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Soul Blazer – The Virtual Console Release That Never Was?

Posted by Damien McFerran

During our trips around the wonderful World Wide Web we noticed that a few sites seem to be listing Enix’s excellent Soul Blazer (also know as Soul Blader in Japan) as a Virtual Console title, even going as far as to state that it saw release in North America on the 12th May alongside Konami’s Tiny Toon Adventures. We’ve also had several emails from concerned readers regarding this, too.

A cursory glance at the Virtual Console shop on our American Wii shows that neither Soul Blazer or Tiny Toons are available, so we’re not quite sure why reputable sites such as GameSpy, GameStats and G4TV are reporting otherwise.

Perhaps this is some kind of elaborate joke to cruelly build up the hopes of Square-Enix fans? Or maybe someone knows something we don’t? Could this be a case of "Chinese Whispers", and one site has posted something incorrect, leading to others picking up on it and adding their own spin?

For those of you that don’t know, Soul Blazer is an early SNES RPG and the first in a trilogy of titles for Nintendo’s 16-bit machine. The other two games were Illusion of Time/Gaia and Terranigma. All three games are uniformly excellent and would make stunning additions to the Virtual Console – if they ever get released, that is.

Update: After snooping around some more we've come to the conclusion that the culprit is in fact the reading skill of whoever submitted the data to those sites. Kotaku always posts a news story on every week's US VC releases, but as there were none last week, they decided to instead post two titles they would like to see (Soul Blazer and Tiny Toon Adventures). We assume the other sites quickly glanced over this and thought it was the actual update.

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Corbs said:

Soul Blazer is one of my all-time favorite RPGs. And I soldered in a PAL switch in my US Super NES system just so I can play the PAL Terranigma game I have. I'd LOVE to see all three games released on the VC. I too saw this misinformation and was wondering how it came about.



slangman said:

Misinformation from trusted sources i must be in the twilight zone. Good job i only trust you guys when it comes to the latest VC releases and ONM of course.



AlphaNerd01 said:

How would Tiny Toons make it on the VC? Does anyone actually think Spielburg would allow that? Or anyone would shell the money out for the rights? ....



jaurn said:

Soul Blazer is the only SNES RPG I ever completed. Don't know how I did it, but I suck at games in general, so it must've been quite easy. I remember liking it a lot, though.



blackknight77 said:

Nintendo could secure the liscense for Tiny Toons like they did TMNT. Its not impossible, just unlikely



Corbs said:

Terranigma is the best, hands down. At least in my opinion. But Soul Blazer has a certain charm to it that I still love to this day.



Drake said:

The_Indigo_Effect: If you ask me the games got progessively better, so Terranigma is the best and Soul Blazer is the "worst". It's actually only a very small gap though, all three are excellent and some of the best games on the SNES.



Bass_X0 said:

Tiny Toons would be a instant download as soon as it was made available. My mother loves that game. Never played Soul Blazer, completed Illusion of Time (awesome game) but couldn't get into Terranigma... I think I might actually still have that somewhere. Illusion of Time really was a charming game. Will... Kara... the pig...



Jockolantern said:

I would snatch all three of those games up in a heartbeat if they ever appeared on the VC! Marvelous games, all three of them; Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma in particular. The former is a great whimsical fantasy romp with some great story material while the latter is a flat-out, jaw-droppingly awesome fantasy adventure, chock full of playtime, gorgeous environs, great dungeons and a terrific storyline.

Please, Square-Enix! These games MUST see the light of day on the VC! You have no idea how many grateful fans you'll have the day these three games make their way to the VC. Please don't rob us of these and other great Square/Enix SNES games! We beg of you!



Smoke39 said:

I really liked the combat in Soul Blazer. Your sword had a nice, quick arc, and I liked how you could strafe in the game. I didn't like Illusion of Gaia's gameplay as much, but it did have a cute story.

I'd really like to play Teranigma someday, preferably on the VC rather than resorting to emulation.



Rapadash6 said:

Soul Blazer, as well as Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma, seem like they could come to the service at some point, as they aren't really renowned enough to warrent remake status. Tiny Toons is licensed so I don't expect to see that one at all, unfortunately.



pdrydia said:

@ The Indigo Effect:
I loved Illusion of Gaia, played it multiple times and all that. In fact, when I heard Terranigma was a sequel, and that so many people loved it, I actually emulated it for a while. I can't stand Terranigma, though. I hate the setting and the plot shoots the shaggy dog.

Shame these two games didn't come out, I'd download them both. Love TTA, good little platformer.



MrPoo6321 said:

damn! i would love to play tiny toons adventures! that was one of my favorite games as a kid, and i completely forgot about it until i read this article.



Gabbo said:

It wasn't just They showed it on XPlay ("TV's #1 show about video games" as they call it) announcing Soul Blazer was now on the virtual console.

I remember scratching my head at the time. Then I smacked the tv and, when that didn't work, I retired to the computer to check this site. But I certainly didn't take the time to turn on the wii and look for myself, as even G4 would never undertake that herculean task!



lockelocke said:

Still have my Tiny Toons NES cart. Great game.
In fact, I might go blow the dust out that puppy and see what's what.



Viral said:

Brilliant. Don't you know that Super Mario RPG has been announced for next weeks European rarity release week that comes once a year? Oh wait, I just made that up. lol....



RoninDennis said:

Soul Blazer is a good game with really great music, nice but simple story arc and some weird dungeons.
Illusion of Gaia is one of the most melancholy games I ever played, nice graphics, awesome music and great story with a very sad conclusion (IMHO, that is).
Terranigma... well, enjoyed the gameplay, graphics and music, but the story made absolutely no sense to me.



Adamant said:

RPG? It's an adventure game, people. Very good, though. Better than Illusion of Gaia.



Ski_Deuce said:

Terranigma is easily one of the most epic games in existence in my mind. I've never played Soul Blazer, but compared to Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma's story, gameplay, and environments are worthy of any gamer's time.



Objection said:

I love RPGs so I would love for that trilogy to come over here on VC. What kinda combat is it? Old school Zelda-ish?



BB_Sting said:

They're tiny, they're tooney, they're all a little loony, and in this cartoony, they're invading your wii!



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Objection_Blaster, Combat in Soul Blazer is pretty much like Zelda. Teranigma feels a bit different because you use a spear, pretty innovative and definitly one of the better action RPG:s imo. Never cared much for Soul Blazer though.



Terra said:

Obviously (Considering my name), i would love to see all 3 titles released. Time will tell when this happens though and hopefully, it will say something soon



Tim said:

@BB Sting

TV has two syllables and wii only has one. Your jingle is almost, but not quite.



Drake said:

Well, it is yet another one of the many surprisingly fantastic licensed NES games. Not by Capcom like most of them though, but by Konami.



ReZon said:

Soul Blader really is a great game - one of my favorites on the SNES. I hope this leads to its release soon...



MaxPlastic said:

Soo... Very close... The Soul Blazer series is one of my very favorites (Gaia's one of the best action/RPGs around), and I'd love to get the chance to play Terranigma



Bensei said:

I remember GIGA Games (Gaming show from the German channel that showed vc-reviews in Wiimotion) playing Tiny Toons, but I don't remember if they pulled out a dusty console or if they played it on VC...
It would be Europe nevertheless



Will said:

Is it not possibe it could be Tiny Toon Adventures for the Mega-Drive? (as opposed to the NES) I remember that game was great craic.



eagidni said:

shows what a pathetic gamer i am that when i read this article, tiny toon adventures is the name that actually grabbed my attention. that's the first mistake. the second mistake: i thought to myself, "man... i hope that means the tiny toons cartoon workshop is comin' to the vc!"

...truly pathetic!



KeeperBvK said:

"but I don't remember if they pulled out a dusty console or if they played it on VC.."

They certainly didn't play it on the VC.
Do the ystill show retro games from time to time? I still have fond memories of Michael's Retro Fridays. ^^



ChocoDK said:

I want to see Tiny Toons on the VC the game is cool! But don't these big sites even check the VC and also Nintendo even announced there would be no VC releases for May 12th.

I only read your reviews and info for VC stuff anyways, so I was oblivous to this whole thing until now.



Viral said:

...I think it's getting pretty damn ridiculous that we don't have a release schedule like Japan does. Why do they get one, yet, we don't? Also, why don't they release Tiny Toon Adventures for both Mega Drive and SNES since you know some gamers will complain when it comes out for the one they dislike and not the one they want to play it on, although, they're virtually the same game....



KeeperBvK said:

"although, they're virtually the same game...."

You've never played them, right? They're TOTALLY different games, just liek the two Aladdins. And in both cases the Genesis games were way better, even though the SNES games were pretty good, too.

Oh, and I'm glad we don't get a release schedule as it would take out all the excitement...



Viral said:

The release schedule would at least make sure aware of games that are definitely going to show up. If they added one to the list, it'd be an unexpected bonus...



toffeeman30 said:

release schedule? take out all the excitement? what excitement, have you seen the recent releases, even mr happy couldnt get excited!



Viral said:

lol...toffee....I just read something that made me super happy on . It states that Square-Enix is struggling in the 07 fiscal year, they had a loss of profit they could've gained. My first thought was, that's what you get when you &^*% with us VC buyers. lol



toffeeman30 said:

whats gonna come out next? bloody clayfighter or et for the nes! they are havin a bubble!



Viral said:

ET for the NES for the win. I'd so get it and then burn myself alive...oh wait... I think they'll release these great games next, all in one week stating that it's an all-star week! :

Superman 64 (N64)
Jeopardy! (SNES)



KeeperBvK said:

@ toffeeman: I'm actually pretty happy with most recent VC releases...just think of Puyo Puyo 2, Columns 3, Gley Lancer and the likes.



ChocoDK said:

@ toffeeman30: I never played ET for the NES but it would be funny if the VC got the Atari 2600 on it. If you really wanted a 1-Star Week then they would have to release only one game. And that would be ET for the Atari 2600 the game that almost single handedly made the Video Game Crash of 1983. And that would go down for the worst VC Release Week in the History of the VC.

In all seriousness I would like to know what is being released tomorrow (or I should say today) although I know I will be dissapointed.



Corbs said:

I keep hearing Bio Miracle and City Connection, but I've yet to see an official confirmation.

And I'm one of the morons that actually stood in line at Sears to buy ET for the Atari 2600.



Corbs said:

I remember what a big deal that game was. I had fun with it for about 5 minutes before it became boring and I began trying to figure out which of my goofball friends I could talk into a trade.



toffeeman30 said:

anyway guys, whats the worst game you bought even though you had seen the reviews and knew it had bad ratings. mine was robocop 3,brrr.... makes me shiver thinking about it!



Viral said:

Corbie, love the Grim avi from Conker. lol

Worst game I have I think is Mage Knight for the DS. The controls are so bad, I can't even play the first level before shutting the game off...



Corbs said:

I'd go with Drakkhen for the SNES. I read bad reviews and still bought it. $50 down the drain.

And thanks for the kind words about Gregg the Grim Reaper. I always liked the little guy and the Conker game as well.



Betagam7 said:

I remember Drakkhen had some sort of horrendous bug in it where the text was corrupted in some of the early rooms so you had no idea what to do with it. quite unforgivable for a cartridge game at the time

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