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EU VC Releases - 29th February - Super Turrican

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Let's get this out of the way first - Sadly, there are no 3D games involving a pink puffball for Europe available this week.

What is available, however, is Factor 5's SNES blaster, Super Turrican. It got rated long ago, in mid-2007, so fans of the series (Which has achieved cult status) were wondering where the heck the game was. Worry no more though, because it's finally here! If you ask us, you're actually better off with Super Turrican than Kirby 64, so it's not too much of a loss. Kirby fans - Better luck next time! Super Turrican is also very, very notable for being one of the first games on VC developed by a western developer, in this case Factor 5. The only games before it were the Donkey Kong Country series by Rare.

Today's other game is yet another Turbografx shoot 'em up. Psychosis is a good game, and has a rather interesting plot, but is outclassed by many other shooters already on VC. Don't tell me this would be your first choice for Turbografx shoot 'em up when there's games like Lords of Thunder and Soldier Blade available! Still, it's not bad, so if you're a fan of the genre, you may find it worth checking out. Another thing possibly worth nothing is that it's the first non-CD Turbografx game in a while.

One great action game, and a good shooter. Not too shabby an update, I say! Check out the reviews:

Super Turrican - SNES - 800 Wii Points

Psychosis - Turbografx - 600 Wii Points

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User Comments (39)



Kelvin said:

Super Turrican is good, but now that the C64 is confirmed, I'm looking forward to the real thing!



Shortay said:

Good week, even though I wanted Kirby 64. Super Turrican looks good though, but I was wondering about the difficulty, since I've been put off Contra III by what I remeber of it.



Dazza said:

Super Turrican isn't that hard tbh. Once you get a fully powered up laser you are nearly unstoppable! Boss attacks follow a pattern so they are not too hard either. I wouldn't say its a pushover but it won't punish you like Contra III



Jazzem said:

Super Turrican rocks, and I've only just played it for the first time. Good release!



jg233 said:

Pretty good week IMO... I am not getting Turrican when it comes to the US because of many many other unfinished games, but a good week none the less for you guys.



Juice_Lee said:

We may have Kirby 64, but you guys have River City Ransom!
On that note, I already have River City Ransom EX for GBA. I'm wondering if buying River City Ransom on the VC would even be worth it in that case.



DEMON212 said:

Well, 15 minutes into Turrican, I'm wanting to come down to slap Dazza for recomending it J/K

I'll persist with it



Serpent said:

I used to think Super Turrican was hard, it gets easier once you get more used to it.



E-dawg said:

I'm getting pretty sick of side scrolling shooters, aren't there enough already?



Viral said:

I agree E-dawg. What happened to RPGs? I used to play these but lately, it seems that RPGs are just dying again in mainstream. I think it's because us hardcore RPGers are finally having something better to do than spend 40 hours going to level 99 and getting all the materia...(wait, that's only one of them)... My hopes have been shattered for RE2 on N64 VC....E-Dawg, I love your picture, but Leon would get owned by Wesker.



Larry said:

Yeah! Super Turrican Finally...

One of my favorite games of all times. I played it on all platforms and i can't wait playing it on Wii.

@E-dawg / Viral I would love to see that SNES Shadowrun RPG on the VC.



Jon2 said:

I downloaded this before I got to work. I have played many Turrican games (on C64, Amiga and so on) and I must say that this version seems to be one of the better. I would still like to see Turrican 3 for the Amiga though.



strenny said:

I agree with those of you, saying there are enough shooters so far. More Jump n' Runs! There were so many good ones for the SNES!



Kelvin said:

Jon, Turrican 3 for the Amiga is the same game as Mega Turrican for the Megadrive, so you'll want to check that out. I think the only differences are minor graphical and sound changes, mainly in the Amiga's favour.

And strenny, we call Turrican a shooter, but there's just as much in the way of platforming and exploration too. I'd always thought of the series as platform games, really.



JGMR said:

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeej, finally a fav' Snes game since a lonnng time
Enjoy the music people!



Jockolantern said:

Super Turrican is a terrific game. I remember renting it way back in my early teen years and eating the game up. Awesome music, vibrant, creative graphics, terrific level design, and just challenging enough. Definite download for me if it reaches the states!



Kelvin said:

Yep, one thing that Turrican has always had over other games of its kind is the music. Those titles, from the C64 up, had fantastic tunes that I still find myself humming nowadays.



Joxe said:

I've never ever played a Turrican game, can someone briefly tell me what the difference between this and games like Contra? From the video it looks like it contains a lot more open areas and a bit easier gameplay than Contra.

Nice that you fans finally got this one



Kelvin said:

Joxe, it's nothing at all like Contra really. It's far more of a platformer that just happens to have a main character with a gun, like a cross between Mario and Metroid.

I'm not hugely familiar with Super Turrican but other games in the series have had massive levels which have scrolled in all directions, not just left-to-right. There's lots of exploration, and multiple paths through the levels, and all that kind of fun stuff. So in a way, it is easier than stuff like Contra because you can avoid the enemies by going a different path, or you can try to gun your way through, and so on.

Also, the Turrican music is much, much better.



D00M said:

At last a decent game! Super Turrican is getting downloaded soon as I get home



DEMON212 said:

I just don't see it. T to me is one of those games that keeps you playing because of how bad it is.

I couldn't put it down for want of finding more I hate about it.



Mike1 said:

Europe can have River City Ransom and Super Turrican. I'd much prefer Kirby 64 anyway. Hope we get Super Smash Bros. on Monday.

By the way, just out of curiousity, do you guys think that either of the N64 Castlevania games have a chance of getting released on the VC?



Roo said:

Why is everyone upset that we're not getting Kirby 64? Wouldn't people rather play games that stimulate them, test their reflexes, and ultimately don't bore the arse off of them?!

Super Turican is great. Thoughtful; inventive; classy. Get amongst it!



Bensei said:

So Europe got not even a nearly empty month, no, we even didn't get ANY N64 Game! (Or did I miss something?)



CobraCommander said:

Why are soo many people want that fat bad Kirby??? Its a game for Kids! Now we got supercool Turrican, Fast and thought robot action with amazing music. This is a game for hardcore players.

If I want to play boring 3 D jump and runs - i don't need the virtual console .



Bass_X0 said:

oh. i just realised something. all NES games that America has and we europeans haven't did not get released in europe except for ghouls 'n' ghosts. maybe they're waiting for another event thing before giving them to us because they would have to charge us 600 points.



Rexy said:

This may be my first post but there we go.

CobraCommander, you asked why you think Kirby isn't cool in comparison to "fast robot action". It's all a matter of taste. And you shouldn't dismiss something just because it's kiddish - if they provide enough of a challenge then that's gift enough.

Heck, I know someone who's been a hardcore gamer for years, and he felt that Halo provides very little challenge while Kirby 64 (heck, even Dreamland 3!) are more amazing pinnacles of retro gaming. I personally would prefer to look into Kirby 64 myself (especially since there's not much choice N64-wise out here) but I'm still happy enough with what I have.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Super Turrican is one of the finest plattform-shooters for SNES. And since C64 is coming to VC, one can only hope we get some Turrican games for that too!

Hm... Now we get a C64 emulator... will AMIGA come out to play? Turrican II drool



BF-Medic said:

Turrican rocks! Great gameplay and the music is fantastic.

I haven't got access to my Wii in about a week, so I downloaded some of the versions on Amiga and C64 last night to my computer, that's when I found out it was too long since I had played those games! Fingers crossed for the C64 versions to be realeased soon!

Kirby 64 will eventually come to EU people, and personally I think Kirby's Adventure are way better...I will probably skip the N64 version.



Bass_X0 said:

Syndicate (BF-Medic's avatar). Now thats a game that should appear on Virtual Console for SNES. Never played it myself but I hear its good.



E-dawg said:

@ Viral, thanks man, I love the RE games and I pray that RE2 will be released on VC, as the GameCube version is inferior and yes we need more adventures and RPGs.



BF-Medic said:

Syndicate should definitly be released on VC!
I haven't played the SNES or Mega Drive version, anyone who know if they are any good compared to the PC version?



ttfp said:

I remember (vaguely) playing a version of this on Amiga500...

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