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Bomberman Wii - First screens

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

In the newest edition of the Japanese magazine Famitsu, Hudson has unveiled the first screens of "Bomberman Wii".

While the magazine doesn't actually specifically say if it's a Wii game or WiiWare game, we're assuming it's the latter, as a Bomberman WiiWare game was announced a while ago. When you look at it's features this seems to be the likely case - Besides a single-player quest, it will have online multiplayer for up to 8 players, and Mii support. Besides that, there's not much to say - The game does look very faithful to the classic Bomberman games, though.

Famitsu also says the game is expected to be released around June this year, keeping in line what with Hudson said when they first announced the title (They said it would launch in Spring - As long as it releases early in June that will be the case).

UPDATE: It has now been confirmed that this is actually a Wii game. There is still a WiiWare Bomberman game in the works, but sadly this isn't it! I'll still be buying this one though, how about you?

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Damo said:

This has gotta be the WiiWare version. Looks brilliant!



Viral said:

Incredibly well done. I'm glad they're doing something with some of these classics. Amen for not buying the VC version.



Jonny said:

The VC one was only £4.20 so was hardly a waste

That said- YES! Online



Chester said:

Looks great! It has that distinct retro style. Oh, and the online will probably be chaotic and awesome.



Viral said:

Online for the win Chester...indeed. As soon as I read that, I knew this was superior to any VC version they'd release of this game. The only reason the originals would be good to get again is for the single player mode, but then again, that's limited. I wonder if they'll ever release Mother 1?



Bass_X0 said:

Looks like the battle mode of some PS2 version. And Bomberman '93 wasn't much cop in my opinion. Any one of the first three SNES games are better, not too familar with SB 4 & 5.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Looks very promising. Its a shame this ll blow any chance of the Super Bombermans getting onto VC fr awhile, but meh. ONLINE =D



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

I prefer Bomberman 93 over Super Bomberman 3 any day! Back on subject: I´m not sure I´ll buy this, ´93 kind of fills my Bomberman quota very well.



Juampi said:


The fact that the game has Mii Support doesn't necessarily mean we will be able to use Miis as playable characters.



chiefeagle02 said:

I know I was indecisive about it before as I've already downloaded Bomberman '93...if the price is right, I may download it. Eight players, online, and Mii support...again, if the price is right.



Bass_X0 said:

Hm. I found Bomberman '93 to be slow and boring personally. Back in the day, I bought all three Super Bomberman games that were released here despite battle mode not really being much different. Maybe its just nostalgia but I remember those three games and Saturn Bomberman to be much more enjoyable.



DaVeMaN99 said:

Mii so happy! Ah ha ha ha... Wow im lame... Anyways i am so downloading this, day one. Im hoping online is also for random... Cause if its only for friend codes!!! @&*&#&&$%&$



agent_lime said:

meh, in my opinion if you own one you dont need any others, theyre all pretty much the same thing



Phantom5800 said:

As long as it has online AND still has local play it will be really cool. I'll still wait to see how it turns out all together, but it is on my radar.



wii-c-kid said:

Definitely looking good. Will be one of my must-have WiiWare games. Would like to see Miis as characters in game - but it's not really essential.



Manicfatty said:

I want my Saturn Bomberman. I really think that between the awesome single player, the 12 player multi-player on-screen, and (if you had SEGA Net) the on-line mode it is still the best bomberman to date. Kick-ass music, clever level and enemy design and beautiful 2-D graphics round out the package. I think they were at the top of their game (no pun intended ) with this one. I'd would love to see an update to Saturn Bomberman.

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