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Smash Bros. Brawl to get WiiWare Portal?

Posted by Damien McFerran

We’ve gotten wind of rumours that suggest that Super Smash Bros. Brawl may be granted its own WiiWare channel in order to distribute new content and features.

The proposed name for the service is “Smash Bros. Brawl: Challenger” and the content in question is said to include new stages, characters and music. These items will cost Wii points to download, hence it being part of the WiiWare line.

We don’t really have any more information than that at this time and it must be stressed that this is very much ‘rumour’ territory. Still, it would be an interesting way of making more content available to player, although the idea of having to pay through the nose for it after having coughed up the dough for the game itself strikes us as a bit rich.

Also, it would be a confusing move for WiiWare when you consider how keen Nintendo is to ensure the service is a breeding ground for vibrant new interactive experiences.


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The_Gunslinger said:

Awesome! Hope they do downloadable content!
They could release like Melee Packs - where you get melee stages and characters, like Mewtwo. That what stop a lot of people moaning about him being cut from brawl

1st Post!



Jockolantern said:

Who's sad that Mewtwo is out of Brawl? He was one of the worst characters in Melee. I'm glad they replaced him.

As for the channel, I'm absolutely all for it! I hope it happens as I would be more then willing to dish out a few more bucks now and then to get more characters to play, stages to best my opponents in, and killer remixes to jam along with. I hope this channel idea for Brawl happens!

Only 26 more days...



wii-c-kid said:

Like the comment about having to pay of content that professionals design for a game. Why not just steal the game rather than pay for it? I love morons who think the games companies (and pretty much any company) can do work for nothing. Please, whoever wrote this article, work for nothing for a month, then you'll realise how important paying for these 'extras' really is.



N64_Gamer said:

Sounds interesting to say the least.
I think it's a really smart move from Nintendo to make a channel for one of their most popular games. I mean, the idea of having to pay for extra features for such a popular game just means more money to Nintendo. I think it is kind of a scam to do this, but I still wouldn't be able to keep my credit card in my pocket and I'd probably end up buying a lot from this channel.



wii-c-kid said:

As for the new channel - bring it on! It sounds awesome. Along with the lastest Iwata interview which hints at probably the most incredible sales idea every (WiiWare for balance board and other peripherals) I'm a complete Nintendoite again



MVP said:

It is also said that there will be a channel for mario kart wii....



Bass_X0 said:

awesome news. this is something i wanted since i heard of wiiware. downloadable additional content for existing games.

I knew there would be comments like N64 Gamer's cropping up. Hardly a "scam", I can't see how giving people more content than making them wait years for the sequel can be seen as a scam. And yes they could probably have put the downloadable content into the game in the first place but that would be even more delays. Even after a game has been released, there is always more that people want (even the best game ever will always have people wanting more content from it). And now for a small cost, they can get it.



Bensei said:

I heard a rumour of 7 Charas you can find codes for in Brawl, which haven't made it into the final version. Those 7 were M2, Roy, Dr. Mario, Plusle and Minun, Toon Zelda and Toon Shiek.
This isn't proved, but another hacker found the victory themes of Roy and M2, maybe they prepared some Charas in propose that will be able to download for free (as a kind of a trial) after the Europe/Australia release to prevent knowledge of the full roster before the game has even released?
There is still a lot of Space for Charas on the selection screen...
Also Megaman would be possible, I hear many complaining about him not being in Brawl, although the head of Capcom said in a podcast that he would have allowed it if he got asked.
I hope for Viewtiful joe and Phoenix Wright support too ^^

Another interesting possibilities: the best 5 Stage Builder Stages of the year get professionally redesigned by the Brawl staff.

But I wonder how online play is if someone uses a Chara you haven't bought. But on the other side... It would be great advertisement if that Chara pwns you!

I think the first stages and Charas should be for free, but I'd definitely pay for awesome charas like Megaman X!



Kevin said:

I wouldn't mind paying for extra content at all for this amazing upcoming game.



Kelvin said:

It's about time we started to get downloadable content for Wii, but I'm not sure about paying for it. The price would have to be very good, preferably nothing.

Also a general downloadable content channel might be a better idea, because if we get one of these channels for every game with the feature, the Menu is going to clog up fast.

Still, we'll see how it goes. I'm certainly looking forward to this game, and each bit of new information makes it all the more exciting!



Damo said:

wii-c-kid - I think you miss the point a bit.

The whole idea of downloadable content is still very much up for debate; when you've paid money for what is advertised as the "full" retail version, being asked to stump up additional cash for more content seems a little exploitative. If the content is so good why not include it with the full game? And surely when the customer has purchased the retail version they should be entitled to free updates?

It's all very much up for debate at the moment and if you need proof then look at the fuss caused when 360 owners were told they would have to pay extra to get the items in Eldar Scrolls: Oblivion.

And no one mentioned "stealing" the game so I'm not entirely sure where you got that zany idea from!



Bensei said:

I heard this was proven fake by Samurai Panda...
This rumour comes from a japanese scan which was misinterpreted by an english noob.
I hope it's not fake...




Hmm if its not fake, i think its a good idea. Although i am not crazy about the idea for paying for additional content, i wouldnt complain because we get free intrnet play (unlike 360) and many games are heading in this direction.



Rapadash6 said:

I find this rumor very hard to believe. If it is true, however, than may God have mercy on all of us. If Nintendo starts nickling and diming us just so we can have complete game experiences, then it'll be hard to buy any of their games with the confidence of knowing you're getting your moneys worth. I think DC on XBLA is bull enough but I'd hate to see the money hungry execs at Nintendo take it even further.



Bass_X0 said:

Damo, the game on the CD is the 100% complete version. You're paying for that 100% when you buy it.

The downloads offer us a 110% (or whatever) version - you've already paid for 100% but you haven't paid for the 10% more just by buying the game.



Damo said:

Bass - that is one way of looking at it; another is that offering downloadable content in this manner is simply a way of getting even more cash out of people. I personally think that if Nintendo are going to offer updates for Smash Bros they should at least try and make them free. I think the act of purchasing a game is a tremendous sign of faith in this day and age so Nintendo should reward that rather than ask for even more money.

I see this kind of thing as 'after sales service'.



Starwolf_UK said:

"There is still a lot of Space for Charas on the selection screen..."
I don't think there is in 4:3.

"This rumour comes from a japanese scan which was misinterpreted by an english noob."
It has happened before...if anyone wants to know the article presented as proof didn't mention DLC or Wii Ware in any form.



Clockwork said:

I can agree with some of the points here. I personally will have no problem paying a little extra (And I mean a little) for new characters that I want to play as. Just look at Rock Band for your updates. I believe it is an exceptional service in them creating new songs for the game. It just adds more longevity for players but at the same time it doesn't raise costs for the companies to manufacture a new game. We just pay for and download the songs we want to play and that's that. Sure some see this as nickel and diming, but we see this as paying a little at a time instead of paying for a whole new game up front.

I see this, if true, as a way of Nintendo starting to offer updates like these. They will be great for Nintendo because more and more players are looking for new content for their favorite games.



Ron_Prower said:

The downloadable content would be awesome as it would show that Nintendo fully understands its "hardcore" gamers that do nothing but moan and gripe that they don't do the same service as Xbox Live. My main concern though with the content is the Wii only has 512MB internal memory. So Nintendo would either have to add complete support for the SD card or allow users to buy an external HDD and attach it to the Wii. Other than that being my main concern, a download channel for all games would simplify a menu and allow Nintendo to go "Pay x-amount a month and get all the content you want".



JNoodles said:

After-sales-service or not... I know I'll be spending oodles of Wii Points on the service if it was true.


Jonno: Well... I downloaded them!




Bass_X0 said:

Well a game has to be released some time. They can't keep delaying it adding in bits and pieces. Plus of course free is preferable every time but if people are still going to pay if there was a fee then there will always be one.



Bensei said:

""There is still a lot of Space for Charas on the selection screen..."
I don't think there is in 4:3."
If you move the whole roster several pixels left it would be enough for 4 or 5 new charas
I hope this fake rumour turns out to be right in the end, it would be a shame if Nintendo keeps ignoring good thing that the concurrence does.



ttfp said:

If they want to charge for online features, I'd rather they charge us for using the Wii online, and in doing so, actually provide a service that doesn't suck, to put it mildly.



SmaMan said:

Well I'm okay with paying more for secret characters and such. Heck it's just like getting expansion packs and such. I like this idea



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Just because Nintendo wants WiiWare to be a platform for experimental and low budget development doesn't mean it can't also contain first-party software updates and other downloadable content. I think WiiWare is a perfect place for downloadable content and game add-ons, as long as it's priced properly. That's the main thing. I would be totally up for downloading new characters as long as they are cheap cheap cheap.



Elk810 said:

I think this seems like an unlikely idea for Brawl. A lot of other games could have this sort of feature and besides, if there was additional content for purchase for this game it would make sense to put it in WiiWare instead of having to include a seperate channel for this. After all, optional channels take up the Wii's internal memory just like extra content for this game would.

Still though, if they are making a feature like this it would be kinda cool. In my opinion, this already awesome game is missing a few things I would like. This way more things could be put in that I might like to have. Now if only Brawl didn't need to be delayed a 3rd time. What am I gonna do for February vacation now? (U_U)

EDIT: Actually, I realized that Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii are getting their own channels for stuff in those games, although I don't know what. If that's true, then there could be a channel for downloadable content for Brawl. Just when I thought Brawl couldn't possibly get any better. (_) I just hope it's coming.



Fulgor_Astral said:

OH PLZ!! i hope its true

Still hopes for Geno i dont care if i have to wait for a possible DS remake, but he must be in Brawl someday!



Stuffgamer1 said:

To Ron Prower: That service subscription plan is a VERY BAD IDEA. If Nintendo doesn't release anything you want in a month, you have to pay anyway to keep the good stuff you already have. And what if you run out of money and have to cancel your service for some reason? All the characters you'd otherwise have simply bought would be lost until you could resubscribe! Buy what you want and leave the rest is definitely the best way to go.

And to those of you complaining about theoretical download costs and saying things like "they should just put it on the disc," I say consider this: There's a ridiculous amount of content on the disc already! The Brawl team said they surprised themselves by managing to squeeze it all onto the disc, and I'm inclined to believe them. Also consider that for all that content relative to Melee (which nobody minded paying $50 for at release because it was so awesome), we're lucky Brawl's also only $50. If you want them to put ALL the content they might ever make for a game on the disc at launch, the game never WILL launch, because they'll still be making stuff. Another advantage is that Nintendo could theoretically pay attention to the desires of Brawl fans and add characters and stages as requested via DLC, which would otherwise never be in the game. But all this does cost money. They have to pay the programmers, electric bills, and so on, so charging a few bucks for a decent-sized pack (maybe 500 points for two or three characters and/or 3-5 new professionally made stages with music and stage creation parts) would be not a good, but a GREAT idea! How long have you waited for Brawl just to get ANY new Smash content? If Melee had had DLC, the time would have been much more bearable instead of waiting SIX YEARS just to finally play as Wario or Snake.

Now to Bensai: Nintendo said that Konami and Sega specifically requested that their characters be in Brawl. If Capcom had done the same instead of waiting to be asked, Megaman probably would be in Brawl. That said, if DLC for Brawl is announced, maybe Capcom would take the hint and actually request to add their characters.

In the end of this whole discussion, it is found to have been pointless anyway. The odds of DLC on the Wii are so ludicrously small that there was no point in this ever being brought up at all. Maybe if Nintendo finally fixes the lack of storage space issue, they can consider it. But as long as you only have 512MB to work with, you'd better just be content with the 35 characters (plus two transformations) already in the game.



Ron_Prower said:

You have a good point Stuffgamer1, I was thinking more along the lines as you pay to connect and keep the stuff, but I was trying to think of it similar to XBox live, though I've never personally used the service myself.



whalleywhat said:

This is sort of the debate that rages around all downloadable content. Most people get angry when companies do shady things like include content on the game disk that yo have to pay for a code to unlock. As for SSBB, I think you'd have a pretty hard time arguing that this isn't an incredibly full featured, densely packed game. Although it could set a bad precedent, I can only see the possibility of even more Nintendo quality content as a positive thing.



Bobby_Paycheck said:

A download channel just for SSBB would be awesome, but Stuffgamer1 has a point when he says that a solution for the Wii's minimal amount of memory has to come first. But the Big N has to know this just from their own experience as Wii owners, I'm guessing that some sort of solution will be presented shortly before Crystal Chronicles: The Little King comes out on WiiWare. That game simply looks too good to be a small download and it's made by Square, those guys just don't know how to make a short game.



DEMON212 said:

As the content is on the disc already, this really annoys me.

Also, Bensei.

On LA games, you're matched with others whom have the content. So I'd assume the same from this.



master_of_retro said:

Im with you Atlantis they are probably confusing this with the channel for Mario kart that will be appearing. If it dose turn out to be true here is my characters

Amy Rose
Captain Lineback
Simon Belamont
paper mario
the rest of the star fox and star wolf teams and james mccloud



NESgamer said:

It would be cool if this happen even if it costs some wii points. Sakurai said after all, this will be a game which you can play for many years, probably a hint to this?.



Bass_X0 said:

Are the same people who are annoyed by downloadable extra content also annoyed by expansion packs you can buy for PC games? I don't see much of a difference other than the format they come on (digital vs. physical).

I can see lesser companies making you pay full price for 3/4 of a game and making you download the rest for a cost where the full game would have been on the disc otherwise. But not Nintendo.



Bensei said:

They could have put another Double-Layer disc into the package
Too bad Discs aren't bigger, it would have een really nice to see Toon Shiek lol



Link_O_Fett said:

Haha to Bensei's comment. Toon Shiek would have been pretty bada$$.

But yeah, I think this would be great. Now if only we could get the original Smash on the VC..



Bensei said:

There are rumours that rests of a Toon Zelda and Toon Shiek are still on the disk...
I don't really belive it myslef, I think more that it'd be Tethra, but Sheik wasn't in TP either so...
If she's in I would at least like to see her design. A Chibi-shiek in an official game might just making ROFLOLMAO



Kenryoku_Maxis said:

This rumor sounds incredibly fake as Sakurai already discredited the claim he wasn't going to allow any downloadable or extra content to Brawl after the game was released. Also because there’s no option in the Japanese game for it (although I realize said WiiWare could fix such a thing just like various Pokemon games hook up to each other without prior options).

...However, since this was the thing I hoped Brawl would have the most after the Music, character selection it has now and the amazing 1 player action/adventure/platformer I can play for hundreds of hours....this news would be the icing on the cake that stops my heart.

And if you don't admit to saying you would pay even 5-10 dollars for a new character/stage that Nintendo created for you every 2-3 months, you are lying so bad and you know it!



donx998 said:

I'd pay for the characters and stuff only if its not included on the disc and if it was a fair price.



deadly_by_design said:

@Baxx X10 about PC Expansions

Nickel-and-Diming is dumb regardless. Some expansions are worthwhile, but I've gotta compare this SSBB content to dumb stuff like 'Mech packs for Mechwarrior 4. (which cost $10) Wasn't worth it.

Any WiiWare SSBB content would have to be major AND pretty cheap for me to bother buying it. Then again, despite owning and enjoying my Wii, I have strong anti-console tendencies.

"Substantial" would be my way to judge this. If it's a decent amount of quality of content, then perhaps. Otherwise, I'll be content with only paying $50 for my entire SSBB experience. (thank you, Nintendo)



El_Vampe said:

I sincerily HOPE this proves to be true, because many (including myself) are very disappointed with Smash Bros. Brawl's final roster of characters. Toon Link and R.O.B.!? Waste of space if you ask me. I haven't even looked at the FULL roster yet for the sake of not spoiling more surprises. There are more deserving villains and female characters (we have to admit, Brawl is a sausage fest!) and others who deserve a spot. This is Sakurai and team's one chance at correcting these mistakes. They should make polls to let gamers vote and decide which character(s) deserve to be developed for Brawl. To those who said that Sakurai deconfirmed this way back in the past, remember that he's said MANY things that have turned out false, such as: third party characters would amount to 2 or 3 excluding Snake. There would be CLOSE to 40 fighters (personally, 35 is pretty far from 40).
The ONLY possible downside to this new downloadable feature is that, in my opinion, it would ROYALLY defeat the purpose of ever making another Super Smash Bros. game. And to those who think space will be an issue, they could easily allow us to throw out a few fighters we'd have in our roster to make space for the new ones. We could easily download the deleted characters if we ever miss them. Same goes for stages, Event matches, etc. Imagine, countless Brawl owners would have their own unique custom selection of characters, Assist trophies, music...



Roo said:

Re: Jockolantern: "Only 26 more days..."

And for us in Europe, only 2,889,504 days...that's how it feels anyway...



donx998 said:

@Roo you could just goto right now to order smashbros brawl (it will be in japanese) but if you want it in english u have to wait till we get it because then they will start selling it in english also it cost an extra 10 or 20 dollars then it would namally cost if its the japanese version it will be 70$ english version 60$



DEMON212 said:

El Vampe, in Math you round up from 5. So 35 would be 40 ;p

And again, they'll be on the disc already. How else do you explain TP's 7 block of data for a save, when SSBB's is 180+?



Juampi said:

Damo, you're wrong. When you pay for a game, you pay for what is being advertised. If then they add new content, you are not entitled to get it for free since you didn't pay for it in the beginning. You just paid for what was already in the game. You also said that, if the content was so good, they should add it in the game itself. You are also missing the point there. The idea is to add content as time passes, giving developers time to actually create the content for us. If that wasn't the case, then the game would never be released because they would never finish adding new content.
And developing new stuff takes work and time, so I believe the people who provide us with it should be rewarded for their work.
I know it would be awesome to have it for free. But I also believe we don't have the right to demand that. If you don't want to pay for new content, don't do it. Nobody forces you to. It's that simple.



The_Indigo_Effect said:

Being a Smash Bros. fan, I feel obligated to purchase additional content. Any and all features should be made available in the final version. If Nintendo really doesn't have the time to implement all these features into the game, that's one thing, but I better not see additional characters and stages available for purchase right off the bat. Something equivalent to a robust, map pack crammed with features would be acceptable, but I hate being nickel and dimed to death. Given the zealous, Smash Bros. fan base, Nintendo stands to make a nice profit from this kind of venture.

The needless abundance of Pokemon and Kirby characters would definitely push me to pay a little extra for an additional character. I like Pokemon, but it's become a bit excessive with how many of them are included in this game. Assist trophies do not do proper justice to some of the characters that could have been included.



KMcVay said:

There was so much debate about this topic on a Smash forums called Brawl Central. I for one would definitely buy anything from a Smash Channel if Nintendo actually decides to implement it. Until WiiWare and Brawl comes out, however, the truth will be a mystery. I'm so impatient...I'm literally drooling with excitement. O_o



DEMON212 said:


But when the content is ALREADY ON THE GAME DISC! Like this and Oblivion.

Then you're paying to access more of the disc that you already own.

It's like releasing Star Wars IV on Blu Ray but making the Death Star Trench Run downloadable content.



Kenryoku_Maxis said:

If there was additional features available right off the bat from Nintendo, that would still be covered by the fact that there's a couple months of crating the finished product, burning all the disks, marketing and shipping those to stores. In that time frame, they aren't crating any additional new characters, stages, etc. However, if they WERE doing that and decided to release those new Characters, stages etc to the customer through WiiWare, THEN its totally justifiable.

Japan is going through a massive shortage of the game due to the developers working all the way to the last minute to jam every kilobyte they could onto the disk before the deadline, causing only 800,000 people to get their copy in the first week (when this game could have possibly broken records on opening day). America might see the same thing happen. And you people are contemplating that Sakurai and co might have held back pieces of the game for profit? Come on... If anything, a small WiiWare release might just be a frank $5 'we're sorry' to the world. And its more than we even deserve when looking at how much we're already going to get for our original 50 bucks.



Bensei said:

Because they are holding back as an excuse for American gamers who know everything about the game before it even was released in Japan, or at least so sounds the theory



Nintendude1 said:

Knowing Nintendo I would think that they wouldnt release downloadable content at all. If they do however it will probably be free or a very cheap price for a very large amount of content. I could see them creating different outfits for charecers therefore not changing the balance of online play, while still allowing new charecters.



Vader0954 said:

1- I'm all in for it

How is it a dumb idea? I mean, some games on the 360 (via XBL) require you to pay in order to get extra content.

Think of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Aside from getting the golden edition which has all the characters, people had to pay to get new characters.

This, if it comes through, is the same concept and I'm willing to pay for characters....


Not to over exagerate, but wouldn't it be awesome if Goku™ or some other guy from DBZ was in brawl? ahh...if only it were true...




Bensei said:

I think Anime Character aren't going to join the Brawl in... like... 900000 years...
Darth Vader has higher chances of joining...



The_shoemaker said:

I don't think there is any downloadable content, since japan hasn't gotten any yet. Or maybe Nintendo I waiting for all regions to get the game, then release content. I'd be willing to pay 150 points for a character TOPS. But then again, I'd pay 1000 points to be able to play as magaman.



Skippy said:

Im a bit confused there going to be downloadabel content? Or are yous guys saying that there are characters IN the game..that we cant unlock until some kind DLC is released to allow them to be unlocked...bit confused.

I think Megaman should definetly be in the game, and maybe some other characters like Sephiroth..Kind Mickey from Kingdom Hearts would be sick..and Goku and/or Gohan would be killer to. Then again...Id pry want any new character they add...all of them turn out well...MetaKnight and Wolf are my two new faves for sure.



MrLopez said:

I wanna see Dr. Mario back!
And hoping for some other new characters!



Bensei said:

Just to prevent further answers about DLC: This is proven Fake, every Japanese Word after Wii says nothing about Wiiware or a Wii Channel.



dr_mario said:

Too bad, this game would have been perfect with downloadable content, then we could have bought more of the old melee and maybe even original SSB stages, characters like MEGAMAN, and costumes for characters like a Dr.Mario costume for Mario, I understand they took him out because they were too similar but they should have at least made a costume for him like they did for the old wario, they could have also had a mewtwo costume for lucario, pichu for pikachu, young link for toon link. Also 1 vs 3 special Brawl would have been sick, all players being big kind of cancels each other out. (This can be done if you know how to use the Ocarina cheat code engine)

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