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EU VC Releases - 15th February - Sega Week - Phantasy Star II

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

In a rather welcome change of pace, this week finally sees more than one new release in Europe. It also brings back Sega Week, which was strangely absent in January (Well, unless you count a single Mega Drive game as a Sega Week).

The obvious top pick today is Phantasy Star II, a rather well-known Mega Drive RPG which has been rereleased a bunch of times and has (Or at least should have) been played by most Sega fans. The amount of RPG offerings on VC right now is rather small, so this is a very welcome addition!

Today's other release isn't nearly as noteworthy - It's the fighter, Eternal Champions. Back in the day the game gained some popularity for being quite gory, but with three installments of Street Fighter II and The King of Fighters '94 on VC already, all of which are considered better by most, there's not much reason to get this game if you're looking to download a fighter. It's still pretty good though, so if you're a real diehard fighter fan or just want to check out some non-Street Fighter/KoF games, give it a go.

Two good games, a nice change from the awfully slow pace lately! Check out the reviews:

Phantasy Star II - Mega Drive - 800 Wii Points

Eternal Champions - Mega Drive - 800 Wii Points

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mattyl149 said:

Yay, a two game week

Looking forward to playing Phantasy Star II, as this is a series I have never played before



TBoneTony said:


I have been waiting for one of the BIG 3 RPG's for a long time to come to the Virtual Console

Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are the other two RPG's I have been aching for.



Bass_X0 said:

Happy Valentines Day VC. As for the games, I don't have much love for them having played neither before. I think I'll use my 1000 points to download two NES games I been meaning to get (Kid Icarus and perhaps Punch Out!)



7th_lutz said:

Phantasy Star 2 is a good game. I recommand using a walkthough or use a Phantasy 2 game map. It is easy to get lost in the game for those who never played the game before.



Pua said:

At last! I was waiting for Eternal Champions for a long time. ^^ But who knows... maybe I'll try Phantasy Star II.



KhaoShar said:

Ooh look, they're twins!! Very unequal twins maybe but they're from the same mother(SEGA) and the same date. Now, if we got back SEGA-Week, will there be other good things returning, too? Like, say, three games a week, releases for NeoGeo and such?!

Oh, BTW: Great deal to have the PS series- now it's just logical that parts 3&4 will follow one day, may this day be close :-] ! On the other hand, now that SMS has been announced for VC, wouldn't it have been more logical to bring out part 1 fist ?°_°? ?



Shortay said:

Not too bad, Phantasy Star II intrigues me as I don't have many RPGs on the VC. Hopefully a 3 game week will be next...



ChocoDK said:

Its nice that Europe finally gets a two release game week. And the Phantasy Star II game looks interesting. Hopefully it will come to North America soon. Anyways, Happy Valentines Day all!



E-dawg said:

Sega week finally arrives, but I think I'll give this week a miss, however at least we get more than 1 game.



Kelvin said:

Drake, I think you're being a bit unfair on Eternal Champions. It may not be part of a big multi-game franchise, but it's a very strong fighter, and it deserves better than comments like "there's not much reason to get this game". That's just unnecessarily harsh.

It's a good selection this week, and it's nice to see things get back on to a more sensible schedule. I hope it continues.



Gameguardian said:

Oh yeah! Phantasy Star II. This game is a must if you like RPGs and I too hope that we will get two or - three (maybe that's not gonna happen though) games each week instead of one. Go Nintendo!
I haven't played Eternal Champions though, is it good?



Kelvin said:

Not according to Drake.

Honestly though, Eternal Champions is a good, solid fighter. I'm a big fan of SFII, but there's definitely room for both.



Bass_X0 said:

He said it was good but there are better fighters already on VC. When Super Street Fighter II is equal in wii points and KoF94 just 100 points more, he does have a point.



Damo said:

Drake never said EC was bad, did he? He just said it wasn't as well-known as PS2 and that there are better fighters on the VC...which is true, I would say.

EC is still well worth downloading if you fancy the look of it, hence the 4/5 score. I'd just recommend checking out the other fighters first.



cr00mz said:

how would you compare PS2 to BoF2? better/worse harder/easier etc? i have BoF2 but i have trouble finding out where to go all the time so i end up using alot, how is this game?



Bensei said:

This week got 2 because it would be suspicious, nect week we'll get none...
If not: Hooray!



Damo said:

cr00mz - I'd say that they're both worth checking out if you like RPGs. I never really got on with BoF2 (or any of the other games in the series) but it's down to personal preference.



Damo said:

No worries - I would add that if you don't like using GameFAQs to find your way through a game, don't get's easy to get lost and confused without the massive guidebook that originally came with the game!

Still, it's good fun all the same



Cal said:

I don't really know why but Eternal Champions was just one of my favourite games ever, probably because of all the nostalgia that comes with it.
I don't know how many nights i spent playing this badboy with my brother, legend game!!



slangman said:

Well this is a good suprise. I might get Phantasy Star 2 when i get my Wii online. Heres hoping next week will be the same for the VC.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

@ATRUEZELDAFAN: Phantasy Star 1 is for the Sega Master System, which isn't on the VC yet but will be soon. Breath of Fire 1 was licensed by Squaresoft, so there is probably more wrangling involved in getting the license for the VC than just asking Capcom.



Boredom_v2_2 said:

Hey i've been wondering. When you guys in Europe have Sega week, does Nintendo say those words somewhere in your Wii message boards or Shop Channel? Or did you name it yourselves?




@ Jogurt the Yogurt.
I see. So we may get Phantasy Star 1, and Breath of Fire 1, but n0ot for a while.



Drake said:

Boredom: We named them ourselves. Neither Sega or Nintendo has ever actually referred to them as "Sega Weeks" nor have they even talked about them in any way, they're always treated like any other week.



Roo said:

Ha! I buy myself a Wii Points Card thinking ' today's gonna be the day, something greats gonna come out' and what do I get? Eternal Champions for Christ's sake!!!
Well, with that out of the way, all I have to fear now is Cruis'n USA.



Adamant said:

"how would you compare PS2 to BoF2? better/worse harder/easier etc? i have BoF2 but i have trouble finding out where to go all the time so i end up using alot, how is this game?"

PS2 is better than BoF2 in every way imaginable.



KhaoShar said:

....exept character design and graphics, if you ask me. PS2 looks OK when you keep in mind that this was '88 and visual spendor is not that important in retro RPGs anyway. But it's characters just can't get anyway near a team composed of:

  • a dog-man
  • a cute girl with wings
  • that plant-man thingy
  • Jean, the frogman, who can turn... into a frog :LOL:
  • a ferral cat-girl (also cute =OuO=)
  • this giant armadillo guy who looks more like a hairless gorilla with a horse's head screwed on
  • and, as a bonus character: Blue, the serpent-tailed sorceress with a healthy streak to ego-mania. The only character looking normal (though with blue hair) is The Hero, but he's got those freaky dragon powers...

I can't tell about story because I haven't beaten them both, but basically they're both of the "go there, beat monster, get a patch of story in a text box" style, which is standard for this period of time and was done much better in FinalFantasys anyway.

That is to say: Once you made a deal with square-enix about BOF1, beat the FFs (and ChronoTrigger!) (and SeikenDensetsu, aka Secret of Mana!!!) out of them as well.

"Make it so!"
warps out >>>==__°/°°°



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

@Bensei, you're right, as I said before. And when it does come to VC, I expect Phantasy Star won't be far behind. Breath of Fire could be another story, though. It's a shame, too, because I think the first one is the best in the series.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Hey, Sega weeks are great and all but when are going to get Zero Wing!!? I mean, that game is awesome! (I'm just kidding but it would be cool to see it on the VC)



ChinSpin said:

if monday is presidents day i was thinking that it would be a good idea if they could release something special for the VC for us,but i get the feeling they won't.....



DEMON212 said:


I love beat 'em ups, but I've played ET on the MD back when I was young and both me and my mate laughed our arses off at how bad it was.

And RPG's. Final Fantasy III DS totally killed the genre for me (I and II had started to kill it, III DID kill it)

Walk forward one step *FIGHT STARTING MUSIC* Tap/B Tap/B Tap/B *YOU WIN. EXP GAINED. FIGHT ENDS* walk forward one step *FIGHT STARTING MUSIC* Tap/B Tap/B Tap/B *YOU WIN. EXP GAINED. FIGHT ENDS* walk forward one step *FIGHT STARTING MUSIC* Tap/B Tap/B Tap/B *YOU WIN. EXP GAINED. FIGHT ENDS* walk forward one step *FIGHT STARTING MUSIC* Tap/B Tap/B Tap/B *YOU WIN. EXP GAINED. FIGHT ENDS*


Sorry about the bold, no idea why 2 Asterix's bolds things.

BTW, am I the only one thinking that Ninty MIGHT, actually do something special for not next weeks, but the weeks after EU release? A.K.A Leap Year Day Febuary 29th.



KhaoShar said:

Yhea DEMON212, that punctuation thing is going on my nerves as well, but I start getting used to it. So far I found ot that your type goes bold wenn you use two asteristics, itallic when you use two '_', gets underlined by typing two '+' and crossed out at the use of '-' twice. Oh, and using that up-arrow-thingy you can get text set higher.

I'm sure there are more possible changes, like increasing size and such. It's kinda usefull, but it makes using the asteristics to indicate an action impossible.




KhaoShar said:

See what mess this can make? BTW, the : smiley came to be by accident because I used ":x2, then *"...




Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

It's Heritage Day in Canada on Monday. Not all of North America is the USA.

But Nintendo isn't even acknowledging their own milestones with special releases, so I have a hard time believing they'll celebrate minor holidays with special games.



KhaoShar said:

°oO(So, no special game for my birthday? Darn, and I was so happy it's on a friday this year...)



Tim said:

@Jogurt the Yogurt

What could Nintendo possibly release that would be in spirit of Heritage Day? I didn't even know about this holiday : ) Only the holidays that get you a day off work with pay are important, except Remembrance day.



Viral said:

In the words of Wesker, how annoying...

Honestly, Europeans are getting screwed on the Virtual Console. I'm American and I live in England and how I woe thee Europeans as I am suffering with you. I think Nintendo isn't playing favorites, although I do believe that Nintendo is releasing them in particular areas first for specific regions. I still think Nintendo needs to hear me out and get an "Everybody Votes VC Channel" because the current voting channel kind of sucks since it's mostly boring. Who cares who takes a shower in the morning or in the night? I for one, don't. I DO CARE when and what virtual console games are released for the fact that it partains to me and you all! I also think that Nintendo isn't rewarding us fairly for buying their points right? Well, I looked on the site, for every 400 star points, you get 100 VC Points, basically, I bought Super Paper Mario and Wario Ware Smooth Moves, and I got 500 STAR Points TOTAL between the two games. That's 250 points each...not even 100 downloadable content points....shame...



Dathcha said:

Consider yourself lucky with the starpoints... I am dutch and living in Norway, and norwegian Nintendo sales do not come with any star-points...
I only get star-points if I buy my games in NL when visiting, or ordering online via play or amazon...

But on top of that, I can't link any star-points account to my Wii Shop account as the button/link to do it isn't there at all...

I wish I knew why certain countries aren't part of this 'European' system Nintendo has... (and the same for the MicroSoft Video Marketplace tbh...)



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

@Tim, that's my point—we can't expect a special game for every niche holiday (though Koei's Liberty or Death could be appropriate for any number of patriotic American holidays ).



Bass_X0 said:

Nintendo should give away wii points with their games. Those leaflets that the games come with should have a number on them which you scratch to reveal which you then put into the wii shop to redeem what... 75 wii points is it? much more simple than going through the star points then wii points route.



Starwolf_UK said:

250/400=0.625 so as it is games in Europe can come with 62.5 Wii Points* in a way. You've got to remember Stars just are not worth what they used to be (plus they are harder to get due to * and no daily bonus). Sure years ago 4000 points got you a retail game but there were 100 of these at most. These days 4000 stars gets you 1000 Wii points or a physical gift in the catalgoue. Constant restock (therefore better availability) makes up for this in some way. The real problem is the sheer volume you need to be able to get anything at all. Add in the expiration of unpsent points and you've got trouble (unless you are crafty and stockpile points until there is something you want).

*-I say can as the stars are now structured as: Price < £ 19 (€ 29) = 100 Stars, Price £ 19-33 (€ 29-49) = 200 Stars, Price > £ 33 (€ 49) = 250 Stars (Recommended retail price).



Kelvin said:

Bass X0, that's a good idea. The way Nintendo convert your Stars to Wii Points borders on the cretinous.

Consider that both Stars and Wii Points are electronic; why on earth do they think that it's a good idea, when we've been able to connect our Wii to our Nintendo site accounts from day one, to have you convert electronic Stars into a physical Wii Points card, which is then posted to you, so you can turn it back into electronic Wii Points? Why not just convert the Stars to Points electronically like they do if you buy them via credit card? Jeepers.

Not to mention that they're sending out big chunks of plastic when they post your Wii Points, which is hardly great for the environment.



yamiiguy said:

They don't send you the Wii Points Card, you pay stars for them and then you get the code...



Kelvin said:

Really? Myself and friends have had the things actually posted out to us, boxes and all. Is this not how everyone's getting them?



Rossi said:

Yet again i have not got a game since December 2007. Its just not doing it for me these games, i guess im waiting for a big game that has always been recomended such as Super Mario World. Its the fact i am wasting money that keeps me from downloading these games ive not played before..



Bass_X0 said:

hmm. i've been buying games i didn't originally consider when they were first put up because i had never played them before. punch out... streets of rage 2... and i found out i actually liked them. i've completely run out of space now so I'll have to delete some games if i want to get more.

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