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MSX to Hit Japanese Virtual Console in May

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The two upcoming MSX titles Japan was getting, Eggy and Aleste, had a date of "2007, after fall" slapped on them around last summer. When 2008 came creeping around the corner they still weren't released though! They actually kept that date throughout the first two months of this year as well!

The MSX was extremely popular in Japan - The Metal Gear franchise made it's debut on it. It never hit North America, but was popular in some European countries. Will it ever hit the European VC?

Now they've finally gotten an actual date - Both should be hitting in May. That's a lot of new systems hitting VC lately - Neo Geo, Master System, now MSX, and soon enough, Commodore 64!

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djshep1973 said:

Please, please, please let the MSX games come to Europe's VC; it was my favourite machine through the late 80's, thanks to some truly great Konami cartridges! dreams of playing Nemesis 2 and F1 Spirit on his Wii...



Manicfatty said:

Another bit of coolness that I imagine will never see these shores. While there have been some import releases on a few of the main stream virtual console systems, I can't see importing an entire system category. What a shame.



Kelvin said:

I wonder if only Japan will get the MSX? If Japan gets the MSX, and we get the C64, what will North America get? The Atari 2600?



Kenryoku_Maxis said:

Well um...Not that I'm trying to say I don't like all the new systems coming, because I do. I want MORE new systems. Keep 'em coming!

Ahem...but I think that instead of the people focusing on getting all of these new systems connected to the Wii, I think they should ALSO be focusing on perhaps...either getting more games out each week or maybe some kind of voting system out there that allows us, the people buying these games, to vote for one game every 2-4 weeks we would like to see put up on the VC per Region.

The spreading out of all these new systems has come at the exact same time as all of the regions slowing down. We have had what, 3 new systems added to the North American VC in 4-5 months? And in that time we’ve seen games slow from 3 releases a week to 2-1 a week. Suddenly we’ve gone from 4 systems to 6 or 7 and the games each week have gone down… How are we going to ever expect to get any amount of games out if the systems keep piling up but the games keep slowing down?



Herandar said:

@manicfatty: Actually, I could see the counter-argument that releasing systems in regions that never received the original games might be successful.

Of course, it seems that most of these old games are not masterpieces of the craft, and are sold mainly due to nostalgia and rose colored memories. I don't think many casual American Wii owners care about MSX or C64.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

True K-M. It´s kind of frustrating that we get fewer games this year. Right now, I´m just relieved that we´ve gotten 2 games instead of 1 the last weeks.

MSX is one of the very coolest computers ever. I´d be in extacy if it reached europe. Aleste rocks! And so does Space Manbow, Penguin Adventure, Parodius (exclusive MSX version!) and Snatcher... keeps dreaming



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Hmm....maybe North America will only get imported systems if imported games do well....
Come one everybody! Buy The Lost Levels and Sin & Punishment so we get more systems like this one!



Kelvin said:

That Guy... we may not get MSX in Europe, but we may still get Aleste as it was released on the Master System as Power Strike.



JGMR said:

I'd rather have MSX games than that C64 crap!
Metal Gear 1 & 2 anyone?



Morbid said:

C64 crap? Don't be so narrow minded. And you call yourself a gamer? Sheesh!



Roo said:

Do we really need all these old console releases within months of each other? No. I'd rather they stopped "big announcements" like this and focus on the Wii and it's own games circa now!



Kenryoku_Maxis said:


They are focusing on their own games. Its called Twilight Princess, WarioWare, Paper Mario, Metroid Prime, Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, WiiFit.

Did you mean that Nintendo itself should start focusing on getting more third party support? They tried doing nothing but that with the GC, to the point that they even hired out half their in house franchises (F-Zero, 1080, Mario, Zelda, Sports, you name it) to 3rd party companies to get '3rd party companies' on the GC. Now they're doing the same with VC and WiiWare, but being a lot smarter about it, and keeping enough control so that they can keep their own properties and quality assurance but also allow these third parties to do their own thing.

If you're gonna blame anyone for the Wii slumping on having actual physical software, blame American and European game developers. They still want to side with the 360 overall, giving the Wii, albeit upgraded ports at times, but mostly just their gimmicky random ideas, mini-games and things like 'World Championship Darts'.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

I'm totally in favour of adding new systems. I just can't wait till we get to the newer ones. I want Sega CD and Panasonic 3D0!



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

@kelvingreen: I´ve been thinking of getting a Power Strike cartridge for my Master System since I enjoy Aleste. But of course, a Master System can never replace an MSX... Lovely sound, and some superior versions of my favourite games (Quarth!).



Kafei2006 said:

Considering the system had officially been marketted in Europe, and some of the greatest games on the system (mostly the Konami ones) hit Europe at the time, i see no reason for them not to make it come to the European VC. crossing my fingers to see the MSX exclusive Parodius episode come to the European VC



GamerWho said:


Though I doubt we'll see a SegaCD Channel before the release of some sort of HDD, I'd also love to get one. Even if it just let you play your original Sega CD discs on Wii.

MSX is good news. I how we get the proper Metal Gear 2! And Snatcher of course, even though it'd have to be translated?

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