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Star Soldier R And Critter Round-Up Hit The USA Today

Posted by Darren Calvert

Two more games join the WiiWare library in the USA today. A cheeky puzzle game from Konami called Critter Round-Up and Hudson's Star Soldier R which is an update to the much loved classic Star Soldier series from yesteryear.

Here is some more info straight from the big N:

Critter Round-Up (Konami, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone – Comic Mischief, 1,000 Wii Points): The critters have escaped, and the barnyard is in chaos! It’s up to you to quickly corral the animals in this puzzle-action challenge. You’ll have to mend fences in a hurry to keep all the critters safe and satisfied. But the fun doesn’t stop with the farmland; more than 50 challenging levels take you to several exotic locations, including the outback, the icy Arctic and more. There’s even a series of minigames for when the critters get you down: Snowball Soccer, Predator Rampage, Chicken Catch and Fence Trap. Up to four players can compete or cooperate as the critters run wild. So roll up those sleeves and grab a friend—those critters won’t catch themselves.

Star Soldier R (Hudson Entertainment, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone – Fantasy Violence, 800 Wii Points): Star Soldier R is a new kind of shooter where players aim for the best scores within a two- or five-minute time limit. Develop various scoring strategies, and pump out those points within the breakneck time frame. Assembled in record time to counter the advance of a powerful enemy, the mysterious Brain Forces, the “Caesar” starfighter takes off to fight for the very future of mankind. Shoot down countless enemies, upgrade your ship to the max with power-ups hidden throughout the levels and wage an all-out assault against the core of the enemy fortress. Combining the excitement of shoot-’em-ups with in-depth scoring strategies, this state-of-the-art competitive shooter will keep you coming back for more. Upload your best scores with Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection, and pit your skills against the world’s best fighter pilots from the comfort of your living room. Hone your skills and show the world who’s boss.

You can download these new games from the Wii Shop Channel at 9 a.m. Pacific today!

Watch out for the reviews coming within the next day or two on WiiWare World. We're expecting Critter Round-Up to be like Qix with a farmyard spin and Star Soldier R to be an awesome shmup, even though it doesn't have a proper campaign mode. It is just a score attack based game.

The Virtual Console is feeling a bit neglected today. They only got one NES game! Sky Kid isn't exactly what VC fans were hoping for this week!

In case you were wondering Dr. Mario Online RX is going to come out next Monday for the USA. Lucky Europeans will get it tomorrow

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User Comments (36)



KnucklesSonic8 said:

CRR was what I was hoping for.

SSR... not-so-much. I wanted Gyrostarr more. Looking fwd to Reviews for both.



AbbyVampire said:

I will d/l both. But not today. Only have enough points for SSR. The rst of mah moneyz is goin towards Wii Fit...



Kevin said:

Hopefully we ARE going to get Dr. Mario next monday. But nowadays you're not 100% sure of anything anymore.



get2sammyb said:

Star Soldier R looks ok but it's certainly not looking like a Super Stardust (PS3) beater is it? And that game (I believe) is cheaper?



Rashoodeus said:

Anyone downloaded either? Need impressions!

Considering SSR as an impulse purchase



AbbyVampire said:

@6: Watch some videos of SSR on the Nintendo Channel (Prob go live at 9AM like the games) That will give you a better look at it.

Also theres only a 2 minute mode and 5 minute mode, but the score you get within those minutes are recorded to WFC servers.



Big_Sexy said:

Considering the cost of other Star Soldier games already on VC - with full campaign and 2-minute/5-minute modes - it seems like a rip-off to buy Star Soldier R. The 800 points seems fair for an all new SS, but no campaign... It's hard for me to get over that. I'm not particularly good at shmups, despite loving them to death, (death after death after death) so competing for score against people around the world isn't enough of a draw for me. I guess I'll wait for one of WiiWare World's crew to review it before I pass on it completely.
Also, Europe getting Dr. Mario 6 days earlier than US hardly seems enough justice for the crap they've put up with in the past, imo. Still, considering the quality of this week, I'd say we need something good to quell our woes come next Monday. Here's hoping Dr. Mario will be enough to cure our blues.



Nfamous209 said:

I still refuse to buy any other WiiWare games until Dr. Mario is release and I know I am not the only one. If they want thier third parties to get my dollar give us some first party support first. I don't buy thhat Nintendo is 100% behind WiiWare either or they would have released a first party title. I wouldn't doubt that they hold it back from release in the US with it's huge fan base and package it for retail to make an extra buck.



Rapadash6 said:

These releases totally blow man. I'm guessing these lackluster VC and WW releases are due to the release of Wii Fit. My question is, why? If Wii Fit is sold out already through pre orders, how could anything else released infringe on that? I suppose you can look at it from the opposite end and assume that so many people will be caught up in the Wii Fit hype train that anything else would just be white noise. sighs Maybe next week things will get better... it feels like I've been saying that forever. (in reguards to VC anyway)



Big_Sexy said:

Honestly, I'm all for the third party support. Nintendo by now realizes that it can't survive without it (proof: see Gamecube) so it's logical that they let these guys have a go before it pumps out its gigantic suppository that everyone's going to take.
I honestly doubt that Nintendo would take Dr. Mario Online Rx - after showing it to us as a WiiWare title - and release it in stores At least, not before we get it WiiWare'd, and not without some kind of improvements.



Nfamous209 said:


But see when you have people like me who can't jsut blow cash on anything we want we will boycott the rest of WiiWare until Dr. MArio comes out so release it we can buy it and get it over with and then we can spend money on other WiiWare titles like I said I know for a fact I am not the only one and that in itself will keep money out of the third party WiiWare pockets. Plus I am not gonna spend money on any game that lacks lasting appeal and replay value.

@Others And honestly I fail to see a lack of shooters it seems thats all that has came out this year.



ChocoDK said:

Well I think this is due to Wii Fit coming out on Wednesday. Europe doesn't have any good releases to look foward to from NIntendo until Brawl is finally released.

I could careless about Dr. Mario but be happy its going to come out next Monday.



MrPoo6321 said:

i doubt i'll be downloading anything this week.... here's to dr. mario next week!



Nfamous209 said:

@ChocoDK If I knew for a fact we were getting Dr. Mario next week I'd be happy the problem is we already got <zzzzzD by nintendo when the Nintendo Channel video said May 12 and then this week they still fail to release it whats to say they are gonna continue holding it back is what I'm saying I've been told next week for 2 weeks already not to mention they whole wait for it on the VC to start with.



MisterSmith said:

I have nothing particularly against either of these games, but I've only bought LostWinds so far, and these two aren't exactly high up on my must-have list.

But I might give them a shot somewhere down the line.



Dazza said:

I just noticed when downloading Star Soldier R that the Wii Shop carries a secondary warning screen stating that the game only contains a 2 min, 5 min and 20 second time attack mode. The aim being that you play repeatedly just to improve upon your score.

Curiously I looked to see if Critter Round-Up carried any such message (it doesn't!) and I downloaded it by accident! LOL

Does anyone else find it sneaky that Nintendo put YES on the left where the back button usually is on the last step of the buying process???!



Mike1 said:

Dude, I totally agree with you. I refuse to buy any WiiWare game until Dr. Mario is released. The same applies to the VC. Stop giving us garbage Nintendo or you will never get our money. I refuse to try anything new because I did that last year and was ripped off a lot of times and also because of the way Nintendo keeps giving us trash and expects us to buy it. Give me and the rest of America something good and I'll buy it.

Everyone keeps saying Dr. Mario is coming out next week, but even if Nintendo announced it, I'll only believe them once it's actually downloading on my Wii.



Hyper_Metal_Sonic said:

I wanted Dr. Mario more. . .heck I even wanted Bomberman more('tis a shame it won't be out for a while DX) but I'm interested in SSR so I went ahead and downloaded that. Pretty good for small bursts of fun. Hopefully next week we get Gyrostarr and Dr. Mario!



TomMc said:

I can't wait till these games are released in Europe! But Wii-ware games are getting released every 15 days in the Uk! Hate wating!



DEMON212 said:

Well then Dazza, I obviously misread the article. I thought this was what we were getting. Looking again, we're getting Toki. So I'm chuffed at that, because it looks mint



Jace said:

Why all the fuss over Dr. Mario? Seriously? DR. FRIGGIN' MARIO? In the pantheon of puzzle games, I think Dr. Mario ranks a serious "meh." It's not bad by any means, I certainly enjoyed the NES original, but it's not so amazing that other games should be "boycotted" as some people are doing just because they have to wait one more week for it. Obviously, I haven't played the WiiWare incarnation, but I haven't read anything that suggests to me that it's going to be the mind-blowing be-all-end-all extravaganza of video gaming fun that many people seem to be assuming it will be. I can think of about ten other Nintendo IP's I'd rather see get WiiWare ports than Dr. Mario. We, the consumers, ultimately decide if WiiWare fails or succeeds by how much we are willing to give third party titles a fair shake. Some of them might surprise you.



Clayfrd said:

I've been having a terrible day... ALL day, and just for that last kick in the cajones, Nintendo doesn't even have the decency to give me Dr. Mario! That was literally the last chance I had to salvage a good day. Fine, Nintendo! Fine! I'll just play SMB3 forever. I'll beat it for the fourth time in a week, or maybe Mario 2? Hmm? How about Pop? Want me to try to shave those 7 minutes off my Advanced time to have my name plastered on people's screens all around the world? How could you possibly expect me to play any other game for even a second longer! Even great games that have only been out for mere days are stale. How could you not see that N? Brawl sucks! You expect me to get more than two months out of a game? Ha! (Everything after cajones was a mockery of other's bitching. Actually the part about Pop and SMB3 are true. I'm an obsessive gamer)



Dazza said:

@Hilanderous - I will avoid saying too much because I only played it for 10 mins and my wife and sister in law were making fun of me for playing a cutesy game with farmyard animals in it! I am a big fan of Qix however and this seems a lot more sluggish, so it hasn't really bowled me over yet! It just seems hopelessly dull so far.

I have heard that the multiplayer mode is where the real fun is. Lets wait for Paul's review coming up in the next day or so to hear the official verdict on this. He may reveal hidden depths to the game which I am yet to discover!



thewiirocks said:

@Clayfrd - You really need to get out more. Go pick up Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams Collection. (Do NOT get Dream Pinball 3D!) If you get it from Target, it's only $19.99. I guarantee you'll have fun, even if you're not a huge fan of pinball. Worst case, you only spent $20, which compares favorably to the cost of the VC games.

Now if you end up trusting me on that and find that it's tons of fun, then go get a copy of Zack and Wiki. As long as you don't mind exercising a few brain cells, you'll like it.



Hilanderous said:

It looks really boring, but you're right, better not jump the gun and say it's bad until Paul's review. Who knows, underneath that dirt there might be some gaming gold.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Trust me guys, Critter Round-Up is a good game for what it is. 8/10 for me.

I'd love to review it, I mean, give you impressions on it, Hilanderous, if you like. And yes, Multiplayer is where the game shines.

I got this for my sib but I was really taken by it.



Dazza said:

@Hilanderous - I will say that having played it further I am very disappointed in Critter Round-Up. It isn't much fun, I have played for over an hour now and it just feels like a chore!

Paul is having a busy week so Corbie is stepping up to review this in his place. Watch out for his review coming soon!



Hilanderous said:

Thanks, but truth be told, I never really wanted to download it anyway. I was just wondering since you downloaded it by accident.

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