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US VC Release - March 3rd - Super Turrican

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A lot of people were expecting Super Smash Bros. to hit the US VC, in preparation for the US release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl next week, but let's be honest here - That was a bit of an unrealistic expectation. Japan didn't get the game when they got Brawl, and the US already got a N64 game last week.

What you did get, though, isn't such a shabby deal - Super Turrican for the SNES is the first Western-developed game besides the Donkey Kong Country series to hit VC and as such quite notable. It's part of the popular classic Turrican series, which is relatively famous among retro gamers for offering fast-paced, Contra-esque gameplay mixed with platforming. Thankfully, it's not nearly as hard as the Contra series. The series is also known for having fantastic soundtracks, all composed by Chris Hülsbeck.

Just one game for the US this week, but considering what game it is, it can't really be counted as a bad week. Check out the review:

Super Turrican - SNES - 800 Wii Points

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Bass_X0 said:

I was expecting River City Ransom as well as Super Turrican. Maybe next week.



Ender2010 said:

I really dont like this one game a week release schedule, I dont think that the release of a wii game should have anything to do with the vc. Also I dont think that Super Smash Bros will be released for a long time, if ever on the vc. Melee (and hopefully Brawl) are basically the same game except the characters are more balanced. I was playing SSB the other day on an old cart, and the throws are ridiculous.



Rapadash6 said:

Yeah, after Kirby 64 came out last week I knew our chances for getting Super Smash Bros. were slim, so I wasn't expecting it. I was kind of expecting to get River City Ransom in addition to Super Turrican but I guess not. I'm not expecting too much out of the next couple of weeks on VC because of Brawl and I think that's a safe assumption.



lordbowser said:

Not a bad game at all but alas its one that I already own. Any body who likes shooters should definintly give it a shot.



Mike1 said:

All kidding aside, I think that this ranks as one of Nintendo's worst VC weeks. Maybe Super Turrican is good, but it isn't no SSB, and with all of the hype and rumors flying around these message boards, this week just feels like one big letdown.

It feels like Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4 all over again.



Bass_X0 said:

the super smash bros. hype was self created. can't blame nintendo for that.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

@Mike, Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV is an excellent game, and the VC is sorely lacking in serious strategy games. I'd be really happy if we got more of the RTK series.



Kenryoku_Maxis said:

This game does look really fun but, I've just been burned by Factor 5 games in the past... And I'm still licking my wounds from Rebel Strike (one of the worst games I've ever played) and remember playing 'Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures'. I try not to say that a company won't be able to make a good game after hurting me so many other times, especially since they did make Rogue Squadron II, but they just have socked me in the gut way too many times...

Oh yeah, and one game, omg how could you Nintendo. Never saw that coming, how horrible…



michinmuri said:

Jogurt, I think he was refering to the fact we got hosed for only getting one game, instead of 2-3 like we used to. They need to hurry up and bring out Y's I+II before I have a stinkin' coronary.



Drake said:

Worry not Kenryoku, while Factor 5 is pretty horrible these days, back then they made awesome games.



Chainsaw_Hijinx said:

I can recall seeing one-page ads for this in old issues of Gamepro. They caught my attention but I never rented it. Guess I'll come full circle and download it this evening!



Kevin said:

They blew their chance to release it this week probably by releasing Kirby last week. Oh well, I was going to get Turrican anyway so I will today but too bad I have to wait another week for River City Ransom.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I was really hoping for Earthbound since the Smash Dojo announced a while back that there'll be demos for VC games on the Brawl disc to match characters in the game (Super Mario Bros. for Mario and gang, Super Metroid for Samus, etc.), and the Japanese version of the site announced specifically a Mother 2 demo. This is, of course, the same game as Earthbound. On top of that, continued PK Callin' (see for details) apparently built up enough pressure to guarantee Earthbound a spot on the VC in the near future. All these facts seemed to add up to Earthbound released today, but sadly not. As it stands, I don't care whether Super Turrican is good or not (I may check it out soon, though). I'm just sick of one-game weeks with anything less than triple-A-will-sell-a-million-downloads-on-day-one games, like Super Mario RPG (suck it up and play nice with Nintendo, Squenix!), Chrono Trigger (we do want VC games from you, Squenix! Really!), and Earthbound. When VC was announced, long-time gamers everywhere started salivating at the chance to play these classic games once more, some of them also planning to introduce their children to the golden age of Squaresoft (they're still good, of course, but their best stuff was definately mid-ninties). There are even some newer gamers with a real interest in playing the classics they read about so often, but they can't afford to seek out original merch. So why is it that now, SIXTEEN MONTHS LATER, we still haven't gotten the best that classic gaming has to offer, while crap like China Warrior and NES Pac-Man run free (or worse yet, 600 and 500 points respectively)? We need to set up another PK Callin'-style where we call over and over again until they stop releasing crap and/or nothing and starting giving us the gems we so richly deserve for being Nintendo fans for so long (don't start screaming fanboy, anyone so inclined. I have a PS2 and a 360 with plans for a PS3. The point was that Nintendo hasn't been replaced by these, and they shouldn't be ignoring our demands). I'm sure many of you agree that SOMETHING needs to be done before they manage to licence Where's Waldo for NES (this is a real game, look it up if you don't believe me). I know this got kind of long, and I apologize, but I felt this needed to be said.



Bass_X0 said:

"""On top of that, continued PK Callin' (see for details) apparently built up enough pressure to guarantee Earthbound a spot on the VC in the near future."""

Couldn't see anything when I checked. And no website will influence Nintendo's decisions no matter how much pressure they assume they are putting on (unless its something to do with legality). Very rarely if ever has Nintendo given in to fans demands if they didn't agree.



Hexxen7 said:

I agree with stuffgamer1, those 3 games he listed were a big reason why I got a wii..cause I thought they could release any old nintendo game, not knowing that they arent all owned by nintendo anymore..if I knew that I probably wouldn't have a wii until some of those games came out. Luckly I didn't pay for my wii, I traded a cell phone for it..which I basically got for free... so the way it looks now I guess the only game I see in my future is the new Mario kart...



Hexxen7 said:

ok well i also got a wii for GH3 for online play and downloadable content..I got burned there too, do DLC..



ChocoDK said:

I must agree with Stuffgamer1 and also say very well said! I can relate to what you posted about being a long time gamer and when I heard about the VC I was so happy thinking I could play the N64 games I missed. I never owned an N64 so to this day I haven't really played fully any of the great games it had to offer aside from the Zelda titles and the few I was interested in on the VC. And yet to my dismay I see that there is an embrassing amount of N64 titles and an astronomical amount of NES games. Now I am not insulting the NES as it was an amazing system and saved the video game market. However, the NES games on the VC majority of them are stupid like pinball or Donkey Kong Math. I mean who wants to spend $5 on that when you can pay $10 for something like Majora's Mask (I know thats a controversal game but many people want to see it released). I personally haven't played this weeks released game so I can only trust the review saying its a good game. But shooters aren't my cup of tea and I am happy for the people who are glad this game got released. But when the VC came out Nintendo promised 2~5 games a week or maybe it was 3~5 but whatever. Now without no announcement they are releasing only one game a lot in Europe and twice in North America. Give me a Break!



whalleywhat said:

The only way I can continue to forgive the lack of an obvious game like Metal Gear is my hope that it will be released the same week as MGS4. That would be hilarious. But the point about Brawl already being out in Japan is depressing, cause I'd heard that there were VC demos in Brawl, and figured that they'd have to fill out the roster with games featuring the likes of Solid Snake and Ness. But, yeah, it appears to not be happening. At least WiiWare is looking good.



tnk4god said:

wow, I wasted alot of points on this crappy game, what is wrong with you people. it is sooo boring.



Tim said:


I got GH3 for the wii just because it was $15 cheaper before tax then the 360 version. If you really believed there would be downloadable content I feel sorry for you.


Long time Nintendo fan eh? Well I guess I'm not as disappointed because I'm not exactly a Nintendo fan. In my short existence thus far I had a Genesis, PS1, Dreamcast, PS2, & X360. The wii is actually my first Nintendo console because Wii Sports sold me on the idea. I'm not surprise that Nintendo neglects their fans. Things have been going down hill as early as the N64 days.

I feel all your pain. I'm still trying to get the salt out of my wound without hurting my self even more.



Hexxen7 said:


I figured you could download games off the wii, how much harder could Downloadable content be..however I didnt do any research and remember I traded a cell phone for the Wii..knew nothing about how much memory it had, just figured more then 512.. It may have been $15 cheaper but no possible downloadable content..and you knew this? why would you buy it for the wii, makes no sence to me, unless I suppose you got rockband for 360.



Hexxen7 said:

anyways were a bit off topic here...
Yah tnk4god it doesnt look that great to me either, nor I have never heard of this game..

sorry you wasted your points



Tim said:

@ Hexxen7

I got it because I never intended to purchase any extra songs for it and I had nothing better to do in October. I generally don't do downloadable content because the DRM behind it bugs the hell out of me, with the exception of a few vc titles here and there. The only reason why its harder to implement is because Nintendo would actually have to do something to make it happen.

At least we got this game out of the way and those who are Turrican fans have something to smile about



eagidni said:

i always figured that as virtual console aged and grew in popularity, there would be larger amounts of games released each week. it's pretty unfortunate that this isn't the case, seeing as there are so many games that still need to be made available to today's generation of gamers... at this rate, they'll never see the light of day!

super turrican does look fun, though... if only i had 100 more wii points!



Pegasus said:

I find it amusing that a lot of people still have yet to realize that we won't see a lot of these old titles because of license issues, publishers' demises, etc. Wishful thinking just doesn't get one very far.

I've been looking forward to Super Turrican's release ever since it was first rated. One of my favorite game series of the past.



brooks83 said:

Earthbound will be released eventually. In the meantime, the demo of it on SSBB should hold you over til then



Kenryoku_Maxis said:

Just because a game for VC doesn't get released before Brawl does doesn't mean it won't appear on its 'Classics' collection in Brawl. A good indicator is the original Metroid, which Japan just got last week. I'd say that is a good candidate for the classics section of Brawl. And as someone is mentioning here, there's no representative for the Mother series in Americas VC, but two Mother reps in Brawl. Including one who appears in a game we will never see a game that will come to America.



Jon said:

oh well i have smash bros on my n64 which is hooked up right next to my wii so whatever



Mike1 said:

I agree with Stuffgamer1. I wanted the VC for Nintendo made games. Not that the Bonk games aren't cool because they are good games, but with Nintendo adding more systems they shouldn't be cutting down on the amount of games per week.



Serpent said:

I hope we get some big surprise next week, like super smash bros 64 to make up for this one game week thing.



BJ1 said:

Yeah, we may or may not get Super Smash Bros next week. You know, I wonder if Europe will get the game before we do (even if they get Kirby 64 sometime soon).



chiefeagle02 said:

Reggie did say once that Nintendo would release more VC games during Wii droughts. And with Brawl less than a week away here in the US, it makes sense. I don't know about you, but I'd rather save my clams for Brawl than buy VC games at this point.



Marioman64 said:

you know... Nintendo could just not give us any vc games. we should be thankful, not picky.




42. Marioman64 United States 04 Mar 2008, 11:15 GMT

you know... Nintendo could just not give us any vc games. we should be thankful, not picky.

I couldn't disagree more. I bought my Wii with the expectation that they would release a steady stream of VC game because that is part of their advertisement for the Wii. They aren't handing these game out for free you know?

I think you have it backwards. Nintendo is privileged to be getting our money, not the other way around.

ETA- The VC is also the only use I get out of the system.



Bensei said:

So US got a game EU got instead of Kirby, i hope we'll get Kirby 64 therefore this week!



Roo said:

Marioman64: "you know... Nintendo could just not give us any vc games. we should be thankful, not picky."

Exactly. This a great chance for people to play games that were bypassed by most back in the day - Super Turrican is one of those. Nintendo really don't have to bring anything back at all if one considers it. One game every seven days is plenty; and if you don't like that one game, go buy a Wii game, for there are plenty of those you've probably neglected as well (Eledees, Dewy's Adventure, Geometry Wars: Galaxies et al.)



Stuffgamer1 said:

Bass XO: The PK Callin' info was actually under EB Siege on the home page. The details on past events are surprising, too. The Legend of Zelda: Master Quest was released in America due to one of these calling events, and Mother 1 + 2 almost was until the calls dropped off and Nintendo assumed that meant interest had waned. The promise that Earthbound was headed to VC was in a separate news report that I can't find either. Maybe the site doesn't keep up a backlog of news reports. The report said that Earthbound was on the list of games they're working on putting on VC, but that list is dozens long, and no time table has been announced. That could mean Nintendo just lied to us in a vain attempt to shut us up, but I doubt it. Just keep calling, and it'll come. Also, if anyone wants to play Mother 3 in English even if Nintendo never does give it to us, check the link Mother 3 Fan Translation on the home page. It tells how professional translators and highly skilled hackers are working hard to get an English hack for the Japanese ROM into our hands. If Nintendo only realized that we were desperate enough for their game to go to all this effort, they might have actually released it retail over here. It's pretty sad when consumers literally have to BEG to give a company our money.



SBOY said:

Like Tony said "What the point of adding new systems if we get 1 game a week."... C64 seem to be on it way and still they put 1 game out...



deadly_by_design said:

To those folks saying we should be grateful:

I'm paying for a service. They should thank me for giving them money for old software that most people wouldn't consider worth five dollars. (not that 'most' implies anyone with taste, since I do loves me some gaming nostalgia) Releasing one game a week reduces my interest in the service as a whole, and makes me less likely to care about future VC releases.

I'm pretty picky about what I download though. My purchases tend to be restricted to the "must buy faves" (on which I can count with no more than two hands) and "ooh, never released here" titles like Mother, etc. And the occasional fighting game, but there aren't many I consider worth buying on VC yet. (especially not enough to warrant a NeoGeo Stick)



GamerWho said:

"you know... Nintendo could just not give us any vc games. we should be thankful, not picky."

Nintendo gives you VC games? Crap, I paid for mine.

Yes Nintendo doesn't have to give us a decent VC selection. Just how I don't have to give Nintendo my cash. BUT if they want it out of my wallet, they'll have to try to tempt me, won't they



loudogsgonetothemoon said:

hey so with this game does it have save points or is it more like contra in the fact that you are just expected to blast your way through all in one try?

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