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Sega Fans Rejoice: Alex Kidd In Miracle World Is Coming

Posted by Damien McFerran

It was the news that Sega fans all over the globe had been waiting for ever since the announcement that Master System games would be available on the Virtual Console.

Ok, maybe not all Sega fans, but we were certainly hoping it would come true, and it has. Alex Kidd’s finest adventure is inbound.

Sega’s forgotten mascot may have already made his Wii debut in the rather underwhelming Enchanted Castle, but for hardcore Kidd enthusiasts the greatest installment didn't take place on the Megadrive but rather on its underrated 8-bit sibling.

Alex Kidd In Miracle World is arguably the jumpsuit-wearing monkey boy’s finest outing. Released to combat the growing popularity of Nintendo’s Mario, Alex won the hearts of Master System owners but sadly couldn’t unseat the cheerful Italian plumber. The game is famous for being pre-loaded as a freebie with many European Master System consoles, so it’s unsurprising that gamers that grew up with that console have especially fond memories of the title.

The game has been officially rated by the OFLC and should be with us pretty shortly. Watch this space.

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Dazza said:

This is probably Alex Kidd's finest hour I think. Lost Stars and High-Tech World were nowhere near as good as this first game.

Don't even get me started on Alex Kidd in Shinobi World!



BDPatVCR said:

I had a SMS when i was a kid with this game installed on it ...
I spent hours trying to reach the end (seeing as there was no saving option i could do the first levels with my eyes closed )



dark_moogle said:

The funny thing is I wont be surprised seeing Nintendo price this game in Australia/Europe at 500 points, even though most gamers would have gotten this game free with their Master System II. You'd think at least we could get the 400 point American price, but nooooooo Nintendo <3 greedy money



timp29 said:

@Dark moogle: I agree, especially with the current exchange rate almost at 1:1
Wait... how many USD, Euros and Pounds for 500 points??



Dazza said:

The 400 point American price thing was a mistake in a press release from Sega. Master System games cost 500 points in the USA also as evidenced by the recent releases of Wonder Boy and Fantasy Zone.

If Sega do plan for some games to be 100 points cheaper I think it will only be the old card based games such as Hang-On and Ghost House.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Yeah, I too think this is the best one. Sonic is the best plattformgame for MS in my opinion, but Alex Kid is not without merits. Good colors, motorcycle and paper-scissors-stone bosses. Level- and enemy design is up and down, but over all kind of nice.



Kelvin said:

No, no, no, Alex Kidd's "finest hour" is Shinobi World. Miracle World is a close second though, and an excellent game in its own right.



Kirk said:

This is one of the best Master Systems games by far imo



Damo said:

Kelvin - you're going to make Daz angry with comments like that...

TBH, I really like Shinobi World. But Miracle World is the best of the lot, trufax!



slangman said:

Always wanted to try this game out. Now the Master System VC Libary is starting to get intreasting.

I heard there is one dodgy Alex Kidd game, can't think of it's name now.



Adamant said:

Dodgy? Well, there's Alex Kidd in Hi-tech World, some Japanese anime license game that got Alex Kidd slapped on it when it was released in the US and Europe. It's pretty crappy stuff.



Stu said:

Excellent news! It had to be Wii-bound sooner or later.

This was the first game I ever played too Ragnor! Good times.



adzix said:

hmmm the game i recieved with my master system back in 1986 was hang on, but alex kidd was one of the first modules i had....
really outstanding game, still love it...
i am surprised people liked shinobi world that much?
after seeing how incredibly BAD the 2nd kidd game was, i gave up on the series.



Mario_maniac said:

Hooray! This is one of the few Sega games I remember owning. At least, I THINK this is the Alex Kidd game I once owned...

Edit: Nope, I owned The Lost Stars... but the opening level for this game seems so familiar. Maybe I owned both of them...



Rapadash6 said:

Earthworm Jim, Alex Kidd... that's great and all but how about some NINTENDO games for this NINTENDO service of ours, hmm? I don't mean to sound close minded, the more the marrier after all, but we haven't seen a lot of Nintendo's own top tier games so far this year. Not even Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, which I thought would be a lock for their respective Wii releases. I think it's great that all these third party games are coming but why can't it be like last year where we had a nice healthy mix of both?



toffeeman30 said:

this games a blast from the past! anyway, anyone remember rocky for the master system cause i cud never beat drago! he was well hard!

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