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Commodore 64 coming to Virtual Console

Posted by Darren Calvert

Regular readers will remember that quite some time ago we reported on C64 games coming to the VC. We ended up with egg on our face as it turned out to be some sort of mistake on Nintendo's Norwegian website and no more details about this ever materialised.

It is now the turn of Nintendo's Finnish site to break the news about C64 games coming to the VC as you can see here.

The first releases look like they will be International Karate and Uridium which are priced at 500 points each. No dates have been set yet by the looks of it but it all looks "official".

According to the information available at the moment these gaming classics will only be available in the European Wii Shop Channel, at least for now.

More confirmation in an official Nintendo UK press release:

Already a firm favourite with Wii owners, Virtual Console is once again expanding its catalogue, this time with the addition of a whole new games format. Later this year, Wii owners will be able to enjoy classic titles from the best selling personal computer of all time: the Commodore 64. These titles join classic gems from the likes of Nintendo, SEGA, Turbografx and NEOGEO already available via the Wii Shop Channel.

The release of the Commodore 64 in 1982 was an historic moment for the computer and video games industry. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it remains the best selling single computer model of all time, with an estimated 22 million units sold. Its immense popularity saw an unrivalled collection of over 4,000 rich games titles released through its production lifetime (1982-1994), helping to establish the C64 as a ‘gamers favourite.'

Bala Keilman, CEO of Commodore Gaming, commented, “The massive impact the Commodore 64 had on video gaming is still evident today with many gamers remembering the computer and its games with great fondness. By working with Nintendo of Europe, we are ensuring that future generations of gamers can play some of the best and most popular titles that kick-started the computer games revolution and so keep the C64 legacy in gamers hearts.”

Laurent Fischer, Managing Director of European Marketing & PR of Nintendo Europe added, “We are extremely pleased to be working with Commodore Gaming to provide even more retro hits for Wii owners to choose from on Virtual Console. With over 184 classic titles now available to enjoy, Virtual Console on Wii is a great way for users to access a breadth of classic retro games. We hope that this great choice of games will bring nostalgia to our gaming fans, while an entirely new generation of video game players can experience a host of classic games for the very first time.”

Among the first titles from Commodore 64 which will be made available on Virtual Console are International Karate and Uridium. These great titles will be bolstered by regular updates from the Commodore 64 back catalogue.

Virtual Console games from Commodore 64 will be available from the Wii Shop Channel soon and can be downloaded for 500 Wii Points each. Currently these titles will only be available on the European Wii Shop Channel.

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User Comments (117)



D00M said:

Ooh Uridium, great shooter! though I had the speccy version which was great.



lordbowser said:

Looks like I might as well keep mine hooked up. Of course there are some games I'd cough up 5 bucks for but I've got about 183 C64 games so I'll wait and see.



saturnkid said:

Forget Gears Of War 2, this could well be the announcement of the year. I'd pay 500 for those two games.



Steve said:

Why would 500 be too much for a C64 game and not for a NES game? I'd say both are comparable. Now if it would be Atari 2600 than it would be something different but C64 is not worse than a NES.



wii-c-kid said:

Ah yes, I can remember spending under £2 on new home computer games too. 500 points is pricey but not too far fetched that I wouldn't spend the money on games like IK and Uridium (and hopefully Impossible Mission too!)



Damo said:

While I think pricing C64 games at the same level as NES titles makes sense, the output of the machine isn't really in the same league as Nintendo's console. IMO, at least.



Boredom_v2_2 said:

I'm a huge Nintendo fan, and i too haven't heard of this system! I've heard of the N64DD but not this! Maybe i'll check out one of their games. Do you guys think this is coming out when Master System does?



saturnkid said:

Hey Damo, I'd take the C64 over NES any day, and remember it had some of the greatest music in games ever. As Harry Hill might say, theres only one way to find out...FIGHT!
Can we have the loading screens as well.



RonF said:

I hope they will release Elite, I spend a lot of time playing it.



Damo said:

saturnkid - LOL Harry Hill...I now have a vision of two people dressed up as a C64 and NES fighting it out in the TV Burp studio!

The C64 never really interested me, I have to admit. I moved from the Atari ST to the Megadrive and kinda bypassed all the other home computers, although all my mates had either C64s or Spectrums, so I played on quite a few of the games.

I think the NES beats the C64 hands down when it comes to killer software...nothing on the C64 can match the likes of Super Mario 3, for example. But I know that the machine is highly regarded and I'm sure many people will download games for it on the VC.

Another feather in the Wii's cap, so to speak!



Damo said:

Monteblanco - Elite would be a wonderful's easily one of the most loved C64 games, so they really should make an effort to get it available!



Bass_X0 said:

I'd really like Spectrum games but theres no way that is gonna happen. Most of the games were programmed by individuals rather than companies and it was only sold in the U.K. so nobody in Japan and America will have heard of it really.

I had more fun playing Jetpac on Donkey Kong 64 than I did actually playing the main game.



lordbowser said:

@ wii-c-kid - Impossible Mission always was my favorite and better come to the VC. I remember loading it up for the first time and hearing the clearest speech ever on a commodore game "Another visitor. Stay awhile, Stay FOREVER" also hearing your character scream when he fell down was pretty amusing too.



Rhys said:

The c64 was my first home computer, I love it. Providing amongst the releases they include Paradroid, Alleykat, Gribbly's Day Out (which they should, as they were made by the same company as Uridium), the Dizzy games, and as an outside shot The Detective Game (amazingly tricky whodunnit), Creatures 2, Flimbo's Quest. That'll be good.



Will said:

YYEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best news iv heard all day!!! C64 flippin rocks!!! Bring on the creatures, mayhem in monsterland, led storm, dizzys, terminator2!!!!! But 500 points is waaaaaay too expensive. Considering back in the day a C64 tape cost £5 Irish, to download today costing 5euro? That shouldnt be rite. Most vc games cost one tenth of their original retail price. We should be buying these for 50cent!! unlikely though.... dont forget C64 blues brothers, robocop and rick dangerous!



maka said:

Hi all, (first post) I'm happy to hear that the C64 will enter the VC. I was one of those that grew up with a Spectrum, but a friend had a C64. I wonder how many C64 games will work well without a keyboard... I know I'd love to play Specctrum games on the wii, but many would be unplayable without it (that and you can legally download most games Spectrum games online for free)



Valien said:

Ah the glorious C64. I spent many hours when I was a freshman in HS playing on the C64. Loved the system. Loved the games. This would be a great VC fit.




Sharecrow said:

I don't think I'd download any if it made its way to the US, but I did play C64 a bunch back in the day. There are a bunch of console games I would rather play before going to these, though. Still outstanding news that they are adding yet another system!!!!



Dazza said:

@D00M - nice find, I will have to check that out later!

Yeah I seem to remember the isometric Batman came out on C64 too. I had the speccy version and played it to death. Ocean made some outstanding games for the home computers back in the days!



hokuto_no_rob said:

Nintendo are struggling to put out decent content on the existing consoles. I can't see this making things better. Also, 500 points? Is that a joke?



Waxxy said:

This is great news to hear. There were plenty of good games on the C64 that are comparable or better than the average NES game. My only concern is that it may not come to the states. That would be a great shame as I'm sure there are many gamers over here (myself included) that would love to relive some of these classic moments. Hopefully Nintendo/Commodore won't overlook a huge part of their potential market...



Bass_X0 said:

I wonder how many C64 games will work well without a keyboard

well we can use keyboards to browse the internet on the wii. i don't see why we wouldn't be able to play games using them. plus i'd imagine the games controls would be custom mapped to the controllers.



bacchus said:

I'm quite surprised that they are releasing C64 games considering that the C64 was primarily a home computer and not a dedicated games console. I hope this means that we could get games from other home computers as well.
It'd be great if they added the BBC micro! I'd love to play Citadel again.



Kravex said:

Chuckie Egg!!!

Can't wait to hear some of Rob Hubbards classic music again from Zoids, Thing on a Spring, Sanxion etc.



Kelvin said:

I don't see why C64 shouldn't be priced at NES levels; the hardware is comparable, and the games are just as good. Damo, I'd put Mayhem in Monsterland or any of the Creatures series up against SM3 any day. Or Great Giana Sisters.

(And wouldn't it be wild to see Nintendo release that on Wii?)

The C64 had some great what we called "arcade" games back in the day, and those will be easily mapped to the Wii's controls. There weren't many games that used both joystick and keyboard, and even those didn't use a lot of keys; even Turrican could be mapped to the Classic Controller, I think. Even so, I'm sure keyboard support could be emulated through the USB keyboard, if necessary.

Rhys, I'd love to see The Detective Game. Utterly unique, and of course, I never finished it back in the day. Did anyone?

Master System. C64. If they announce Amiga support, then I'm the happiest bunny there is!



JNoodles said:

"...the output of the machine isn't really in the same league as Nintendo's console. IMO, at least."



Damo said:

Each to their own Kelvin, but I still maintain that the NES had a stronger lineup than the C64. Still, the more systems available on the VC the better!

And as for the Giana Sisters...I seriously doubt we will ever see that!



Kelvin said:

Damo, I was the opposite to yourself. I only knew one person with a NES, and plenty with C64s, Speccies and Master Systems. So I see a potentially vast untapped reservoir of excellent gaming here, whereas I could name only a few NES games I'd chase down. Still, as you say, each to their own, and the more systems on VC, the better!

Yeah, I'm not holding my breath for Giana, but it would show a great sense of humour on Nintendo's part.

If this is true, then they'd have to have some kind of keyboard support in place for International Karate; how are we going to press "T" mid-battle?



Shortay said:

500 points is a bit excessive for a C64 game. 300 or 400 is more like it.
I've never played any C64 game though, so I'm looking forward to trying a few out



Mike1 said:

Who cares? It's just another system that will force Nintendo to take even longer to release all of their classic games.

At least Europe, can get something new for once. In fact, they can keep it.



Kelvin said:

It should also be remembered that the library of games for the C64 was quite different between Europe and the US. I don't think European classics like the aforementioned Head Over Heels, Creatures and Paradroid ever made it Stateside in large numbers.



Dazza said:

I wonder how many of the C64 games which make it to the VC are ones which are currently on the C64 joystick TV game?


  • Summer Games
  • Winter Games
  • Pitstop
  • Pitstop II
  • Supercycle
  • Jumpman Jr.
  • Impossible Mission
  • Impossible Mission II
  • Championship Wrestling
  • Gateway to Apshai
  • Sword of Fargoal
  • Silicon Warrior
  • International Karate


  • Tower Toppler / Nebulus
  • Paradroid
  • Eliminator
  • Cyberdyne Warrior
  • Cybernoid
  • Cybernoid II
  • Ranarama
  • Firelord
  • Exolon
  • Uridium
  • Zynaps

Image Works

  • Speedball


Kelvin said:

I'd take Impossible Mission from the EPYX list, but almost all (I must confess, I've not heard of Eliminator) of the games on the Hewson list are works of brilliance.



Rhys said:

@kelvingreen - I did, thanks to a spoiler free walkthrough, an emulator, and an evening with sedatives (it STILL scares me when I find a murder!). I encourage you to finish it, as far as storylines go, you WON'T be disappointed!



Dazza said:

For me home computers were defined by devs such as Ocean, Gremlin Graphics and Codemasters. I'd love to see some of their C64 output make it on to the VC somehow. Probably very unlikely though



Kelvin said:

Rhys, I may give it a go!

I think both Gremlin and Ocean are owned by Infogrames nowadays, so you never know. I did email Codemasters a few months ago asking if they had any plans to support the Wii in terms of Virtual Console and Wiiware, but they didn't seem keen.



PoisonedV said:

Now that others mention it, I am kind of excited. I loved the Batman game and the mystery one



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Excellent news. I have as fond memories of the C64 as anyone, but I wouldn't pay $5.00 for the games. I would consider paying $3.00, but Nintendo's not going to dip that low. This only means I'll be happy to see the C64 on the VC, but I just won't buy any of the games!



Bass_X0 said:

Codemasters used to produce unofficial NES games to get around Nintendo's terms -- they're probably still blacklisted by Nintendo.

I wouldn't expect any licensed game either unless whatever company now owns the original has the license now. Like I reckon whatever licenses Infogrames has, they should be able to release the old Ocean and Gremlin games that had the same license.

And speaking of overpriced games, weren't MSX games planned to be 800 points despite the MSX being inferior to the NES?



Ian_Daemon said:

Ok... @JOGURT, if Nintendo won't reduce the price, (and I agree that they want to keep pricing 'simple' on their end) why don't they just release packs of C64 games for $5? That way they could release two or three C64 games for $5 and more people would be happy about the price.



ttfp said:

I still have an Commodore Amiga 500, which is unfortunately broken. I'd love to see Escape From the Planet of the Robot Monsters, which I think was released on C64 too, right?

Lemmings using the Wii Remote pointer would be ace too.



SKTTR said:

I can't think of any better home computer to add than the C64. It has thousands of games, with many classics no other system has.

The games mentioned here, especially Gribbly's Day Out, Paradroid, The Detective Game, Boulder Dash, International Karate, Turrican, Giana Sisters. Truly great times!

But there's so much more...

Look out for:
Archon (EA, 2P-Action-Strategy-Classic)
Armalyte (Thalamus, Co-Op-Shooter-Classic)
Commando (Elite, Action Classic)
Elite (Sci-Fi-Trading Sim Classic)
Katakis (Factor 5, Best-Graphics-Shooter-Classic)
Kikstart 2 (Mastertronic, 2P-Racing Classic + Level Editor)
Magic Madness (Marcolosoftwares, Platformer)
Maniac Mansion (LucasArts, Point&Click-Classic)
Murder On The Mississippi (Activision, Action-Adventure-Classic)
Park Patrol (Activision, Action Classic)
Pirates! (Microprose, Realtime-Strategy/Trading Sim Classic)
Project Firestart (EA, overlooked Sci-Fi-Action-Adventure)
Spherical (Factor 5, overlooked Solomon's Key evolution)
Super Pipeline (Taskset, Arcade-Platform-Classic)
The Bards Tale I+II (EA, Classic RPG)
The Last Ninja I+II (System 3, Action/Adventure Classic)
Turrican II (Factor 5, Classic Gun&Run)
Zak Mc Kracken And The Alien Mindbenders (LucasArts, Classic Point&Click Adventure)

This is just a tiny selection of very fun C64 titles and I know, there's missing so much but I have no time to write them all down.

If you want to see a pretty gigantic collection of C64 games, go here:

The price (500 Wii Points) is acceptable, because there are so many great classics and most of them are exclusive.

In comparison to the NES the C64 has it's own library of exclusives that can only add to the value of the Wii.

Some ports were better on the NES (Solomon's Key) while others were better on the C64 (Maniac Mansion).

Technically, the NES had more colors and the C64 had a better soundchip, but all in all both machines did the same, except you could program your own games on C64, but unfortunately, this feature isn't supposed to happen on Wii, I think.

You can't do wrong with C64 games, if you already like the NES.

You just get more good platformers, strategy games, RPG's, adventures, simulations, action games, shooters, fighting games, puzzle games and sports games from 1982-1994.



Starwolf_UK said:

Its worse than being 500 is *from* 500 points. "Games to start at 500 Wii Points" being the sumary of NOEs news story.

Will these be in 60H...oh nevermind...

Utter madness if you ask me. I'll be taking my 500 points and using it to support a new game through Wii Ware* (Wii Ware just sends home how insane the VC prices are...I know my structure would be basically everything on the Wii shop halved, Wii Ware to remain the same).
-Yeah...when it comes out in Europe *glare



Manicfatty said:

Yea! Oh wait. No joy for me in the states. I miss my C64...and my VIC20. Omega Race anyone? Murder on the Zinderneuf ?



Gary_Oak said:

Don't get me wrong guys, the C64 is great computer, bu why not the Amiga? It has a nice catalogue of games, better graphics a excelent sound. Besides, I think 500 Wii points is little bit too much for a C64 game.



Bass_X0 said:

Hey. I notice that Activision released both an C64 Transformers game and also the Wii Transformers game. There's a chance we could see that I'd imagine. I don't know anything about the C64 Transformers game though.



Tim said:

It would seem that Nintendo is taking the initiative in getting support from as many different systems as possible. It makes me wonder why they severely limited the memory if they are this interested in digital distribution. Perhaps they recently changed their business plan when the VC filled their pockets with a lot of spare change.



RGVEDA said:

Ok let´s see....1 game per week and already a system more on the Virtual Console. Quite a time since the last Neo Geo game. Then there will be the Sega Master System and maybe Game Gear...and now C64? Great, great....but not with one game per week. No Chance to see good Games in near Future. I hope we will first Catch Up will ALL games that the USA has and then go on with 4 games a week. That would be very realistic.




Kelvin said:

With any luck, with more systems emulated and thus more games to release (as well as WiiWare on top of that), we'll see the schedule pick up a bit.

More likely, we'll still see one game a week, but we can hope.



Knux said:

It sounds neat,but what about the Sega Master System and Game Gear? It's taking forever for those video game consoles to come on the Virtual Console in the USA. Also,what about video games like Yoshi's Island,Sonic & Knuckles,Donkey Kong 64,and the Banjo-Kazooie games. I would be more willing to get these classic games. But Nintendo seems more intrested in adding more systems to the Virtual Console list then adding more classic games to existing systems. I'm very suprised that Yoshi's Island is not on the Virtual Console list yet. It is a great game. I don't even know how good the Commodore 64 games are. Are those games even coming to the USA? Oh well,at least WiiWare is coming to the USA in a few months. Besides I already have tons of Virtual Console games.



sym1 said:

I want Super Soccer, Super Tennis, Pop n Twinbee, Mario Kart, Striker, Pilotwings, Starfox, Flashback and all those other classic snes titles before they start realeasing games for new systems!!
Anybody got any idea what happens when Wii2 eventually comes out can you transfer your VC games or will they stuck on your Wii forever?



Bass_X0 said:

don't expect the banjo-kazooie games. they're microsoft's now.

(seeing the new banjo kazooie 3 game on 360 feels like when you see an ex-girlfriend kissing her new boyfriend)



SmaMan said:

Man I hope they release G.I. Joe! Sure, I have a C64 hooked up in my room in perfect working condition and have a copy of that game but who can forget the image of Duke saying, "Please turn the disk over! YO JOE!"

That raises a question. How will you be able to turn the disk over in certain large games. And what about keyboards? They were used in some C64 games. It would be annoying to keep using the On-screen keyboard and not everyone wants to go out and buy a USB keyboard...hmm

I'd be ok paying 500 points per title. The quality is nearly the same as NES



Rossi said:

Lets hope its a nice cheap 500 points games selection as SmaMan said, but i do wish they would release The Simpsons Arcade Game for it.. as that was a classic but i doubt it due to the fact its the simpsons!



Bass_X0 said:

@ SmaMan
=G.I. Joe is a licensed franchise - they won't get back the franchise just to release a single Virtual Console game.
= Turning the disk over will probably happen automatically.
= the controls will probably be mapped to a controller. you could probably bring up an on screen keyboard if you need to type words in if you don't have a USB keyboard. I'm guessing obviously.



Elk810 said:

I'm really not interested in Commodore 64, so this isn't news to me. Now if they were somehow able to emulate Saturn, Dreamcast, or 3D0 games, then I'd pay attention.

In fact, the TurboGrafx-CD has been out for a while, so where's Sega 32x and Sega CD? I WANT MY SEGA 32x AND SEGA CD!!! (>_<)



JGMR said:

This sucks. Nintendo should get their VC releases fixed with more consoles coming; more time waiting for a decent N64, Snes, Nes or MD game :s. Why no Game Boy games?! Links Awakening or Metroid 2 or Super Mario Land anyone?



tnk4god said:

sorry but wasteland, bards tale, curse of the azure bonds and pool of radiance are the best games ever!!!

Please I would pay 1000 wii ponts for those games!!!



AlphaNerd01 said:

This is great news, but I'm worried that all the games they add will just be the ones that are currently on the C64 joystick tv plug 'n play. That would be lame. (I have both a C64 with a large collection of games and a C64 joystick plug 'n play, but it's the principle.)

What would be awesome is if we saw the Ultima series. But that's not gonna happen.



Knux said:

Bass XO,

I agree that putting Banjo-Kazooie on VC is not going to be easy. But,Rare did say it's possible for the Banjo-Kazooie games to appear on the VC. There is a bigger chance of Banjo-Kazooie appearing on the VC then Goldeneye 007 apearing on any download service. Besides,Banjo-Kazooie is an game that did took some ideas from Super Mario 64 but expanded on it. But you could be right. Because when Banjo-Threeie comes out,it sounds like it could pose a threat to Nintendo. Also,Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie could have trouble appearing on XBLA because it has refrences to Nintendo characters.



Hangover said:

C64... I hope that Amiga 500 games comes to the VC too.. 500 points.. For a C64 game... why not 10 or 20 games for the price.. =)



deggs said:

the c64 had a few good games. i had hundreds of them (back then, piracy was kinda a way of life and everyone just copied games onto disks for everyone else)... but yeah, when nes came out, we all stopped playing c64 because the games were a ton more complex and interesting and you didn't have to wait a half hour to load 'em up.

still, a few c64 games i remembered fondly were:
predator (prob the best c64 i owned)
robocop (the nes is better ... damn ocean software... i could never beat level 1 for some reason because i had no idea where to go. still the music was amazing),

spy hunter (best version of this game. the nes one was horrible),
G.I.Joe (the game rocked. it was hard but damn good fun),
forgotten worlds,



Atlantis1982 said:

That's grand, now the games I still want for the VC, is now going to be on queued with these C64 games that I just don't give a damn about (If released in the US). . Sigh, and what is worse is that there is still the Sega Master system to drudge through.

Far as I can say, Europe, you can keep them ALL FOR YOURSELVES.



Bass_X0 said:

I hope we get some good games tonight. Although I'll be thankful to be saving money if we don't, I'd rather see some good games.



Knux said:

How come Mega Man 1,Mega Man 2,and some other games are not on the Virtual Console in the USA yet? Sigh. Well at least they are some good games out already.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

This is very good news. C64 minus the loading times! It´s hard to get hold of a C64 Direct-to-TV in Sweden, so I welcome C64 to the VC. But can´t we have the MSX games released in Japan as well? Okay, I guess not.



Knux said:

I would like to see the following systems on the Virtual Console:
1.Sega Master System
2.Sega Game Gear
3.Sega CD
4.Game Boy
5.Game Boy Color
6.Game Boy Advance



Kelvin said:

Atlantis1982, at least give the MS and C64 a try before you condemn them!



JGMR said:

"How come Mega Man 1,Mega Man 2,and some other games are not on the Virtual Console in the USA yet?"

Because they don't have a clue what gamers want, they act without a peek into the gamers community. "We rule, u listen."" Just like modern-age politics. Rats!



buzz_clik said:

Commodore 64 is still one of my favourite gaming platforms. While my mates had the NES, I had this little wonder. I even went to the trouble of wiring a doorbell up to it to serve as a reset switch. So this news is several shades of the colour awesome.

Things I'd love to see on there:
Head Over Heels
Impossible Mission (how many copies of this game do I really need?)

And agreed, kelvingreen, it'd be hilarious (although improbable) if Giana made the cut!

EDIT: check out for a pretty good site on C64 shtuff, too.



ChocoDK said:

Well I never played the Commodore 64 so I can't say what I think of the price point but I wouldn't buy any games even if it did come to North America.



bioform said:

In regard to Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie...

Rare (now owned by Microsoft) owns the IP of the characters, and setting, however, Nintendo was the publisher for both games, and owns the rights to the game itself as a whole, but not to the characters.

This means that while Rare can make a brand new game without Nintendo's permission, I believe that releasing any of the previous Banjo games on Xbox Live OR Virtual Console will be tricky and requires consent from both companies - 50% rights Nintendo.

Conker's Bad Fur Day, and Perfect Dark were published by Rare, and the IP belongs to them as well - 0% rights Nintendo.

Donkey Kong 64, despite being developed by Rare, uses a Nintendo IP, and was also published by Nintendo - 100% rights Nintendo.



Knux said:

Yeah but Donkey Kong 64 might not come to the Virtual Console soon because Jetpac which is a Rare game is within DK64. Sigh



Jon2 said:

This is amazing! This is the best news I could possibly get! The Commodore 64 was mine to own for almost ten years. I played a lot of games on it. I 'm looking forward to titles like The Last Ninja, Flimbo's Quest and Myth. Way to go Nintendo!



witchfinder said:

I wouldn't pay 500 points for either of those games as you got them both on the C64 DTV along with 28 other games and you can still pick those up in the UK for under a fiver.

However in principle I think pricing them the same as the NES games is fine as both systems are actually based on the same processor, the C64 has vastly superior sound and the best C64 games easily compete with the best of the NES.

If they manage to license C64 games such as Armalyte, Creatures, World Games, IK+, Last Ninja, Turrican, Skate or Die, Park Patrol and Wizball, I challenge anyone to say these games are worth less than some of the NES crap that is available on the VC!



Kelvin said:

witchfinder, I'm in complete agreement.

And to my disgust, I'd forgotten about The Last Ninja so I'll hang my head in shame!



D00M said:

I just remembered a series of games for C64 that I would pick up.

Monty Mole...I played the living crap out of Auf Wiedersehen Monty on the spectrum 128+ (it had music while playing! wooo)

And another vote for Turrican, though I would prefer the Amiga versions.



lavkian said:

As much as I hate to rag on an older system I have no experience with (I grew up with an NES and just about everything before it is before my time), it's really annoying how it seems Nintendo wants to roll out a new system before they've got the cream of the crop for the majority of the systems they've already got.

Plus, they've started reeling back 3-a-week for both us and Europe it seems. I swear, Nintendo will get you into their palm with such ease, but when it comes to online content... they're just doing awful.



Rapadash6 said:

Hmm, I actually could care less about this console. I mean I know it was huge in Europe but as an American I haven't played too much of it. Well, NONE of it, to be honest. I don't really like the idea of Nintendo adding even more systems to the Virtual Console because there are still so many great games to be released from the systems that are already there.



Dazza said:

@Rapadash6 - C64 was a home computer, not a console. It was also HUGELY popular in the USA. Its not just a European system.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

I'd pay 400 points for games like Bard's Tale and Pool of Radiance.

Unlike a lot of people here, I think the more systems on VC the better. Are we retro gaming fans, or just whiny fans of one or two specific games? More systems, more games, more easy for Nintendo to give us multi-game weeks. I'd love to see Sega CD (Dark Wizard, Lunar) and Panasonic 3D0 (Super Street Fighter II Turbo) on the VC at the same price point as N64 games.

EDIT: I think Rapadash was probably thinking about the Master System when he made his last post. C64 was everywhere in North America.



Manicfatty said:

@Dazza - Very true. In fact, before the console battles, my friends and I argued over which home computer was king. I had a C64 and a VIC20 at the time, one friend had a Tandy/Radioshack (the computer Matthew Broderick used in the movie War Games), another had an Apple. Of course, I use a Mac for work every day so I think we all know who won that battle. But I loved my C64. I used to get that magazine that had game code all the time. The one where you enter the code printed in the zine, and you'd have a crude game or app. I forget the name.

I used to mess with the code and write down what would happen when I changed certain parameters. But I digress (as usual ) The one thing they agreed on at the time is that it was really cool to be able to hook it up to your TV instead of being stuck behind a desk to play your games, or whatever. I knew a lot of people who took the C64 plunge!



Manicfatty said:

Also, if you can find it anywhere online or elsewhere, anyone not familiar with Commordore and...this part is key...actually gives a crap - Next Gen magazine had a huge article on Commodore around the time the company gave up the ghost in the 90s. If you like that sort of behind the scenes crap, it's a good read!



Adamant said:

Never played a whole lot of C64 in the past (we had the all-mighty SPECTRUM!), but I guess a lot of good titles were multi-platform at the time. Was The Great Escape released on the C64? That was one of my favorite Speccy games.

I do remember Flimbo's Quest being one of the first games I ever played, on my cousin's C64GS, so I'm kinda hoping for that one.



Viral said:

To be honest, I don't know what to expect from this. I never played a C64 in my life. I grew up with a Nintendo, Sega, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Virtual Boy (yes I had one of those lmfao), Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Playstation, Playstation 2 (sold both versions as they broke), and finally my Gamecube broke. I suspect it was a power overload that shorted it since I had to buy a special cable to play it in Europe. Over 40 gamecube games just sitting here...And now, I love the Wii.



Manicfatty said:

@Viral - I had a Virtual Boy too! So we're the 2 people that owned one! I got mine used with all of the games for around $50US. The Blockbuster Video in my town was dumping them, and I was lucky (um...) enough to get the last one. Did you ever get the screaming eyeball headaches?



Kelvin said:

Adamant, The Great Escape was released on C64, but it was one of those titles that was a straight port of the Speccy version, so there's nothing unique about it unfortunately.



SmaMan said:

100 comments and no one's mentioned Krackout yet? That game was the only Breakout clone that I could say was even better than...well, Breakout!



sid77 said:

aaah man ! c64 was my very first computer. I remember the speccy vs c64 wars !! It was only last night I was playing old Amiga Classics through the emulator WinUAE. I wonder if Amiga games will come to the VC in the future?



Kelvin said:

zelda freak, yes you have been missing out.

Serpent, as have you. There are lots of brilliant C64 games, many of which have been mentioned already on this thread.



Varchild said:


For those who don't know there were 2 questron games released for C64 with a 3rd title never seeing the light of day. That was because Questron 3 became ULTIMA and in my opinion ULTIMA series stinks compared to Questron. (Gotta love shooting Security Guards, Gambling, and so much other fun times).

Then of course once they release that.. GIMME PHANTASIE 1, 2, & 3!
Both Game Franchises were made by SSI.
(according to wikipedia the DOS version of Phantasie 3 had worse graphics than the C64/128?)



donx998 said:

i think nintendo is biting off more than they can chew we are already getting popular VCs every 3 weeks now it will be even longer does anyone even remember the last time a neo geo VC came out its kinda cool that C64 is coming but it will just block out more good VCs



ttfp said:

Pity most of the British C64 developers/publishers are probably defunct now, so there won't be any games from them, due to licencing issues.



Kelvin said:

Oh I don't know. Most of the old developers have been absorbed into larger publishers nowadays, so they could still release their older stuff.



butanebob said:

RE: the whole NES vs 64 debate. It's a bit silly really. You can't compare the 2. The NES stomps it graphically but the c64 came out before the NES so keep that in mind.
Where the 64 really excels obviously (Apart from the brilliant SID sound chip) is in its games, they were just so different compared to the NES titles, whos lineup was mostly generic platformers and action games and then clones of said games. That's all well and good but if you want some truly original gameplay then you can't go past the 64.

Unfortunately due to its age a lot of people aren't going to like the games because a) there's only one fire button, b) some of them are a little dated and will be difficult to appreciate if you're not already familiar with them. c) a lot of them are BLOODY HARD. Seriously if you've grown up only playing console games prepair to get your ass handed to you by the difficulty in some of these games. For the rest of us that's half the attraction! *edit - One exception is Ghosts n Goblins, The NES version is terrible, the 64 version is easier and a lot more fun.

Anyways here's some developers to look out for;

  • Activision
  • Hewson
  • Ocean
  • System 3
  • Elite
  • Epyx
  • Thalamus

ps 500points is a bit steep...

Rapadash6 - the saying is "COULDN'T care less"



lavkian said:

@Jogurt: "More systems, more games, more easy for Nintendo to give us multi-game weeks."

Garbage. Nintendo's only been reeling it back, and the whole system to begin with was just poorly handled in my mind, the more I look at it. It's a good idea, but they're just milking so much money out of it that it's ridiculous.

More systems means more garbage. You folks salivate at the great C64 games you remember, but I bet it'll be a month after the first C64 game before any good ones come out.



butanebob said:

Agreed - except International Karate is good and Uridium is brilliant and they the first 2 games coming out.



buzz_clik said:

Oh, and I forgot to mention Ghouls 'n' Ghosts on C64 - maybe not the best game ever (although I still don't mind it), but it's got my favourite soundtrack by my favourite composer, Maestro Follin. Everybody needs to have Tim Follin tunes flowing from their speakers!

EDIT: Actually, everybody needs to have (good) Commodore 64 music in general coming from their tellies. If nothing else, C64 on the VC will hopefully introduce a whole new batch of people to some of the best tunes ever to come from a computer.



Gameguardian said:

Wow! I hope this keeps up and I long for the day we will be able to play the good old C64 games again. It's like a nostalgic dream come true!!! Does anyone know if and when the C64-VC really will be released (with solid confirmation from Nintendo)?

And I totally agree with you buzz_clik, the Commodore 64 music is among the best video game music out there... ahh, those good old memories!!! We have to keep that music alive =)


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