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Solitary Sadness Screenshot Surfaces

Posted by Damien McFerran

That some pretty impressive alliteration there

Remember Sadness? Many months ago we were treated to some tantalising production artwork for this potentially groundbreaking survival horror title, and then it all went silent. From what we can gather developer Nibris has experienced issues with finding a publisher, and this has led many people to write the project off as dead.

The rumour mill is once again working at full capacity though thanks to a single screenshot that has been posted on’s message boards by a member of the Nibris team. It doesn’t really give a lot away but looks suitably mean and moody all the same.

Of course Nibris has tried this kind of stunt before and has yet to fulfil the promise of releasing actual gameplay footage (something the developer intended to do by the end of last year). We’re still interested, but it’s hard to get excited about a game that has seen more delays than the 5:15 from Waterloo.


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get2sammyb said:

I heard that Nintendo didn't even know this game was in development or something. I don't get it.



Damo said:

I would imagine that is still the case...Nibris seem to be jokers from what I can gather. I wouldn't put any money on this ever being released.



Twiilight_Prince said:

Nibris didnt post it on IGN's Wii Lobby Message board, I did, My name is Twiilight_Prince, ask around IGN, I am a legend now

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