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Gameboy Comes Back From The Dead

Posted by Damien McFerran

A new meaning to the term 'Paper Mario'

This is one of the most amusing ‘mods’ we’ve seen in quite some time.

Nintendo fan Josh Burker decided that when his trusty handheld finally gave up the ghost, he wasn’t going to sit around and sulk about it. Instead, the industrious chap has given the console a new lease of life by creating a 3D Mario scene inside the screen.

Of course, interactivity is pretty limited, but who cares when it looks this cool? Although for 100% authenticity he really should have done it in black and white.


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Damo said:

I had three not long ago. One is my original GB from back in the day (very yellow looking now), the other is my daughters which I got from a charity shop for £5 (fully boxed!) and the other I got from a Christmas tabletop sale a year ago, along with carry case and games, for £1! Sadly the screen was broken so I dumped it and just made do with two.



Masterless said:

I had a ago at making one of these papercraft things, without the gameboy. It turned out ok but not very sturdy. Well done to whoever it was that made this, its harder than it looks.



LeonChamp said:

Maybe someone could fit the innards of a 2ds into a Gameboy shell, that would be awesome!!!

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