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Shenmue 1 & 2 Coming To The Wii?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Swedish magazine seems to think so

Sega loves the Wii. Lately we’ve been gifted with House of the Dead 1 & 2 Return, NiGHTS and Sega Bass Fishing, and if recent rumours are to be believed we’re about to see another classic franchise resurrected for Nintendo’s best selling console.

Swedish magazine Game Reactor has excited blurted out this little rumour:

Shenmue is back! Sega has re-released classics like Nights, Bass Fishing and House of the Dead lately. Now it’s said that Shenmue is next. But don’t think that it’s about a new game, instead, they’re bringing back the two original Shenmue games with extra Wiimote-minigames which will be released for the Wii.

While we’re a little disappointed that this might not result in an all-new Shenmue title, the chance to play through these two underrated classics is very welcome indeed. The first Shenmue holds a very special place in our hearts and if more people get to experience it, then that has to be a good thing.

Let’s hope this is more than just idle speculation!


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Djack said:

I COULD ONLY DREAM!!! to this day the original Shenmue is one of my favorite games...I still have a dreamcast because of Shenmue!!!! With any luck they will release a third one. I think its a good chance they will rerelease it because the original Shenmue prob still has Sega in debt, from what I read they completely went over budget!



get2sammyb said:

Shenmue. Second best game ever. I'd rather this is a third iteration BUT - I'll buy an update of 1+2. It's just that good.



Masterless said:

Isn't this the game that played in real time? So if you needed to go to a certain place such as a shop you had to wait a few hours for it to open.

it always sounded interesting but never really had chance to play it, or a Saturn/Dreamcast - which ever one it was.



get2sammyb said:

That's the one Masterless. The gameplay mechanics frustrated a lot of people but I loved it that way. The storyline and general atmosphere are unmatched too.

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