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EU VC Release - March 21st - Sega Week - Mega Turrican

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Tomorrow's Good Friday in most of Europe - Last year, Nintendo of Europe updated the VC a few hours earlier than normal because of this. Not this year though, the update was at the regular time!

Super Turrican was only added 3 weeks ago - But now you can get the game that was originally released before it: Mega Turrican! This game's a bit more similar in feel to the original duo of games on Amiga and Commodore 64 (In fact, it was released on Amiga as well, as Turrican 3), but features some small additions and alterations to make it different enough to warrant a purchase if you liked the other games in the series.

It's just one game, but surely the new fans Turrican has gotten with Super Turrican will be all too eager to download this one too!

Note: There's also a new Wii Shop update available worldwide, which you'll have to download in order to access it again. This update does nothing useful for us, but readies the Shop for the upcoming WiiWare games.

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Drake said:

There's no need to be sorry for anything - Mega Turrican is a great game.



eltomo said:

Lots of firepower, looks like a laugh!
Not for me thou...
Saving Wii Points this week



slangman said:

1 game a week again?. Oh well at least its a decent game. Somethng was telling me we would get another turrican game withn two months of the SNES version release.

Will check the SNES version out before i download this though just to see if i like it.



DEMON212 said:

SSBB or updating my Wii killing my freeloader to get Mega Turrican... Pikachu! I choose you!



Waxxy said:

"SSBB or updating my Wii killing my freeloader to get Mega Turrican..."

Um, that's not much of a choice, given that SSBB is going to force you to update as well. Guess you shouldn't have gone messing with your hardware, hm?



ZueriHB said:

SSBBs update does not change Freeloader usage, but the new Wii Update is to date uncertain.



Kelvin said:

Jogurt and slangman, Mega Turrican is closer in terms of gameplay to the original C64 and Amiga games, and for that reason I prefer it. Super Turrican is quite good, but it doesn't feel like an authentic Turrican title.



Jon2 said:

Just one game this week but it's a Turrican game so I forgive Nintendo, and it's Mega Turrican none the less! I'll download it first thing tomorrow.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Mega Turrican... I´ve never played it, but it could be a pretty cool game. Many fans rate Turrican II over Turrican III, but since Turrican II is one of the best platform shooters ever, I should give Mega Turrican/Turrican III a chance one day. Does anyone know if the music sounds as good on SEGA as it does on AMIGA?



Adamant said:

Is this the game where Turrican can turn into a spaceship for some shmup-style levels? i remember playing an Amiga Turrican game as a kid that had such a feature.



Drake said:

There's a "port" on the Mega Drive which replaces characters with Jean-Claude van Damme and others from the movie Universal Soldier, but it removes the shooter stages. It was also released on Game Boy, but that version's pretty bad. Only other versions are C64 and Amiga. There was a SNES port planned but never released.



Shiryu said:

I still dream the day they put Amiga on the Wii VC. As for Mega Turrican, a funny thing, actualy. Most people think Factor 5 converted this one from the Amiga, but it was the other way around! Mega Turrican was finisehd first, but the Amiga version was finisehd and marketed first. Chris Hüelsbeck songs don't disapoint on either, but the Amiga still soudns better.



Kelvin said:

Yeah, the Amiga has better sound capabilities, but the Mega Drive version still sounds pretty good.



ChocoDK said:

What a nice Good Friday for the people in Europe as its not so good. The applause at E3 when Nintendo announced the VC was so huge and I was so hyped. And now that I know the way it turned out I am very dissapointed and even more dissapointed how badly it is going for the Europeans at one game a week.

But I hope some of you are very excited for this game which is great and enjoy =).



Adamant said:

^What? There's not that many platform-shooters on the VC. Super Turrican, Super C, Gunstar Heroes, Shockman, Mega Man 1 and 2... any more I'm forgetting?



DEMON212 said:

Waxxy. Actually the update isn't a firmware update, Brawl works fine, been playing for 25 hours now. Todays update isn't a firmware update so I've done that, and the freeloader is a disc that doesn't mess with your hardware at all.

Anything I forget?



djshep1973 said:

Woohoo, I loved Super Turrican and will be downloading this one as soon as I get me some more points!



Viral said:

Unfortunately, I'll have to wait a bit longer for more VC games I am interested in. These two aren't bad, just, not my cup of tea.



Mendez said:

I was hoping for Super Mario Kart a bit too much I think...

It just made sense for Nintendo to release it this week, with people being off school and possibly work for Easter and with MKWii out in 3 weeks...



Joxe said:

Kelvin, the update was just making the shop channel able to post the new WiiWare games that will be released in May. So basically it was just the Shop Channel that got affected by the update.

Speaking of which, the europe version of the update letter said "WiiWare" while in the shop channel it's called "Wii Software", typo or will they rename it? :/



Rapadash6 said:

Ouch! Another single release week, AGAIN? I just don't get what Nintendo is thinking with sparing out releases as much as they've been. There are likely hundreds of games ready to be released and even more to consider after that, so why is Nintendo holding back? Very discouraging, indeed. Even if the US gets two on Monday, I'm sure they won't be anything spectacular. I'm still waiting for River City Ransom to show up on the US service but I have this sinking feeling it'll end up like the Mega Man and Vectorman games.



Majiiine said:

"Speaking of which, the europe version of the update letter said "WiiWare" while in the shop channel it's called "Wii Software", typo or will they rename it? :/"

They better rename it WiiWare, it's way coolers.



Shortay said:

Not a great week, it would have been nice to have a few more games for Easter... I'll try ST sometime though.



Starwolf_UK said:

Speaking of which, the europe version of the update letter said "WiiWare" while in the shop channel it's called "Wii Software", typo or will they rename it? :/
I think Wii Software is going to be a separate category. You know for Photo Channel and Opera (Wii Browser). It wouldn't really be appropriate to stick them under WiiWare. Perhaps that was what the update did though I don't get why an update is needed since its the shop on the server that changes...

Either that or its going to be one of the NOE things like Wii Fitness (for a long time Wii Fit was called this according to NOE) which eventually vanish and never get talked about ever again.

As for Mega Turrican. Seems like yesterday Super Turrican came out...oh well I suppose its better than an agonising 6 month wait.

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