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Join The WiiWare World Facebook group!

Posted by Darren Calvert

To celebrate the launch of WiiWare World we have shamelessly jumped on the social networking bandwagon and set up a Facebook group!

Why not join up today? You'll probably never bother with it after you join in the true spirit of Facebook Groups, but getting a post on your wall to say you joined will give you a warm fuzzy feeling.

We'd love to see some WiiWare developers on our group! C'mon guys, make yourselves known to us!

Join today:

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SmaMan said:

It's my first first comment, yay! Well if you see some guy named Stephen Blane Singletary join, that would be me.



Valien said:

Yay! I'll join. Although for the most part FB groups are useless But fun nonetheless. It's like some exclusive membership...



ChocoDK said:

I hate Facebook but I would join if Facebook wasn't acting stupid right now. But its cool you guys made a group for it.



Clayfrd said:

I joined for the heck of it. I will probably never have any involvement, but I might! Maybe I'll spread the word about how Pop is EPIC. I'd also like to promote my own video game related group. I don't know if this is lost in translation to other countries, but most of we Americans know of a godawful series of jokes about how Chuck Norris ("Walker, Texas Ranger") is the strongest, sexiest, most powerful man alive. The jokes disgust me, and I personally know at least one man could destroy Chuck Norris. That man is... Captain Falcon. If you happen to agree, join. Otherwise, prepare to be PAWNCHED right through your computer screen. Yes, guy with the Stewie icon, that includes you, even though you were only recently stabbed through yours. Anyway, here's the link:



Bensei said:

It's not lost in Translation. There are jokes like Chuck Norris was so good at Metroid that he saw her naked

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