Wii Fit Haters: Read This

Kotaku.com, probably one of the harshest gaming blogs in the world, have written a very balanced, fair and glowing report for Nintendo's new venture.

The report (which can be read here compliments the fun that can be had from some of the minigames, how well the yoga exercises work and also considers that while Wii Fit's software may not do a great deal to make you fitter, it helps you become more aware about the fluctuations that occur in your bodies weight and therefore encourage you to control your eating and increase your daily activity.

It's an impressive and positive report from a website that tend to take comfort in hating on everything Nintendo do and it also goes very in depth in all the features, strengths and weaknesses of Nintendo's new product so it's well worth a read.

Read the report here.

We would like to point out at this moment in time that NintendoLife.com has trusted the potential of Wii Fit since it's announcement at E3 last year and therefore are entitled to all bragging rights when it becomes a cultural phenomena later this year.

[via kotaku.com]