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Frontier Quietly Confirms LostWinds Sequel

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

LostWinds was only released in the US yesterday, but if Frontier's website is to be believed, a sequel is already coming!

On Frontier's page for the game, scroll to the very bottom to find this:

Click here to REGISTER FOR ADVANCE INFORMATION on Frontier's forthcoming LostWinds sequel containing amazing new gameplay as Toku and Enril's incredible adventure to save Mistralis continues - Frontier is registered under the UK's Data Protection Act and won't use your details for any other reason.

Frontier hasn't mentioned anything else about a sequel, which seems kind of weird to us. Still, the first game is getting very positive opinions from people, so making a sequel certainly gets no complaints from us!

We also have to take this opportunity to gloat over the fact that sister site VC-Reviews is quoted in the "gaming media reaction" section. This is a first!

“..groundbreaking …puts full retail releases to shame.”

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Mario_maniac said:

Wait, what? A sequel, already? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Anyhoo, gratz on your quote.



Adam said:

Definitely sequel-worthy. This may be too high a hope, but I will cross my fingers for a lower price point considering the short length and lack of replay.



ChocoDK said:

Well thats cool that the game is getting a sequel. I just hope that it would be as good as the first game.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I just heard about this this morning. I welcome the sequel also. I think they should improve the Replay Value greatly (that being said, I've never tried the original but I want to. The lack of sustainable Replay Value is a put-off for me, not to mention the brevity of it but I heard that it IS really good).

And yeah, it was a best-seller. It was in the Popular Titles along with FFCC: MLK and DYC. Both of which I expected to appear in the list.



DJ_Triforce said:

Haha... this is actually kind of weird. But good, I suppose. I'm really liking the first one so far.



Objection said:

Wow. These developers (in a video on GameTrailers) complained about people who did stuff in episodic content, and now they're doing the same thing. Games look great but talk about pulling a 180.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Well arguably you could look at Strong Bad's game but arguably that's not considered a "sequel" either.

But Charco, I guess it seems that since the developers seem so keen on doing a sequel almost right after it's launch, it seems as though LostWinds may become an episodic seris in a way but I think that may be a bit of a stretch although I see where OB's coming from.



Damo said:

Lostwinds 2 could potentially be more than year away from release, so it's hardly episodic.



Serpent said:

well that was quick, Hopefully they make it play just like the first one but with some new updates.



MrPoo6321 said:

i downloaded the first one, but havent played too much of it... i'm sure it will be a while before the sequel is released anyways.



Knux said:

This sequel to Lostwinds might not be a WiiWare sequel,but a retail sequel for the Wii.

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