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WiiWare dated for US, three titles officially announced

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A Nintendo of America press release went out today, and it has officially dated WiiWare. The service will launch in the US on May 12th, with a number of games being available right at launch (The press release doesn't state which games those are).

The press release also officially announces three games (One we already knew of, two new), namely Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Little King and the Promised Land, now renamed Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, an interesting platformer from UK developer Frontier called LostWinds, and an unnamed WiiWare game series by Telltale, the makers of the popular Sam & Max series.

On a related note, the PEGI, Europe's rating board, today added "Nintendo Wii - WiiWare" to their list of systems. They have not rated any games yet, but this might be an indication Europe will see the service around the same time as the US.

The full quote from the NoA press release is as follows:

WiiWare will be a repository for all types of experiences – literally, something for everyone. Early WiiWare games will come from celebrated developers like Square Enix, which is creating FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: My Life as a King, a simulation game for all ages. Also watch for games from up-and-coming developers like Frontier with its fresh, enchanting platform adventure LostWinds and a new episodic game series from Telltale. The first U.S. WiiWare games will be available on May 12.

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Phantom said:

It starts in May for the US? Thats too long to wait! I hope Europe doesn't have to wait even longer...



Baanber said:

Darn! I was hoping for wiiware to come out in March! Oh well, i guess May is okay. I'll be brawling (SSBB) in March and racing (mario kart wii) in April! Then I'll be playing wiiware in May!!! I'll save my 4100 wii points for May



Bensei said:

@Baanber: When do you get MK Wii? I hate NoE, first they say we get MK earlier because we have to wait for Brawl and now it has a nearly worldwide start! Why coudn't they do this for Brawl?

Is Wiiware a new channel or just a new category in the Shop Channel?
And how is it about Nintendo's Wiiware? Aren't Dr. Mario and Pokémon Farm going to be starters? And is there a chance that Nintendo Arcade titles like Mario Kart Arcade GP 1 or F-Zero AX will find one day a space at Wiiware?



Dark_Jinjo said:

That gives them just three months to announce our storage solution. Better get cracking Nintendo.



Kelvin said:

That's "Frontier" as in "Frontier Developments" of David Braben of Elite fame. While Lost Winds looks good, I'm more excited that Braben's working on Wii software.

I'm also hoping for Sam and Max point-and-click games on WiiWare; the Wiimote is perfect for that genre.



gottheanswer said:

I think May is the same time that Nintendo America lauches the WII FIT... Nintendo is going to be making bank this summer.. I hope they don't push the dates back. When i first read this article my mind said "March 12th" it wasn't till the end i came back to reality. "MAY 12!!!" oh well.. what can you do???



Bass_X0 said:

i wonder if we will still get virtual console games on weeks we get a WiiWare game.



Atlantis1982 said:

I am looking forward to this, and I happen to like the May release; right after college. W00t!



Knux said:

That sounds cool. In the meantime, I'll play SSBB when it comes out in March. I wonder what games are going to be out on WiiWare's launch date?




Mabey, the reason there making us wait tilll may is because they want to fix the memory issue before they release more awsomeness. (i can dream can't i?)



Tim said:

May is so long from now that the service is basically being released early summer and why no mention about Dr. Mario?, the one wiiware game I want.

I hope to god that Telltale isn't releasing Sam & Max in episode form on wiiware. I would like to have it on disc. Season 1 for the PC takes up a full cd and thats space the wii doesn't have. I'll stick to playing Sam & Max on the pc, in HD rez, if this is the case rather than swapping memory back and forth for an hour on the wii.



Dark_Jinjo said:

They already announced a boxed retail version of Sam and Max: Season 1 earlier this year. Sorry I can't remember where I read that but it was probably Kotaku or IGN. From what I've read the WiiWare game will be something new, but in the same format as Sam and Max.



Rapadash6 said:

Lost Winds looks very promising and is hopefully a good sign of things to come from 3rd party devs on the service in general. Hopefully Nintendo will give us updates on some of their titles soon and maybe even announce some new ones.



Knux said:

It looks like May the 12th is on a Monday. Virtual Console games are released every Monday. Is Nintendo planning on releasing Virtual Console games and WiiWare games on the same day once a week?



Shortay said:

I hope the EU doesn't get WiiWare much later than that date, it's later than I thought it would be as well.



Boredom_v2_2 said:

Well if we are going to have to wait til May, can Nintendo at least release the Everybody's NIntendo Channel please!!!??? I mean that channel can show videos of upcoming releases and give us sometime to keep us occupied along with SSBB. Plus it can let us download DS demos. Now i know this article has nothing to do with what i just said, but don't you know what i mean? We're anxiously waiting for more cool Nintendo stuff!



Viral said:

I like how there's no announcement about Europe getting this service this year. Same goes for the fact that I haven't seen any news related to how Europe will be getting anything special. When will we be getting more information about Europe other than 1 release a week news?



Dark_Jinjo said:

Here is a link to an article today on IGN Wii that mentions the new WiiWare game is definately not Sam and Max.

Although this story does kind of cast a doubt on whether the news earlier in the year was related to this title and it was just misrepresented as Sam and Max. Hopefully they are still bringing the first season to retail.



Manicfatty said:

Honestly, Nintendo and Sega could announce that they are releasing a ground up build of every Hundred Swords 'Episode', once a month on WiiWare. I wouldn't care. Every episode of Shining Force 3? Don't care. And I won't until Nintendo quits BSing us about storage. While it might be a great tool for them in the fight against piracy, it is complete crap for gamers. I'm personally not spending a penny more on downloads for the Wii. And I won't be buying any discs either. Game saves take up space too. I have other systems to spend my money on. One's with hard drives.

Nintendo is getting arrogant again. As long as they screw us over on the storage front, they can kiss the fleshy part where I sit...and my money good bye. Yeah. I'm sick of it. No excuse.



Sharecrow said:

I don't think I'll be stopping downloading stuff. I wouldn't pass on opportunities to cheaply play great games, even if I were to run out of hard drive space (which I don't think would happen either....I am not one to have a dozen or more games going at the same time). Good times....



RGVEDA said:

The next Question is: When will the DS Download Channel arrive in Europe and USA??? Any Informations about that?
Oh! And i hope that there will be Demos for the Wii Ware Channel. Like Xbox Live Arcade. It is a shame that there are no Demos for the Virtual Console.




Manicfatty said:

@Sharecrow - Thing is, I have most of the games that I'd be tempted to download. It's a matter of space and clutter; the VC is practical for me. But I'd gladly take a stand against N and hook up my old school systems in the bedroom.

As long as N sees people feeding at the trough, they won't build us a table. If you think N64 and SNK games are huge, can you image what a download like 'Crystal Chronicals' would do to your available space? A handful of games with visually appealing graphics and orchestral sound tracks (and any downloadable content for said games) could wipe out the vast majority of your available flash memory (remember- Wii has no hard drive). Of course everything is speculation until it happens, but given the size of a game like Wave Race, it looks pretty dismal on the memory front. And if they wait until long after the Wiiware launch to fix the problem...and it is a problem...SONY and MS will have my money for the forseable future.

Once again, the 'casual' backlash reveals another ugly side. Nintendo is under no pressure from the majority of the 'casual' gamers to deal with the storage issue. This is who they see as their new focal point, with a bit of fan service for the 'core' gamer. That irritates me. Because it wasn't the casual gamer that was there at launch, that made the Wii a media darling and an ebay goldmine. It was the 'core' gamer, and the old school Nintendo fan. Once it hit mainstream, we became like the small-time manager that got the band their first big break. No need woo us least in their eyes. My opinion, of course.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Well, that's nice and all....but where's the storage option and Everybody's Nintendo Channel? Come on, Ninty get with the program!



PoisonedV said:

@Manic fatty: totally right dude. I don't know what's up with this Casual Games crap, on the PC it's fine, I don't care, there are still tons of hardcore developers. But on this bold new console with innovative controls, etc, casual games just wont do, especially when there are not so many developers. also as people can see reading the recent comments in the past several months, the situation for hard drive space, VC games, and menu space has gradually gotten worse. it started with people being worried about running out of channel icons, then starting to worry about running out of their flash space, then actually running out of them, then everyone complaining about using SD cards, then the whole hard drive thing. Nintendo obviously does not care, unless it makes money. They won't spend assets trying to implement hard drive capability when only a few of the core gamers want it, while the casual, gaming new comers that the system has been marketed to more recently dont need that much space. they want large quantities of people, not quality... as in, you could have 10,000 fans who would buy more than half the wiiware games, but they would rather have 100,000 wii users who would buy a couple



Atlantis1982 said:

@manicfatty, Well too bad; Nintendo didn't think about the laziness of gamers like you that can't have the patience to swap out games from the SD card to the internal memory. Get over it, please, and stop making a mess on your Wii with 20+ VC games which your probably only going to play four or five at most.

Getting real sick of this complaining because it's NOT THAT BAD. Even if Nintendo fulfills everyone's wish; more complaining because they can't put ALL OF THEIR 100+ VC library onto the Wii Menu. Bottom line, SD cards are GOOD ENOUGH. And, if you really want to know; I only keep one Menu page for VC games and that will include upcoming WiiWare games cause I don't mind swapping out.

@RGVEDA, Nintendo has told all the developers that they could make demo's if they want to, but they don't have to. Chances are, probably a very select few will have them. I could careless, I'll just watch videos.



Sharecrow said:

@Manicfatty - good point that Wiiware games would likely be much larger than these emulations that we currently have available to us. I hadn't thought of that, but that could be just because I am presently only curious about them and am not really anxious to get any particular titles that have been released. Once i see more and know more that may change...Right now I am content with my VC and my handful of actual Wii games, though.



Tim said:

Atlantis1982, you sir or madam are crazy if you enjoy wasting time swapping memory with how convenient other systems are in this day of age.

Bottom line, SD cards would be good enough if Nintendo let us run our games off the card and supported cards larger than 2GB.



Manicfatty said:

@Atlantis - Since you chose a disrespectful tone instead of making your point intelligently as a personal opinion, I'm forced to point out the misguided nature of your rather short-sighted PERSONAL comments. It has nothing to do with laziness. It has to do with choice, system limitations, and the inability to freely access at any time games you have paid money for without jumping through hoops. It's about a system that has been knee-capped in terms of downloadable content for existing and future games. Wii owners don't get new content for Guitar Hero because, first and foremost, of this limitation. Gee...somehow my abhorent lazy nature has prevented tens of thousands of fans of the game from playing new songs. I'm so very sorry. I'll try harder. No new weapons, levels or modes of play for the numerous 1st person shooters on the Wii? Obviously my laziness. I'll get right on that. can actually think before you lash out at someone about a topic you've obviously given little or no thought to. I, and I think others, would probably appreciate that. It is Nintendo who has been lazy. This from a company that lost the 32/64 bit console war and much of it's 3rd party support (including Square, who is still not contributing any 'A' titles...even with sales through the roof) because they chose to stick with the cartrige format. One of their reasons given? CD load times took away from the enjoyment of playing games.


Please. Think about your responses, because calling me lazy when I wasn't even refering to load/transfer times was just unnecessary. Thank you.



Boredom_v2_2 said:

I could be wrong, but just 5 minutes ago i was reading an article on saying Wiiware will come out one week before Wii fit arrives. Wii fit arrives in America on May 19th, BUT Europe gets it on April 25th. It could be possible Europe gets Wiiware before America in April. What do you guys think?



Manicfatty said:

@Atlantis - Oh, and those demos that companies have the choice to make available to us...don't suppose they take up any space either...or new channels either. Yup.



Sharecrow said:

For my part, I wish they'd fix the storage issue if only because it would help the Wii better satisfy the wants and needs of its users. More satisfaction lends itself to more sales, third party support, better games, etc. Also, even if I don't need the space myself right now, I may later so I still wish they'd fix it so that, when I do need it, it will already be available.



Manicfatty said:

@Tim - Good lord, I would love it if an update surprised me with that kind of SD support. That would be - well let's call it a peace offering, and a show of support for those filling N's coffers.



Manicfatty said:

@Tides of Chaos - Yup. Yup. And with 'Everybody's Nintendo Channel', you'll be short more space and one more channel slot. And the inevitable 'Wiiware Community' channel will eventually spring up. All good things taken by themselves, but held up against the glaring exclusion of storage options I think the whole thing begins to unravel. Give 'em hell!.



Clayfrd said:

Ahh. All of these opinion wars. I don't mind the banter, but Nintendo will likely not see all of this. It seems, to some degree, fruitless. Anyway, I am okay with what I've got. I'm not gonna go whine to everybody else about how much Nintendo needs to shape up. I thought Manicfatty's arguments were potent but not entirely needed. I am rambling myself, and here I stop.



agent_lime said:

may??? i cant wait that long!!!
i thought one of them was supposed to come in the middle of march but i guess i was wrong...
also wiifit is releasing may 19th.



PoisonedV said:

Do people who call pissed off Wii owners 'lazy'? I pay for the dang game, I should be able to play it leisurely. I don't know what you see wrong with wanting to play the game I BOUGHT, when I WANT.



The_shoemaker said:

YESSSS, the two games i want the most are coming out first! Final Fantasy, and lostwinds. Final fantasy looks nice I have no clue what it's about really but it looks good. And lostwinds I just herd of today, but for some reason, I want it soooo badly.



XCWarrior said:

The wait won't seem so bad once we have Brawl. I mean May will get here before we know it. Can't wait to see FFCC



Hangover said:

Wait... I love to Wait. =P In the old days in Europe we had to wait more than a half year if not a entire year until it was realised.. Cheer up everyone! " The one who waits for something good, never waits too long."



Ian_Daemon said:

Yay WiiWare! (and YES Nintendo needs to provide at least 'access' to a mass storage solution)



Atlantis1982 said:

@Manicfatty : You don't get it, I have commented about this stupid topic countless times; and its either laziness or being purely spoiled. I don't care if they don't do a SD update, no HDD support, but stick with what they have; to me it's fine and its not going to solve anything.

And it's not just you, it's EVERYONE that thinks a HDD is going to solve everything. The Wii is meant to be small and compact; not having things sticking out and cluttering the place. If you want a system with a hard drive, then go back to your PS3's or 360's.

Oh yes, and I will add is this:

Granted, it's almost a year old, but please...Nintendo continues to say NO to HDD support; so please...stop it, your embarrassing yourselves.



Kelvin said:

Atlantis1982, I'd argue that the USB slots suggest that the Wii is supposed to be expandable.



Roo said:

The (probable) date WiiWare games will appear in Europe:

4th December 2033.

But we're getting Mario Kart soon, which, y'know, is why I bought a Wii. Quality.



Herandar said:

@Atlantis1982: Even though I'm like you, and fine with the current set-up, Manicfatty's points are quite valid, and your attacks are infantile.
It's not laziness or being spoiled. This is a problem that can be resolved by Nintendo, if they decide to.



PoisonedV said:

@Atlantis, stop being pretentious. You aren't some kind of Nintendo purist, please stop using trivial insults to bash on people who don't feel like wasting their time.
Also, stuff not adding up clutter? What about the 9000 accessories that Nintendo releases every day? The Wii Zapper, Nunchuks, classic controllers, gamecube controllers, wiimotes, the wii wheel, the balance board, the wiimote covers...



Manicfatty said:

@Herendar - Thank you. I was going to blindly get sucked it a war of links, but I thought the better of it because you can find links enough to counter any argument on either side.

Reggie Fils-Aime has walked the line on this subject for sometime. But the sum of it all is that not only has he not closed the door on a storage solution, he has already acknowledged that there will be a market for it. He of course never gives up the corporate line. That's his job.

Nintendo is an old school Japanese behemoth, and as such doesn't corner on public opinion's dime. They take a long time to turn corners. Case in point; the SNES 'Playstation'. A knee-jerk response once they discovered that they were going to be behind the curve. And they blew it because they took too long and then couldn't commit. The original Playstation is the bastard result of their inflexible nature. And that doesn' t even begin to explain the whole CD-i partnership.

Case #2: The N64 and it's cartridge format. Time and time again, the Nintendo corporate line was that cartridges were the superior format for gaming. They stuck to the story that cartridges had more that enough space to offer the better gaming experience. Optical and magnetic storage weren't ready for prime-time, according to N. Once the haze cleared and they realized their miscalculation, the 64DD (or plan b as I call it) was thrown into the spotlight before it was even fully developed. Nintendo had sworn up and down that there was no problem. And let's not forget the stop-gap jump pack. This is classic Nintendo.

I never once said that I don't enjoy my Wii. I never once said that I wasn't going to continue playing the games I've already downloaded or discs I've bought. I just feel that Nintendo is once again resting on their laurels, getting arrogant and pandering to the least common denominator. As long as that continues, the system will never see its full potential, and we will have missed out on much unique gaming content, and fallen behind the curve for online gaming and downloadable content. Even the Dreamcast and it's online offerings outstrip almost everything being done on the Wii. I'm not talking about cutesy voting channels, and weather channel reports that are usually at least 5-7 hours behind. I'm talking about game-play. Content. Things that in the very near future will require additional storage.

If you find that you don't need these things, then you are probably the sort of gamer that the XBOX 360 Arcade bundle is targeted at. But the difference is, MS offers it's fans and gamers options. Nintendo needs to follow suit, and quit telling us to 'pay no attention to the man behind the curtain'. Misdirection won't stop the waggle experience from getting tired without fresh content, ideas and options.

This is my opinion, and everyone is welcome to theirs. I just wish we could do that, AND play nice. Sorry to ramble. Again.



Manicfatty said:

And wouldn't everyone like to...I don't new characters and content for Smash Bros. And how about new weapons, karts, tracks or characters for Mario Kart? That could no question happen on any system...any system BUT the Wii. Doesn't that make the gamer in anyone disappointed?



whalleywhat said:

Owesome! LostWinds looks dope and Telltale is an obvious mark of quality. Imagine if Sierra ported the King's Quest games to WiiWare! My only concern is that, in the IGN interview, the dude said WiiWare games were gonna be released a few at a time like VC titles. Pull your head out, Ninty.
P.S. It boggles my mind that there are still crazed fanboys out there defending the lack of a memory solution. Who cares if you don't play every game every day, being able to access anything out of your library whenever you feel like it is the ideal, and there's zero reason it shouldn't happen.



Atlantis1982 said:

I am just saying, a hard drive is not going to solve anything.

Here's how it will go; Nintendo finally tells the masses that they will have their own lineup of hdd's (20 gigs) ready for those that want them. So it arrives, and everyone picks them up, "W00t", cries the Nintendo Masses. Now everyone starts to put all of their games onto the Main Menu, but, "OHNO!" the Wii Menu is now FULL and won't take anymore channels, and we are back to square one.

The real solution is not extra space, but this is something I actually felt should of been done instead of making every VC/WiiWare a channel and that is a Virtual Console Channel where you can access these games from one channel. Much that would be nice, I just don't see it coming with Japan being just as stubborn as most of the people hankering for a HDD. As it stands, I learned to live with this problem and Friend Codes.

The thing that really boggles me Manicfatty, is that you type up these well-thought out, nicely typed up essay's; yet you don't want to take a minute or two (Oh my god, it must be painful ) to just swap out a few games. Nothing but irony.

And to those that 'deny' to buy anymore till a HDD is released; fine, you go do that while I play what will be some very nice games, that aren't even made by Nintendo, the Wii is going to have while you wait for something that is not going to happen until Nintendo actually feels like releasing this update.



ChocoDK said:

Wii Ware should be good for small developers to release their games which will be good for them. It will also bring some interesting games to the mix so it should be cool. Thanks for the info.



PoisonedV said:

Atlantis, the sheer ignorance of your statements 'boggles' my mind.
You should not have to live with problems when they could be easily fixed. We are what is making THEM money. We are doing nintendo a goddamn favor- we could just emulate everything. We pay these over inflated, bullsh*t prices (my local game store has racks upon racks of NES games- 1 dollar each) to support Nintendo, hardly because we have no other means of playing them- and in return we get bullsh*t service. I spend my money on these games- why should I have to deal with trivial inconveniences? Please stop your idiotic fanboy babbling.



Atlantis1982 said:

I'm not the one being ignorant; Nintendo has constantly said they have no plans for a HDD since they believe that SD cards are fine (even Miyamoto himself); it's just most of you are still in that state of denial, having a hard time going through a 12-step program just because you didn't like what Nintendo has to say.

Yes, we paid them for all those VC games and the Wii itself, but the mass majority of those sales (Wii Consoles) are not coming from us but the casuals which they are not going to bother spending so much money on old games they didn't cared about back in the 80's and 90's. So who are they going to listen to more, yes, the casuals.

And if you think the VC games are overpriced (besides the C64 games), then just buy them outside of the VC, like that store you mentioned: problem solve.



Manicfatty said:

@Atlantis - OK...It's official. You're coming off as a complete idiot, and apparently have reading comprehension problems. I have repeatedly said that it has nothing to do with swapping games. That little jem is YOUR singular weak, simple minded, and irrelevent argument. You just can't get past it, nor do you appear to have the ability to articulate a valid argument for your position....whatever the hell it's supposed to be. You lash out at all of these people who have very good arguments, and who actually get what it's about. Let me take this slow for you...its - not - about - swapping - games. Now write it ten times on the board for us. Got it yet?

It now comes as no surprise that ANYTHING...and I'm pretty sure most EVERYTHING...boggles that nugget in your skull. I've tried to be patient, and stick to making valid and responsible observations. Observations about a company that gives the impression that they view the internet and storage devices as some sort of witchcraft that only the evil warlocks of Microsoft and SONY would dare to meddle with. Instead of any sort of coherent arguments, we all get the same stale and childish rhetoric from you.

I think we are all aware that Nintendo, despite outward appearances, knows that they have a storage issue and need to buff up their positioning on the internet. If you actually read what I wrote and looked into it a little, you would know that this is history repeating itself. Only the N knows how it's all going to go down, and they've had Reggie hedging for them while the rest of the mucky-mucks stick to the hard line. But somethings coming. What form it will take is unknown, and whether or not it will come from Nintendo or a 2nd/3rd party they partner with is just as much of a mystery. But we live in a gaming age where dowloadable content is not just the norm, it's now the standard. Even the PSP has that ability. VC games are a fantastic start, but it has to be deeper. That's only one small part the pie. Nintendo and the Wii are behind the curve.

1) I write these ramblings as just that...wanderings of my mind. I'm thinking on-screen. I don't write these out. It's not an essay.

2) You talk in circles. Circles are closed. So is your mind.

3) Read something other than things that reinforce your already narrow views. You'll be able to put together a real argument if you understand all sides of an issue.

4)'re giving the internet a headache. Have a cookie and take a nap before that vein throbbing on the side of your head pops.



Manicfatty said:

@Atlantis - 'the Wii is going to have while you wait for something that is not going to happen until Nintendo actually feels like releasing this update.' You just implied that it's going to happen in your own statement. Yeeesh. This gets sadder and sadder. Also, you try to make the point that I'm somehow in error because I won't download games that 'Nintendo doesn't even make'. Nintendo still gets profits from these releases. I and others that send a message are therefore still affecting Nintendo's bottom line. Sales of the releases determine what and how many games these companies will release on the VC. Decreased sales may mean fewer releases, which would still affect Nintendo's bottom line. Do I think it will make a difference? Meh...probably not. But I'm sticking to my convictions. That's something that's important to me in all aspects of my life. Even my hobbies. And once again, owning every system that has been released since the 8 bit era (U.S. releases), I have most of the games I want to play anyway.

I would rather reorganize my entertainment center and dig out my old systems and games than download and validate N's foot dragging. Given that, your 'lazy gamer' argument further evaporates.



Manicfatty said:

@ PoisonedV - While I'm not bothered by the act of swapping games, your point is VERY well taken. It's not that it's an inconvience so much as it's about the fact that it just shouldn't be...period. You're absolutely right. We shouldn't have to put up with flawed design. The customer is ALWAYS right.



Manicfatty said:

@atlantis - I just can't help myself. Just read through these. And this is only a couple of the numerous half answers the Reggie has given.

In the second one, read his last statement - to my memory, the sd card is STILL the only storage medium announced..and yet he says there are more that hadn't/haven't been announced. Hmmm...what could that possibly be?



Herandar said:

If Nintendo can add an HDD to the Wii, I'm sure they'll be able to revise the setup of- or expand the number of- screens in the Wii Menu. It's not like the Wii Menu is limited by the hardware.



Manicfatty said:

@Herandar - Agreed...It's nothing more than an interface...a GUI like Windows or OSX. Unless it's somehow inaccessable to firmware update (but why?), they should be able to make changes as needed.



Atlantis1982 said:

Where on Earth do you think Nintendo says they have a storage issue? Really, please, enlighten me of a link other than the ones you presented. The way Reggie stated from the first one is that he thinks its an optional device (HDD) that they can take their good time releasing. To them, it's probably a waste of money seeing that they don't really need to release one, but if you can prove that Nintendo is admitting they have a storage problem then be my guest. Other than that, it's just customers that want to be spoon fed everytime they don't like something.
(This is an interview with Miyamoto, the second question states that he believes that SD cards are fine)

"Observations about a company that gives the impression that they view the internet and storage devices as some sort of witchcraft that only the evil warlocks of Microsoft and SONY would dare to meddle with." If that was the case, why would I care SO MUCH about SD cards seeing they are storage devices.

"Also, you try to make the point that I'm somehow in error because I won't download games that 'Nintendo doesn't even make'." Again, you miss the point, and I will make it clearer in that little head of yours, "Honestly, Nintendo and Sega could announce that they are releasing a ground up build of every Hundred Swords 'Episode', once a month on WiiWare. I wouldn't care. Every episode of Shining Force 3? Don't care. And I won't until Nintendo quits BSing us about storage." Just from this comment that came from your own keyboard, that you won't bother with downloading any of these because you don't want to bother with swapping.

If your still in denial, then I can't help you any further from being disappointed, and besides; if you didn't want to stoop at my level then why do you insult me as well? Your just no better than my ranting.

And I give up on this, this is getting no where seeing that everyone thinks I am wrong and I think everyone is stucked up. Whatever, continue to dissapoint while I still get classic games and enjoy them without having to be frustrated that I 'waste' a few minutes of my time swapping them out and actually conserve memory. It's so painful, it hurts.



Manicfatty said:

And as the perfect and final example of why we should be a bit disappointed by Nintendo's hesitance to provide the means to use a hard drive.

This is a bit sad for Wii owners, and underscores the main reason that I personally want the hard drive. I want new multiplayer maps, I want new Karts, I think it would absolutely kick ass if you suddenly had a fun new galaxy for Mario to explore. How about downloadable multiplayer 'comet' challenges where you're not only racing against the clock, but against a friend? And of course the little things like songs, costumes, weapons, themes.

I'm done rambling about this. I just wanted to make a point and offer an opinion. It would have been 1 or 2 posts at the most more than likely. Instead I got sucked in to a rather lame argument because of person attacks. I appologize for not walking away from it, and thanks for letting me vent.



Manicfatty said:

@atlantis - I reiterate your apparent lack of reading comprehesion skills. My initial statement said absolutely nothing about swapping games. It refered to each game I download being a 'vote' for Nintendo's current course...And I don't support their foot-dragging. You have no concept of what one Wiiware game is going to do to your storage space. I want them to come clean, and be honest with us. Something that Nintendo, more than any other hardware or software company, has a HUGE problem with doing...both currently and historically. They keep their cards very close to their chest.

And it DOESN'T say anywhere that they think they have a storage issue, jack-ball. I never said that it did! READING COMPREHENSION...and reading between the lines of corporate prattle. That's apparently something for which I gave you too much credit.

No one here is stuck-up. They are just well-informed, thoughful and open-minded.

And Reggie refers to there being a market for a hard drive. He says nothing about Nintendo actually manufacturing their own.

And I've met Miyamoto twice at E3s back in the day. He was very nice through his interpreter, and humble. He is a god amongst game designers and I'm am constantly in awe of his immaginative genius. But it's not the first time he's been woefully misinformed, or off-base about the importance of a given technology. He was the driving force behind Nintendo sticking with cartridges. Yeah...that didn't really work out did it? Much love for Miyamoto, but not his bag.

'Unlike competitors Sony and Sega, Nintendo chose to forego the new direction in media storage, the CD, and instead stuck with the good `ol reliable cartridge (or, as Nintendo called them, "game pak") despite the fact that cartridges were hampered by a limited storage capacity compared to that of a CD (a maximum theoretical size of 256 megabits on a cartridge compared to 650+ megabytes on a CD). It was Miyamoto himself who insisted on the use of cartridges, as he hated the idea of his new virtual world game - a game that by this point in development featured perennial hero Mario and was entitled Super Mario 64 - being plagued by load times as the console scurried to load game data between levels, a problem that CD-based games had to contend with.'

  • from here

Well intended but self-serving and misguided. A decision limiting an entire system based on the development of one game?

Another take...the fix for the problem. Too little too late.

I'm through with you. Yeah I stooped...but sometimes you have to stomp on pests even if you do get your feet dirty.



Manicfatty said:

@PoisonedV - insane isn't it? I'm an ass for getting sucked in, but sometimes you just can't turn the other cheek. Especially when ppl are rude.

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