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Wii Fit Selling Out In The UK

Posted by Damien McFerran

And it’s not even been released yet

We all knew it was going to be massive, but reports from several retailers would suggest that in Wii Fit Nintendo has a game of truly epic proportions. Several retailers have stopped taking pre-orders for the eagerly awaited fitness title, which will cost £69.99 when it eventually hits store shelves.

Not that many copies will actually make it to the shelves, given the tremendous pre-release demand.

Gian Luzo, head of games at, had this to say about the incredible pre-order totals:

Wii Fit is going to be huge - let's hope that we can keep up with demand. We are expecting more stock before launch.

Let’s hope more stock is made available otherwise there’s going to be a lot of disappointed fat people when April 25th comes around.


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get2sammyb said:

I'm surprised. This game doesn't seem to be generating the interest I expected it to. Yet.

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