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Hudson announces WiiWare lineup, Alien Crush sequel

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Hudson has dated a few of their upcoming WiiWare games for Japan. Along with the dates, they've announced two new titles. There's also (finally) clarification on the Bomberman WiiWare game and Bomberman retail game. I'll go down the list in the same order Hudson did:

First off, Joy Sound is no longer a WiiWare game. It will be released as a retail game because it includes some accessoires which they obviously can't bundle with a digital download. However, you will be able to download additional songs off of WiiWare, so it still works with the service, just in a different way.

Bomberman will indeed be released a retail game, including a single player game, battle mode and minigames. But, there will also be a WiiWare version of the game. We now finally know how this works - If you're not interested in the single player and minigames, you can choose to only download the multiplayer battle part of the game as a WiiWare game. Smart move by Hudson! The game will hit WiiWare in June (In Japan).

Blue Oasis is sort of an Endless Ocean Light, with no diving, just a fishtank with fish you can raise and such. Not much else seems to be known, besides the fact that the game seems to use the Forecast Channel. The game will hit Japan this year, but no month has been announced yet.

Tetris is still on the way, with 6-player online battle, and 2-player online co-op. It still looks to be very close to the original game, so this one's got us excited! It will hit Japan in July.

Alien Crush WiiWare is a sequel to Alien Crush, available on VC! This game will feature 3D graphics and a new table, while still maintaining the feel of the original game. It'll also have online for up to 5 players (We're not sure how this will work) and online highscores. This must be a response to its VC sales, as we hear it's been selling quite well. Let's hope for Devil's Crush too! Japan will get it in August.

Hudson has also said they've got 10 total WiiWare games in development (Including these), so expect more announcements!

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Will said:

Wow, plenty of VC news today eh!? Im likin the idea of the bomberman multiplayer alrite, sure who ever bothered with the single player in a bomberman game anyway? Those other three are meh for me



Rapadash6 said:

Hmm, those don't look bad at all. As long as Hudson doesn't pull the downloadable content card on the Wiiware version of Bomberman, I'm sold. Tetris, I could go either way, but usually I tend to prefer the Nintendo incarnations of this series. And of course there's Alien Crush, a TOTAL surprise announcment. I love the original so I'll definately be keeping my eye on this one.



Starwolf_UK said:

Joysound sounds very much like the kind of thing that would use a digital subscription and in the process will become the first retail game to be Pay and Play.

From the outset (the strong VC support and the feeling some of their Wii games could have been digital downloads) I felt Hudson were the kind of company to prefer digital distribution. In a way I guess this proves it.

Edit: I just noticed this:
Looks familiar...



DEMON212 said:

I thought DC and JC were the AC sequels. Unless they mean direct sequel. I know one thing, buying this on day 1



jordanr said:

I think I will probably get Bomberman and Alien Crush. Not so sure about Blue Oasis, ill give Tetris a miss.

I just hope we get some additional storage soon.



Tim said:

Tetris and Bomberman have both caught my attention but still no pricing. The pricing strategy they use for yet another Tetris game or a multiplayer only game will either make or break the deal for me.

Alien crush is a game I would want to demo because I usually get bored of pinball type video games after 5 minutes.

I guess the wii is going to be cluttered with retro remakes after all Ninty and thats on top of the retro ports that already exist. Nicely done.



Manicfatty said:

Great news day! I have to say, as much as I'd like to be a hard ass regarding the flood of retro remakes...I can't..I love Alien Crush entirely too much! And this has me cautiously optimistic. I hope they don't break it.

I'm taking a wait and see attitude with bomberman. I hope it reaches the level of fun of Saturn Bomberman.



Quimby said:

@manicfatty - In case you don't bother reading the lostwinds page again before it's deleted, my email address is, Email me, because I kinda feel guilty about clogging up these posts with our random banter, but I do so enjoy it...
Hmm... I just jumped on my laptop I usualy only check this site on my Wii) to check out the forums here (not for me, these pages are more interesting) and I realised my avatar looks like crap on a pc for some reason...might have to change it soon. Maybe Ken masters from Street Fighter or something - But I do love my Darkwing



Bass_X0 said:

I hope games don't continue the trend of adding "WiiWare" to the end of the title. I would much prefer "Alien Crush 2" as the name.



blackknight77 said:

I hope they remake Lords of Thunder with updated graphics. And get the band Dragon Force to do the soundtrack!

Anyway I am curious to see Alien Crush, might be cool online



JNoodles said:

Alien Crush for WiiWare... ALRIGHT! I love the original 'Crush' games and have el' high hopes for this one here.



Drake said:

Actually Bass, I believe it's just called "Alien Crush", there's no WiiWare at the end. We've just added WiiWare for now so there's no confusion.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Feels kind of weired with a new Alien Crush, but it sounds amusing. Star Soldier R is what I look forward to. Apparently VC-focus gives new life to old franchises, let´s hope for new Wonderboy, Shining Force and Fantasy Zone games! And a new WiiWare Kid Icarus



Pegasus said:

Yay, Alien Crush! I hope it won't be the only pinball game on WiiWare. I realize that pinball, even more so in video game form, is a very small niche market, but even so...

I've been a pinball nut ever since I can remember.



DEMON212 said:

I was gonna buy this on day 1, and how Devil's and Jaki's were Alien's sequel, but I guess that this meant that they were mean an Alien's Crush 2?



Serpent said:

Woah, a Alien Crush would be great, The VC is good for ressurecting old tittles and creating new sequels on the wiiware.I hope other 3rd parties do something similar.Imagine a brand new castlevania,chrono trigger, Bonk, sonic and etc.



Atlantis1982 said:

Okay, IGN is now saying there is two versions for Joysound: the WiiWare version and a retail version (probably comes with a microphone). Either way, probably makes no difference seeing that it might not even come to the other regions anyway. >.>



Bass_X0 said:

i'd like to see Nintendo do a few new WiiWare games using their existing games. Okay, how about a new Mario Kart cup (four courses) - it would use the same program for the Wii game but give courses not seen in the Wii game. You wouldn't even have to own the Wii game to play it. But it would be very limited in options (1P Grand Prix, Time Trial and offlne multiplayer only) so that you would want to buy the full game to play the proper version. I really think Nintendo should do stuff like this for WW as well as new titles.



Kirk said:

I really hate when companies update their classic, and often brilliant, games and then ruin the whole look of the classic. In this case it's the new 3D version of Alien Crush. The original, and even moreso with the sequel Devil Crush, had beautiful vibrant graphics that still had that cool evil look to them, but in a stylised way. This new version looks terrible with really generic looking design and almost monotone colours and graphics that just all blend into one big mess.
Why couldn't they have just remade the game with 3D versions of the originals lovely graphics?
This kind of thing really pisses me off!



E-dawg said:

Hmm, should I wait for the update or download the already available Alien Crush?



Kirk said:

Get the original imo. I just have that feeling this update isn'g going to live up to it's pedigree. Check out the screens of the original, or actually check out the sequel Devil Crush, and see how much more appealing it looks.



Clayfrd said:

I love Alien Crush! I'll have to check this update when it's released. Online capabilities are interesting.



TicTacs said:

Will Tetris include offline multiplayer? and how many people can play offline? and also, can you play with 2 players (using the same wii) against other people online?

hm i mite buy blue oasis for my lil sis but alien crush looks pretty lame imo.. but i nvr tried it so i dont know haha



TicTacs said:

Will Tetris include offline multiplayer? and how many people can play offline? and also, can you play with 2 players (using the same wii) against other people online?

i might buy blue oasis for my little sister.. but i dont know about alien crush.. it doesnt interest me =/

and for bomberman.. i might buy it if it has online because i already have '93

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