3.



Waxxy said:

@Kawaiipikachu: "While a harddrive is i bit farfecth idea as ... over time data goes all over the place slowing reading speed down ... Which is why windows comes with the defrag program & Nintendo realise most people don,t want to wait around forever for that"

How the data is stored is up to the operating system, not the drive, and modern operating systems are able to deal with fragmentation on the fly so the impact is negligible. If nothing else the Wii could automatically defragment once a month at 2 AM (similar to what Windows XP does by default) and the user would be none the wiser.

I should also point out that fragmentation is much less of a concern if the drive is only going to be used to store fixed-size data like downloaded games and fixed save files. Most defragmentation occurs because operating systems make use of variable-size caches and data files constantly change size.



Knux said:

Nintendo needs to do something soon about the memory problem. I'm getting REALLY tired of swapping games in between the internal memory and SD Card. Here is a question and answer session with Nintendo president Iwata that was from the VC reviews website:

Quote:Q6 I am personally enjoying WiiWare and Virtual Console but feel Wii’s flash memory size is not enough and annoyed that I need to use a SD memory card. Will this situation be improved?

A6 Iwata: Statistically speaking, it is true that there are a small number of customers who feel that the flash memory is too small, while many others find that they have plenty of memory. However, because this small number of people are none other than the most avid players, we know we have to review the best possible solution to eliminate their inconvenience.

But WHAT is the solution and WHEN? And the memory problem is more than a incovience,it's a BIG problem.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Yeah, SuperSonic1990 is right. I was just going to mention that quote when his post popped up. Nintendo IS aware of the problem, and more importantly, has actually stated plans to DO something about it! Frankly, I was severely disappointed when a fix wasn't released on Monday. Seeing as that quote was older than that, I thought a fix released the same day as WiiWare would have been the perfect timing (barring that it could have been much, much sooner, of course)! I've only recently been having severe problems with memory, especially with SSBB taking up so much. MKWii is no slouch either in second place at 23 or so blocks. I had to delete several NES and SNES games to make room for the Nintendo Channel (big waste of memory, so far) and Pokemon Puzzle League. We need our fix NOW!!!!!



Starwolf_UK said:

After all you just get a measly 2,163 blocks of internal memory, that’s the equivalent of just about 512MB!
The maths is a little off. Assuming 1 block to 128 kb and thus 8 blocks to be 1 megabyte dividing 2,163 by 8 gives us about 270MB. The rest of the room is pre-resereved and not for the consumers use My number may be wrong however...

Either way the point about there being too few blocks is very much true.

Only gripe I have is the stupid Brawl save file; I don't want that titan sticking around in my Wii if I am not even bothering to play the game.
The Brawl file is an annoying one. Its like about 30 blocks for the game stuff and the rest of the space is pre-allocated for stages, replays, know all the things you're saving to an SD card anway

As foir solutions you won't hear anything till E3. Why? Publicity and marketing reasons.

If you want to help the cause remember to log into the Nintendo channel with as few blocks free as possible (the Nintendo channel sends Nintendo how many blocks and channels you have free among other information; you can find what info on NOAs site somewhere).

Iwata already mentioned file compression to game developers at GDC. Probably not going to help most WiiWare as i'd imagine devs to be doing that already. Though looking into VC games they can do compression (and more). To sum it up. There are lots of redundant files (which would be expected given that Wii chanels appear to be like self-contained executables) and getting rid of them will make some impact on crowding.

As for just allowing stuff to run off an SD card. That would require the data on the SD card to be in an unencrypted state. The encryption process is why transfer takes a long time to it. Decryption is a bit faster hence it taking less time to transfer on.

Another reason against SD cards is Nintendo can't be sure the transfer speed of them making them unreliable for streaming. Though ideally loading the game would load everything into the RAM eliminating this problem.



Knux said:

If you think these games take up a lot of memory, I heard that Critter Round-up takes up 305 blocks of memory!



Mike1 said:

I wish that I could delete the photo, weather, and news channels. I have never used any of the channels. I would be nice if you could delete them and gain like 100 blocks for each one.

Anyway, I'm still ok with memory right now. I still have about 580 blocks left. I heard Dr. Mario only takes like 85 blocks, is that true?



TheDudeAbides said:

It should have been obvious when this company planned the VC that it would need to have serious memory to meet the demands of the gamer. The VC was its greatest selling point for the Wii, and they had to assume that any one customer would want to download dozens, if not hundreds of these games, which would mean a lot of memory being used.

Even now after the release of WiiWare they are sitting back in the shadows, waiting to see how many people run out of memory and get royally pissed. I haven't run out of memory yet, but I have only downloaded two 64 games. Most of my VC purchases are NES games, which don't take up much memory.

Nintendo, get your priorities together, and win this console war.



ChocoDK said:

@Starwolf_UK: I am just guessing Nintendo maybe won't announce something until E3 but I could be wrong. Also you must remember that Nintendo is a very secretive company but I don't know why they would be secretive with this. Unless they are coming out with some whole new invention.

I never had any issues with memory until SSBB came around. And what you stated about the game only taking 30 blocks and the rest for replays and stuff is true. I saved all of that replay stuff when I played the game to SD Card so I didn't need all of that space. Ever since Brawl came out my memory is getting eatten up.

Nintendo didn't build in a harddrive because they wanted the console to be affordable. Funny thing is when I read "The History of Video Games" written by Steve Kent (excellent book I must add) it was said that Japanesse unlike Americans look into the future. They don't just think until tomorrow but five years from now. Well surely Nintendo did the opposite here with lack of memory.



Tesche said:

Here is what I have been wondering...Are americans the only ones calling for this? Is there a cultural diffence in America that leads us to want bigger and better hard drvies? Like our big cars? Is there any outcry in Japan, for instance, for a storage solution for the Wii? Or is Japanese culture content with the redownload option? Something tells me they are content with the situation as it is, and this is why Nintendo always states that they are aware that "some Wii users" are expressing a desire for more America the "some Wii users" in that sentence? We are a much smaller market for Nintendo than Japan is....I could see why they would drag their heels on this if Japanese are not frustrated by the lack of space. On the otherhand, if my hypothesis is wrong...then I am just that, wrong.



Bensei said:

I remember seeing Wii "Memory Cards" from Nintendo (simply 128 MByte SD Cards) costing 30€! I got a good 2GB one for the same prize and a special Wii SD (it is white and it is said to have no problems with Wii compatibility) card from San Disc for 10€!
So a storage system by Nintendo would be way to expensive I guess.

I heard about Homebrew that already enabled the use of USB in FAT format, but at the time only reading.

Since most games are just files that get unpacked everytime you tsart it you could enable to load games from your SD Card the same way.
If there are problems indisplaying the Channels of those games or loading they could add a SD Card Menu. You will be warned that this menu could take longer loading times because it loads from the SD Card.



blackknight77 said:

The problem is all of these free channels take up space. I don't want to delete the Nintendo channel or the Everybody votes channel to make room for games. However that is what I had to do this week. Poor Zelda Ocarina of Time is sitting on an SD card because its over 270 blocks.
Another issue is more games have thier own channel like Kart and Wii fit and to get the most out of the game you need the channel. I hope Nintendo does fix this issue. I hate deciding which games must go to the SD card. And if I don't use an SD card, I have to redownload, but what if my internet is down or something. I don't like that option:(

This article really preaching to the choir. I wonder how the guys at VC reviews handle the storage issue? Do you save all the games to an SD card?



-Regii said:

"I heard about Homebrew that already enabled the use of USB in FAT format, but at the time only reading."

Actually, as far as I have experienced (I used Twilight Hack for SNES Games on my Wii), you can already save the SRAM to the SD card as well, not only read the games.

I'm also having massive problems with the storage. Without Brawl (since that's not out here in Europe), I already don't have enough space for a new Virtual Console game (at least no large one) Just have 118 blocks left and I already had to delete some of my VC games. And now with Wii Ware coming up, I could actually puke,
Nintendo HAS to do something on this issue. Making promises and then letting us wait half an eternity is not the way we want to be treated.



Dokenzz said:

It'd take more than a firmware update for the wii to be able to read games right off the SD Cards and Flash Drives.. it's not that simple



Dathcha said:

My biggest hope is still that they will release a proprietary external HDD that plugs into the USB-port that looks identical to the Wii and can stand next to it but where the blue light-strip is used to indicate how full the HDD is (like a progress bar but vertically filling from bottom to top)
I would like that visually... and with an external HDD of that size it could easily be dozens of GB big
Or of course make it a casing and let us stuff in our own laptop HDD or similar...

This all I do not expect however, but I can dream



Objection said:

I think they need both options. 1: Firmware update for the gamers. 2. HD so Nintendo can make money and be happy/ for the superhardcores)
All I have is the free channels, Paper Mario, Kirby64, and Defend Your Castle and I have only 810 blocks left! This is more than many of you, but I plan to download FFCC or Lost WInds, putting me around 550! And then with episodic games like Strongbad...I have not had to delete anything (excpe the MP3 preview channel) yet but I don't look forward to it.



KirbyPunk said:

About 2 months ago I didnt care. I didn't think the storage would affect me. But having to delete my N64 games to get LostWinds and to redownload Ocarina after sending my Wii away and getting the Nintendo Cannel when it got back, it made me realize we need a solution quick. Or at least let me play the game from the SD card. I don't think this will happen becase of piracy issues though, unless you could ONLY copy it back to the Wii it originally came from.



HOT-ROD said:

It is getting ridiculous. I've deleted a few more games for LostWinds, and now I have to delete even more for ffcc. I really like the ones I have, and the NES ones won't make much of a difference. I probably have to delete free channels, but my family likes using them. So at the moment I have $15 waiting on ffcc, but have yet to download it because I CAN'T. It is really getting on my nerves, and something needs to be done, especially since nintendo obviously will lose business because of this. They have nothing to lose by finding a simple solution, like playing off an SD card.



jg233 said:

Nintendo is rumored to be working on it, and I would assume they will show w/e it is off at E3 this year.



mondolumina said:

I have just discovered (through trial and error) that you CAN MOVE the Photo Channel to the SD card AND STILL RUN IT in the Wii menu. This means that there is no reason why Nintendo can't enable the other free channels to run off the SD card in a system update.

This would allow us to free up 122 blocks for the Nintendo Channel, 91 blocks for the Check Mii Out Channel, and 54 blocks for the everybody votes channel.

Come on, Nintendo. Help us out. This is at least a simple "band-aid" solution that could free up enough space to get some people spending a few more points on WiiWare and VC titles.



SmaMan said:

Space was the deciding factor on my first WiiWare purchase yesterday. I was down to pOp and FF:CC MLAAK (even in an acronym that name is frickin' long) and since I didn't feel like removing an additional 100 blocks I got pOp. Now I do plan on getting FF:CC MLAAK eventually but I'd hate to have to delete more stuff. It kinda seems stupid that I paid for all this stuff and it's going to be this hard to switch them out. If Nintendo is trying to push the direct download market they NEED a storage solution



Sariku said:

This is why I want Memory Cards back. I had the white one for the GameCube. You know, the one that held like, 1001 blocks of memory or something. I never got that 1/4 full, and I had around 30 or so games. Nintendo screwed us over with memory this generation, but next console I'm sure won't be as bad.

In fact, what will they do next console? With all these Virtual Console games available for download, do you think they will continue the routine next time? They can't just stick with the WIi; When the PS4 and such come out, Nintendo will have to pump out an extremely different system. I just hope Nintendo doesn't cater it around the casual market while being designed. If my theory is correct, Nintendo made the Wii with less memory so it would be cheaper. They didn't worry as much because the focus of the Wii was for casuals. I hope I'm wrong, and Nintendo wasn't thinking it through, but I am fearful that that is the case.



Kawaiipikachu said:

That card you talkink about is 1019(1024 total 5 used by system) blocks & gamecube uses smaller block sizes .
While the smaller 251 card is 16mb so the 1019 card would be 64mb in size so 512mb would be 8192 blocks plus only about 300mb is used so it would be closer to 4920 block approx but even with that the Wii doesn't start with that figure .

You do realised you just loaded up the older version of the photo channel .
Try this simple test put an mp3 & an aac (iTunes default) of different songs on your SD card & see which one loaded up if its the mp3 it means i provened you right



Virus said:

Hmm, first, once again, WiiWare-world, good job for addressing this. As for a solution, that SD thing would work perfectly fine, as would the USB drive. Heck, if Nintendo wants to produce its own solution so it keeps all the profits, I'll be fine with that as long as the problem is fixed. Still, it wouldn't be wise of NIntendo to do that, considering how betrayed thrird party companies may feel after such an act.

Let's hope Nintendo will expand the number of channel slots too or that will become the next problem immediately after a memory storage update.

And boy, I wonder how truthful Iwata was when he claimed only "a small number of customers" had a memory storage problem. It seems kind of far-fetched to me. Besides, that group- most likely gamers- needs to be catered to above all others because they are the original fan base. I don't mean to say casual gamers are nothing, but gamer established the popularity; it's only fair Nintendo repays their efforts by fixing the easily-fixed problems.

And lastly, to all of you who use illegal methods to download games and what not, you- no matter how large or small your number may be- need to stop using them. If anything, it seems Nintendo is hesitant allowing a memory space update because they are worried about all this crap that is robbing them of their money. You guys are part of the problem, so stop please. Besides, its illegal. C'mon people. I'm pretty sure this site uses legal methods to review its game... emphasis on pretty... but hey, even if it isn't, I guess I rather turn a blind eye to it. Still, one more time, this illegal stuff is just contributing to the problem and if you are one of them that is using the illegal stuff, don't you dare be complaining about the problem until you stop.



Jona said:

i think they shud give us a update where we can just save and play game data or vc from our sd card that wud b so much easier. (i mean havin ur vc game or save data on ur sd card and b able 2 use it) but the article is true.



MultiPLAYA79 said:

I think a HDD solution is the way to go as long as we don't have to deal with any of the DRM BS like on the 360. But for simplicity, yeah letting us play off SD or a flash drive must at least be considered.



Gameguardian said:

I sure do hope they will reach some sort of storage arrangement for us gamers, so that we can end the hassle of deleting and re-downloading. I'm hoping this will be soon.



-Regii said:

"And lastly, to all of you who use illegal methods to download games and what not, you- no matter how large or small your number may be- need to stop using them. If anything, it seems Nintendo is hesitant allowing a memory space update because they are worried about all this crap that is robbing them of their money. You guys are part of the problem, so stop please."

Well, at least I said I useD, y'know. On top, most of the games I've been playing per emulator won't come to VC anyways, like FF and stuff =/
But you are right. Nintendo's hesitation really does have to do with Homebrew and Emulation. They don't want to have the update and the SD reading to be abused, but if there's no solution, the gamers will also be disappointed and annoyed.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

E3 will provide answers. That's all I gotta say. Just be ready for the holiday season...

But yes, SD Cards are very inconvenient but it's better than nothing.



Mike1 said:

I was getting nervous back last fall that my internal memory would be full by this spring, but Nintendo had been gracious enough to release nothing but garbage this year so far. The only VC game I've downloaded in 2008 is Kirby 64 and I still have about 580 blocks left.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Pssh, wow. Kirby 64 was worth downloading though, I agree with you there wholeheartedly. But there were other titles.

Anyway, I'm very low on space myself. I've had to delete stuff constantly. It got to a point where I had 30 blocks left or something like that. I'm at 200 now after getting FFCC after I deleted stuff very reluctantly. It's just so frustrating having to delete stuff. I write down all I've downloaded so I don't forget.



Mike1 said:

Actually nothing else looked interesting to me. I know people will say that I should try new games like Harvest Moon or Lords of Thunder, but they hold no interest to me. I actually have 19 games on my Wii, but aside from the 3 Sonic games and the 3 Bonk games, everything else is from Nintendo. That's what I want from the VC, Nintendo games.

And before people say to try something new that I've never played before, I will say that I already did that last summer. I tried many games that I never played before, downloading close to 40 games. However, the fact that I didn't enjoy most of them, and the storage problem, I decided to only download games that I know that I want. I think the only game series that I gave a try and didn't delete are the Bonk games.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

That's a lot of games... And I won't try to convince you otherwise about trying something new. Someone did to me with StarTropics (a game I had never known even existed!) and I loved it. It's great.

But anyway, sticking with things you know you'll love is better than spending money on games you may or may not like. But gameplay videos certainly help re-affirm stuff like this for you.

.... and Sonic ftw!!



Knux said:

KnucklesSonic8,why are you deleting games when you can put them on a SD Card? You can also swap games between the Wii's internal memory and the SD Card when you get tired of a certain game.



Laxiom said:

i have a 1g SD card, and i back up everything backupable, when Wii Ware released i bought FFCC, Defend your Castle, and Lost Winds, i also DL the Nintendo Channel.

now im left with less than a thousand blocks on my SD card.

i was shocked to say the least.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I just started putting stuff on SD Cards last night to make room for FFCC: MLK.

The fact is, I find SD Cards very inconveninent, imho. But that being said, I have no other choice. I have two 128MB (or is it 256? I don't remember. It's for my camera) SD Cards, one of which needs to be cleared but I can't because my camera cord is unusable now...

Anyway, swapping games and having to copy them back/re-download them... it's just not very convenient at all. And that's also why I write down what I have so I don't forget what I've deleted in order to make room..

But it's so hard choosing stuff to delete because I don't waste points. I've always chosen VC Games very carefully and as such, I don't have that many games. Deleting MK64 was tough for me, but I reasoned that it was a little easier to do so with me owning and being preoccupied with MKWii.

In any case, I have 4/5 N64 games on my SD Card now so that made room for me to get FFCC: MLK. But... I'm worried about how big Plattchen will be, that's the only thing.

Oh, and the other thing is: I'm not tired of any of my games. The only thing that will stay deleted for now is 1080 Snowboarding until I can get a CC. Playing with the GC Controller just frustrates me... I can't get the controls down right (as sad as that may sound).



Knux said:

I agree with you that the SD Card situation is frustrating. I got 49 games so far and a lot of them are on my SD Card. I only got 4 WiiWare games so far and I'll probobly buy more WiiWare games next week. Then I'll have to put MORE on my SD Card when i buy more WiiWare games. Not to metion I have to put most of my downlodable channels [except for the Nintendo Channel] on the SD Card. The swapping thing is the only solution for now,but I don't like it.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

49?! Whoa... now that is a lot...
I deleted the EVC and CMO to make room for ENC, actually.

I don't like swapping at all either but what can we do. At least it's... something for now, right?

Too bad things aren't easier for us, especially with WiiWare, of which I'm planning to make more purchases towards.



Phantom5800 said:

I don't care how they fix it, I just want it fixed even if it was a 50 GB HDD that only works on the wii ... I would buy it for $50 even. I just want a solution. I had to delete Super Mario 64 to make room for LostWinds, now I only have 81 blocks.



PoisonRamune said:

The memory problem is a serious issue for me... I had to spend over an hour on Monday night copying virtual consol games to my SD card, just so I'd have enough room on my Wii for My Life as a King and LostWinds.



west72 said:

The only problem i can see with the wii using the SD card to play games off is the speed. I recently had to copy some N64 games across due to having no space for the Mario Kart Channel and it took forever to copy over.

Nintendo are shooting their self’s in the foot by not sorting this out. First VC games, now Wiiware and soon downloadable demos, it's not only the avid gamer who is going to have problems. It's going to be everyone the longer this goes on for and then Nintendo will have big problems, because the last thing they need are loads of parents on the phone to helpdesks because little jimmy can't download the new Wiiware game he wants because he doesn't have enough room.

Nintendo only have to look at the success of VC to know that people must be having problems and they just seem to be burying their head in the sand or they already have some great device ready and waiting for E3 to unveil, then only to tell us it will be out next year .



linus said:

I stopped downloading things about four months ago; it's too much of a pain to delete and stuff.

They will come out with an (expensive) solution to this - I just wish they'd hurry the eff up.



Chipmunk777 said:

Ok, another problem I foresee is that once we get the memory issue dealt with, people will run out of spaces to PUT their channels! There are what, only 48 spaces right? With my wii memory completely full, I have only about 18 or 19 empty spaces to put VC/wiiware/channels.

Buuuuut if this does become a problem, Nintendo could easily just release a wii update and expand it, right?



mjshopgames said:

Well Anyone who does homebrew on the Wii is the reason we don't have more storage capacity. If you would stop doing this then nintendo would be so hesitant to put more memory. Also since the Nintendo Channel collects your data wouldn't that mean that you could be caught doing illegal stuff on your Wii? Soon they are going to have all the channels collect your data so your not doing homebrew. I dont think that is what people want. I think that is why nintendo collects all of your wii system data so they can find the people that are doing homebrew. You know if they catch you they can fine you lots of money since it is ILLEGAL!!!!!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Objection_Blaster: Yep, I got your email.
MJSG: Indeed. Homebrew and "hackers" aren't helping the position at all.



mudskip said:

I think the main thing to remember right now is this: you can download previous purchases for free. In most cases, this is actually much faster than copying to the SD card.

I think a good solution from Nintendo would be to allow the ability to "Archive" VC/Wii Ware titles from the main Wii screen.
To archive a title, you could drag it to a new little file cabinet icon.
All this really does is delete it off of your system, but it wouldn't scare the novice, as deleting an item from the data Management screen might ("Are you sure you want to delete x?").
Also, you could click on the file cabinet to find and download previously purchased titles.
I made a blog post with a little more info here:

WiiWareWorld is a great resource.



teksensei said:

56. mjshopgames 22 May 2008, 17:51 GMT

Well Anyone who does homebrew on the Wii is the reason we don't have more storage capacity. If you would stop doing this then nintendo would be so hesitant to put more memory. Also since the Nintendo Channel collects your data wouldn't that mean that you could be caught doing illegal stuff on your Wii? Soon they are going to have all the channels collect your data so your not doing homebrew. I dont think that is what people want. I think that is why nintendo collects all of your wii system data so they can find the people that are doing homebrew. You know if they catch you they can fine you lots of money since it is ILLEGAL!!!!!

It's not illegal. What planet do you live on?



AlexSays said:

@ teksensei-

ahaha. you're absolutely right.
i don't know what that guy is talking about, even though hackers sure aren't helping though.

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