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Tetris is Coming to WiiWare - Online Play Included

Posted by Damien McFerran

Generally regarded as one of the greatest videogames of all time, Tetris has just been confirmed as a WiiWare release.

The most exciting aspect of this update is the ability to play online against people all over the world; according to the Japanese press release up to 6 people can participate in block-based multiplayer madness, which makes us very happy indeed.

The controls are also getting an upgrade to make the most of the Wii’s unique motion sensing technology, but we would imagine the standard d-pad control is available too. However, we have to admit that the allure of playing motion-sensitive Tetris is considerable.

The game is being produced by Hudson in conjunction with The Tetris Company. The release date is Summer 2008.

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Kevin said:

I'll definately be getting this along with Dr.Mario. Can't wait.



Kelvin said:

I can imagine some sort of rotation of the Wiimote controlling the rotation of the blocks. Actually, that might make a proper 3D version possible, as you can then rotate the Wiimote/blocks in all dimensions.

Sorry. Blathering.



dark_moogle said:

I agree with ATRUEZELDAFAN, they need a miracle to pull me away from Tetirs DS. 4 player online with no friend codes, 6 single play modes (5 of which are fun, touch is too easy) and portability.

Unless this thing can cure cancer I don't see myself buying this anytime soon.



ICEknight said:

This is great news... Although I'm not sure if Hudson will handle Tetris as flawlessly as Nintendo.



RGVEDA said:

Wii Ware release at 25th March 2008 in Japan with these games!

  • Dr. Mario & Saikin Bokumetsu (Nintendo): 1.000 Wii-Punkte
  • Minna no Pokemon Bokujô (Nintendo/Pokemon): 1.000 Wii-Punkte
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (Square Enix): 1.500 Wii-Punkte
  • Star Soldier R (Hudson): 800 Wii-Punkte
  • Kotoba no Puzzle: Mojipittan Wii (Bandai Namco): 1.000 Wii-Punkte
  • Okiraku Ping Pong Wii (Arc System Works): 500 Wii-Punkte
  • Lonpos (Genki): 1.000 Wii-Punkte
  • Tenshi no Solitaire (G-Mode): 500 Wii-Punkte
  • Sakusaku Animal Panic (Konami): 1.000 Wii-Punkte

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Chester said:

It has some of the same looks as Tetris DS, and that makes me want it even more. Hope that they keep the gameplay true to tradtion.



Rapadash6 said:

Between this and Dr. Mario, Wiiware already has better puzzle games than Live Arcade. I just wonder what this means for the original NES and SNES releases of these games.



DJ_Triforce said:

This is really exciting. I'm hoping that they will still release the Nintendo port of Tetris. That one was rad.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:


Dr. Mario and now WW Tetris are going to be instant downloads for me. This is excellent, excellent news. Now it looks like I don't need to get Puyo Puyo 2, since I'll have enough variety in the puzzle genre to keep me happy.



Roo said:

Any money they go and ruin it by adding new shapes, like Magical Disney Tetris' legendary 8x8 block of rubbishness.



ShadowSniper7 said:

Even though I have Tetris DS I might still get this because I don't have any Tetris games for my consoles.



Jazzem said:

I'll get this purely for online play. I'm willing to bet marathon mode will be too easy, ala Tetris DS.

Still, great news



Rossi said:

Kelvin, please never say that again! Nintendo have already tried and failed with a 3D Tetris and really set the quote in stone "Tetris should remain 2D!"

3D Tetris was the name of the title and was released for the Virtual Boy. Japan didnt even get this baby due to the fact that Virtual Boy was gaining no interest from the public.

Fancy another go?



Csheroe said:

Dr. Mario, tetris and a Final Fantasy based Simcity game! I can't wait!
Too bad it launches in May



Csheroe said:

I could get in on that action, Nintendobrad someone call Nintendo and sega to make that happen!



Clayfrd said:

I've never been addicted to Tetris as thousands have. That being said, I still love to play it in bursts. Maybe "Brawl" will have lost my attention by 1% by the time this and Dr. Mario are release so that I'll be able to devote some time back to my downloads. Unfortunately, I only have 60 blocks of system memory left!!!



JNoodles said:

Looks like a killer app, seems like a killer app, SMELLS like a killer app! It must be!



TBoneTony said:

Hope they have the old Russian folk songs like the NES, Gameboy and the Tegen version of Tetris.



King_wiL said:

Yeah sorry but i already had my fair share of tetris madness back in the day plus i have tetris ds which only keeps me playing cause of the o;ld school ninty stuff. oh well.



chiefeagle02 said:

Oh. My. God!!!

Probably the best news I've heard from this site in the longest time! If it's possible to play in a sideways remote setup as an alternative to the motion based scheme, then I'm almost definitely downloading this one (need some Wii Points, but I'm also thinking of using what's left of my GameStop card to reserve Wii Fit).



Atlantis1982 said:

Even though this is the grand daddy of puzzle games, we are getting WAY too many puzzle games.



E-dawg said:

YES! I love Tetris, will definetly be worth it, even though I spt AU$45 for the DS version, this is on the big screen! PS. Will this version have the classic Tetris music (original Game Boy version)? That was an awesome song!



Manicfatty said:

Nice...but give me Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo instead! I've loved that game since I first played it in the arcade. I have it for Saturn and PS3 HD download...but I'd love to see what the Wiimote could bring to the table. Maybe nothing, but I'd like to see someone try! And as far a 3d tetris games go, I actually enjoyed playing Tetrisphere on the N64. Not perfect, but somewhat addictive.



NESgamer said:

This one looks interesting, i love Tetris, everyone loves tetris!!. Let's see if it opens the way for Paneru de pon (Tetris attack).

And i hope as well it has the "type-A" "type-b" and "type-c" classic Tetris music.



Monmoya said:

Kelvin, your thoughts about 3D brought to mind Tetrisphere which is a very underrated title IMO. An update on that with motion controls could be pretty sweet...



whalleywhat said:

Thinking this will render knock off Dr. Mario pointless. Either way, this.. is.. awesome. crossing fingers for puzzle league

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