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DJ Hero In The Pipeline? Chica-chica.

Posted by Sammy Barker

Activision are planning a spin-off to their ridiculously popular series, Guitar Hero.

According to CVG Activision have filed a trademark for a game titled "DJ Hero".

The trademark reads:

"Computer game software and related instruction manual sold together as a unit; interactive video game programs; computer game discs; downloadable software for use in connection with computer games; video game controllers; Interactive video game comprised of a CD or DVD sold as a unit with a video game controller."

Let's hope it comes packaged with the new Pioneer CDJ-400 for just like £50. I can dream can't I?


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Masterless said:

I don't see it working, although I wouldn't have though Guitar Hero would be such a hit either. DJing is a lot harder than playing the guitar (at least at the dummed down GH level) and it would'nt work that well.



get2sammyb said:

Robwho2 - I was waiting for someone to pick up on that and make a comment. I wouldn't neccessarily say guitar is easier than (real) DJing but nor would I say (real) DJing is easier than guitar.

Proper scratching and decent mixing takes a helluva lot of skill and practice. From what I understand DJing is all about reacting to the crowd, being spontaneous and making things drop just at the precise beat.

Guitar is far from easy - but so are a helluva lot of other elements of music besides the "norm".



i8cookie said:

cooooOOOolllll, if the controller is wireless that is... would be cool to be able to use it as a bluetooth mixer / scratcher with my mac as well as being a game controller

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