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EU VC Release - 23rd May - Paradroid

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Seemingly copying the US, Europe's VC only gets one new week. However, because WiiWare launched earlier this week, that makes Europe the only region to get a VC game in the same week as the WiiWare launch (Australia doesn't get C64 games, so we assume they get nothing today!).

Paradroid puts you in control of a robot on board an abandoned starship. These robots have a power level going from 001 to 999, and, unfortunately, he's got a level of 001 and is as such the weakest of the lot. However, he's also the only robot that can take over other robots by hacking into them. That's the main objective of the game - Take control of gradually stronger robots and use them to take out the rest. Looking at our screenshots and video will probably leave you in utter confusion - This is really one of those games where you have no clue what's going on until you actually try it out. It is worth it, though - It's highly regarded among many Commodore 64 fans, and our first 5-star game on the system.

Now that the Hanabi Festival is over, is the amount of games going to drop or will we see a steady pace of new games? We can only hope it's the latter!

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cr00mz said:


What a lame game, havent bought any VC games for months gimme something good!



Bass_X0 said:

I never played Paradroid before but I do know that "lame" is far from an accurate word to describe it. I'm sure had it been on the NES during 1985 too then more people would be raving about it. Would have liked more games but its not a big deal this week. I do have to wonder if Europe's WiiWare day is Monday nights from now on.



AlexSays said:

the US didn't even see a VC game with WiiWare's launch.
so why did Europe get one?
i call shenanigans.



DEMON212 said:


Can't wait to get some points, this looks brill

Drake, I'd say that it is the latter, when's the last time we got a 7 game week?



diablos79 said:

SIGH Its as if nintendo think we're all gona be so over-joyed with the wiiware launch that we're not gona care about the v.c. I for one couldnt care less about wiiware and im starting to get a little ***** off with all the crap vc releases lately. Also does anyone really care about C64 games? Im only asking cos they all look terrible to me.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Jupiter Adept

Drake us Australians did get an exclusive game .
No not really i'm only jokeing .
i feel all abandoned now & all i wanted is love .
Then agan this game is on the c64dtv thing so that in itself is not a lost .
I wainting for the day that austraila gets c64 games & we will just you see .



esoterikism said:

This game is awesome. Anyone interested in buying it, check out Freedroid Classic ( Same game with nicer graphics and it runs on your computer.



Rapadash6 said:

Okay... Europe gets Lost Winds PLUS Dr. Mario PLUS Toki Tori PLUS a regular VC update all in the same week?! Nintendo of America... WHAT the hell? If we don't get at least 2 VC releases come Monday plus Dr. Mario and/or Toki Tori, I will have to throw my Wii out the damn window.



Kenji510 said:

Im hoping we really do get Dr. Mario Online Rx next week on the 26th for the wiiware and i dont want to see no date changed again at all and i mean never as in never!!.. toki tori looks pretty good too.



ChocoDK said:

@Rapadash6: Don't throw your Wii out the window or else when the games you do want come out, you won't be able to play them. And remember patience is a virtue, and before you know it Monday will come. Heck we are almost half way through 2008. Also I know you were joking about throwing your Wii out the window.

Anyways, to all the Europeans complaining please don't. You guys got a good Wii Ware launch line-up compared to the North America, and at least get a VC game this week. Now I realize that this doesn't compare though to how many times Nintendo gives you the short end of the stick i.e. Brawl taking three months to come out and some games never being released. But at least Nintendo is being a bit nicer to you right now.



Jon2 said:

@diablos79 There is a lot of people who cares about C64 games. It's about gaming and gaming history. Graphics isn't all you know...

@Rapadash6: Nintendo and the other console makers have been doing this to Europe for 20 years. I think you can stand one week.



Viral said:

C64 isn't terrible. I for one never got to play much C64 games so I like random stuff like this coming. I may get this game because it sounds intriguing.... So, who's going to hack Nintendo and release the good stuff for everyone else? I will be getting Lost Winds and another WiiWare title this weekend more than likely, depending on the



captain-banana said:

DAMN!! how come there is no games for australia?? the C64 was released for australia originaly so how come we don't get it now?



PlayerOne said:

Paradroid's a great game.
There aren't 999 robots, though. The number is an indication of the relative strength of the robots, and there are only a limited number of different types.



samman said:

Hmm. I sense virtual console is gonna slow down a bit. Time for me to download the ones I always meant too.

Bloody Wolf
Ninja Spirit.

Might track down some old gamecube games as well. The ones with sonic on them at 60hz.



slangman said:

Only one game again but meh since its good i won't rant besides we are the only ones to get a VC release the same week as WiiWare launch.

Shame this weeks releases isn't from another game liberay since i feel bad for you australians. ):



blackknight77 said:

@ samman
I also track down old gamecube games too. Check ebay, I have gotten awesome deals on un-opened gamecube titles. I have to say, I am probably one of the few who plays gamecube titles on the Wii

I wonder if the US will have its own festival soon. Gley Lancer was rated fby the ESRB not too long ago.

Maybe well actually get more than a game a week.



Golgo said:

the whingers and gobs on this thread really ought to try this game before condemning it. a classic.



mummydaddy said:

I have not played this game , But I have played, what I think is, a sequel. Spectrum classic "Quazatron", which was excellent and probably my most favourite of the era, and its sequel which I can't remember the name of (Or be bothered to find out). Either way I still think 500 points is too expensive for the commodore games.



cheesedude said:

I think that, while the quality of C64 games may vary enormously, it's important that we rediscover classics such as Paradroid. These games are part of our gaming heritage - for me, it's nostalgia. I remember playing this game when I was 13 or 14 years old, and have always hoped over the years that the game would come back in some format or other. It's a good game and well worth playing.

I think for younger gamers, checking out old games is very worthwhile. Sure, you may have a different perspective on things, are much harder to please where graphics and sound are concerned, but by playing these game you'll understand much more about gaming's evolution and how games have come to be what they are now.
If you want to be knowledgeable, a game buff rather than just a player, make sure you take the time to check out these titles from the past. I really hope Morpheus will show up on VC some day. That was a great game.



Bananiac said:

One more vote in favour from me also! Very unique game, that mustn't be judged by the graphics! Although I never went too deep into it in my time withthe C64, it had some really special and inventive features that make it a well placed VC release at any time.
Nice to see it here. Give it a try guys!

@cheesedude: 100% ACK!!!! Exactly my feeling!!!!



truercki said:

This game is surely something that the "younger" generation should have a look at. At the end it is really not all about graphics BUT gameplay. Paradroid is one of the games that I have been waiting for.



mummydaddy said:

As for the wii ware releases this week, Toki toro is a fun platformer/puzzle game with the kind of fun you only remember from the (g)olden days of gaming, TV show king is an average Buzz clone, fun if its your bag.
Lost winds, is interesting, but I have to play more to rate it.
Dr Mario, the excellent original version with online capabilities and an all new germbuster mode.
Besides aren't we discussing wii-ware games in the wrong place, try;, sister website to VC-reviews.



Quimby said:

@ x.Super Mario.x
I second your shenanigans. rabble, rabble rabble.
I have also bought nothing for ages.
Why should Wiiware impact VC. lame



Drake said:

@ PlayerOne: See, even I still don't know everything about the game

Edited the story slightly.



Jay1 said:

Paradoid is a bona fide classic. The mini-game that comes into play when you take over a droid is a stroke of genius. Gradually working your way through the different classes to higher level droids is an absolute joy. Brilliant game.

Wonder if we'll see the 'director's cut' - Heavy Metal Paradroid?



aphexbr said:

I remember playing a remake of Paradroid called (I think) Paradroid 1990 on the Atari ST - same gameplay, far better graphics that really helped me get into the game. While the C64 original is a classic, I struggle to get into it after having played the newer version first. I'm hoping for some more 16-bit gaming so the Amiga or ST version can be put on the VC...



Tides_of_Chaos said:

@ lockelocke
I second that wanting! Didn't the US get the C64 too? We (and Australia) shouldn't be left out.



Terra said:

I Like the sound of Paradroid. For 500 points, i'll pick it up when i get a chance



Drake said:

He meant originally. Yes, the US did get the C64 originally. My only theory as to why nobody but Europe has C64 on VC yet is because most of the developers for C64 games on VC here were Europe-based.



Kelvin said:

Mummydaddy, Quazatron was not a sequel, but a remake. They apparently tried to port Paradroid to the Spectrum, but it didn't work out to well, so they redid it in a 3D isometric style, which was an engine that the Spectrum was especially good at handling (hence all those isometric games on the system).



Adamant said:

ET isn't as bad as Joe McYoutube likes to pretend, either.
Read the manual, it explains how to play.

But yeah, Paradroid IS better.



Sharecrow said:

I played ET long, long ago. I liked it....not too tough of a game. There were much better atari 2600 games, but I had worse ones for sure...



Waxxy said:

I am so jealous that EU continues to get awesome C64 games while we over here in the US are being left out. Bah!



toffeeman30 said:

glad to be of service! only havin a bubble really, be nice to play a game that was made in the last 10 years!

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