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Dr Mario WiiWare Pulling A Sickie?

Posted by Darren Calvert

From the very moment a Dr Mario game was announced for WiiWare we’ve been eagerly anticipating its arrival. Whether we’re supposed to call it Dr. Mario Online RX or Dr. Mario & Germ Buster, it doesn’t matter to us; we just want to play it already! It was a surprising move for Nintendo to not make this available for the North American WiiWare launch last Monday, but now it looks like we may have to wait a little longer still.

With only Star Soldier R and Konami’s Critter Round-Up having been confirmed for this Monday’s batch of WiiWare games it is starting to look like we might have to wait a bit longer.

WiiWare launches on Tuesday, 20th May in Europe and Dr Mario WiiWare is one of the games said to be within the “launch window” so who knows who will get it first. Both sides of the Atlantic had better get practicing for some intercontinental pill dropping puzzle madness over Wi-Fi soon!

See the Dr Mario page for updated screenshots, which show some of the connectivity options in the game. Star Soldier R has some new screens which you might want to check out also.

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Big_Sexy said:

I sure hope it shows up soon. This was my most anticipated WiiWare game by far, and not seeing it this week would not only a hole in my heart, but in my virtual pocket as well. Star Soldier R makes me feel a little better, but not by enough, considering the (supposed) lack of a true single player mode.

(PS: Posting with a Wiimote is hard)



AbbyVampire said:

I dont beleive a word Hudsonor Konami says.

Several Companies said there game was set to launch but they did'nt know that Nintendo had the FINAL say.

So yea Im waiting for Monday to see whats coming up. (Gosh dang it why did Ninty catch our PR guys??)



Kawaiipikachu said:

Well this doesn't intreast me but istead i download Final Fantasy: My Life As a king .
I have high hopes for Wiiware 7 hopefully be as good as Virtual Console (Thu still waiting on Mario Paint).



TheBaconator said:

Sometimes I just don't get Nintendo's choices. A big disappointment if it doesn't come out on Monday because I've never been a shoot em' up fan and critter round up looked like it would be boring after the first level. Where's my Dr.Mario and Toki Tori Nintendo.



Wiireview123 said:

@ballkirby1: i aggre with you about nintendo not making good choices. wheres smash bros. on vc? wheres super mario kart on vc? whens gryostarr gonna be relased? we may never know for shure........

@Kevin: i agree with you all the way there! I WANA PLAY DR: MARIO NOW!!!



ChocoDK said:

That sucks for people who want this game to be released for Wii Ware. I never did like Dr. Mario much but the online part of the game is really awesome.



Knux said:

So Dr.Mario is not coming out on Monday? Oh well,I'll just use my leftover Wii points to buy Star Soldier R! Sounds like they are releasing Star Soldier R and Critter Round up this Monday and they might be releasing Dr.Mario and Toki Tori next Monday.



DEMON212 said:


Although I'm going to have to get Star Soldier. People are bagdering the hell out of me about covering the launch. And from what we're getting, I really don't want to lol.

I hope we get PPL to at least make me feel better.

And to be fair, I'm gonna go bone up on SSR and Critters, and try and get me wanting them.



Kenji510 said:

What a disappointment but i cant complain anyway... i guess ill go and download the Star Soldier R game, looks pretty cool and fun to play... well, hopefully we will get Dr. Mario next monday on the 26th cause that day is Memorial Day as well.



Atlantis1982 said:


I really don't get why having Super Mario Kart and Smash Bros 64 is such a big deal with the likes of MKWii and SSBB on sale with far more features; especially with MK64 on the VC already.



Wiireview123 said:

@Atlantis1982: i know what your saying but i ment for some of the people that really want it. i just smash bros. 64 to complete my collection of smash bros. games. also, brawl dosent have the clone carcters. such as: dr.mario, roy, picu.ect



Objection said:

I could care less when Dr Mario or Star Soldier R are released since I dont plan to ever get them. My only motive for them coming out soon is for people to stop whining.
@Atlantis The 64 Smash Bros doesnt have any of the clones you are talking about. Those were Melee exclusives. So theres no reason to get the 64 one if you have Melee and Brawl. Though I have all 3



Kawaiipikachu said:

Well i was expecting the original Smash Bros released to promote Brawl just like Super Metroid was released to Promote Metroid Prime 3.
Still i got Brawl on Pre-order so i be waiting the 26 of june for it to come in here in Australia .
The only Wiiware game im intreasted in is Final Fantasy: my life as a king



DEMON212 said:


Probably because SMK OWNS MKW and SSB is great enough to own. Also I prefer SSB's combat to SSBB.

Oh, and MK 64 is awful when compared to SMK.



Chipmunk777 said:

Aww I was looking forward to that on monday too! Cleared out some VC games I don't play that often and everything!



Kevin said:

Why do you guys want Super Smash Bros. or Super Mario Kart when Brawl (next month for eu) and Mario Kart Wii are out?



Viral said:

Dr. Mario won't come out on Monday. Nintendo likes to make us second guess our options...



ChocoDK said:

Now now remember what Reggie said in an interview with the guy from Gametrailers "We at Nintendo like to space out our releases so gamers can have enough time to enjoy every game and not have so many games thrown at them." If we all think about that we have Wii Fit coming out on Wednesday so Dr. Mario would ruin everybodies chance to enjoy Wii Fit. /sarcasm



aichpvee said:

Critter Round-Up better be like 50 Wii Points, because that looks like all it is worth.

Kevin: I don't know about Smash Bros, since the new one seems to play just like the last two with more stuff in it, but Mario Kart on home consoles hasn't been good since N64 so of course you'd want an older one on VC rather than paying $50 for the new ones that aren't good.



Kenji510 said:

I think to me the reason why were not gonna get Dr. Mario on monday for the wiiware is cause were gonna get the Wii Fit on wedesday as well and they want people to try it out and play it... so hopefully im guessing we will get this game next week on the 26th since its memorial day too.



Clayfrd said:

I'm speechless. I have wanted Dr. Mario for so freakin' long! Come on Nintendo!



konkerdoodle said:

"Critter Round-Up better be like 50 Wii Points, because that looks like all it is worth."

lol. When's the last time you bought a new game for 50 cents?



Mike1 said:

"We are getting Dr. Mario with our launch on Tuesday."

Don't count your chickens before they hatch.



Objection said:

Yeah, you europeans may be laughing because you think that you'll be getting all 8 games you were promised, but look whats happening over here. I wouldnt be surprised if your list got shorter too to "space them out." Also, dont expect any new game son your usual Thursday either if our launch was any indication. Just sayin'



Kenji510 said:

To me, Critter Round-Up plays boring and watching the video gameplay looks even more freakin boring and i heard this is like 500 wii points to download and takes about around 300 something blocks of waste of space as well, so yeah... not like Dr. Mario Online Rx ,i heard that its 1000 wii points to download and i know its big buuuuuuuuut, it only takes out about 86 blocks away... this past week, i was so excited and was getting ready for the 19th to download Dr. Mario Online Rx too and then all of a sudden it just ruined it!!... Critter Round-Up is not even worth to buy at all... im not even gonna get it and just gonna stick with Final Fantasy CC and Defend Your Castle as well.



TheWiiMan said:

Goddamnit! Im going to texas pretty soon and by That time dr mario will be realeased! sigh Damn Nintendo



ReaperJ21 said:

@thewiiman yeah, me 2, well i going 2 idaho 2 visit my cousin 4 about 9 days or so and dr. mario will probably be out by then...either I have bad luck or nintendo doesn't like middle school gamers "sigh"



neuzd said:

"We are getting Dr. Mario with our launch on Tuesday."

"Don't count your chickens before they hatch."

Now we can count it.
No grudge in my words but after decades of "ghetto living", every treat Nintendo reserves for us before the states, sounds so fair.

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