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Luc Bernard's Rose Princess Coming To WiiWare

Posted by Darren Calvert

Luc Bernard has been a busy chap lately. In addition to putting the final touches to the upcoming WiiWare title Eternity’s Child, he has also revealed that he has another game in the pipeworks called Rose Princess which is destined for WiiWare, if a publisher can be found.

Princess Rose is a cello player who kills anything she touches. She is befriended by a mechanical rabbit named Mr Cuddles who has a penchant for cross-dressing, prostitution, alcohol-dependency and drug-addiction. Could you have imagined Nintendo allowing such depravity on the SNES back in the days?

The gameplay is inspired by Castlevania and sports a ‘Victorian Disney style’ with 8 open-ended worlds. All manner of twisted cartoon characters will cross your path in this game, including the obligatory pugs of course!

To ensure the quality of this forthcoming game Luc Bernard has enlisted the talents of an animator who has worked on big budget movies such as Space Jam and Balto.

We have to say it all sounds very interesting and unique. How could this not be a winner? For more information on Luc and his projects, check out his blog on Destructoid.

Thanks to N-Europe for the info.

Update: Luc has personally revealed to us that this is not in development yet. He is currently looking for a publishing partner. Watch this space for more news.

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Cooldued59 said:

This.... Has to be an rated M Game. I am 1000% sure about it. Why? Because Mr.Cuddles is in it.

Also, this has to be one of the most stangest games I have ever heard about.



konkerdoodle said:

Cool. I wonder how abundantly clear Nintendo will make it that this game is not for children when it's released.



MisterSmith said:

I was excited for this game back when he announced it way back.

But I follow his blog fairly off and on, and Luc bugs me, to be honest. He flip flops between what kinds of games he wants to do and for what systems he puts them on. He hated XBLA when he went to WiiWare, but now all of a sudden (according to recent posts) he likes it again and wants to do an iPhone game. Or a PC game. Actually it was probably both. And then some.

Or something. He just doesn't seem to work with any of his ideas until they get somewhere (with the exception of the fairly underwhelming first footage of the WW version of Eternity's Child)

Of course, I love the concepts and such of EC and this game sounds great as well. It's just a matter if he stops blogging and thinking about all the different platforms so much and actually does some game making.




michinmuri said:

I'm sold on just the sheer absurdity of it all, not to mention the stylish visuals. This will be bought.



ACK said:

Obviously this is one to watch out for.

Though, I agree about the comments on Luc Bernard. He seems to be his own worst enemy sometimes...

Not to mention, he doesn't seem to be capable of holding a coherent discussion on game design. Not that he has to to make a decent game, but... I don't know... Something just never sits right with how he tries to explain the gameplay concepts of his own games.



pdrydia said:

So, does Nintendo know this is coming to WiiWare?

Mind you, this is totally bizarre and sounds pretty awesome.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Strange game, indeed. I saw a picture of this already though when I first heard about EC and I thought that it was part of the game...

In any case... EC having "finishing touches" may say something on its own.



Nintendork said:

What happened to this? Nintendo finally must have realized what they were getting in to

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