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Super Turrican - Director's Cut Possibly Coming To VC?

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

As you might know, videogame forum NeoGAF is quite popular among people in the industry - Various videogame developers and publishers post there. One individual, called Turrican, claims he works at Factor 5, and has given some information on Turrican's VC future in NeoGAF's Virtual Console thread.

First up, if you downloaded Super Turrican, you might've noticed the operations guide has a whole list of enemy sprites - Including a few not in the game. These are from a never released original version of the game that Factor 5 has dubbed "Super Turrican - Director's Cut". Aside from some extra enemies and weapons, it had some extra levels. The game was actually practically completed in this form, but Nintendo told Factor 5 to put the game on the smallest possible SNES cartridge, so they had to cut and edit some of it.

Turrican (The user) says that the Director's Cut still exists somewhere, and also hints at a possible release for it with two seperate quotes:

So, that Super Turrican - Director's Cut is certainly not lost. Just slightly delayed

Super Turrican - Director's Cut is safe. Not only on a floppy disk. Releasing it in some shape or form is another story. Let's get Super Turrican 2 out first, shall we?

So, could we be seeing the VC's first never before released game sometime soon? Only time will tell!

Another member of the forum also asked Turrican if the Commodore 64 Turrican games will be coming to Europe sometime soon - At this point, they're not.

The NeoGAF topic in question can be found here (Turrican has only posted on the very last two pages).

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Damo said:

It would be great if we started seeing games on the VC that never got released. Starfox 2 would be an obvious choice, as it was very nearly finished before it was cancelled.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Wierd news! I like Turrican, so a "directors cut"? I´d take one. Sorry to hear C64 Turrican won´t make it in the near future.



Bass_X0 said:

I wonder if this would be a seperate download to the Super Turrican already on the Virtual Console. If its free to those who have already downloaded Super Turrican then great. If you've already downloaded it and want to play the Director's Cut then thats really no good is it?



DEMON212 said:

The question is, will it be a free add on since these things are listed as in the game according to the Op Guide?

Also, reckon it'll add 8 directions? Because that and it's easiness are pretty much why I really dislike ST.



wii-c-kid said:

I sure as hell hope so DEMON because I sure as sugar won't be buying it, or Super Turrican 2. in a hurry. Maybe the update will make the gameplay suck less?



Jupiter_Adept said:

Unreleased games? I hope Nintendo follows their lead. EarthBound (or Mother, or EarthBound Zero, I don't know what to call it) would be excellent. It was completed, just unreleased, like ST:DC.



Kelvin said:

Another member of the forum also asked Turrican if the Commodore 64 Turrican games will be coming to Europe sometime soon - At this point, they're not.

Booooo! That's disappointing news.



DEMON212 said:

Ditto Wii-C, ditto

Jupiter, as we already have games like Mario Picross which never left Japan, when they're saying unreleased games, they're meaning, unreleased games. Games that never made it legally onto a console in any country ever with an official release.



ICEknight said:

...I won't be buying the same game again with a few extra levels, for the whole price.



Kelvin said:

Atlantis1982, the anonymous tipster who gave us all that early C64 knowledge on these very boards appeared to be right on the money, so you never know.



Viral said:

I for one would appreciate Nintendo releasing things we do know exist before releasing never before seen games that only have one additional level... Earthbound for the win...



Rapadash6 said:

Meh. Didn't particularly care for the version that's already available. It's 800 points I wish I could get back and I'll likely never even play it again.



Objection said:

Um...a whole article about a guy naming himself after a game and "claiming to work for Factor 5"? Doesnt seem very reliable, VC-R...



Atlantis1982 said:

Well it doesn't matter to me anyway (Not interested in Turrican), I just don't like seeing people getting disappointed from a pure lie.



niner said:

I'm with you Atlantis1982, I never liked the Turrican games. Europe seems to like them though.



timp29 said:

I work for sony and I just want to announce on the sly a new system coming to the VC... its called playstation 3...



diablos79 said:

@ DAMO: i didnt even know they were working on starfox 2. any info on why it was shelved before release? the original was great fun.



Drake said:

The poster called Turrican has been a member of NeoGAF since 2004, and didn't post until now. Many developers register at the forum so they can see the extra boards that open up to members, but never actually post. Now that Turrican's in the spotlight again I guess he felt compelled to shed some information, so I do believe that he is for real.



WolfRamHeart said:

Ah, so the original Super Turrican was cut and edited. That explains a lot. I was wondering why the game felt so incomplete and rushed. It is unfortunate that we will probably never see the real Super Turrican released on the Virtual Console.

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