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Pass Your Driving Test With Atari

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Atari UK set to publish a new DS "training" game entitled "Driving Theory Training" which will be officially licensed by the DSA.

Available in Summer 08, Driving Theory Training will feature the full driving theory questions and answers officially licensed by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency). In addition to a full theory test based on the real life exam, learners can benefit from revision, graphs, mini games and questions and answers relating to vehicles. The application also features the full Highway-code, ways to learn and revise as well as fun games to entertain whilst stimulating the mind.

Whilst this is quite a surprise to everyone here at NintendoLife towers, it actually makes quite alot of sense. Having passed my test only a few years ago (35/35 FTW) I shelled out over £20 for a DVD set for use on the PC which could of been better spent on another DS title!

Planning on learning to drive? Wait till the summer and we'll let you know how good this turns out!

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Damo said:

This is a great idea TBH, they could even incorporate the hazard perception videos used in the test.

Although, it has to be said, you have to be a complete dunce to not pass your theory. I did mine quite recently and got full marks - we must be pretty brainy here at NLife towers...

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