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GameLoft Brings More to WiiWare

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

GameLoft, who you might know as the company bringing their mobile game Block Breaker Deluxe to WiiWare, is bringing three more games to the service. Two of these are also mobile phone ports, but one of them is a new game.

The PEGI has rated Midnight Bowling, which we assume will be the first title to see release in Europe. It will be a slightly upgraded port of the original mobile game where you use the Wii remote to throw the ball, just like in Wii Sports.

Midnight Pool is a pool/billiards game where you use the Wii remote as a pool cue. The game will also be upgraded from the original release.

Their new game will be TV Show King. This will be a mock game show where players' general knowledge is tested.

None of these games excite us, really! What about you?

Note that no videos or screenshots of these games have been released.

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Bensei said:

I wonder which games they bring us in the future, there were some funny games from gameloft for the mobile, but I don't think many of them could be great Wiiware titles...



Waxxy said:

Doesn't sound like anything worth getting, especially coming from ports of cellphone games, of all things. Who knows, maybe they'll surprise us.



chiefeagle02 said:

Out of this batch, TV Show King looks the most interesting. For the other two, "Sports" and "Play" are still doing their respective jobs.



GameGod3008 said:

As long as the ports are cheap if not much is new, bar the obvious things like graphics and controls, i would have no complaints.



Objection said:

TV Show King could be cool if the title updates itself with new questions or something along those lines. I hope they dotn rush it, since theres no need for it at launch/May.



Pegasus said:

Like (bad) PS2 ports weren't enough. Now we get insulted with (bad) mobile ports. Yeesh!

For shame!



AlexSays said:

1.) bad PS2 ports for retail.
2.) flash games off the internet, put on WiiWare. (Fishy, Defend Your Castle, etc.)
3.) mobile ports.

but this is to be expected.
there will be two types of games on WiiWare.

1.) games that are worked hard on by the developers, and are fun, exciting, and even innovative.
2.) bad games that developers think they can make a quick buck off of.

hopefully we see more of #1.



Atlantis1982 said:

If they can pull off with the billiards game, I might get it...if it comes to the States that is.



Herandar said:

Yawn. What the Wii really needs is a port of Snake from the Ti-82 graphing calculators. There is already a crappy retail bowling game that is worse than Wii Sports out there.



DEMON212 said:

Why pay £1 for really poor games, when you can pay upwsrds of £3?

Anyone else getting sick at Nintendo's lack of quality control?

By the end of 08 we'll have 1,000 games rated 1 or less from metacritic.



i8cookie said:

zzz.... i guess some people will buy them, i wont be one of those suckers tho.



Pegasus said:

"Anyone else getting sick at Nintendo's lack of quality control?"

Want some cheese with that whine? Microsoft or Sony aren't doing much better in that department. The only reason they don't get quite as much crap is that they're not really trying to appeal to that casual audience, which most shovelware targets.



GameGod3008 said:

You never know, they could be alright. i heard that the Block Buster game will be pretty good so, who knows, these could be alright as well. I hear what people are saying as ports aren't always the best idea, let alone Mobile phone game ports but i say wait until more is known about the WiiWare versions. Then start complaining if you don't like what you see



Knuckles-san said:

Nintendo really need to wake up and realize some of the abysmal shovelware being released. I.E Ninjabread man



Knux said:

TV Show King is the only game that is interesting. I like trivia games.

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