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Toki Tori - New Screens

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Dutch developer Two Tribes today released some new screens for Toki Tori, their upcoming WiiWare game. As you might know, it appears to be a remake of their original Game Boy Color game of the same name.

The game is a platformer/puzzler hybrid, combining quick reactions with smart thinking. It was originally released at the end of the GBC's life (In 2001) and was met with pretty positive reviews from a number of sites due to it's simple but highly enjoyable gameplay. We suspect that both the US and Europe will get it as WiiWare launch title.

This WiiWare upgrade is looking really good, and we personally think it's great that we're getting so much 2D game on the service. Two Tribes has also revealed that with a second Wii remote, you can draw on the screen. The new screenshots have been added to the game's page.

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Dathcha said:

To me this might be one of the games for WiiWare I am most excited about
Let's just hope there is no needless waggle added to the controls and all wil be well

P.S. Will VC-Reviews be adding a "size" info to the WiiWare games so we will know how many blocks things are before we try to download something? (Which would also be welcome for the Virtual Console games reviewed here btw )



Drake said:

I think that is something we could consider. We will probably not do it for VC games though, as they have a different size in every region, which unnecessarily complicates things.



Viral said:

I agree Drake. I think it's silly that some games take up more room. For example, Super Probector actually takes more space than Contra III : Alien Wars. It's the same game, just different sizes of space. This game will be interesting though.



Dazza said:

@Dathcha - Watch this space, we'll be launching a whole new site specifically dedicated to WiiWare very soon! Yes we'll jot down the amount of blocks a game takes up this time!



Pegasus said:

Dang. I wouldn't be at all surprised if I was a hundred dollars (or more) poorer come next Monday - depending on the actual launch line-up, that is.

I'm pretty excited about WiiWare, that's for sure. It already looks like it's going to blow XBLA and PSN out of the water, if we keep getting the kind of games we've been seeing so far. Of course, that's just a personal opinion.



GameGod3008 said:

Will the website be up when Wiiware goes live in the US? Also, what will happen with the Wiiware section here?



Objection said:

Wiiware is gonna be awesome. I probably need 2 wii cards just for the best of launch! And then we have Strongbad's Awesome Game For Attractve People which i sanother card! All hail wiiware! least VC has Earthbound...cough



Dathcha said:

Woohoo Cool

Cheers Dazza and Drake, that is both very good news
I'll be sure to sign up and RSS the WiiWare site when it launches. You guys must be getting very busy with all this expanding Nintendo does



Damo said:

The new WiiWare site will effectively get all the previous WiiWare news articles we've posted on the VCR thus far, and all the WiiWare game information will be carried over too.

The WiiWare section on this site will be removed, as there's no need to have it on two sites at the same time.

The good news is that all your sign-in information should be carried over to the new site, so you won't have to sign up twice.

Trust us, it's going to be ace.



Drake said:

A combination of a puzzler and platformer. While you can move around and such you also have to use items in specific places and avoid enemies. I guess you could call it a combination of... Lemmings and Lode Runner?

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