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EU VC Release - March 7th - Kirby 64

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Nintendo are back to their old shenanigans, as there's only one new game this week. That said, it IS a Nintendo 64 game, which somewhat merits it.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is the only 3D Kirby platformer ever released (There is another in development, but information on it is a bit scarce). Unfortunately, it's also frequently seen as the "worst" Kirby platformer. That doesn't mean it's not good - It's just a bit... "lacking" compared to its brethren.

Only one game this week - If you don't like Kirby, why not try one of the great games released the past few weeks? Or check out the review:

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - N64 - 1000 Wii Points

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Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Not too bad a week. One game is tolerable if it's a good one. And maybe North America will end up with River City Ransom next week in a strange kind of delayed tradeoff...



KhaoShar said:

Best thing about this: US got S-Turrican on monday as only game, we get Kirby. Slowly a feeling of eqallity creeps up- don't make any sudden movements lest you scare it away



DJ_Triforce said:

A brilliant game! I strongly suggest it... I bought it last week when it hit the States.



DJ_Triforce said:

One more thing - I was wondering, how is it that you guys were able to let us know what games we were getting ahead of time? I notice that you haven't been doing it. What's going on?



DEMON212 said:

Really wish I hadn't listened to people when they said that Turrican was actually good.

Now I can't afford this for a lil while.

BTW, I love how so far there's only been one EU guy posting in this, the EU release thread



dark_moogle said:

I'm really growing tired of people who say 'it's okay to get 1 game a week if it's an N64 game'. The fact is Nintendo is just being lazy! Sure it's better than 1 NES game or something like that, but its still 1 game that can't really appeal to anyone outside of already established Kirby fans. I'm still waiting for my next SNES rpg fix, after all Breath of Fire II can only last you so long.



Jon2 said:

One game week again?! Give me a break Nintendo! At least 2 games a week, and no I don't want fluffy, pink Kirby! I want Elemental Master and C64 now!



Viral said:

I may get this, depending on the wife...she recently downloaded Toejam & Earl so maybe I'll get to tradeoff and get this...



djshep1973 said:

I'm still happy playing Super Turrican, so am not too fussed with this week's release... still holding my breath for an EU release of Axelay as well!



Kelvin said:

Yeah, won't be getting this one, but I've got too many games to play and finish as it is!



PlayerOne said:

I haven't bought any VC games for ages, despite having a load of points and a load of games I want. I figured I haven't played the ones I've got, and the new ones aren't going anywhere. I'll still be able to buy them when I'm ready.



Roo said:

Disappoinitng. I know I said it was fun and all before, but I played it yesterday on N64 (Cartridges baby!) and it wasn't the game I remembered it to be. Too dull, predictable and easy to amount to much. The music isn't too shabby though.



Rexy said:

To whoever thought that we can't accept the "1 game if it's an N64 game" comment... personally I feel the VC in general NEEDS more N64 games; Nintendo have a colossal back catalog with that and there's only 12 games out at the moment. That's telling me something alright. >.>

Either way, likewise, I'll be able to make a future advancement on this (still got a couple of games I need to finish). Cheers.



dark_moogle said:

I never said I don't want N64 games, I simply said people are being to forgiving of Nintendo for holding back on VC releases. I know there are heaps of N64 games I would want to play, and yes I already downloaded Paper Mario, Sin and Punishment AND Pokemon Snap (and own the other games already that I would want on carts) but it's still inexcusable to keep holding back.

I only brought up wanting more SNES era RPG's because thats one of the potential genres that I really want to invest in, and BoF2 has been lonely on my Wii without the likes of Lufia, Fire Emblem, Earthbound, Mario RPG and Final Fantasy (prob wont get those since they are just remade these days).



E-dawg said:

Never been a Kirby fan but at least there is another Nintendo 64 game until another one comes out in October.



stevenlindsay23 said:

I Check every week wishing and hoping they will release Cannon Fodder. Main reason I got the wii as thought it would be on there!
I know there may be legal reasons why it hasn't or may not ever be on The VC. Does anyone out there think there may be a chance? Or am i wishing on a Star and may as well buy a super nes and super nes game



Rossi said:

Im not even rushing to go buy this today, i am waiting for dream land 3!



Jockolantern said:

Games don't have to be Battletoads/Legacy of the Wizard difficult to be truly enjoyable games. Kirby 64 is exactly what it amounts to be: colorful, fun, and charming. Definitely a recommended download for those who just like a good, laid-back platforming experience that won't have you throwing the controller around in aggrivated rage.



Buck said:

You really need to learn the difference between its and it's, mr Drake.



BJ1 said:

ICEknight, you don't know what you are missing. It's fun. I'm so happy for you guys that you got Kirby 64. Speaking of Battletoads that should also hit the VC if Rare ever comes to their senses.



DEMON212 said:

Dark Moogle.

So... Getting Hockey Manager (The only game to ever score a 0 on IGN) for the N64, is better than Castlevania III on the NES?

I too am sick of everyone saying that 1 game a week is good, because when we were getting 3-4 games a week all of which were almost always good (If I didn't feel this way I wouldn't have 127 games. And I had about 100 before X-MAS). It was a hell of a lot better than this. And those people know it too.

But this is what we're getting now, so make the best of it, because Ninty have proved time and time again, that they don't care about there fans, so whinging isn't gonna change anything.

Now, to the people whom complain that nothing came out that they wanted, there's TONS of great games out on the VC already, go try one of them. If like me you have all of the good games, then PLAY! One that you already own.



Roo said:

You know, the Wii remake of Bully came out in Europe today.

Bully > Kirby 64.



Kenryoku_Maxis said:


He didn't say that. He said that people are just not caring that Virtual Console is going down to 1-2 releases a week and they aren't releasing enough N64 games, and he's right. Not that one game, which isn't even on VC, is better than another game which isn't even on VC.

Ever since they released the Turbo-Graphix, we've seen a huge influx of those games back when we were getting 3 games at a time, along with NES titles as if they were saying 'they're cheap and old so we'll bundle 'em'. Then when the games started going down to 2 and 1 games at a time, they started using it as an excuse to release SNES and the very rare Neo-Geo game on us.

Now they seem to be doing the same thing with the N64, with a 1 a week release schedule as if to say its 'ok because its a N64 game'. While we hardly seem to get N64 games, we would like to see the old days of 3 games at a time. And like Dark Moogle was saying, there's lots of N64 games worth coming out still, not just 'Hockey Manager'. Harvest Moon 64, Mischief Makers, Blast Corps, Shadows of the Empire, Donkey Kong 64, Rogue Squadron, Majora's Mask, Smash Bros. Not that I'd want all those (the first two yes), but they'd sell for sure.



elbo21 said:

And let's not forget the N64 Turok games! I loved those. And are we assuming that they'll never release Banjo-Kazooie because of the Rare/Microsoft thing? There are still PLENTY of great N64 games... it boggles my mind why Nintendo doles these out so slowly... what's the point? Just put them all on there and people will gobble them up, I guarantee you! At this rate, people will start to lose interest in the VC. It's a bad gamble on Ninty's part.



Bensei said:

SSB1 wasn't even released in Japan yet, maybe we'll get it a week before Brawl releases in Europe all over the world, like Pokémon Snap or DKC3.

Why did they have to rekease this a week later? To fool us and to not have to release another N64 game this month. It can't be because of No. 200, because we had that exactly last week!

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