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More C64 Details Emerge - Keyboard Input, Loading Times

Posted by Damien McFerran

We've been contacted by a mysterious insider who insists he’s on the team that is currently preparing the new C64 channel, which was officially confirmed last week.

Here are some of the things he's spoken about so far:

  • Each C64 joystick port is individually mapped to each Wii device (be that Wii Remote, Classic Controller, or GC Pad)
  • A popup 'Virtual Keyboard' is featured and is toggled at the touch of a button, and keystrokes are entered by pointing and clicking the Wii Remote
  • No loading times
  • No loading screens – although if the screen is interesting enough it may be included

While we're pretty sure the chap is speaking the truth, please bear in mind this is very much 'rumour' territory here.

UPDATE: The original forum posts have been edited as our insider is rather worried about getting into trouble regarding this. As a result, we have removed the original forum topic thread. But trust us - what he said is 100% true.

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Starwolf_UK said:

So no USB keyboard support?

Virtual keyboards are nice but since the Wii frimware supports USB keybaords wouldn't that make some sense.



Damo said:

I guess they thought having to toggle between the two inputs would be a pain?

It's possible that USB keyboards will still be supported...let's not forget we don't have the complete picture yet...



Rossi said:

i dont think the C64 wont to be unique and "old school" without the 15 minute waiting times...



Damo said:

Maybe they will include an option to put the loading times back in for those people who crave the authentic experience!



strictlybeats said:

I can't wait, but more details on the games would be good. How many blocks do people think a C64 game would take? I guess they were restricted to around 58K without multiload, with the emulation, they shouldn't be that big should they?

What games are people most excited about?

  • Summer Games
  • Beach Head
  • Paradroid
  • Ghostbusters
  • Forbidden Forest
  • Boulderdash


Boredom_v2_2 said:

Wait, there's a joystick for the C64. I thought it was only a keyboard for controls. The C64 to me sounds like a game system for the PC if it had a Virtual Console downloading system (which obviously they probably already have).



Deadeyerobbie said:

Very few games used more than a few buttons on the keyboard when the joystick was used. These keys could be mapped to buttons on the classic Controller, or GC Pad. Games like Gunship would need a virtual keyboard or usb keyboard. Lets hope all the options are there to use. Being on Turrican and Turrican 2



Damo said:

Atlantis - I may be able to give you some evidence that will convince you soon.



djshep1973 said:

Wow, I really hope all this C64 on VC stuff is dead-gen! I always wanted a 64 when I was a kid, but maybe now I'll get to play some of those great games I spent hours reading about....



Jon2 said:

I've said it earlier and I will say it again. The C64 coming to VC is fantastic. I can't get these wonderful news out of my head!



Waxxy said:

@Boredom: The C64 was marketed primarly as a home computer, but it was also packed with advanced (for the time) features that were aimed at making it easier to program games for, which is in large part responsible for its success. It features a full keyboard of course, but also has two joystick ports (which were also eventually used for mice), a cartridge port which was mainly used for smaller games, and could support 2 floppy disk drives simultaneously, in addition to a cassette deck (ahh, hour-long loading times), printer, and modem. Hardware-wise it had a fairly robust video chip and a sound chip that blew the competition of the time away and is still beloved today for its unique sound.

I suspect that 90% of the games people will want to play on VC were controlled with the joysticks. Occassionally, the single-button stick was too limited, so they'd use one or two easy-to-reach keys on the keyboard. There's no reason these keyboard keys couldn't be mapped to the Wiimote, though. I can think only of a few games that would absolutely require keyboard support, and most of those are text adventures.

As for my most anticipated game, I would love to see M.U.L.E. made available in all it's 4-player glory...



Bass_X0 said:

"""A popup 'Virtual Keyboard' is featured and is toggled at the touch of a button, and keystrokes are entered by pointing and clicking the Wii Remote """
Lame. I'd rather the right analogue stick to move around the on-screen keyboard than the wii remote.



Kelvin said:

Oh I don't know, it's the way the current on-screen keyboard works for email and web browsing, so I can see why they might keep the same functionality.

(Can you use the right stick for the web keyboard now? I know you can move the pointer on the Wii Menu with the stick, but I've not tried the keyboard.)



Futureshark said:

If they bring the last ninja (they must) then I hope they give you the option to listen to the loading music between each level, rather then just missing it out and going straight to the next one.

I'll be glad to for go the old loading times but alot of the C64 music is classic (the last ninja having some personal faves) and there must be a chance for a new audience to experience them, as well as my personal pleasure!



Kawaiipikachu said:

Sounds like POKE's might be used in virtual console thru i would be PEEKing around the internet for them if i want to cheat .



MaxPlastic said:

Why are we wasting time with a C64 platfrom for the VC when there are still plenty of untapped games from the systems already available? ... Zork was cool, but I would much rather play Secret of Evermore, any Soul Blazer game, or Hell, even Monster Party!



buzz_clik said:

By that logic, MaxPlastic, why not just get rid of all consoles bar one and focus solely on that? The more the merrier!

And I'm not just saying that because I'm a die hard C64 nerd and think it needs to be there. Okay, maybe a teensy bit.



SmaMan said:

Something just hit me the other day. This is Nintendo's chance to give us the full version of Donkey Kong! Y'know, the one with all 4 levels and you can see DK climbing up the ladder and mashing the platforms up a bit?
I own a copy of that on my C64, but I'm sure other gamers would want the whole thing...right?



deadly_by_design said:

I don't know. Nostalgia is one thing, but I'm not sure that I'm willing to shell out money for anything pre-NES, myself.



buzz_clik said:

Actuallly, d.b.d, the NES and C64 were kinda contemporaries... not entirely, but still around the same era. In fact, the Famicom came out in Japan less than a year after the Commie was released.

So sure, it's pre-NES, but it's really not that different on the Nostalgia Scale (tm).



tiny-ant said:

i think i will have a problem with paying money for c64 games, because you can get a c64 with tons of disks with games on them for practically nothing on every flea-market. you can even find "give away" ads in papers.
maybe, if they'd give me an accurate copy of a competition pro joystick to plug directly into my wiimote, i'd be tempted to buy summer-games for example to have the channel right next to mario kart 64 for when i have friends over.
but still - the large disks - the sound of the disk-drive and the smell of dust...
no, i'm both a vc and a c64 fan, but i'm not excited at all that they get together.



Outrunner said:

Flimbo's Quest!!! As long as I get that I'll be happy. Oh and Rick Dangerous too.



ICEknight said:

I don't know why they'd remove the loading screens... They were usually quite cool, and they could just show them for a few seconds or until a button is pressed, even before the emulation starts.



Bass_X0 said:

I'd actually like to see some Spectrum games. Anyone remember Deathchase 3D?



KhaoShar said:

C64 could bring back some real adventure classics that were really innovative at theyr time. I'm talking the likes of Monkey Island and Maniac Masion here! And this system is so old it could even bring older text-based fantasy epics. Most of us are not old enough to remember that there were advertures even before the point'n'click aera ^^o

Maniac Mansion is a bit unlikely though- for Nintendo surely would rather throw in theyr own NES-incarnation of this title.

An as for Monkey Island- there was a Maga-CD version of this right? More Colours!! More Music!!!! But, still...

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