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US VC Releases - 28th January - 1080 Snowboarding

Posted by Damien McFerran

The days of getting three (or more) Virtual Console games each week seem like a distant memory to us now. Yet again, Nintendo has released just one game for the US Virtual Console, but the blow is softened considerably by the fact that it’s an excellent N64 release! Better to spend your Wii points on one decent title than three rubbish ones, eh?

1080 Snowboarding is a fantastic evolution of the snowboarding genre which puts rival games in the shade. It’s missing a few extra features that would make it a true classic, but is well worth downloading regardless.

So there you have it – you can either rejoice at the release of another fine N64 title or moan and bitch about how the Virtual Console has gone downhill. The choice is, as always, yours.

Note that this game will be available for download on the Wii shop at 9 a.m. Pacific time

1080 Snowboarding - N64 - 1000 Wii Points

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Nadroc516 said:

finally, i can deal with one game because it is quality.
unlike last week, where we got 2 games that no one in would download.



MorikaWeb said:

"Better to spend your Wii points on one decent title than three rubbish ones, eh?"

I'd agree if I gave a dam about sports games. If I wanted to snowboard I'd go outside. The fact that I'm inside means I want a good game to play, which is clearly not going to happen any time soon on the VC.



Damo said:

Morika - true! If I wanted to jump on the heads of mushroom-like enemies I'd go outside and do that myself, too!

Damn you Nintendo!



Kevin said:

Oh, come on! Give me a break! One friggin game! Give me the mega mans and vectorman already! I'm sick of waiting for Nintendo to get off their lazy butts!



saturnkid said:

I hope the reduced number of games is down to the amount of Wii releases, at the moment it's only this site thats keeping my interest. Thursdays are becoming a pain in the Uk, poor PS Store, reduced VC.



ChinSpin said:

Finally one of you guys cussed,and its good that we got 1080 snowboarding too but what extra features is missing?



Damo said:

There was a time when people were moaning about the lack of N64 titles...



ejamer said:

I agree with Pegasus - a 10-year old snowboarding game that hasn't aged particularly well just doesn't appeal enough for me to drop $10.

The tough part the current low volume of VC releases is that some people will feel left out every week -- both games last week were cool IMO, but this week simply blows. From the comments above, others obviously feel differently.

Hopefully Nintendo will start pushing more than one or two games a week again soon... or at least start making WiiWare games available as well!

fingers crossed



ejamer said:

"There was a time when people were moaning about the lack of N64 titles..."

Still moaning, just about the lack of N64 titles *that I want*.

Actually, that is a very good point. It's great to see another N64 title released, even if it doesn't appeal to me personally.



Damo said:

ejamer - I think the upcoming release of WiiWare titles is probably the main reason that Nintendo are slowing down VC stuff. We could potentially see a new WiiWare game every week and Nintendo obviously won't want to put 3-4 VC games up against that.

We'll be covering WiiWare too so keep your eyes on the site!



Mad_Bomber said:

I guess.

I used to own this and it was a pretty slick game for its time but I really don't need a snowboarding game on my VC.

I could use a Mega Man game or something, though.


It would be nice if they'd release some games that someone might actually Want to download.

I'm just saying...



DEMON212 said:


I'd have downloaded both of last weeks. Wouldn't touch this.

Had it twice for the 64 and hated it both times.

Heard it's worse on the VC too. Classic controller problems.

Damo. I complained about a lack of 'em. It's why I rebought a 64 with tons of classics

1 game for the U.S does stink though. Because they get 3, we get 2. They get 2, we get 1. Wonder what we'll get this week?

An Urban Champ update?



Hexxen7 said:

This is one of my favorite games for N64, i still remember the trick where you can get like 1 million points, or max it off hand I cant recall the points, but it was some glitch involving 1 trick. Not to often I get games but maybe this one..Wish i could give back Kid icarus lol god that game is hard



DDR_Paladin356 said:

I might as well spend my saved points on some old game rather than wait for Nintendo to release something good. Oh it March 9th yet?



Atlantis1982 said:

13. Damo - 28 Jan 2008, 13:28 GMT

There was a time when people were moaning about the lack of N64 titles...

Huh? I'm too busy moaning and complaining about the lack of Neo Geo games.



Kevin said:

Has anybody heard when the WiiWare games will be released? I remember hearing early '08 I think.



ChocoDK said:

Well I am still waiting on Super Mario RPG and Harvest Moon. I never played this game before as I never owned an N64, and kind of dissapointed with this release. But I guess I should be patient, and wait another 3~4yrs. Also Reggie said when the Wii first was released there would be I think 2~5 releases a week or something.



JaredJ said:

1080 snowboarding was pretty fun back in the day. Any chance we'll get Mortal Kombat Trilogy?



WarioFan63 said:

I enjoyed Avalanche a whole lot. Its the reason I give every game a chance now. I didnt think I would like it since its snowboarding but it was fantastic. I look forward to getting this one.



Clayfrd said:

ehhh. It's been a little while now since I've seen a VC release that I just had to get. I wouldn't mind seeing Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for Wii, so I sort of agree JJ. Trilogy wasn't bad either...



Tim said:

I'll pass. Hopefully Excite Bike 64 will come soon. It looks like the VC has finally hit the bottom. It couldn't go a whole month on a steady 2, never mind 3. There are still a lot of good games that need to be released so I guess Nintendo is being much more conservative now.



toaster said:

I for one think Nintendo has been doing a great job with the VC releases. Yeah, some of them (several) aren't titles I would download. But, on the other hand growing up, a lot of the games I owned and loved are games that some or a lot of you wouldn't have added to your collection.

Given the massive collection of Nintendo games to be had, if they unleashed all the "best" on us, most people would quit buying games, so now, I figure at least people spend a few bucks waiting on the games they already know they are going to buy... Giving Nintendo and mild but steady stream of cash while they wait on the piles to roll in from some of the no-brainer titles.

1080 is a definate good game as well.....



Masuyo said:

I accidentally bought cool borders from the PSN store cuz I thought it was this game! lol... I feel so ashamed. Almost the equal amount of shame Nintendo should feel for slacking on these VC releases.



BJ1 said:

They could have had the opportunity to release Mega Man. Oh well, at least we got our 11th N64 game on the vc.



whalleywhat said:

"Given the massive collection of Nintendo games to be had, if they unleashed all the "best" on us, most people would quit buying games"
Huh? So if people could get Metal Storm and Castlevania : Bloodlines, they wouldn't buy Brawl. Is that what you're saying? VC is free money for Nintendo to store a rom on a server. This trickle of mediocre games is WEAK, there's no getting around it. If you really think Nintendo is just taking a "mild but steady stream of cash while they wait on the piles to roll in from some of the no-brainer titles," you should probably be kind of mad about it. I am.



donx998 said:

ok its offical the vc is going down the drain . they just released the mega system on to the vc list which make 7 vc systems and now there starting to to release one vc a week at this rate it might take 2 months just to get one popular vc like mega man 2 vectroman or tetris attck.This stinks



Don said:

AHHHHH!!! I can't connect my Wii! It's not picking up my WiFi Wireless connector or my SSID! There's nothing wrong with my internet connection and my PS3 never have trouble getting on to its own shop channel. Something is seriously wrong with the Wii and now because of this I can't download this or any other games!



bdavid81 said:

1080 used to be one of my favorite games, but it seems it didn't age too well.



WaddleWave said:

Forget 1080. Where's my Pocky and Rocky 1 and 2? To whom I talked to about this? Natsume or Taito?.... By the things are going, I suspect that Nintedo is in no hurry to release these since they cant meet the Wii demands... by this I mean that for every new user(almost everyday) that will get on Wii shop, they will waste almost the same amount of money we did with the other titles availables now. Besides...I want to see the paperworks, when a company wants to launch a title for the Wii console, Nintendo really controls all of this? Dates and everything?



Zidan said:

Me and my buddies solved this game the day it came out...during that same day. We played the hell out of anything we bought and poor 1080 quickly was beaten and shelved. But those 8 hours, man they were a good aproximation of how cool snowboarding is.



kob23heels said:

i would really like to see tony hawks proskater for wii and super spike volleyball for nes and sunset riders

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