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New Hudson WiiWare Details for Tetris and Bomberman

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

In an interview with Siliconera, Hudson's Japanese vice president Kentaro Murayama has revealed some more details on their upcoming WiiWare games, Tetris and Bomberman.

There's not much new details for Tetris - They are thinking of incorporating the Wii Balance Board somehow, but have not made a decision on the matter yet. Imagine moving Tetris blocks by leaning left and right!

There's also some more details on the differences between the Wii Bomberman game and the WiiWare version. As we already knew, the Wii version will be a full game, with minigames and a battle mode, while the WiiWare version is just the battle mode, taken directly from the Wii game.

Now, however, it has also been revealed that the Wii version's battle mode will have some tiny extras. Aside from two extra stages, it will have ten more "appeal motions", which are basically just little animations your character can do, such as wave. Despite these differences, it will be possible for owners of the Wii version to play battle mode with owners of the WiiWare version, and vice versa. We assume that when this occurs the two Wii-exclusive stages can not be selected.

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Webby said:

I just want tetris to succeed online, stop the stupid control methods, it's a fast paced game. Image 20G with a balance board



Bananiac said:

Oh. So Bomberman on WiiWare is just the (online?-)multiplayer part? Fine by me, don't need no stupid story mode for Mister B-Man, thank you. This has always and will always be one for playing with the crowd (and I'd imagine 8p-Bomberman-fields to be quite crowded!) . Saves me some money buying this and not the full-blown-whatever version...



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Ah. Nice to hear more info. So now it's confirmed for me (I've been tracking this for quite some time), that the WiiWare version is strictly online/offline multiplayer. Hmm... Sounds interesting being able to interact with owners of the Wii game. But I already have Bomberman 93. And dropping 200 more points for Online will be a tough decision for me to make...

And that would be really neat having Tetris using the Balance Board!



Jonny said:

Not just online- eight player offline as well!!!!! That sounds too good for me as someone who has 4 wiimotes and 4 gc pads. Not to mention better graphics and hopefully better stages.



SmaMan said:

Well at least they know what people play Bomberman for...the battle mode!



Charco said:

I'm sorry, but where does it say anything about offline WiiWare 8 player?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

THIS doesn't. It's stated elsewhere.
But I thought it was 4-player offline, 8-player online. I'll check my sources again.



Boringman54 said:

Using the balance board for Tetris doesn't seem like such a great idea. But the Bomberman ideas (extra animations, playing against people with actual Wii version) seem pretty cool.



Jonny said:

Ba. took the eight on the games page to mean eight player offline. Really no reason why they're shouldn't be anyway.



Hyper_Metal_Sonic said:

I may not probably get the wiiware bomberman now, I'll take the wii version. . .unless money is short upon it's release .



Phantom5800 said:

If the full retail Bomberman is decent, I'll just get that. Maybe they can make it so if you have the full game you can download the WiiWare version for free (doubtful, but it would be nice not to have to insert the disc if all you want is a few multiplayer matches).



Virus said:

Hmm... I would have preferred a Bomberman game that was developed specifically for the WiiWare and not just a dissected appendage from a retail game, but still, I'm excited for this one. Bomberman has always been an amazing multiplayer game. It would be truly awesome if this game incorporated the pay-per-play function too. I wouldn't whine one bit if they offered map-packs for a few bucks.

Oh and Tetris... yeah... sure... After Tetris DS, I'd be hard-pressed to get another one, seeing that the DS game is so expansive.



jackaroo said:

Shouldnt bother me too much by getting just the wiiware version of bomberman. Battle Mode is the main mode of any Bomberman game anyway so as long as the Wii Game doesnt have any major extras then I will just go with the wiiware version.



XCWarrior said:

I think the Balance Board is a good idea for a separate mode. The more options a game has the better anytime.



ColorblindMonk said:

I'll be willing to get the WiiWare version of Bomberman. I was never interested in the fairly bland story lines. This kind of game needs more stories with WAAY more explosions, 'cause he's Bomberman.I haven't been tracking this game and it's details, but if this game'll have downloadable content, I'm all in for it.

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