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US VC Release - May 19th - Sky Kid

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

After the amount of VC games in the US gradually started going down (Culminating in no VC games at all last week), it now appears to be slowly going up again, as there's just one new game this week.

Sky Kid is a NES port of a moderately popular arcade game. It's a shoot 'em up starring the world-famous World War I air pilots, the Red Baron and the Blue Max, who try to blow up enemy bases and weapons while avoiding legions of enemy vehicles, boats and planes. While the premise sounds moderately interesting, unfortunately the game itself isn't really that great, as with only 11 levels (Which repeat after being finished) you can imagine that it gets boring quite quickly.

If the pattern continues, hopefully next week there will be two VC games again!

In case you'd like to know, this week's WiiWare games are Critter Round-Up and Star Soldier R. Visit WiiWare World for more info on those.

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blackknight77 said:

Looks like I am going to skip the VC this week and go to Wii ware.
Looks like Nintendo has done the same thing.

What about Metal Slug, this would be a great week to release that game. Well at least Sky Kid's arcade action is authentic( according to the box art). Sometimes thats what makes the difference.



Lugia2 said:

Huh, so Sky Kid wasn't that good. It's nice to see someone wanted to note its quality; too bad it isn't that good then.

I'd like Wiiware, but my fridge is bursting at the moment. Maybe later...

Hey EBers, EB may be great but it's not the only game! Stop whin-this is part of the siege, isn't it? You know the chances of Nintendo reading this is zero to nil, right?



Bass_X0 said:

I knew Earthbound wouldn't come today. Nintendo would have blown their own trumpet about it coming before now if it was. Looks like Sky Kid didn't get a release in Europe so we shouldn't expect this game now until the next Festival. I do have to wonder what games we Europeans will get for V.C. in the coming weeks now that WiiSoftware will be around too.



Atlantis1982 said:

One good thing came out of this; a Sunsoft game is released (Unless I missed one). Good sign for those waiting for Master Blaster



Bass_X0 said:

SunSoft just published the game on the NES. Namco developed it and Namco Bandai published it for the Virtual Console.



thewiirocks said:

Oi! What's with ragging on SkyKid? It's a great little side scrolling shooter with its own twist on the genre. I used to play it tons in the arcade and spent quite a bit of time tracking down the cart. I mean, how can you not like a game where you get to shoot cheerleaders and turn them into monsters?

Other great mechanics are:

  • If you get hit, you can waggle the control pad frantically to recover from your tailspin. This can give you a second-lease on the level.
  • Got an enemy on your tail? Do a loop-de-loop to come in behind him and shoot him down!
  • The aim is to pick up a bomb and drop it on the enemy base or ship at the end of the level. You need precision to do this! If you hit the sides, only part of the enemy stronghold will be destroyed. You must aim for the center of the stronghold, while avoiding enemy flak cannons. (Tough job, but someone has to do it. )

IMHO, SkyKid deserves a 7/10. You'd be daft to rate it anything less.



Jolted85 said:

I'll be getting Sky Kid later today, I probably won't have enough points for the WiiWare games.



Mike1 said:

It's bad enough we don't get Dr. Mario, but also we get a pile of garbage like Sky Kid for the VC this week after getting no VC games last week! Come on Nintendo, wake up!!!



BB_Sting said:

They should just give us the original arcade version of this game and be done with it. Or they could create a new service and call it "virtual arcade" They could really make it authentic by creating an attachment to the wii mote that only works if you stick a quarter in it. That would be awesome!



slangman said:

Looks a bit average. I wounder if we will get VC games this week due to the release of WiiWare?



WaddleWave said:

Awful week for me. Not interested in Star Soldier, or critter roundup... nor Skykid... already played that to death in in a Namco collection. I know Nintendo's intention for the wiiware titles is not to be overshadowed by vc's titles but still... awful.



Rapadash6 said:

I'm not angry that we didn't get Earthbound, but I'm seriously pissed that after 4 weeks of Europe and even longer of Japan getting 3+ games that we are down to just 1 now. I mean, what the hell, NOA? Why are we getting the shaft with VC games? If we go through next month with the same old North American releases, I'm just giving up on the Virtual Console, period. I'm sick of it!



Atlantis1982 said:

Am I the only one patient with WiiWare and VC releases? Must be, too much impatient, "I WANT IT NOW, WAAAH", people on here. If most can wait for a big, retail game to come out from years of development; what is to not to wait a few weeks or such and such for a game. Oi.



Rapadash6 said:

@Atlantis1982 - I think we here in North America have been plenty patient. We have to be, really. My problem is the outright unbalanced release pattern between the three major territories. Japan saw a huge improvement in VC releases back in April, and Europe about 5 weeks ago. So why are we still stuck in the 1 or maybe 2, if they are feeling generous, pattern? Also, I would have no problem waiting if the people in the know would just assure us that things will improve soon. It's hard to stay hopeful when nothing is said about the situation. We could very well be stuck with a 1 mediocre game a week pattern for a long time to come. VC was one of the major selling points for the Wii and if it doesn't get any better, it would just be a waste of a good feature, imo.



stinssd said:

Q: What's the trick to not being disappointed with VC releases?
A: Wait 60 days before looking for new VC releases. In that time, there's bound to be at least two games released.



Atlantis1982 said:


Yeah, well back in 2007 we were the ones getting 3-4 releases (Yet, people still complain) and Europe kept getting 1-2 at most.

I call that balance.


Or not expect too much (Besides with Dr. Mario, a bit surprised we don't have it; even though I could give a rats @$^ about it.).

Most VC games I REALLY want, I am not expecting them to pop up anytime till some announcement is made, or something.



ChocoDK said:

@Rapadash6: Saying we only get 1~2 VC games a week and Europe is getting more now is kind of umm not fair. In the respect that near the end of 2007 Europe was mostly only getting 1 VC game a week while the U.S. was getting 3 or 4 a week.

I am personally not happy with the way the VC is working right now but I have other things to play. I understand people are dissapointed and so am I. I have had $19.00 sitting in my Wii Shop for months now just because I was short 100 points for a game. But the point I am making is with the release of Mario Kart Wii and GTAIV as well as other titles try to pre-occupie yourself.

Wii Fit is coming out this week so maybe thats why Nintendo is holding out to balance out the releases. I quit waiting for Super Mario RPG as thats the only game I would like to see on the VC now which won't come forever.



WarioFan63 said:

I say it'll work like a balancing scale. WiiWare is new, so Nintendo is going to be focusing on releasing more of those for a while. In about a month or so VC will be the one having more releases then WiiWare.



Will said:

Oh dear, hard luck lads. Anybody know what time of the day Europe get wii-ware tomorrow?



lockelocke said:

I don't think there's anything UNFAIR about the VC, but I do think its painfully slow. I love the VC, bought my Wii FOR the VC, and yet I've got a few mixed feelings about it. Nintendo was very smart to only vaguely describe the workings of the VC in the months leading up to the Wii's release. Ninty promised a download service that would make available classic games from past consoles by a wide array of different developers; this sold me off the bat, as I had just lost probably around 100 games for different consoles in a recent burglary. However, the details about how the service would work were cleverly omitted from description, prompting people to imagine a massive library of classics available for instant download; what they got instead was a few games a week. So, I do, I do, I do-ooo, love my VC, do doubt. HOWEVER, I'm still waiting on some titles that I had anticipated downloading on the Wii's launch date. I mean, I had to beat motherfu****s at Costco just to get this bad boy in my living room, and through the whole exhausting ordeal, I had one game on my mind, one I still ain't got, Mega Man 2.



Will said:

True, hard luck on the auld mega-man2. Im havin a rite laugh with it!



Bass_X0 said:

There's only really three games I am "jealous" of the Americans having that we don't - DoReMi Fantasy, Pokémon Puzzle League and Axelay. It doesn't matter to me personally if we never see any of the others we don't have that America has although the more games we get the merrier even if I am not interested in them personally.



AlexSays said:

i haven't downloaded anything from the VC in a while...
a good game would be nice.



ChocoDK said:

@lockelocke: I feel the exact same way you did. The moment I was watching that video of E3 and Nintendo said VC with a whole huge library I was so happy. I thought "WOW I can finally play all those N64 games I never got to experience and play Super Mario RPG." Well that is all long gone. But at least I got many of the games I did hope for.



Bass_X0 said:

I'm almost tempted to sort out my N64 so I can play my old favorites on it like Donkey Kong 64, Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo Kazooie since these games are unlikely to appear on the Virtual Console.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Bad week, but no problem for me. I've just gotten myself back into the wide-world of computer video games so I'm preoccupied enough as it is.



konkerdoodle said:

@lockelocke--I agree with you, but concerning Mega Man 2, why not just do what I did and buy the Mega Man Anniversary Collection for Gamecube? It's a great deal for like ten games in one. I suppose the only thing stopping you would be the cruddy Gamecube d-pad, but that doesn't bother me too much.



PhoenixUltima said:

Forget about Earthbound, I want my freaking Mischief Makers! Once I've got that game (and maybe Hybrid Heaven, like that'll ever happen) the whole service can implode for all I care.



lockelocke said:

that burglary I mentioned? Both my original Mega Man 2 cart AND my copy of GC's Mega Man Collection were stolen. Burn! Its been a while, but weren't the graphics updated on the Anniversary Collection? I'd rather play the original cart graphics, takes me back to those good ol days, five years old, with a PB&J, kicking Bubble Man ass with my jammies on.

Edit: Just looked the game up, saw it has original graphics. Memory scramble.



konkerdoodle said:

Wow, that really is a shame. I feel bad for you, I can only imagine how that must've sucked.
Well, I've never played the original cart, but if I had to guess I'd say the graphics weren't updated.
And concerning the Mega Man series, I'm glad I grew up in the PS2/XBOX/GC generation, because most old games would've been way too hard for me. I have enough trouble with Mega Man now...

Edit: Yay, I was right about the graphics!



lockelocke said:

Yeah, I feel you. It seems the difficulty of games has let up a little in recent years, probably to include casual gamers. That's a lot of fun, though; Ten years later, returning to a game like, "Oh, I bet I could school that game now" only to find its just as hard as you remember.



Tim said:

Is this it? No WiiWare games? Just this one VC game? Are WiiWare releases still going to be posted with the VC news feed or do I need a feed for WiiWare? Where am I? I'm lost



DDR_Paladin356 said:

sigh I was actually looking forward to downloading a shumup (i think thats the correct term) on WiiWare today...but I dont think I'll get the new title. Star Soldier R doesn't look that good. I mean you only get to play it for like 2 or 5 minutes. I mean i undestand the concept of competing for High Score, but its just not for me.

Lately I HAVE been disappointed with the amount of VC titles being released (Save Pokemon Puzzle game). I guess it also bothers me that they've rated specific games (Shining Force II and Mario RPG come to mind) and have yet to release them. There are tons of games that Im sure Nintendo has access to, yet they just release some poor titles.

Yes, I'll admit that I'm one of the many that is patiently waiting for EarthBound...the reason I'm so mad about it is that in interviews and whatnot, they've been saying that EarthBound was going to be released "Soon". Ever since getting my Wii, it was one of the titles I've wanted badly to come to VC, and when they said "Soon" i really thought soon. Now almost a year later, we still dont have it. What gives Nintendo?!

I just hope that Nintendo stops teasing us with the one a week stuff and starts putting out some good games. And, idk, Sky Kid may be a good game and I may just be over exaggerating, plus there is WiiWare now (with some cool looking games down the pipe), but like many others, VC is one of the reasons I got a Wii over the other consoles. I just hope Nintendo starts giving us some Gems rather than some duds.

End rant.

Edit: I didn't realize how long that was. Sorry...



Viral said:

You know....if Earthbound is the only game released in 1 week, nobody will bitch about 1 game during the week, you know that right?



Adamant said:

The people waiting for Majora's Mask/Mario RPG/Yoshi's Island/Chrono Trigger/Super Smash Bros will.

Did I get all the games people always bitch about onto that list?



will1 said:

The ONLY way Nintendo will listen to US is if we stop buying the crap they give to us every week... Think like this. ( If you had a dog that would eat your crap every week then why bother shelling out money for actual dog food... That is how NINTENDO thinks of us. When we stop eating the crap we will get something good. YES nintendo won't read this but they WILL listen to a lack of sales. Support the cause and do the BOYCOTT on crap games.



blackknight77 said:

Its not that I mind that Sky Kid is out. I want them to release all the games good and bad. The problem is this game can't stand alone as a the only release(such as Zelda link to the past). Another title should come out as well.

Overall bad month for the VC(not Wiiware though)



Mike1 said:

38. Viral 19 May 2008, 20:22 GMT
laughs uncontrollably at America Glad I moved to Europe.

How's SSBB? Oh wait, you don't have it! LOL!



konkerdoodle said:

Now now, they might've gotten SSBB months later than us, but at least they got MKWii like a week before we did!



Ian_Daemon said:

I may not be in the majority here, but SSBB is the better game IMO. But that's off-topic, 'Ski Kid' looks very indicative of its time.



Viral said:

Mike @ 53, how's your memory shortage suffering because of Brawl? I have plenty of room on my Wii. I haven't even deleted a single game yet and still have plenty of room. Brawl with a massive file? Screw that, I won't buy Brawl until it comes up with a solution for the storage. That's how I roll. I may miss out in the beginning, but that gives me something to wait for when it becomes Players Choice and CHEAPER!



lockelocke said:

You'd benefit from getting it when it comes out, for online play. I feel that already online Brawl battles have been neglected for Kart races, and who knows how long people will be racing it up before boredom or a new game hits.



Objection said:

Have fun waiting for about 18 months for a slight markdown (Melee is still $30 in most places new) I thought you were a main crusader for the storage prob? And you have plenty of room without deleting something? OBJECTION!!I am pretty sure you said something different in a previous article. As for Sky Kid, thanks for sucking. Now I can download MLAAK without worrying about VC. Again.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

I'm perfectly content with the VC release pattern and with the Wii's storage. I want Dr. Mario, but I know it'll be coming soon, so I can say I'm content with the WiiWare release schedule, too. I can't wrap my head around why some spoiled babies here still complain about these things. Poor little sooks.



Will said:

@Viral. Sounds like sour grapes Viral Something tells me you will indeed be buying Brawl on release, just like the rest of us. You would be foolish to miss out on such a gaming spectacular!! My Wii has been choc a bloc since Christmas time now and have had to delete maybe four or five games, including an N64 title. I dont even have space for todays Wii-Ware releases, and I dont feel like memory managment tonite. But hey, what can you do right? Im still havin a blast with the online MK competitions and races at the moment, so Im hopin for the same fun with SSBB



Bass_X0 said:

I have a feeling Europe will only be getting one game on Thursday this week if we get one at all because of the WiiSoftware stuff we got today. Unless our sudden good luck extends past the Hanabi Festival (or whatever its called). BTW, do Australians get TG16 games now or not?



ChocoDK said:

In regards to SSBB for all those Europeans out there and Australians the online SUCKS! I saw two friends online who couldn't connect to each other and I lagged with one of my online friends. Yet in Mario Kart Wii with the friend I lagged with on Brawl there was 0 lag. The Mario Kart Wii online is SUPERIOR to SSBB. So just don't get your hopes up with the online. Also it takes forever to connect for a random match or sometimes you can't at all. I am not sure though if this was fixed since I haven't done online for almost over 2mths.



Mike1 said:

57. Viral 20 May 2008, 19:20 GMT
Mike @ 53, how's your memory shortage suffering because of Brawl? I have plenty of room on my Wii. I haven't even deleted a single game yet and still have plenty of room. Brawl with a massive file? Screw that, I won't buy Brawl until it comes up with a solution for the storage. That's how I roll. I may miss out in the beginning, but that gives me something to wait for when it becomes Players Choice and CHEAPER!

My storage situation is fine, 581 blocks.



Viral said:

I don't have a storage problem...yet. However, I do want Nintendo to solve this problem before it becomes too big of a problem for me and others like me. I'm too busy with Wii Fit to be honest. The pushup contest is a joke, being ex-military. And Will, I can't get Brawl on release because I'm married and wifey says no. However, I just did get Fire Emblem recently and Wii Fit, so I've got games to keep me busy. I still haven't finished all the games I own, let alone have time to download or buy more. I will get Brawl eventually though. And I'm not missing too much since there's tons of games out that keep my entertainment up. I got my Wii in Christmas 07 so I had to play catchup on the great titles like Zelda and Mario Galaxy.



blackknight77 said:

@ Viral
What are your impressions of Wii Fit? I am fitness enthusiast and I am looking forward to trying it out?



Viral said:

It's brilliant Tony. Wii Fit is good, if you have the time to play it. I try to get in 30 minutes a day but even that is difficult. My family all love it. My daughter is 2 and she plays it. My wife loves it, my mother-in-law and her boyfriend love it, and same for my sister-in-law. It's just entertaining to watch and play. Some of the games are difficult though to be honest.



Viral said:

Just a side note, I'm gonna try to post the video of my daughter playing Wii Fit on YouTube. lol



DDR_Paladin356 said:

Do you think that Wii will have player's choice games? Cause im patiently waiting for a price drop in both Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime 3.



Mike1 said:

I wouldn't count on it anytime soon, especially with the way the Wii is selling. Shoot, Super Smash Bros Melee was released in 2001 and it's still $30. Nintendo only makes games Players Choice when the sales have slowed down.

I do agree with you that the memory situation on the Wii does need to be addressed. At least with 581 blocks remaining I don't have to worry about it for awhile. However, Nintendo has to address it.



Viral said:

No idea SMBSS, however I think it will be coming shortly to the US.
@ Mike : Yeah, Nintendo will come up with a solution...this Christmas with the new Wii that has internal 8GB storage space...much like the X-Box 360 storage flaw, it's going to be 250$ and 180 pounds in Europe.... Oh wait, I just spoiled Nintendo's secret plan all along! Just kidding.



everydayJOE said:

of course nintendo is going to have to make a storage solution.... Sometime. Seriously with wiiware and VC they have to.



Slionr said:

I wonder if any of the disney games such as The lion king and Mickeys magical adventure for the snes will soon com to VC.

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