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EU VC Release - 8th February - Lords of Thunder

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The third (!) week in a row with just one game! You can now download Lords of Thunder, a Turbografx-CD sequel to Gate of Thunder, which is a fantastic game.

Aside from the fact that the game was listed as costing 600 points instead of the usual 800 (which has now been fixed), there's not much else to report here. Obviously it's annoying that Nintendo are only releasing single games at the moment, but when the title in question is as good as Lords of Thunder you really can't complain; this is one of the finest shooters money can buy and should be snapped up without delay by all VC fans.

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Lords of Thunder

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Clayfrd said:

Looks good. Hope they bring it to the States. Maybe the price was due to pure generosity, hmm? Ha, I kinda doubt it myself.



DEMON212 said:

4th? Wasn't our release 4 weeks ago 1080 Snowboarding AND Riot Zone?

Anyway, LOT is an amazing game with an awesome price. I'm really happy about that

However I'm irate that SHMUP haters are totally screwed this week.



Damo said:

Seriously guys, this is game so good you really don't need another this week.



Shortay said:

I hate shmups, so it's a dreadful week for me. It would have been so easy for Nintendo to release another game for people like me....



Bass_X0 said:

I was thinking of downloading Story of Thor if I wasn't interested in what they gave us tonight. but i never played it before and i don't want to get burned again (didn't like Neutopia II even though everybody else was raving about it)...



DEMON212 said:

I'm at 121, there's 3 games if that, that I'd think I'd enjoy.

Zueri's at 130+.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Honestly, I have no interest in this genre, but unlike many people here (apparently), I have no problem going for a week without downloading something. I'm perfectly content to let the LoT fans be happy and take a pass on it myself.



Phantom said:

It seems I'm out of luck again this week...
I really hope they don't do these 1 game weeks when Wiiware finally starts.



Phantom said:

So either a 1 wiiware or 1 vc game week? Yeah they probably would do that...



Kawaiipikachu said:

Nintendo just unable to get enough licenses to have more the 1 game per week at the moment so no complaints here at all not like all the winers there .



Drake said:

The game's apparently 800 points now, so if you didn't buy it in time, oh well!



DEMON212 said:

Smug mode

Yeah, Ninty are struggling to release the 140+ games that Star Mario because they just don't have the licenses.

And the tons of sequels/prequels to the games that we already have

But w/e, not gonna argue, can't be bothered too.



SepticLemon said:

Wow... I just downloaded this game and all I gotta say is...

Retro sh'ump + power metal riffs = Awesomesause!

This game is really worth it, and it's cheaper then the other Turbo CD games at only 600 rather then 800. Best deal on the Wii Shop Channel so far!



diablos79 said:

An awesome game and one that everyone should DL. Some bad news tho ppl , theyve already corrected the price and it is now up at the normal turbografx price of 800 points. DAMN THEM!!!



Sharecrow said:

Hopefully it comes to the US sometime soon....not that I don't have a bunch of good stuff to play already, but I am always open for a good shoot-em-up.



Lugia2 said:

Just one?

Look, the game may be great, but at this rate we're not getting SMRPG, Chrono Trigger, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, Yoshi's Island, Majora's Mask, etc until 2015! What's wrong with these people!?!?!



Majiiine said:

Hope this one game per week thingie doesn't last long, I want to be able to atleast choose



E-dawg said:

Honestly Nintendo, this is bloody ridiculous, we have too many side-scrolling shooters as it is and I want more than one game a week. We Need more N64 and SNES games, there is a total lack of them.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

have we had a single sega game this year?

maybe that is why we have only been getting one a month, because there is no sega to fill it up



saturnkid said:

We got a quality game at least. I'm afraid times have changed people, we are stuck with the single game release so there seems to be no point anymore in complaining we just have to accept it.
Apathy runs deep within me now, it is gonna take a run of quality games rather than one here and there to restore my faith, I can see my Wii going back in it's box in the near future.
I bet when this site was formed the state the VC is in now wasn't forseen.



djshep1973 said:

What's up with all the whinging and whining?? Whilst I agree that it is a bit of a shame that we aren't getting more than one game-a-week these days, nobody says that you have to buy the games that are coming out. If you're not interested then save your points, be thankful for the stuff that is online, and play the games you already have!

To be honest, once I'd downloaded the games I really wanted, I wasn't interested in a lot of the games that were coming out at the 3-a-week rate anyways.

As for this week, I'm sure plenty of people don't like shoot-em-ups, but I love 'em so will rejoice in what looks like a cracker!



PlayerOne said:

The older VC games aren't going anywhere, they're still there available to download. Maybe the previous higher numbers were just to build up a catalogue, and now there's no need for so many new games a week?
Part of me, though, wonders whether the VC is just not enough of a commercial proposition to attract other publishers.
Whatever the case, I am no longer bothered about checking the shop on a Friday morning, and am happy to let this site's RSS feed tell me about the releases instead. Which is kind of sad, but not exactly the end of the world.



wii-c-kid said:

Whinger alert! I think the game is good, but I hate shmups and am fed up with RPGs - so a schmup with RPG elements is right off of my list. To compesate though I have bought Ice Climbers and Balloon Fight.

Maybe next week will be more interesting. Unless we get crap like Spelunker and Smash Ping Pong which seem to be hanging on the wings of release...



saturnkid said:

PlayerOne you may just have hit on Nintendos VC plan, a year of multiple weekly releases to build up a back catalogue(it does seem too much of a coincidence that the releases started drying up after a year of the Wii), then drip feed them there after.



Aldo said:

Hope for better times!!
Did anyone knows when the first Sega Master System Game comes to Europe?



D00M said:

Temped, but going to hold out for the Thunderforce series, Prefer ships over mechs (or whatever those things in Lords of Thunder are)

Castlevania III next week please



diablos79 said:

@ Aldo: i think the MS catalogue is gona start rolling out around march/april time. Dont quote me on it but thats what i heard.




Hmm a shoot em up that isnt a sci-fi. rare. anyway this game looks pretty awsome, hopefully it comes to the states on monday (along with a few other games too)



GamerWho said:

I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo loses interest in the Virtual Console altogether, especially if their lack of new content effects profitability, which it must be doing.



DEMON212 said:


People aren't complaining that they HAVE to buy a game. People are complaining that there's no back catalogue games that interest them, and the new games that are coming out, are coming out so slowly that the ones they want are gonna take ages to come.

They're also complaining that 1 game offers no choice/variety.


They're humans.


That makes no sence "The game is good but I hate it so I'm not gonna buy it"



Rapadash6 said:

What the hell is going on with VC?! I'm an American but I truly feel for you guys over in Europe. No Brawl date and now you're being snubbed for VC games!! It's total BS man... I know Nintendo has found this new casual market but it seems like they forget us core gamers more and more everyday.



DEMON212 said:

Rapadash, I wish I could QFT your last sentence

Because I think that's the cold hard unfortunate truth



Master_Chief53 said:

This sucks, I have U.S game consoles even tohough I live here. Oh well, Lords of Thunder is coming to U.S!



ChocoDK said:

I never heard of this game before just recently. I am happy that Europe got a game which is good but still it sucks for them that they have only been getting one game a week.

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