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Microsoft Are Unaware Of The Game Wii Fit

Posted by Sammy Barker

Microsoft's corporate Vice President Shane Kim (what a cool name?) thinks that this generations console war winner has been called too early.

In an interview with New York Times Shane said:

"The generation has a long way to go so it's way too early to declare a winner," he told the paper. "I remember a couple of weeks ago, a lot of people were predicting that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl, too."

Just to explain the Super Bowl reference to the other Brits that don't give a crap about the worst sport in history; the Patriots were the favourites to win the most commercial and overhyped sporting event in the world when in fact the New York Giants took the prestigious title.

Clearly Shane is deluded on a couple of principles:

  • Microsoft shifted about 3 consoles in Japan last month*.
  • The 360's top game (Halo 3) has already been released.
  • Wii Fit is going to appeal to pretty much every boy, girl, man, woman and dog on the Earth.
  • Gordon Brown officially endorses Nintendo.

Now we're not fanboys but we thought we better state some facts to Microsoft's deluded VP.

*Sales figures may not be accurate.

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motang said:

I would have to agree with the guy, it is a bit too early to say who has won the console war this time. Also people still have to get new console (like the Japanese, their numbers are no where near the numbers we have here in the states. Now I know Japan has lot less people living than America but they did sell more DS/DS Lites than anyone else.). I am more than sure there are many people out there that still have a PS2 and not even one of the new consoles.



get2sammyb said:

Yeah this article was very much tongue in cheek. I don't think the console race is over - but I also don't think anything's going to stop the Wii now. If it slows down over the next couple of months Wii Fit is only going to increase interest.

The way I see it Microsoft's "war" is with Sony - and I can't see them winning that one either.

On saying that though - XBOX Live is the best thing ever invented ever.



Zenman said:

is it just me, or is everyone who is losing any kind of race using that superbowl refrence?



hero-of-time said:

i believe this to be all true, the wii has a lot more in store for it than xbox. I think its an ace article!

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