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Japanese WiiWare Service – GO! GO! GO!

Posted by Damien McFerran

After months of waiting, WiiWare has finally gone live in Japan – the first territory to officially be granted the new downloadable gaming portal.

Nine games have been made available from launch, with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King being the big draw of the bunch.

Surprisingly, Nintendo’s recently announced “Pay and Play” service is supported by some of these new games (including Final Fantasy). It remains to be seen how this service will manifest itself, but it would be reasonable to expect some kind of downloadable content such as new characters or items.

The prickly issue of internal memory is likely to be brought to the forefront yet again; if you were to download all nine WiiWare games it would fill 1703 blocks of your Wii’s internal storage, and with around 1840 blocks of memory to play with in total, that doesn’t leave much space for anything else!

The rather excellent Nintendo World Report has the complete lowdown on this momentous event.

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Rapadash6 said:

Can't wait for Dr. Mario! I'm still waiting to hear more about how My Life as a King plays but it looks promising. As for the pay to play thing, I've heard you have to pay extra to have other races (Yukes, Selkies, etc.) join your town as well as additional outfits for your character.



BDPatVCR said:

so when do we start a pool on the launch date in europe ?
or have i missed some big anouncement ?



Starwolf_UK said:

or have i missed some big anouncement ?
The update that prepared the Wii Shop for WiiWare had a message with it.
For America is said WiiWare in Spring (though we know it is May 12th).
And for Europe it said WiiWare in May. Hopfully, this isn't one of NOEs made-up dates that fall through



BDPatVCR said:

So i did miss sth ... thx for the info Starwolf ...
What's up with Nintendo though, Europe getting something only 2 months after Japan. They must be mad ...



wii-c-kid said:

Definitely getting Star Soldier R and FF and every piece of electronics with a full colour display needs Solitaire....



Dazza said:

I demand Star Soldier R! At only 800 Points and 141 Blocks it is full of WIN!



wii-c-kid said:

Click on the Nintendo World Report link in the article GameGod3008. There's 9 WiiWare titles so far (I think) but not all of them might be as big (in terms of popularity) as Star Solider R or FF, but who knows. You might want something different and WiiWare certainly seems to be offering that



arobo21 said:

nintendo is absolutely ridiculous for launching wiiware without fixing the internal memory problem...
What is soooo hard about making an external HDD for the wii. use those USB ports for something! its been a year and a half now! i do use it to charge my mp3 player though lol _



GameGod3008 said:

Won't a regular add-on hard drive work? my friend has a wii that works with one although it was slightly modified



Quimby said:

I know a lot of people were complaining about half arsed retro remakes of 32bit games dominating the xbox live service, but I would love to see wiiware get some too (preferable whole arsed versions).
Bring on Panzer Dragoon, Virtua Cop, House of the Dead 1 (the best one), Hogs of War, oh sooo many titles... ah, I guess I'm just dreaming as I don't see a usb HD 4 Wii or a Saturn Channel on VC coming anytime soon... sigh.
Damn you Damo, your post made me sad.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

I M very pleased with the block sizes. They re not at a huge rate and seem fine to me. True, all nine would eat up your memory, but then whos going to buy all nine?

And they can be stored on a SD card once your finished, so yay!



GameGod3008 said:

I've seen SD Cards going very cheaply on Amazon (£4 for a new 2GB one) so i'm buying a few from there.



Shiryu said:

I cant beleive it, I dont evne have enought blocks to buy star Soldier R. I really dont want to erase any of my SNES games, They have been resident from day #1 of purchase... but the more Wii Games I buy, and those 512 megas are really really gettign thin. Nintendo, sort us out with USB pen drives ad HD support... PLEASE! Preety please with sugar on top.



Atlantis1982 said:

...or use the SD card and start living with swapping out games. Nintendo is not going to bother with a HDD.



wii-c-kid said:

Funny thing Damo, I've got 2080 blocks free and between 70 and 80 blocks of save data which by my calculations is quite a bit more than 1840 (around 2150). Perhaps you missed something - or maybe NIntendo were nice enough to stick extra storage on my Wii



Pavetheway said:

@Shiryu- You know you can download the games that you bought back any time you want to. I erased a few games that I love to play so that I could have more space. (I also have an SD card)



firebrand said:

You won't be so excited once you learn how Square is using "Pay and Play." Hehehehehe.



Kawaiipikachu said:

FF Wiiware be in aus according to e-mail about the software update .
I just cant wait !!!!!!!! bounces excitedly



Shortay said:

I'm very excited about WiiWare, especially after seeing some of the footage of several games lately.

I hope the EU will get it in May as well as the US. It's great that Japan have so many games available on the launch day as well.

The game that I'm most interested in is FFCC, as well as Dr. Mario and a few others.



arobo21 said:

um for you SD card "fans".,..whats the point
it took almost literally 10 minutes for zelda OoT to transfer from wii to sd card and's faster to just delete it and DL it again. but whats the fun in that?

and i think that Nintendo will realize the lack of downloads once ppl run out of memory and do something about it. if not, then someone come up with something they might use for those worthless USB ports? anyone? didnt think so.



Flamin_Skull said:

I would say the safest bet for the memory problem would be official Nintendo thumb drives into the USB It could take the code of your wii and permanently "brand" it or something? (or match up license numbers?)

Back on the subject of wiiware, It seems like there are no VC games in Japan, so I surely hope that this wont happen eery time we get a wii ware game (I would give Ninty an free pass on this one, 9 wiiware games is surely alot of games!) If we end up with only one wii ware game and no vc games this will be the end of my VC purchases except for unique titles. (buying the real carts!)



eltomo said:

From what I know, the new Bomberman game on the Wii isn't online, but rumors say WiWare Bomberman will be...
Soooooo I want that soon as!



Serpent said:

@ eltomo
No the the new bomberman on the wii IS going to be online. It was confirmed in a japanese magazine. I dont know about the Wiiware version.




I am already out of room on my wii from vc games and wii game saves. So i guess i wont be buying any wiiware games untill nintendo comes up with a solution.



Mike1 said:

86 blocks for Dr. Mario isn't too bad. i thought it would be a lot more.



Serpent said:

Keep notice that these are the japanese versions and there games usually take less space then anywhere else.



Seven said:

sucks how japan gets everything first ..either way i know the WiiWare will be awsome, hope for it to have downloadable content, specialy for Super smash bros brawl, New Characters BABY!! Heres hoping..



StarDust4Ever said:

@7: You can't add any content [eg new characters] into Brawl that's not already hard-coded into the disc.

Custom levels, replay videos, and screenshots are about the only thing you can add; these features were specifically placed in the game code; this content can be uploaded/swapped free from the SD card.



The_shoemaker said:


I know why does Japan always get better stuff first. When wiiware launches in the western shores, it's only releasing 3 games, not 9 like japan. But a lot of the games released in Japan I'm not that excited for.

The only games I'm excited for are, FF:CC, lostwinds, Eturnitys child, maybe that star soldier game, pop, butterfly garden, and that one game I can remember what it's called. only two of those games were released in Japan.

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