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EU VC Releases - 30th May - Samurai Shodown

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

If you like SNK fighters and N64 puzzlers you're in luck today. There's two news games that fall into the former category, and one that falls in the latter. I think you can guess the N64 game!

The top pick this week is Samurai Shodown. Instead of making yet another generic modern-day fighter with special moves, like fireballs and such, they decided to make Samurai Shodown, which does pretty much all of those things differently. It's set in the past, you use swords instead of your body and the special moves are far more interesting. The graphics and music are also unlike those of any other fighter, obviously being very Japanese. If you were to get one Neo Geo fighter only, we would recommend it to be a game from the Samurai Shodown series!

Today's other new Neo Geo game is only mildly interesting - Burning Fight was SNK's attempt to cash in on games like Final Fight and Streets of Rage. There's only one thing wrong with it - It's not very good at all! If anything, it might be worth downloading to see what SNK's attempt at a beat 'em up was like, but you'd be much better off getting either aforementioned game (Or Streets of Rage's two sequels).

The last new game today is thankfully, like Samurai Shodown, also quite good. Pokemon Puzzle League was released in the US last month, but was unable to be released here for a while due to the ongoing second Hanabi Festival. Now that that's over, it has been released! If you're familiar with Panel de Pon or Tetris Attack - This is the same game, with more options, and a Pokemon makeover. The game has some actual movies which look like they're straight out of the popular anime, which was quite a feat for the N64, really.

The Nintendo Channel Finally Comes to Europe today too. Happy days!

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User Comments (53)



DJ_Triforce said:

Sorry guys. Good luck next week.

Now that you make all of the game names a link, I get confused as to which one is being released.



Abodi said:

what are you sorry for? we finally got samarai showdown.
but i won't be getting it for a while



Jonny said:


Never played it before but loved TA and if this is that plus then i want.



Dazza said:

@DJ Triforce - Just use the links under the "Related Games" heading below the news story!



Bass_X0 said:

Playing SamShow right now. I only rented the SNES game once over a decade ago so other than a few characters being in games like Capcom vs. SNK 2 and SvC Chaos, I am unfamilar with playing the games although not with the characters. I am now looking forward to the second game which has a character I wanted to play as many years (fourteen) - Nienhalt Sieger. I had this free fighting game move list book from GamesWorld Magazine and this guy interested me since then.



Jazzem said:

Good week, PPL is an excellent game and probably my favourite multiplayer puzzler, and I'm strongly considering Samurai Shodown after enjoying it on Gametap.

Burning Fight seems meh, but at least we're getting Neo Geo games now



Will said:

Very good! Samurai Shodown is definitly worth it, I just cant get it now cos im not goin playin memory management tonite Maybe this weekend if I have the time.
Keep these Neo-Geo games coming please Nintendo! Is it just me, or do Europe get all the best games first!?



DEMON212 said:

Another good week

Although I'm hugely dissapointed with Samurai Slowdown. It's got so much lag.

I connect with a attack and then nothing happens for 2 seconds



Kawaiipikachu said:

The new titles only released 7 munites ago & allready 10 comments .

btw what happened to the Everybody nintendo channel



Objection said:

Aw, be quiet, you guys got 1 new VC last week and 4 today! We got a total of 1 in those weeks! (And like VC-R says, 3 of those were good of the 5!)



Kawaiipikachu said:

Pokémon puzzle leauge is a great game i don't see anything of it that resembles tetris but still its a great game with my copy currently in my N64 rack .



Ski_Deuce said:

Samurai Showdown may be a good title, but "Samurai Showdown Anthology", a collection of all 7 of the 2d fighters in the series, including both versions of Samurai Showdown 5, is slated for a Q4 release this year. I'm waiting for that.



deadly_by_design said:

Samurai Showdown is better than most of the blah that could've shown up. Not bad. Similar to the Metal Slug anthology situation, I might be satisfied just buying a single VC version rather than dumping $30 for 7 games. (since I wouldn't actually bother playing all 7) I like the option of having it there w/o needing to swap discs. Sure, it does take up blocks then, but I'm choosy with downloads...

Then again, I don't live in Europe.



fortius54 said:

While I truly loved Samurai Showdown, I can not say that it is worth getting on the VC. It has been at least rumored and I am pretty sure confirmed that SNK is bringing out Samurai Showdown Anthology. This game is suppose to be a perfect port of all SS arcade games on one disk much like the Metal Slug Anthology. I will probably hold out for that.



Jon2 said:

Can everybody here stop whining?! We get a three game week. We get two Neo Geo games and we get the Nintendo Channel. For the past 20 years Europe has gotten everything last. Europe didn't get all titles and the prices of games where high. Now Nintendo seems to favor Europe and you have the guts to complain?!
Shame on you!



Jukka said:

amazing week, I have been waiting for Puzzle league, always wanted to try it, even though i'm not a real Pokemon fan.

and samaurai showdown, tried it once, think it was for SNES, and loved it, i'm getting it.



Bananiac said:

Ohhh, just keep'em comin'!
Nice week, 2 Neos and another N64, and gotta check that nintendo channel. Too bad I already have plans for this weekend...
Does ShoDown really lag that much when played??? I was willing to give it a try, but if the performance is a suck then I rather pass...



DEMON212 said:

Jon, don't you realise that almost all of the 56, 5 star & 78, 4 star titles suck?

They're not 1st party Ninty game so they automatically suck. The VC is terrible and our releases have been awful for months. We haven't recieved a good(=Ninty) game in months. I'm going to sell my Wii. Or just stop checking the VC weekly and go for one big dissapointment a month rather than 4-5.


Bananiac, the VC version really lags. I've done a video review, but tried my best not to do the moves that make it lag as bad, and even then it's still noticeable in my vid. I think I'm going to record a few fights to truly show it off at its worst.



Jon2 said:

@Demon212 You're right as usual. How could I be so stupid?

More important, will you do a video review on Samurai Shodown?



DEMON212 said:

It's already up

That's what I was saying to Bananiac

That I've done my best to avoid full lag, but still show some. I will do a few fights though for the cam to show it at its worst

Its just for the review, I wanted to show some footage, lol. I mean it's not as bad as I'm probably making out, but if you look at SFII Turbo and then this. You'll notice it.

Because I hadn't played a beat 'em up for a few days and straight away I noticed it.

It happened, I turned to my bro whom done likewise, then I made a coffee and started learning Oh Canada while I was waiting for it to start the action again XD



WoRMaSTeR said:

No offence to americans, but Nintendo should favor EU since we pay 1,6 times more on the same games. It just too bad the dollar isn't worth **** these days...



samman said:

nice games but as i stress again. 50hz is untouchable for me.

I have a state of the art samsung HD ready monitor that will display 60hz upto 100hz. not designed for early 90's tv signal that nintendo of europe didnt bother to optimise.




TomMc said:

I just want to see some final fantasy games on vc! Come on Nintendo and square-enix!



samman said:


Can you consider adding functionality into the emulators that you are using allowing a 60hz option. Display a warning that some games may not work correctly when used in this mode so we at least have an option.

Heck if you want to be that retro why not produce an RF lead for the Wii hahahaha.



blackknight77 said:

Well Europe's VC is officially laying the smack down on America's VC. Maybe well get more than 1 game this week:(



Bass_X0 said:

samman, if you get the magazine, I recommend you write into the official nintendo magazine to their "Ask Nintendo" section. however, usually i find replies from nintendo to fall into a few categories - "we have no plans," "our way is right, your way is wrong" or "we'll not answer your question/complaint directly but please keep buying more of our stuff"



slangman said:

About time Samurai Shodown came to the VC been rated for ages. Might download it, though the lack of blood is off putting.

By the way the ask nintendo section in ONM if you did write to would probley be a waste of time as they will just say "we have no plans for this right now but its a great idea" etc



Biggetje said:

Don't get me wrong, I like the new additions but was hoping for some oldies on the C64....



Bass_X0 said:

There is blood in it, i don't know if there's much less blood than in the Japanese original.



EnglishRob said:

Two Neo Geo games in one week? That's pretty cool.

I loved Samurai Showdown when I had a Neo Geo a few years back. It was my first (and only) game for a long time so I played it to death!

I remember Burning Fight from the arcades too, I used to enjoy that game and it helped having a Memory Card so I could save my progress.

Looks like I'll have to get myself some points.



CopyofCopyX said:

Good week.
I wonder when the next SNES game will come. Something like "Super Turrican 2" would be great.



Rapadash6 said:

What, no Wiiware games? I guess America is the only territory doing a mix of VC and WW releases on a weekly basis. Hopefully, and I know I sound like a broken record here, we will start getting three VC releases per week soon as well.



Bananiac said:

So do I understand right, if my TV is able to dig 50Hz then that ShoDo lag issue is less pronounced/gone away?
Quick Note to my HD TV shopping list: NEEDS 50HZ CAPABILITY!!!!
But as far as I' ve seen, most of the candidate models feature that anyway...



Quimby said:

Just downloaded Puzzle league and although I was hesitant to buy it, it rocks!
I didn't think it would be my kind of puzzler but you guys were right, it is a solid game.
Only drama is that its a bit stressful, I cant seem to get the hang of nailing chains on the fly... the puzzle uni is great though. I didn't think they could make the puzzles that friggin' hard



Dazza said:

To set the record straight the "slowdown" is supposed to be there on Samurai Shodown. It is actually a pause before a strong attack and not a glitch in the emulator!!!

@ICEknight - PAL Neo Geo games run at 50Hz, you are correct.



Adamant said:

"Wow is 'shodown' a deliberate spelling mistake?? I don't get it."

SNK are not known for good English. Rather the opposite.



DEMON212 said:


Firstly, you're gonna have to teach me how to link things.

Secondly, why the hell would they put that in? (I'm not saying that it is a glitch, I'm now simply asking, WHY SNK WHY?!).

It's horrible, because it doesn't do what it's supposed to. It makes you think that you're about to deal a horrific blow, and then you look at the energy bar (Because you have more than enough time), and it takes 2 millimeters if that.

So all I've got left to say is... When the hell is Samurai Shodown Turbo Hyper Fighting coming out? lol



Bass_X0 said:

I prefer it spelt "Shodown". And looking at screenshots of games later in the series, I see the word "Victoly" instead of "Victory"... I don't really like that.

And Demon, its the first game of the series. They probably thought it was a good idea at the time since they obviously didn't have any feedback from players. Or that such a think wasn't a big deal 14 years ago. I'm assuming SS2 will be more refined than the first one. Sequels usually tend to fix what players don't like of the previous game.

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