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WiiWare: Pop Pricing Still Unconfirmed

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nnooo's Nic Watt has admitted that he still isn’t 100% sure how much to charge for his company’s promising looking WiiWare title Pop.

Speaking in an interview this week, Watt said:

For a new company like ourselves, pricing is a really tough issue particularly on something like a downloadable service where there are games at a variety of prices. Disc-based games are somewhat easier as they all generally retail for about the same price.

We feel we are somewhere between a NES and SNES game in price.

That would place the game in the middle of the 500 and 800-point mark.

Whatever price Watt decides, he’s going to have to do it soon; WiiWare officially launches in the US on 12th May and we would imagine Nintendo won’t be impressed if Nnooo is still dragging its feet regarding the value of Pop.

Check out our Pop game page for more information on this interesting title – maybe you could even suggest a price you’d be willing to pay?

Source: MTV Multiplayer

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Starwolf_UK said:

I'm hoping for closer to 500 than closer to 800. As it is most people are like "500 is too expensive" or "300-400 tops".

I just hope they don't make a bad decision and price it out of peoples interest and get no sales as a result.



slangman said:

Hopefuly it will be about 600 or 700. Wii points are very very tight for me since i have loads of VC games to download.



pdrydia said:

A game where you pop bubbles? I'll pay 300,000 Wii points!

I jest, I jest. All in good fun. I'm guessing this is a game where some of us will have to play it to get the appeal. Shame there's not going to be any Wiiware demos, cuz I've gleaned about all I can from video & review, really.



Ender2010 said:

< 1000 points, there still games, and the game designers need to eat, and buy games too. lol, you pay 5000 points for a wii game, I think nintendo should just standardize the wii ware price, like they do the other games.



Kawaiipikachu said:

While this game doesn't take my intrest but if it did i will pay 800 points
I would be even willing to pay for 1000 points .
Well the developers are not pennys to pay so i find 400 points a bit silly .
A laugh at people who find games too expensive .
Just that they should know us Australians pay 3 times the price .
I only recently learned that fact & i used to believed that they were a fair priced to be $100.00 au & i didn't even know back then that the us 7 canada were getting them for $30.00_40.00 au .
Also at the same time i learned that some australians getting then imported so they get them cheaper .
Unfortunately they require credit card payment for which i have no option because i have no access to one so i to put up being a bit overcharged for those games if i want them which unfortunately those companies are winning .
At least Virtual Console & Wiiware are the same worldwide



Clayfrd said:

Really! That sucks! I'd hate to pay that kind of money for a single game. Anyway, I'm not so interested in this game, but other WiiWare games interest me. Defend Your Castle? Awesome. I might purchase this if I have some points left over, though. I am VERY excited about WiiWare. I'm a VC fanatic, and this will probably burn a hole in my pocket even faster. Oh, and to those who say the developers need to eat... So do the gamers! Ha, just kidding.



Will said:

Aahhh!! I'll buy it at a high price!
No, wait, no I wont! 600 points should suffice. But whatever they do, lets hope it dosent get messy with prices like 650 or 720 or something stupid like that. Think of all the spare Wii points!!!



Valien said:

From what I've seen of the game and video it looks like a < 500 point game to me. True the devs don't get much, but look, it's not much of a game. Even at 500 points say they sell 100K copies. That's 50 MILLION dollars worth of games. Even if big N gets 50% of the payout, that's still 25 million in their pocket.

100K realistic? I think so, especially with the 10+ million consoles sold in the USA alone. That's 1% of Wii owners.



The_shoemaker said:

I think 600 would be a good value. This games has lots of content, and it's better than most people would think. Also it's a new company, so people don't really nooo (ha ha) what kind of games these developers make. So 600 would be a good price for people looking for a cheap game or for people trying something new.

But then again, there's a lot of great games going for 500 points.



Viral said:

Will, if they get stupid with prices on Wii Points such as 632 or something stupid like that, I'd just ignore it. It'd seem to me like they'd be milking for your miscellaneous points anyways...I'm saying 500 points on this one. On a side note however, I think they should release some more Sega games that were brilliant...Sonic Mega Collection covers Sonic titles, Mega Man Anniversary Collection and X-Anniversary Collection cover Mega Man....where's Vectorman, Earthworm Jim, and Boogerman?



witchfinder said:

Valien, I think your maths is wrong - 500 points = $5 in the US right? So 100,000 downloads would bring in $500,000, not $50million!

I wouldn't pay more than 500 points for this game (and probably not even that) but I'd easily go to 1000 or more for some of the others like Star Soldier!

They should do Pop for like 300 points or something for a couple of weeks to generate interest, then up the price later if it gets good word of mouth.



TopHatPangolin said:

Hm... I wouldn't buy it anyway, but they probably won't go under 500.
If it goes over that, I'm not sure anyone would buy it, though.



timp29 said:

I think the first few wiiware games will hopefully be cheaper to tempt people into the new market. So im hoping for 500 points. If these games are a huge success, developers can increase prices down the track.



StarDust4Ever said:

Lets hope that they don't start doing WalMart pricing:
497 Wii Points instead of 500 for a budget game. It would be a comical situation if somebody had 497 Wii points left over and needed to find something to buy with it!

Speaking of which, do you think they will ever start doing sales on Wiiware? For example, a $50 Wii game that has been on shelves for a year gets reduced to $30. So what if somebody release a new Wiiware title for 1500pts, if I wait 6 months, will I be able to get it for 1000pts?



Objection said:

i think 500 is a good place to put this, both value-wise and "i dont want to be left with a stupid number of points left" wise as I do plan on getting this near launch...if only my Wi-FI wasnt so spastic(making its own decisions on when it works)



The_shoemaker said:

Tim that's pretty rash. Do you really think this game is so bad that it's not worth $1? A pop drink is more expensive!

And I know for a fact that the developers aren't gonna charge something like 563 points. It's not a good choice, because people wont want to pay some odd price for a wiiware game when Nintendo has always done the VC games at good prices like 500 600 800 etc. I could maybe see something odd like 450, but never 437.



pdrydia said:

@ Shoemaker:
I wouldn't buy this game for $1, either. That doesn't mean it's not worth more, just that it looks like something that won't be any fun for me. ($1 for pop drinks...really? How about $0.50 for the store brand 2 liter? ;])



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I could've sworn it would be 800 or 500. In any case, I think 700, the final decision, is a tad... odd... and I think 500 would've been a better choice to get the title out there to gain some attention.

I'm pretty sure it maybe didn't recieve enough attention that it probably merits.

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