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Master System Hitting US 'Soon', 400 Points Per Game

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

In a press release issued today, Sega has announced that Master System games will indeed be heading to the US Virtual Console. The games will cost 400 Wii Points each, 100 less than in Japan, where they're 500 each.

The first two games will be Wonder Boy and Fantasy Zone. No exact date yet, but Sega says you can expect them "soon".

No word on a date for the system in Europe yet - But both games mentioned were already rated by the OFLC a few weeks ago, so it is to be expected that Europeans will be able to savour the system's delights around the same time as the US. The European game prices are, for now, unknown.

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Rapadash6 said:

Wow, the original Wonder Boy! I grew up playing the Adventure Island series so it'll be interesting to see this sister game in action.



Bass_X0 said:

please be 400 points here too. its annoying having 400 points and not being able to do anything with them until you get more. i think people will be more likely to try master system games out if they are 400 points - which will probably work out better in sega's favour than if they were 500 points each (i think people are more likely to download a NES game than a Master System game if they were equal in cost). Anyway good news all around. I really hope the Sonic platformers come to V.C. soon. I'd download them.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

400 points is good news, anyway, unless they decide to make Phantasy Star and Golden Axe Warrior cost an extra 100 for "mysterious" reasons...



Atlantis1982 said:

Wait a dang minute....(puzzle look)

If Sega Master System, a system a bit more advanced than the Commodore 64...

Why the heck is SMS CHEAPER than the C64? o.O



Bass_X0 said:

Probably because Commodore Gaming who are handling the downloads want to charge more per download of Commodore 64 games (them being a small company and Sega being a large company). Not everything revolves around how advanced a console is compared to others, I heard that MSX games were going to cost 800 points but that was ages ago and we still haven't saw MSX games. I hope thats not true.



Dazza said:

400 points is a bargain for some of the better Master System games. Seems spot on to me, it certainly makes the 500 point price for C64 games look a bit silly!



Starwolf_UK said:

I guess the 400 point Master System games are due to the system not doing well in America and so people not being familiar with its games.

SEGA did a similar strategy in Japan for the Megadrive titles pricing them at 600 points. Though that said the Master system didn't exactly fly off shelves there either...

As for things making other things look silly. 500 point Wiiware I potentially has the ability to do that



Jupiter_Adept said:

It's probably 400 WP because the Genesis/MD is 600 WP in Japan. Anyway, I'll be getting Wonderboy!



Viral said:

Eh, I like how they release more systems but not the games for those said systems....No C64 games in Europe yet. Here's to more systems, less games.



lordbowser said:

If i'm dreaming don't wake me up because its a dream come true to finally get rid of those 400 points that never go away.



Tim said:

If Sega releases Outrun for Master System and not Genesis I will be so Mad! If they release Penguin Land I'll probably pick it up if I don't run out of space from other stuff before when ever then is.



Quimby said:

Ah... just think about it. cheap games, most of which are SEGA inhouse so no licensing issues of most good games, and small download size. mmmm... Sonic Chaos, Sonic Labrynth, Golden Axe Warrior, Rescue Mission (Come on gun support), Pengo (a Must have!), Super Off Road, Rampage (the last good version)... Oh Yeah, now to play the waiting game.



DJ_Triforce said:

How much is 100 points for Japan? I think it takes 8 American dollars to make 1 of their Yen. I think their economy is much stronger than ours. But I have no idea. Haha. And I haven't check currency rates.



ouenben said:

DJ Trifoce - Err no. Yen is very high numbers for even small purchases.

1 Yen = $0.010052 according to

Japan pays the least going by exchange rates and Europe pays the most.
I have a US Wii so I pay say $20 for 2000 points which is £10



ouenben said:

I hope they release bubble bobble on MS soon, it was way better than the NES version.



lockelocke said:

Ha, I've had 400 points kicking around for months, and finally their purpose is clear; Fantasy Zone, fo sho. I've still got my old Master System, but the controllers are shot, and its painfully frustrating to play, so I'm hella looking forward to SMS titles on the VC. Hit me with Space Harrier, Sega, and I'll forgive you for Space Harrier 2.



JaredJ said:

I'm assuming game gear games will be 400 points as well? Any way great deal!!!



7th_lutz said:

The prices are a bargin for some of the Sms games like Phantasy Star. Hopefully Sega wouldn't release the great sports series on the Sms vc.



Serpent said:

Wow, 400 wii points is a really good price, Iam going to be buying a ton of master system games.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

400 points is fair compared to other prices. Hopefully some rarer titles will appear. Fantasy Zone is a personal favourite, highly recomended to fans of psyched-out humor shooters.



slangman said:

I hope the same deal comes to Europe. Paying a mere 400 points has gotten me more tempted to buy MS games.



DannyZ13 said:

Are they ever going to convert Sega GameGear or Nintendo Gameboy or Gameboy Color games onto the Wii?



Bass_X0 said:

I think they are delaying those until the next Nintendo handheld is released which is strongly rumored to have a "Virtual Handheld" type thing. I think Game Gear games were announced at the same time as the Master System was first announced for Virtual Console but I don't know if that was just speculation or not. What they should do is release handheld games and allow them to be played both on your Wii and later your next generation Nintendo handheld.



blackknight77 said:

I am guessing SMS will come out monday. Or April Who knows?

I wish they would not release another Wonder/Adventure Island game but something new and different.

I really need to research about what are good SMS games to buy



Mike1 said:

Who cares. I just want some good N64 games please. This 2 a week release garbage better stop when the Master System and C64 come out.



Bass_X0 said:

I'm guessing Monday since they issued a press release statement. And although more games per week would be a good thing, I suspect Nintendo will use this to stretch the Virtual Console out even thinner with longer gaps between the more expensive games. Yeah, I'm starting to lose faith in the Virtual Console too right now... =sighs=



Ark said:

Wow, this morning I woke up to "Pay and Play", VC Demos, and "Master System games for 400 Wii Points." Talk about a good morning. =)

I can't believe this is true...Too good!*denies it* I wasn't one for the Master System before, but my uncle showed me some games(particularly some Wonder Boy game that's part action and RPG(Monster land or something?))and that got me interested. Plus, those Sonic titles would be good. I'm willing to take risks in games that cost four dollars so perhaps the SMS will be a hit from the price?



Clayfrd said:

Cool. Nice price. Is it true that Master System Sonic games are different from their Genesis counterparts of the same names?



butanebob said:

Yep they're different. Same gameplay but the levels etc are all different.

Bring on wonderboy iii - the greatest 8bit console game of all time!



Adamant said:

The Master System games are ports of the Game Gear games. Comletely separate entries in the series, with no relation to the Mega Drive games.



J_K said:

I knew this was coming for a long time, but despite that I picked up a basically new SMS for Christmas and a large pile of around 25-30 games (most of which are excellent.) Yay for people who can't get one as $4 is amazingly fair and smart on Sega's part to try and get some more bites from odd sized leftovers on peoples cards + to undercut the more known NES things. I hope they move well and I really can't wait to see things like Alex Kidd and Phantasy Star show up for those who miss em or never had em.



Wiiloveit said:

400 points? Europe already gets ripped off from the sale of the points alone(100 points currently stand at the rough equivalent of $10 US and $14/15 UK), but why must they do it with VC titles as well? £3.50 per C64 game and 100-200 extra points per import title is bad enough, but come on, Nintendo! hows about knocking a hundred points off all MS games for EU too?

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