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US VC Releases - 5th May - Pokemon Puzzle League

Posted by Darren Calvert

So what wonderful games can you get your grubby mitts on this Monday? Prepared to be amazed as the Virtual Console is getting a new N64 game in the shape of Pokémon Puzzle League.

For those not in the know Pokémon Puzzle League uses the exact same gameplay found in the old SNES and Game Boy title Tetris Attack. You're given a Tetris-like field full of coloured blocks, which you must arrange into horizontal or vertical lines of three or more, all the while rows of blocks are being pushed up from the bottom. If you are unable to clear out enough blocks to keep the entire field from filling up, it's game over. For Pokémon fans this is a must have, it’s actually quite a fun and entertaining game.

Renegade is the final in the series of NES beat ‘em ups which were announced to be coming to the Virtual Console a few weeks ago. It is actually the first in Technos’ series of brawlers predating Double Dragon and River City Ransom. Although it shares many traits with its stable mate fighters, the control is sloppy, the action repetitive and the graphics disappointing. Unless you happen to be a big fan from back in the days this is one you could avoid.

So there goes another week in the crazy world of Virtual Console. Stay tuned next week to see if EarthBound gets a Mother’s Day release!

Note: These games will not be available in the North American Wii Shop Channel until 9 a.m. Pacific time on Mon 5th May.

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User Comments (96)



Adamant said:

If people call this a disappointing update, i will stab them in the face through the internet.



Phalyn said:

I call this disapointing Adamant
Some generic beat-em-up and pokemon tetris? who would want that?



Bass_X0 said:

People raved about Tetris Attack during the SNES days saying its the best puzzle game since the actual Tetris at the time.



brooks83 said:

I would consider it dissapointing. I'm sure PPL is a fun game, but I was hoping for Gradius II, or Earthworm Jim, or Gley Lancer, or Earthbound, or Dracula X, or Alex Kidd in Miracle World, etc etc.



brooks83 said:

I may download it just to see how Tetris Attack is since I've never played it, but I was hoping for some different games. But, I'm glad to see that this games release is making other people happy.



lavkian said:

It's disappointing. There, I said it.

Mother 2 would be great, Mother would be even better since it was translated but never released. But honestly, an NES beatemup and a Tetris Attack clone?

No wonder I haven't bought anything since StarTropics. Still waiting on Zoda's Revenge and Majora's Mask...



Adamant said:

"People raved about Tetris Attack during the SNES days saying its the best puzzle game since the actual Tetris at the time."

Yep. Seriously, people - this is the best puzzle game of all time. The whiners have been nagging about Tetris Attack almost non-stop since long before Japan got it. Here it is. The best damn game in it's genre. The only reason you'd not like this update is if you don't like the genre, in which case it's not the update there's anything wrong with.

Yes, Renegade sucks, but this is fracking Panel de Pon, people. Tetris Attack. It's like bitching about the eventual Yoshi's Island update.

Why would Mother 2 be great, and not this game? Because you personally don't like puzzle games, and Nintendo needs to cater to your tastes, otherwise the update is just disappointing?



Mazero said:

"But honestly, an NES beatemup and a Tetris Attack clone?"

How is PPL a tetris attack clone? It's made by the same company, and it has more modes than tetris attack had. Renegade sucks, but PPL doesn't



Viral said:

I agree Adamant, it may not be my type of game, however, it does look like something I would try. I do like Tetris and unfortunately, never got to play Tetris Attack. Earthbound is the most highly anticipated game since Ness has been rebuffed constantly in Smash Bros games. People wanna know where he came from, ect. I played it on the SNES when you could rent it with a strategy guide, yes, it came with the guide when you rented it. lol. I'm still waiting for some games but I got Wii Fit so I'm good for now.



aphexbr said:

I'd agree the Pokemon game is a bit disappointing, but you guys have Renegade! Yeah, it's dated now, but I used to love that game on the ZX Spectrum.. I don't think the NES has the superior sequel Target: renegade though - wonder if that might appear on the C64?



Rexy said:

No matter what the general opinion regarding Pokemon Puzzle League is, I might as well say this: it's about time there's another decent N64 title here
(Hah, now I have to wait a few weeks for us English folk to get it too. Oh well.)



Adamant said:

"I don't think the NES has the superior sequel Target: renegade though - wonder if that might appear on the C64?"

The NES got Target Renegade, yes. Missed out on Renegade 3, though.



Jolted85 said:

Another N64 game is good news, not a big fan of Renegade though, I guess Pokemon Puzzle League is our replacement for Tetris Attack since it's been out in Japan for a long time already.



Kevin said:

Nothing this week. Maybe next week I'll be able to play Earthbound.



Juampi said:

I bet everyone who isn't excited about Pokémon Puzzle League haven't ever played the game. It was my most played N64 game after Ocarina of Time and Super Smash Bros. Don't be fooled by the Pokémon theme. In my opinion, it's one of the best puzzle games ever. It is very challenging at high difficulty levels (the AI is simply brutal on very hard) and it is extremely fun to play against a friend. The only sad thing is that the multiplayer is for two players only.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Pokémon puzzle league is a great game infact i own a copy on cart right here .
The Virtual Console never disopoints me & this just proves it .



The_shoemaker said:

I'm not gonna judge this game, but it doesn't look too great. I like puzzle games, but i've never been a fan of the tetris style of puzzles.



slangman said:

Hey this is a nice suprise for you north amercians. Infact this almost makes up for the last crappy N64 game we got two months ago. I wounder what import N64 game we will get this month?



tnk4god said:

this release makes me so mad, I have been waiting forever for tetris attack, and now because of this crap poke crap game, I may not see it for a long time. Tetris attack is an awesome game with great mario backgrounds and even better music...I could give a rip about some poke crap. Thanks alot could have given us mario...instead we get some card game wannabe game instead.

Come on, the mario title is the better game...step up and give us the good stuff. Japan got it, why not us too? You can keep your PPL for the little kids.



Bass_X0 said:

"we get some card game wannabe game instead."

Huh!? Its just pictures! The N64 game is still the same or better. The only pkmn influence is cosmetic. Not buying the game beause it shows pkmn characters is pathetic.



jg233 said:

If people call this a disappointing update, i will stab them in the face through the internet.



Adam said:

"Stay tuned next week to see if EarthBound gets a Mother’s Day release!"

Earthbound has just been ESRB-rated. While I don't see it coming out this soon, the comment is still not that far-fetched!! For once, we EB fans have cause for a feeling other than pessimism.... I forget what this feeling is called though.... opti-something.



DEMON212 said:

Been after PPL for a while, carts are too pricey. Although it's a definite iPod game.

Pika, PikaPi, Pika Pika, P-I-K-A-CHU!! Pika, Pika Pi, PIPI all inside 15 seconds, lol.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

PPL is just Tetris Attack? I thought it might have some other games as well. Oh well, I still consider it a good release.

@Adam, there's no set time a game has to wait after being ESRB rated, so next week wouldn't be "too soon". The WiiWare launch next week might interfere with EB's release at that time, though. Still, don't be surprised if it comes sooner than you think—Nintendo is clearly trying to use it as a big marquee release.



lordbowser said:

I was hoping for the SNES version (I hate the Pokemon anime, I like the games though) but I've been craving some puzzle action so I'll take whatever I can.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I wonder if they changed the voices in this release as some people have been murmuring about in the forums. For those who don't know, 4Kids no longer takes care of Pokemon anymore and Nintendo replaced all of the original voice actors.
Does anybody know if you can turn off the voices in PPL?



Bensei said:

Great update for you guys, but I don't think we'll get this game this month, because of Hanabi.
I wouldn't really buy it either because I had it for the N64, and I have the GCN Panel de Pon, which I prefer due to 4 Player mode!



JaredJ said:

I'll just wait for tetris attack. 200 points cheaper for pretty much the same game.



Clayfrd said:

EarthBound Mother's Day release. That is VERY clever. That little pun may redeem you from using exasperate incorrectly, or I may just choose to never let you live that down. No, I'm not that mean. I choose the former. In all seriousness, though, I am currently in high anticipation for EarthBound. Pokemon Puzzle League is actually quite good, but I already have it for N64, so I'm not stupid enough to buy it again. I mean, I've never done that before... cough Paper Mario, Mario 64 cough. I'm surprised I actually had this week's N64 game. I had a pathetic collection back when the 64 came out. Of all the 64 games on the VC, I didn't have: F-Zero X, Sin & Punishment, Ocarina, 1080, Wave Race, Starfox, or Cruis'n USA. I now own all of the aforementioned on the VC except for 1080, Wave Race, and Cruis'n USA. I am completely satisfied with all of them, especially F-Zero and Starfox. I like Ocarina, but all the hype I heard about it before I bought it in mid-2007 kind of killed some of the amazing parts of it. Sin & Punishment is collecting virtual dust in my Wii because I buy too many VC games at once. That and I've been playing Mario too much.



RevolverLink said:

I'd be more interested in Pokemon Puzzle League, but I bought Planet Puzzle League not too long ago. If North America is going to get a puzzle game, NoA needs to get us Mario's Super Picross!



Smoke39 said:

I'd personally prefer Tetris Attack, or even Panel de Pon. Not a big fan of the Pokémon branding, particularly the repetative voice clips.



WarioFan63 said:

Ive been hearing the reason we didnt get Tetris Attack before this is partly because of the Tetris name itself. I dont think Japan VC has the Yoshi version of Panel de Pon though.



ThirdMarioBro said:

Releasing Pokemon Puzzle League before Tetris Attack means there is a pretty slim chance now of us getting the original masterpiece. 3D mode or not, the original offers a different selection of music, characters, and skins that I prefer to PPL. Puzzle League is filled with a bunch of instrunmental tunes from the Pokemon cartoon which get on my nerves, and listening to Ash yell, "WAY TO GO!" every time you set off a chain link makes my ears bleed. For that reason alone I'll pass.



kitroplious said:

Personally, I would have prefered Europe's latest VC update than this... Europe got import titles.



kitroplious said:

At least next Monday the Wii-kly update WILL be the best, EarthBound or not because of WiiWare! =)



BJ1 said:

Pokemon Puzzle League?! Awww, and me with my Wi-fi connection problem. I got to get it fixed so I can get this game.



perroloco said:

Pokémon Puzzle League! One of my favorite N64 games, I´d like it more if they added the possibility to send high-scores through wi-fi or wi-fi battles... Anyway is a great game MUST BUY for any puzzle lover.
BTW How will they adapt the "BULBASAUR" cheat?
And is EarthBound going to be released on Mother´s day? I need to buy a Wii Point card!



lockelocke said:

Me want Tetris Attack. I mean, is this a "must-buy" for puzzler fans because it essentially IS Tetris Attack? Or can this game stand on its own? I'll buy it if Tetris Attack never hits the VC, its still cheaper than the $20 going price for Attack. But if I'm gonna see Tetris Attack on my Wii one day, I don't really see the point. Someone enlighten me, please. Also, if they're having trouble with the Tetris license, why doesn't Nintendo drop Panel De Pon as an import, nah'mean?



Tim said:

I want Tetris Attack. Pokemon sucks. Well, my break is over now. It's time to get back to GTA IV.



Bass_X0 said:

we'll see. probably a single crappy nes game at least. they can't not give us VC releases.

And is EarthBound going to be released on Mother´s day? I need to buy a Wii Point card!
Its just a baseless prediction.



Juampi said:


It's probably going to be the same, as every button on the N64 controller has its corresponding button on the Classic or Gamecube Controller. Sure, pressing + to make an "S" isn't as intuitive as pressing Start, but anyway...



Fireballmario said:

This is a sad weak for the U.S., release Earthbound, Mother, Dr. Mario, Super Smash Bros, Super Mario RPG, stuff like that not a stupid fighting game or an annoying unfun puzzle game, there are already enough of those excluding Dr. Mario series.



smashter said:

PPL is NOT the greatest puzzle game ever...Adamant and others......
Picross, tetrisphere, peggle, just to name a few, run much higher in rating than this par game...PAR, nothing more nothing less

there are much better games that need to be on this VC list. 10 bucks for a puzzle game that couldve run on SNES??? I dont think so



smashter said:

planet puzzle league for nds by itself outscores this poke version...
so how is this the best?



Fulgor_Astral said:

i prefer SNES Tetris Attack

I really really hate that girly pokemon cartoon...

I hope Earthbound comes next week



Viral said:

Why does everyone think they're getting Earthbound next week? I haven't seen it set in stone. And besides, Mother's Day is on seperate days in Europe and North America. Mother's Day this year in England was in March, it's always in May in America....



Rexy said:

I'm not worried about that, I'm more worried about people constantly screaming for higher-tier first party titles on Nintendo consoles. Sure, they're great and all, but can't we just look for new stuff every now and again? I'd personally be tired if I was given the same thing almost all the time.



Mazero said:

Why is everyone complaning about this week? Pokemon Puzzle League is a good game. But no, all you people do judge the game based on the freaking license it's based on. I didn't see anyone complain about Pokemon Snap, so why are you complaining about this game? It even adds a 3-D Mode to it



Drizzt said:

Not the N64 game I was waiting for. And yeah, Adamant, I am disappointed.



Starwolf_UK said:

"Ive been hearing the reason we didnt get Tetris Attack before this is partly because of the Tetris name itself. I dont think Japan VC has the Yoshi version of Panel de Pon though."
They did get the original version though (that got turned into Tetris Attack because Faries don't sell outside of Japan) a few months ago. Though...Fun fact: Japan never got Pokemon Puzzle League on the N64 (they got the Gameboy Color version though). Could this be Japans first import game?

Geuss this kills our chances of the original Tetris attack (thats a good thing though, no point buying an inferior version...unless you MUST have Yoshi). Though I would have thought Nintendo would want us to buy Planet Puzzle League and so not bothered putting this which is better in some aspects (3D mode and so the solve in x moves mode having more possibilities, incliuding some action based ones) though worse in others (no trance/lumies look every puzzler these days is and no ghost town Wi-Fi).

"Europle never got the Cube version."
Nobody out of Japan got it. Would have thought with the Gamecubes rather empty schedules they would release anything they could. Apparently it was partly localised as well (well it did show up at trade shows, some localisation is expected).



Sirix said:

Pokemon Puzzle League is fun... but is a puzzle game that can be pulled off on SNES gfx really worth it on an expensive and hard-drive filling 64 game?



WarioFan63 said:

"they can't not give us VC releases."

I know the territories dont really mirror each other in terms of releases but I think WiiWare might steal the spotlight completely from VC for one week for everyone like it did in Japan



Roo said:


Pokemon Puzzle League is one of the few big-name N64 games I no longer have (traded it in for SD Vs. Raw 2006 - totally regret it). buing this for sure!



lockelocke said:

@Starwolf UK
What's superior about PPL? Can you tell me, or anyone tell me, what's the difference between PPL and Tetris Attack? I mean, as far as I can tell, the only differences are the aesthetics. I don't mind the Pokemon license (sixth grade was all about Red & Blue version; they banned Pokemon from my school, and I used to hide behind the library with other kids and sell off my high level Pokemon, good times), so I'd be down to cop the game, but I'd like to know a little more about it...Different modes, unlockables, etc?? For a die hard Tetris Attack fan (I still have a working cartridge) is this game worth buying, does it bring anything new to the table, or should I stick to my cart?



Mazero said:

PPL added a training mode, a puzzle editor, and a new 3-D mode. It was also smoother and had smarter AI opponents



blackknight77 said:

Even though I don't think they will update the VC next week due to Wii Ware, NOA should still add a SMS or Neo Geo game. Both systems need to have something added to their current VC catalog.



Rawful said: up for Strong Bad and Earthbound, or get PPL now...



StarDust4Ever said:

The gameboy color came out when I was a senior in high school. Being a teen at the time, the kid-popular pokemon was hated and despised by all, especially me. When I went to Wallmart to look for gameboy color games, it royally aggrivated the snot out of me that three-quartyers of the games on the rack were all Pokemon related! Uhg, yunk!

I am a puzzle fan, but long ago, I made a pact with myself to never, ever, ever, EVER buy a pokemon game. So far, I have held true to my word, although if I ever did (Heaven forbid) get a pkemon game, it would be something original like Pokemon Snap, which almost sounded fun in the description...

NO NO NO, I must stay true to my sacred vows!



NESgamer said:


That's pretty kiddy, i mean sure you can stay away from a game but because you think it suck or you don't feel appeal for it.But that's too much lol.

Is ok, not like i say you must play them anyway.



Adamant said:


But, having grown up since then, do you not see the idiocy of your behavior? Why not drop that childish pledge and actually give games that are almost universally hailed as great by all who have played them a chance?



Sharecrow said:

No one has to play a game they don't want to play - even if it has gotten good reviews, acclaim, etc.



jrsmaster411 said:

anybody who calls this pokemon tetris is stupid I don't even know why the original was called tetris attack because it has nothing to do with tetris the only thing tetris and tetris attack have in common is their name



Starwolf_UK said:

Simple. Nintendo had the rights to the Tetris name then (they doin't anymore, THQ do Nintenod had to reach an agreement for Tetris DS) and since Tetris is the most popular puzzle game ever its a good way to get sales.

Also sticking in Mario characters does wonders too As for it not "being tetris". You could say the same thing about Tetris 2 or Tetris Blast (wait, weren't these two the same game )



Rexy said:

Sharecrow, they usually get critical acclaim for a reason - most games that do end up being really good anyway. It's alright to disregard such titles if you feel that they won't be your cup of tea, but to shrug it off purely on its premise is another thing altogether.

You reminded me of when I was a teen, hogging Sony's disc system consoles and showing disbelief at Nintendo over-pushing Mario and not doing much original with said mascot (which seemed to happen up until I shelled out on New Super Mario Bros on the DS, if only because I wanted a fun platformer to take with me on vacation in 2006). I still honestly believe that the whole "saving Peach from Bowser" debacle has grown old, but if there's anything I learnt from that experience, it's thus: Mario games are generally about fun.

Having said that, you too can give Pokemon a chance; the only reasons why you wouldn't potentially do so is if you're not all that keen on the puzzle genre with this title in particular. Remember what most of us said: the only thing that puts this in the Pokemon series is the graphics, nothing more and nothing less.



ICEknight said:

Tetris Attack is one of my all-time favorites... but not with Pokémon or cute fairies involved.

I won't be getting this, and I still hope they'll be releasing "Tetris Attack" one day. With it, they managed to merge a good game with some Mario characters and environments that everybody could enjoy, not just Pokémon fans or little girls.

In the meanwhile, I'll just keep playing it in the original system and... elsewhere.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

Another boring update. Meh.

Considering they already have Star Fox 64 and Mario Kart 64, I'm surprised they don't don't already have the originals. The same goes for Super Mario RPG. How can they have the N64 versions and not the SNES versions? Another thing is that they have Kirby and Yoshi for the NES and N64, but not the SNES.

One thing I've always hoped for, but probably will never see is the Disney Afternoon series.

Duck Tales- NES
Rescue Rangers- NES
Darkwing Duck- NES
Tale Spin- NES/Genesis
Gargoyles- Genesis
Goof Troop- SNES
Bonkers- Genesis/SNES



Bass_X0 said:

All or most of those games are made by Capcom (I don't think Gargoyles is) - and they don't have the license anymore.



Rexy said:

"I won't be getting this, and I still hope they'll be releasing "Tetris Attack" one day. With it, they managed to merge a good game with some Mario characters and environments that everybody could enjoy, not just Pokémon fans or little girls."

Look, just because a game has a Mario backdrop to it doesn't automatically make it a great game for everyone to enjoy (case in point: Mario Strikers). Besides, from what I've seen, this title seems to offer more gameplay depth than the other titles in the Tetris Attack/Puzzle League line.

I know I may be getting a little defensive here, but I don't understand why people see games as good/bad purely by the cosmetics.



Big_Sexy said:

The only noticable difference I see between Planet Puzzle League and this game is that PPL makes you hold your DS sideways and expects you to play it like a pro.

I'm a pad warrior. Always have been, always will. While I love my DS and my touch-pad based games, this game in particular was never intended to be played with a stylus. PPL forces you to do that because, well - try using the D-pad sideways. It's not fun.

While Panel de Pon (and Tetris Attack, by proxy) have superior music, the sound effects for creating chains and combos are just as annoying in all three titles. (don't know about PPL as I wasn't able to actually create one. Says a lot when I can naturally create 13x chains at minimum in every other version but can't even make a 2x chain on its DS counterpart) This title, however, has so many improvements on Panel de Pon (and Tetris Attack, by proxy) that the 200 extra points you potentially spend on it is well worth it. BTW, if we got Panel de Pon instead of Tetris Attack one day, you'd be spending 900 points on it. So this one would only be 100 points more.

While PPL is the same game as this - sans the Pokeymans - you get a supremely inferior control scheme. Online play means nothing if you can't enjoy the game. I'm sure some of you love PPL and feel the stylus is okay. But for me, it makes too many mistakes to be played at a competitive level - another thing Online Play is meant for.

Be warned. If you dislike puzzle games or are intimidated by Pokemon themes, this game isn't for you. It's not going to change your mind on either of those fronts. But if you want a puzzle game, you can't go wrong with this - one of the best in the business.

Edit : Pardon, but I noticed that some are also referring to Pokemon Puzzle League as PPL. In this post, when I say "PPL" I mean Planet Puzzle League. Generally, I say "this game" when referring to Pokemon Puzzle League. Also, this game is the only one that features a mute option, so if you don't like the voices, simply head to the Pokemon Center (Options), choose Sound Options and under "Mute" change it to SFX.



Clayfrd said:

@Dazza- Ha. I have a thing for puns. All of the horrible puns I've made up in the past are so atrocious, horrid, ugly, and just plain terrible that they don't deserve to be said. One only laughs at my jokes if one is laughing at me. I will only tell one on request because they are so awful.



Adamant said:

"Look, just because a game has a Mario backdrop to it doesn't automatically make it a great game for everyone to enjoy (case in point: Mario Strikers)."

I agree with the point you're making, but what's wrong with Mario Strikers? It kicks ass.



Rexy said:

Being a female gamer, soccer games aren't necessarily something that I can get involved in on a frequent basis. I admit, Mario Strikers Charged seems easy enough to pick up and play but to say it has just as much depth as various other Mario multiplayer titles is a blatant lie, which could possibly speak volumes for actual soccer enthusiasts.



MrPoo6321 said:

I downloaded this game 2 days ago and I'm so glad I did because its awesome!!!! (Pokemon Puzzle Leage, not Renegade)



will1 said:

I just got stabbed in the face through the internet but that is okay cuz nintendo has stabbed the opposite end repeatedly by outing any old school gamers and replacing them with robot ninjas who follow orders and buy usless games that are inferior. If tetris attack was such a great hit why did NIN release a clone... and renegade... cmon mix it up we just got we did just get DD. Show me 2-3 games a week and I show NIN the money... also I want my Metal Gear, Maniac Mansion, Gaurdian legend, Lord of the Sword (sms), Out of this World, Galaga, Pac-Man. Oh ya and my Wii officially has a layer of dust on it... At least I have Elink.
P.S. - I believe we should boycott any purchase of these games until we as customers get what we want from the big N. Which is more 64 games and less old school crapp. I will Bash NIN til I get what I want ... If we all do it, then they will have to respond by giving more games and quality of games will go up too... Cmon guys ask yourself... "Why am I getting the shaft when NIN would not be here without my support over 20 years???" They are FEEDING US CRAP CUZ WE EAT IT AND WE LIKE IT. WELL I DONT LIKE IT ANYMORE!!!!



Big_Sexy said:

Um, will, both Galaga and Pacman are already on Virtual Console. In fact, it even has Galaga '90 for the TG16, which is the same as the original with updated graphics and (supposedly) improved controls and difficulty.

Also, it should be noted that Pokemon Puzzle League - as said above by countless others - is not just a clone of Tetris Attack.

Max Speed : Lv45
Max AI : Very Hard
Slowdown : Yes
3D Mode : No
Save Data : No
Puzzle: 200
Max Chain : 13
Records : No

Max Speed : Lv50
Max AI : Super Hard (one level above TA)
Slowdown : Off or Simulated
3D Mode : Yes
Save Data : 7 files & 1 Guest (No Save)
Puzzle : 200+ & 15 Custom Puzzles per file
Max Chain : 20
Records : Yes

And so much more. I can't remember all of it since it's been some time that I played it. Thanks to VC, I can play it again.

I'm not correcting you to be rude, just to help you stay informed. While there are several games that I've been chomping at the bit for - Mischief Makers, Mystical Ninja 64, Legacy of the Wizard, Twinkle Star Sprites, Earthbound, Ogre Battle 64, Soul Blazer, Brain Lord, Legend of Gaia, to name a few - I know I can wait and not buy other games in the meantime. (hell, some did so poorly despite being great fun that I may never see them) If I don't like it, I won't buy it. Plain and simple.

Edit: Legend of Gaia is meant to be Illusion of Gaia. Pardon.



Jukka said:

never tried Puzzle league, I have nintendo puzzle collection for gamecube with panel de pon, but since my freeloader dosen't work anymore i must download this when it hits Europe.

hopefully very soon.

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