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Butterfly Garden Coming to WiiWare

Posted by Damien McFerran

A game involving butterflies may not sound all that appealing, but Autonomous Productions’ Butterfly Garden still has us extremely intrigued here at Virtual Console Reviews - regardless of the fact that it contains no guns, fast cars or big-chested ladies.

Originally entered in Microsoft’s 2007 “Dream, Build, Play XNA” competition, the game has since been confirmed for release on both Xbox Live Arcade and PC. News has now reached us that this interesting title is also being prepared for release as a WiiWare release, and what’s more it looks like Nintendo fans are going to be the first to play it.

The game involves the collecting and raising various species of butterfly in a tranquil garden setting. The breeding aspect of the game is looking quite advanced and director Shayne Guiliano promises an impressive degree of interaction with the environment:

Everything you interact with, every choice you make, really shapes the world around you.

He also admits that while the game was created with XBLA in mind, it’s actually far better suited to Nintendo’s machine:

As far as online capabilities…we actually believe the Wii is more suited to the kind of social and online networking functionality we want for Butterfly Garden. For instance, having the ability to send cocoons and flower seeds to friends via Wii Connect 24 messages, which they can retrieve at their leisure, is something we intend to support.

This looks like it could be the ultimate “chill out” experience and might even represent the Holy Grail of “Pokemon for grown-ups”. The only problem is that we won’t be able to experience this unique looking title until Spring/Summer 2009.

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gottheanswer said:

I think it would be better for the wii since this type of game is more the family.. i would get it just to check it out.



Homer_Simpson said:

I wonder is this will retail for 500 wii points like a few other announced WiiWare games. Definitely a great pricing point for wii ware games.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Nice idea for a game .
& with the 500 points cost i heard rumours of 1500 points for some which is about $22.50 au .



Boredom_v2_2 said:

Eye Eye Eye, control a butterfly. Green black and blue make the colors in the sky!

Sorry i just had to say that lol! Nah i'm not going to get it.



ChocoDK said:

The game looks kind of interesting and does seem better for the Wii. But September 2009 I was kind of shocked at the release date since its kind of far off. But I know it will be September 2009 before I know it.



AchubaNanoia said:

Looks very interesting, I might just buy it if it's done right! I remember spending a unhealthy dose of time playing A Bug's Life for the N64 in the past... it was a so-so game, but something about bugs is always great in my opinion!



Clayfrd said:

This actually looks interesting. This seems likes something Nintendo should definitely release a demo for, at least if they want more downloads. There will no doubt be a lot of people on the fence. An ideal demo would not have a time limit but a very small sandbox to work with. Online capability would also be limited. Why am I telling you all what my ideal demo idea would be? Oh, right, opinions are the sole purpose of these comments.



agent_lime said:

seems kind of cool. Does anyone know if there have been any confirmed prices on wii ware games??



chiefeagle02 said:

Sounds like a WiiWare version of Endless Ocean, but with butterflies and gardens. I don't think I'll be downloading this one (partially because I have Endless Ocean), but I can't think of anything ill to say about it any other way.



Ian_Daemon said:

This will be good if it uses the Wiimote for flight control. (like holding a paper airplane)



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

The WiiWare announcements we've seen so far have me holding out hope for a simple Risk-type strategy game with online multiplayer.



TheRealNaveed said:

Jogurt, that is such an awesome idea. I would love that kind of thing for simple, quick, painless online strategy. Without the Risk brand, though, so it's cheap enough for a 500 point download...



whalleywhat said:

Or Puzzle League type games to play competitively. This one looks neat. Somewhere between Endless Ocean and Spore. Getting more psyched for WiiWare.



Valien said:

@ Jogurt - forget Risk! (although that would rock). I'd be happy to see Catan or Carcassonne on WiiWare. (or even one of the other awesome board games out there...)

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