Japanese Virtual Console list - June 2008 (Super Mario RPG!)

Japan is bound to make every single person in the US, Europe and the rest of the world jealous next month - There's a certain SNES RPG featuring everybody's favourite plumber on the release list, after all... One of the Mega Drive's finest RPGs is also on its way to the land of the rising sun.

The full list is:


Super Famicom:

Nintendo 64:

  • Nothing this month, sadly!

Sega Master System:

  • Ashura (June 3rd) (This game was also released in Europe as Secret Command, but the US got a remade version starring, yes, Rambo! We assume that while Europe might get Secret Command, the US will probably not get Rambo: First Blood Part II.)

Sega Mega Drive:

PC Engine:

Neo Geo:


  • Nothing (Eggy is still listed as "delayed", it won't be released in June)