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New WiiWare Game: Gyrostarr

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

About a week ago, the relatively unknown developer High Voltage Software revealed a Wii game called The Conduit, which is looking surprisingly good for such a small company. That's not all though, they're also working on a WiiWare game. High Voltage exclusively told IGN they're making Gyrostarr.

Gyrostarr seems to feature four ships competing to defeat enemies and collect enough energy to open a portal to warp them to the next level. Fail to collect enough energy and the portal won't open for you (But it will of course open for those who did get enough). The game can also be played co-op, with 2 to 4 players working together to open the portal. The game will feature a load of weapons, shields and other pickups to aid yourself and hinder others, so this looks to be quite a treat for multiplayer lovers. Might we suggest including Wi-Fi play?

Check out IGN for some exclusive screenshots and some sample music for the game. The game is not "officially" announced yet, so there's no clean, unwatermarked screenshots around yet, sorry!

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Juampi said:

I hope it plays as good as it looks. Also, the game will cost 700 points, a very reasonable price. I'll definitely keep an eye on this one.



Rapadash6 said:

This is a lot like Gyruss, if anyone here remembers that game. Looks decent enough, so maybe I'll have to try this one, if the price is right.



slangman said:

Wiiware just gets better and better every time a game is announced. Such a shame i have loads and loads of VC games to download. ):



Golgo said:

Looks great - although Jeff Minter might have something to say about it.



Drake said:

russta: In May, but there's no specific day announced. Probably the same week as the US.



MrPoo6321 said:

How often will WiiWare games be released? On a weekly basis like the VC games?



Damo said:

Golgo - I was thinking the same thing myself!

A WiiWare version of Tempest - now that WOULD be good!

(Although we obviously have to bear in mind that the talented Mr Minter didn't actually create Tempest, he just updated it)



Herandar said:

Mmm, reminds me of Tempest 2000 on the Jaguar. I wouldn't mind that on VC either.



i8cookie said:

cool, i've been saving up my wii points & converting all my stars, hope we get some good games on release, that wind one look sick yo



Herandar said:

Just found something interesting on Wikipedia under Tempest 2000. The game was designed for the Jaguar by Jeff Minter, but he did not handle the conversions: "The Sega Saturn version (programmed by High Voltage Software like the PlayStation version)..." That would go a long way to explain the similarity.



Kenryoku_Maxis said:

Here's hoping WiiWare does good by them. Let's hope WiiWare is a good medium for fledgling companies. Heck, I hope their regular Wii game does good to show up all those whining third parties who throw their horrible games on Wii and then whine that their games don’t sell as well as their XBOX360 and DS games.



witchfinder said:

Looks nice. This and the Star Soldier game will be top of my WiiWare download list when the service goes live next month!



Objection said:

High Voltage is great. Both their upcoming Wii(ware) games look great and I plan to buy at least one if not both upon their release.



Csheroe said:

I will definetly get this! And strong bad and defend your castle and world of goo and a lot of other ones too.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

IGN says we're to get this next week. I can't wait!
I hear it's to be 800 Points but what was that about it possibly being 700? In any case, I plan to get this, especially for how the multiplayer looks.

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