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Final Fantasy CC: The Little King - Media Blowout

Posted by Damien McFerran

Square Enix’s latest upcoming Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles title is easily one of the most eagerly awaited titles for Nintendo’s new WiiWare service and with good reason; the game is looking particularly special as these latest screens and trailer will attest.

It is understood that the game takes place after the GameCube title that the gameplay revolves around creating a city. The player has to engage in quests in order to gain the materials needed to expand and develop.

The has also been given the official subtitle “The Little King”, which is a bit more manageable than “The Little King and the Promised Land”, which was the previously accepted translation of the Japanese title “Chiisa na Ōsama to Yakusoku no Kuni Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles”

To check out the new screens, click here.

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TheRealNaveed said:

Heh, I wonder how much space this is going to take up on the Wii's memory? Looks like it'll be more than an N64 title.



Nigel said:

Okay, Nintendo HAS to be releasing an external hard drive with the arrival of WiiWare, right? ......RIGHT?

Mine is full with just VC games, and I filled it in about four months. I keep N64 games on an SD card, and right away I'll be putting all the games I don't play so often on there as well.

But I suspect Nintendo will release a hard drive that looks just like the Wii and charge a hundred bucks for it. Every one of us would buy it, and N knows it! Anyway, whatever solution they come up with it'll cost us money. There's a reason they didn't give the Wii that much memory in the first place, after all!



WaddleWave said:

I dont know japanese, but, from what I can see is there's going to be some jobs available like Black Magician, White, and what appears to uniform,,ranger perhaps? So, it's going to be a sim game with battles? How much it going to cost? 1,500 pts.?



Lanceolot said:

From the video yes, it does look like it will cost 1500 wii points. Here's hoping that at least the wiiware games can be stored AND run from the SD Card. Like Nigel, my system memory is full!



Damo said:

It will defo cost 1500 points. That has been confirmed already.



Dark_Jinjo said:

The whole storage mess is a real big problem for Nintendo. How in the world are they going to make money if nobody can download more than one or two WiiWare titles? The majority of people who own a Wii are casual gamers, and no casual gamer or their mom is going to understand how to move games to an SD card and move them back in order to manage memory on their console. Sure they could release some kind of hard drive for those of us who dowload a new game every week, but why not let us use our SD cards to play games from? It doesn't make any sense. All they need to do is have a Wii system update when WiiWare launches that will enable us to dowload from the shop channell directly to the SD card and play them from there, problem solved. I hope somebody at Nintendo wakes up and realizes how much money they stand to lose if they don't fix this problem fast.



Dark_Jinjo said:

And by the way, does anyone else find it sad that a small WiiWare title looks better than most games published specifically for the Wii and sold at retail? I am really looking forward to this game.



Bensei said:

I saw this two weeks ago at Wiimotion, but it said it was a stand-alone Game with the working title King's Tale.
Did they now fuse the planned FF:CC and KT or was it planned as KT from the beginning?



Dark_Jinjo said:

There are two games under development, the main retail copy of FF:CC and the WiiWare title FF:CC:TLK. Word is that the main retail sequal to the gamecube game is having development problems and might be delayed for a long time or canceled, but the dev teams are focusing on the WiiWare title to launch when WiiWare launches (hopefully) after the upcoming Game Developers Conference.



jammy_uk said:

I'd guess that the reason Nintendo doesn't let you play games straight from an SD card is so people don't share them from console to console. There could also be an issue of streaming a game direct off a card. Im not sure, either way a Hard Drive is a certainty soon after Wii Ware is up and running. Nintendo are just being their normal secretive selves and not telling.



Rapadash6 said:

I agree that with a game this complex coming to Wiiware, Nintendo MUST have some kind of storage solution on the way. I mean seriously how small can this game be? Couldn't be less than 256MB and that's half the systems space right there. It's not easy to fit anything else in the fridge when there's an 200 lb turkey in there, am I right?



Boredom_v2_2 said:

I agree with all that SD stuff you guys said. Especially what Dark Jinjo said (awesome name). Now to answer Jupier's question, I don't read Japanese but it will come in March! I just hope it means for Japan, Europe, and AMERICA at the same time!



Phantom said:

The game looks interesting from the video...but I still have no idea of what kind of gameplay its gonna have though...

...and what's with the penguin thing in that pic?



Bensei said:

@ Jimmy UK: You can't share from console to console (without cheating). If you can't copy a game or channel to your Wii which you haven't bought in the Wii shop you can't play it.
The reason you can't play from SD cards is because external sources of this size would slowdown the gameplay, especially since there are cheaper and more expensive SD cards.

And you can only save up to 48 channels minus the first 6 which you can't delete. But I think the bigger problem is the limited save.



Starwolf_UK said:

"The reason you can't play from SD cards is because external sources of this size would slowdown the gameplay, especially since there are cheaper and more expensive SD card"
Don't believe the lies NOA tell you to justify not caring about the problem. The gameplay will probably not be effected at all since given the programming is good you can fit the title into the RAM (all current VC ROMs meet this and if the Wii Ware size limit of 32MB is true they do also) which means instant access (pretty much). Of course it is true it will take longer to initially boot.



Boredom_v2_2 said:

I think i might know when this game will be put up on the Shop Channel. I think it'll be on March 11th in America because that's the same day the FFCC DS game is coming out. I'm not saying this is definete, because it's just a guess. Sometimes 2 games with the same head title but different game systems come out the same day.



KhaoShar said:

I don't read japanese either, but when compareing to other FFs like FF3(the DS-version) I think those jobs are white- mage, black- mage and thief (in the green garb). Not sure about the first job in the vid. though...



whalleywhat said:

This trailer needs more footage of that girl with the glasses. She got a sweet.... uh, nevermind.



ReZon said:

Looks pretty nice - but my main concern is space on the Wii now - and No, I don't think I should have to move/delete my 25 VC games.

They just need to patch in so you can play your VC games from a Flash Drive or SD card - OR give us an external hard drive.




KhaoShar said:

I vote for the flash drive or SD, for I have those anyway and don't need to spend extra € on any "original nintendo"-stuff.

Strange, now I have this feeling that it's gonna be the wii-hard drive anyway...



Bobby_Paycheck said:

A hard drive could be pricey and defeat the purpose of the Wii being so portable, but it might also pay for itself depending on how much flash memory we will need to buy once WiiWare starts coming out. If say a 20GB hard drive for Wii comes out for $100 dollars I would buy it because it would solve the long term problem better than constantly buying flash memory. The Big N has got to have a solution for this. The CC game looks sweet though and I think 1500 points is cheap. Is this because it will be a short game or is this the difference in price digital distribution makes?

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