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EU VC Releases - 9th May - Metal Slug and More Imports

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

After last week's relatively good batch of games we honestly expected Nintendo would choose the least interesting upcoming imports to release this week. Thankfully we've been proven wrong - They only chose a single bad one, plus two good ones, and on top of that, we get a non-import game!

Metal Slug needs no introduction amongst most hardcore gamers. The series is basically a wackier version of the Contra series, with honestly amazing spritework and catchy music. It's also even more fast-paced than Konami's shooter. The series got extremely popular in arcades, but since then has trailed off a little in quality. There is an upcoming new entry in the series headed for the DS.

Since it's the Hanabi Festival there's also three more imports. Cho Aniki leads the bunch if you ask us. You should know the Japanese can be wacky sometimes, but Cho Aniki will probably take your view of that to a whole new level. The muscle men Samson and Adon, who later became the series' mascots, are only co-stars here, and the game is not even close to the level of insanity the series' later installments would have, but it's still quite crazy compared to other games. The series has received a ton of hatred over the years, but this is completely undeserved - If you can get over the strange visuals you will actually find a pretty good game. It costs 900 Wii Points.

Puyo Puyo 2 was released in the US a few months ago. While we already technically have the first Puyo Puyo on VC twice, as Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Kirby's Avalanche/Kirby's Ghost Trap, this is the actual sequel, and as such introduces a whole lot more than the two clones did. It's arguably the best Puyo Puyo game on VC right now. It also costs 900 Wii Points.

This week's final game isn't really that interesting. Break In is a rather generic pool/billiards game. It's not bad by any means, but like some other Turbografx sports games already on VC it's rather... mediocre. Worth noting is that it's by Naxat Soft, the creators of the Crush pinball series.

This is easily one of the best updates so far in this year, if you ask us! Will you get over your fears and try out Cho Aniki or not?

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User Comments (52)



AlexSays said:

good for Europe.
i hope we don't get shafted with the release of WiiWare Monday



Shortay said:

Great week I must say, I didn't expect 4 games and especially ones of this quality



lordbowser said:

You guys are lucky, I doubt us Americans will be seeing Cho Aniki anytime soon (Looks like a barrel of laughs and would make a good gag gift).



Lugia2 said:

Nice job Europe! You're getting about twice to four times as many games as America did! Nice to see that NoE recognizes Europe's existence!

...Now where's our Cho Aniki?!?



Rexy said:

Puyo Puyo 2 AND the original Metal Slug in one update? Hell yes, this has made me one happy camper



OrionPax said:

Metal Slug is a sight for sore eyes. Puyo Puyo 2 is also a great addition this week.



ICEknight said:

Does Metal Slug run at 50Hz only, as usual?

"Lugia2 09 May 2008, 01:06 GMT: Nice job Europe!" --> lawl



Kawaiipikachu said:

I just looked at puyo puyo 2 at the shop channel (Haven't downloaded yet) & i found it has cutesie visuals .
Well im attracted to that sort of stuff as i love cute .
Well i might as well check out the review on this site to see if its worth downloading it .



Rapadash6 said:

Wow, 4 games!! Too bad we here in North America will likely get nothing on Monday because of Wiiware. Not that it's not a good thing but I'd just hope that we'll start seeing an increase in VC releases too, soon.



Joxe said:

Actually it's Golden Week in Japan, not Hanabi which occurs later this year.

I'm not japanese but did some research when last weeks Naruto was left out. Hope I'm not entirely wrong on this one



Mario_maniac said:

Still no sign of these being limited offers? Good, I can take my time getting them. Metal Slug interests me the most, and I might get Cho Aniki if it'll be worth it.

Come to think of it, I haven't even downloaded a NeoGeo title yet. Well, I'll fix that the next time I get a points card. Screw both Blue's Adventure and Magician Lord, Metal Slug is the title I've been waiting for! (Well, sort of, anyway...)



Viral said:

Surprisingly, no Earth Bound? I've made a sacred vow to my Wii points until one of the following comes out : Mario RPG, Earthbound, or Chrono Trigger, all which will be "new" to Europe, but I've played 2 of them.



slangman said:

What a nice suprise. I wasn't expecting Metal Slug this month since this is import month. Could be because this weeks imports were kind of predictable. (i knew Cho Aniki and Break In would come this week). Any how this is the best VC update for europe in ages.



slangman said:

Would have prefered earthbound to come this week, ah well you can't have everything.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Oh yeah! Cho Aniki and Metal Slug on top of that And FOUR games! I hereby forgive Nintendo for every single game week! Puyo Puyo 2: Tsuu is very good too, but I own it already. (Or at least the remixed version.)

Alright, it´s time the Americans get some of the goodies we´ve received the last weeks. Can´t wait to see what next Hanabi festival week will bring, it´s been great so far!



Atlantis1982 said:

Did I mention I want Cho Aniki? Anyway, at least we got Nintendo Channel (does a solo, loney, and quiet victory cheer). So... yeah; why am I bothering, some stupid organization will throw a fit the game comes State-side. (censored) w#$%&rs



blackknight77 said:

Forget Cho Aniki. There is an unwritten law that shooters must have spaceships. Lets get a manly game like Metal Slug! And then Metal Slug 3 in the US!

Anyway I wish the US would 3 or 4 games a week. With Wiiware coming monday I don't know if we would even get one game.

Anyway the Eurpoe library is really overtaking the US VC in quality, and I think it will in quantity over time.



Serpent said:

Thats a really good update, I hope we also get 4 quality games like this.Its been a while since this much games were released at once.



Will said:

Deadly, I never got to play a metal slug or Neo-Geo game so this will be a must for me. In fact, Id probly be playing this right now if my Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector wasnt so unreliable. Honestly, its really driving me nuts, I was trying to compete in the mario kart competition last night and it refused to connect. The deadline is tomorrow!!! As for Cho-Aniki, Im glad the VC has opened its arms to such a diverse game, however I will be passing on this title.



djshep1973 said:

This is an amazing week for us Europeans, I could be tempted by at least two of these games... Here's hoping for some good VC / WW love for North America this week too!



GameGod3008 said:

So that's half the previously announced games. I Hope The Hanabi Festival doesn't finish next week, if so i'll be dissapointed. I'm hoping for at least 2 more weeks as there are other Import games that were announced for VC apart from the confirmed set, like Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa, DoReMi Fantasy, Pengo and Smash Ping Pong and possibly others like Earthbound, Mario RPG and Rondo of Blood but with these 3 that's more me wishing for it to happen



Bass_X0 said:

so who does have the best line up of unique games to their region? maybe VC-R could do a feature on that or something



GameGod3008 said:

Apparently, ONM confirmed the lauch titles for WiiWare in Europe. Anyone know what they are?



Bass_X0 said:

I'm getting the magazine this weekend (didn't have enough money on me when i saw it in WH Smiths today) so i'll find out then unless someone else posts them here before I get to buy it.



blackknight77 said:

I think that would be a good feature Dazza. I would have to say after the past few weeks Europe's VC library is now better. I really wish NOE could loan us Vectorman. I love that game.



DEMON212 said:

I'm still crying for Gaiden II and III. My only hope is that they're surprise Hanabi games.



Jon2 said:

This is great! More imports and a four game week, at the same time! This is the way to go Nintendo. Now I'm only waiting for Star Parodier.



Viral said:

Straight from ONM itself :

Wii Software has the following coming :

  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : My Life As A King
  • Pop!
  • Eternity's Child
  • Defend Your Castle
  • Lostwinds
  • Plattchen : Twist 'N' Paint
  • Bruiser And Scratch
  • Everyone's Pokemon Ranch
  • Dr. Mario & Bacteria Extermination
  • Saku Saku Animal Panic
  • Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People
  • Star Soldier R

and it lists a few more :

  • Toki Tori
  • Bomberman
  • Tetris
  • Last Flight
  • Major League Eating (ugh)
  • World of Goo

and it also states this is just a brief selection. There are over a hundred games in development for Wii Software.



Dazza said:

@Viral - So the first list are the launch titles? What is the UK launch date said to be now for Wii Software as they are calling it?



Viral said:

Another notice about the WiiSoftware in Europe from ONM : Someone wrote in asking if WiiWare will conflict with VC releases and the official response was : There'll be some announcements in the coming weeks where we'll explain as much as possible about Wii Software and how it works.

They basically dodged the question. According to developers, Wii Software places a size restriction on developers' creations, meaning every game clocks in under 40 megabytes in size. Amazing?

For some of the games Dazza, it states that the following are for May :

My Life As A King - May
Pop! - May
Eternity's Child - Summer 2008
Defend Your Castle - May
Lostwinds - May
Plattchen Twist N Paint - May
Bruiser & Scratch - Summer 2008
Everyone's Pokemon Ranch - May
Dr. Mario - May
Saku Saku Animal Panic - May
Strong Bad Game - June 2008
Star Soldier R - May
Bomberman - Autumn 2008

The others don't have release dates.

My estimate for the release of Wii Software in Europe will be May 30th. I haven't seen it in hard print yet, but I could've sworn I've read that somewhere.

On a side note, My Life As A King has optional downloadable content planned at an extra charge...something like 100 Wii Points or up to 300. It hasn't been confirmed for all titles, but it does state there will be the option.

Hope that helps Dazza.



DEMON212 said:

FF has about 2,500 points worth of content already out in Japan, it's why I don't want it. Spending £100+ on Obliv annoyed me, this will just really **** me off.



Rooney said:

@Viral - Are you sure it's going to be Wii Software and not WiiWare in Europe/PAL since the details that were sent to your message board for the recent Wii console update (this was a couple of weeks ago now) said it was to prepare for the upcoming 'WiiWare launch' in May and not the 'Wii Software' launch. I am in Australia though so it could be different.



ChocoDK said:

Wow very nice for Europe. I love Metal Slug a lot. After you guys getting only one title a week it seems Nintendo is being good to Europe finally, congrats =).



CopyofCopyX said:

So next week we will get Star Parodier AND Gley Lancer?!
That's great for all Shmup fans in the EU. And America, they will likly get this soon.



Bass_X0 said:

"Next week" as in tonight? I hope something I want gets put up tonight, I feel like downloading something.



Jukka said:

metal slug rocks, have been looking all over Denmark for a copy of Metal slug anthology, but now i can just download the best of them all. it's just amazing, love you Nintendo.

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