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LostWinds: One to Watch on WiiWare?

Posted by Damien McFerran

With WiiWare now officially launched in Japan, it’s difficult not to feel a slight sense of disappointment when looking at the opening salvo of software. Sure, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles looks lovely and the Dr Mario update is addictive as ever, but a few too many of the titles appear to be either over-priced shovelware or ‘too Japanese’ to appeal to a Western audience.

Fear not, because the US launch is looking a hell of a lot more enticing, largely thanks to titles like LostWinds, which is shaping up to be the kind of game that puts full retail releases to shame.

Next-Gen has recently spoken to several staff members from the UK’s Frontier Developments, and they had some interesting thinks to say regarding the progress of this potentially groundbreaking WiiWare title. Check out the full feature here.

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konkerdoodle said:

Using my amazing psychic powers, I will now predict what the hot topic on this thread will be! Hmm....rubs temples....Storage space! Prove me wrong, people.



Bass_X0 said:

"too Japanese" is what stopped some awesome games being sold to us in the past. I'd hope that more "too Japanese" titles get translated and sold on WiiWare. Production costs of the physical games were the major deterrent for some companies to not translate some games because they feared it wouldn't sell to the west. but with WiiWare there are no such deterrents so maybe we'll see more games that are considered "too Japanese". I know I'd rather play a good game that is culturally different than a bad game that appeals to my western culture.



Pegasus said:

Frankly, I kind of doubt that WiiWare will be the next best thing. That doesn't stop me from looking forward to it, though, because it may very well be a good supplement to what's already available on Wii.



Quimby said:

Yeah, this game sounds like a definate download for me, as long as it keeps going in the right direction. I want to see enticing and rewarding exploration, stylish ways to attack enemies (like using the wind to boost you over them and then slamming down, or sucking them in towards your character and attacking at just the right moment for a risky, but devastating blow) and maybe a system of cross-pollenating plants to make seeds with different effects. Wait, no forget everything I just said... I want to make this game myself. Stay away. lol
Also, if only we all had more storage space. Grumble grumble. Come on Nintendo. Rabble, rabble rabble .etc lol



Rapadash6 said:

I didn't think the Japanese Wiiware releases were all that bad. Overpriced, sure, but not bad. To have two must have games among them is a lot better than I expected and with titles like Lost Winds up for the US release, we should have an even better selection. Can't wait for May!



Manicfatty said:

Oh...and I really like where this game is headed. I kind of reminds my of how I felt reading the first reports and looking at the first screen shots of games like 'Rayman', 'Earthworm Jim' or 'Astal'. Warm fuzzies all around!



Manicfatty said:

STORAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just knew I couldn't resist, now didn't you



Quimby said:

Water based dont have that awful after taste so the flavoured ones aren't as disgusting...



Quimby said:

Oh, and I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this already, but is there a Euro launch date set for Wiiware? Or even rumored?
I hate that Nintendo hates Europe (and it feels bizzare calling Australia europe, it is in a totally different hemisphere. Also we can see the sun from here and are good at sport (real sport, soccer doesn't count).)



Manicfatty said:

@Quimby - Forgive my Yankee ignorance, but what sports are you speaking of? I know that you do the sail boat thingy pretty well, but other than Wallaby wrestling and the platypus toss...I'm unfamiliar.



Quimby said:

@manicfatty - I was mainly teasing the poms but I was refering to Rugby League, Rugby Union, Cricket, Platypus throwing (lol I think platypus 'tossing' is illegal - and rather kinky) .etc (not AFL as that is gay)
I'm not surprised you are nieve to them, as you yanks don't really play many (if any) of these sports as far as I know.
Gridiron (aka American football) is Ok, but it's a bit slow and the full on armor they wear is a laughing stock over here. (if you wear any kind of padding playing footy here, you are regarded as a pansy )



Quimby said:

To try and stay somewhat on topic (mainly so Dazza doesn't yell at me again )
I sincerely hope this game sets a benchmark so companies looking a Wiiware realise they can't just pump out half arsed crap to pawn off cheap, like an extention of those woeful mobile phone games. Lets get creative people!



Manicfatty said:

Oooo...I like Rugby. We don't really get much exposure to Rugby over here, but we pplayed some 'pick-up' games when I was in the military in the Gulf. Played poorly I would image, and I have no real idea of what it was I was doing...but it was fun and I remember mouthfuls of very hot sand. Ruck over! I actually bought the EA Rugby game back in 19XX.

Yeah. I'm old



Manicfatty said:

Oh... and you only wear pads if you play 'organized'. The rest of us play full-contact - no pads.

and I've never been so off-topic...I'm a little goofy today. But I agree...this is the shot in the arm Wiiware needs (if it stays the course). I was getting really concerned that the vast majority of games were going to be glorified cell-phone/flash game crap. This makes me a little more comfortable with the States launch.



Quimby said:

Lol - I prefer rugby league myself, but the Xbox rugby game was ace.
FYI - In case you are unfamiliar with aussie slang;
tossing= wanking= beating off= masturbating, I just realised my platypus joke makes no sense otherwise.



Quimby said:

Yeah, I saw that breakout game Damo posted and my crapometer went off. I mean it may be a good game made by real fans of the genre, but it looks like a game I could make on my lonesome in about 4-5 hours...



konkerdoodle said: seems my psychic powers have failed me. Hey people! Shouldn't we be talking about storage issues and not sports? Maybe even throw in a few "Nintendo is stoopid not givin' us three games of week." comments! This is just abnormal!



Seven said:

This looks like an awsome game, kinda reminds me or Little Big planet, either way can't wait to download this game.



jg233 said:

I loved Kirby: CC on the DS so this is a must have for me! Anyone knoe the price? I am expecting 1000 - 1500 points.



Tim said:

There is really only one real sport silly Quimby. HOCKEY!



Manicfatty said:

@konkerdoodle - Is someone cranky and retaining? We are not monkeys and we do not perform for you organ grinder

Besides, we all know what the deal is ;P



Starwolf_UK said:

Oh, and I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this already, but is there a Euro launch date set for Wiiware? Or even rumored?
I think this is filed under rumour. A letter came with the "preparations for Wiiware update". The European one said May (the Amaican one said Spring though...). Heres hoping its not NOEs usual made up date that falls though

@Quimby & Manicfatty. You do realise there is an edit button,right?



Objection said:

Lost Winds looks great- 800-1200 pts and 100-200 blocks please!
As for American and European release, everyone knows US is May 12th and I've heard that Europeans may get it by the end of May (rumor/unconfirmed) Well, lets hope you get WiiWare before you get Trials and Tribulations or Brawl cause otherwise that could be a hella long wait!



konkerdoodle said:

@Manicfatty - Well, maybe YOUR new user name should be...uhm...actually, it doesn't get a whole lot more insulting than Manic Fatty. You may have won the battle, but the war is far from over...



Quimby said:

@ Starwolf - hmm. stupid us not being japanese, I want my Wiiware. and my Nintendo for that matter.
Also re: the edit button - what's your point?
@tim - Mutant League Hockey was ok, but I just can't get that excited over a game that shares so much with Disney on Ice (not the one where all the disney characters take ice and get naked in the park because of the ants under thier skin - because that was hilarious)



Tim said:

How can you say such a thing Quibmy? Are you trying to provoke me? Mutant League Hockey was one of the worst hockey video games to ever be made. Even the aging 8bit Blades of Steal puts it to shame.

I'm still scratching my head on this Disney on Ice stuff you speak of. It doesn't sound like hockey. And they get naked too? That is some weird ... I don't want to know about your fond childhood memories.



Manicfatty said:

@Quimby - Who with the what now?

I choose my seals with the greatest of care. Only the firmest of seals ever sees the light of day in my three screen youtube spectacular!

And to stay on topic...STORAGE!!!!!!!

@konkerdoodle - I am very proud to be a manicfatty! I'm more the manic these days, but I just love the name!

and...HARD DRIVE!!!

@Starwolf_UK - Holy crap!!!! There is an edit button!!! Quimby!!! You gotta try this thing out...It's Shweeeeet!


Sorry...I've been random boy yesterday and today. I'll be good now



konkerdoodle said:

I'm sooo happy! I've learned four new things today!
1. I've discovered the edit button! How wonderous! Manicfatty Is a kind individual. (Little do you know that used to say Manicfatty is a deranged individual, before...the edit button!)
2. I've discovered a forum! It's like a whole new universe for me!
3. I am always right and truly psychic!
"And to stay on topic...STORAGE!!!!!!!"
"and...HARD DRIVE!!!"
"and...PLAY FROM SD CARD!!!"
4. Avoid Manicfatty. He is not in the mental health.

Oh yeah, LostWinds...the graphics fooled me, I thought it was going to be a 3D game at first. It looks like a fun use of the motion sensing to me.



Manicfatty said:

@konkerdoodle - hehehe - I would consider myself a truely boring individual if I was 'In the mental health'.
And those comments were specifically for you, since you seemed a little glum about your waning psychic powers

btw - forums/boards became very boring for me awhile back. Then I found this site, and to a degree (sans sarcasm) you're correct. I've found (most of ) the ppl on here a lot of fun, open-minded and thoughtful...which in my many years of posting is refreshing. I have a lot of fun with the debates and verbal jousting, as well as sharing in the excitment of old-school gaming. It's a nice break from a very stressful job during the day.

@Pegasus -'re right. But it just comes out sometimes! Sorry!



Quimby said:

@ Pegasus - Yeah sorry mate, but forums bore me. I figured of news posts Im not doing any real harm, as they get deleted when enough new articles are posted. However, if you catch me doing it on a game page (like with King's knight ) pull me up on it and I'll delete it.
@ manicfatty - My email is, please feel free to msg me so we dont end up clogging these pages. Same 4 any VCreviews regulars, I love anything to do with games and can chat about it for ever. If you spam me or sign me up for porn, I'll come after you...
@ All - sorry for my long post with bad grammar & probable spelling errors, but I am quite drunk (Its Friday) so if it bothers you, feel free to blow me.



The_shoemaker said:

I don't know why I want this game, but I just do. Ever since I've herd about this game, I've wanted it so badly. I didn't even now what it was about, but the art style pulled me in. This game is an instant download for me.



whalleywhat said:

This is definitely one of my most wanted, probly after World of Goo, whenever that comes out. I just read about Square's pricing scheme for the Final Fantasy game, and I've lost all interest. They want 1500 points for it, but it only comes with one of the 4 races, and you have to pay 500 points for each additional one. Forget that nonsense.
I'll also buy a lot of multiplayer puzzle type games, like this Tetris update, especially if they're 500 points.

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