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New WiiWare Game Allows You To Massacre Undead Animals in Style

Posted by Damien McFerran

Developer High Voltage is clearly putting all its weight behind Nintendo’s new WiiWare service with Animales de la Muerte (Animals of the Dead) being the company’s second announcement for the new service in the space of a week, following the rather neat looking Gyrostarr.

Animales de la Muerte takes place in a Mexican Zoo. When the animals begin to mysteriously die out and become reanimated corpses with a craving for human flesh, the owner of the Zoo does what any like-minded person would do – he runs for the hills and gets his grandchildren to come in and dish out some judicious violence with a wide range of heavy weapons.

The game certainly looks good fun, featuring cute visuals juxtaposed with plenty of blood and gore. We’ll certainly be keeping a keen eye on this one.

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witchfinder said:

If High Voltage's games play as good as they sound (and look, in the case of Gyrostar) then this company is going to do well on WiiWare!



Rapadash6 said:

Something about this I find very disturbing. Maybe it's the animal lover in me that takes offense but I just don't want to try this game or even watch it being played. Kudos to High Voltage for the completely unique take on the Zombie killing genre, though.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@jg223: I agree with Bass X0. Unless there's been an announcement about no M-rated games on Wiiware that we missed, parental controls should be a good solution.
The game itself sounds really weird. I'm kind of intrigued, but I need to see more about before I'd buy it.



Pegasus said:

With each new announcement WiiWare is becoming more and more enticing; not that it sounded disappointing to begin with. I pity the fools who think there is nothing to play on Wii. WiiWare will ensure that the Wii will, without a doubt, remain the main gaming rig in my house. I'll just keep my 360 for those few big releases that won't come to Wii.



GameGod3008 said:

I agree with Rapadash6. There is something disturbing about this. I have no problem when it comes to gory games, which is why i want this but looking at it further, the graphics make it feel quite wrong. The Cute visuals combined with Blood and Guts are the problem. It's quite unique, which makes it all the more interesting but i am quite disturbed by it. Who knows what it will be like in the end, so i'm watching how this turns out carefully. Praise HVS for their Wii Efforts

Pegasus, i do the same thing with my 360 as well. I'm waiting the Banjo Kazooie 3 right now



MrPoo6321 said:

I think High Voltage might be my new favorite game developer and I haven't even played any of their games yet... but did anyone read that article at on their upcoming FPS, Conduit? That game really looks great and its exciting to see a studio start to announce games that are a little more mature. This game sounds awesome, I hope it has the same kind of macabre tone as Conker's Bad Fur Day. Killing zombie zoo animals sounds like a great game idea to me!



lockelocke said:

I am not phased, and would love to dispense death to cute zombie animals. Hell to the yes.



charly_rozen said:

Animales de la muerte? Interesting game for the Latinos (like me). I hope will be a good game.



Bensei said:

Why should Nintendo add Parental Control Codes and ratings on Wiiware if they don't add M-rated games? To sell a Wii and make an 18-year old unable to play games for 6-year olds?

If a kid plays this game it's the fault of their parents for not turning on the Mature break and for not watching their kid when throwing money out into the Wii shop window.

I'm happy that there are developers making games for an older audience too, we have too less on the Wii



Csheroe said:

They will launch this. But they're gonna be tight on parental controls. I wonder if it will like metal slug or an fps or third person.



whalleywhat said:

Do 6 year olds know how to use credit cards? If I was a kid and "borrowed" my parents credit card to buy gory games, I'd have my Wii given to charity or something. Children should have limited access to money, and no access when it comes to buying things online unsupervised. Simple as that.
Why do people care so much that there's an M rated game? If it's good, I'll buy it.



megacody said:

This is interesting, a wii ware game with a new take on zombie games. I also like that this game will be rated M. I don't care that this game is gory, I'm afraid this won't be a good game. Otherwise I will.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

When I first heard about this, I was very surprised that this was even announced/linked to WiiWare. I guess this will also help to reeduce stereotypes about the Wii but still.... "odd" indeed.



Ziondood said:

i cant wait for this game itz on the top of my most wanted wiiware game list =DDD

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